Chapter 398 manner After Zhao Hai and Charlie returned to on the ship living room, Charlie look at Zhao Hai forced smile said : mister, you such do today, but was placed oneself in my Second brother's opposite, my Second Brother person, the heart not so was broad, later must have must look for your trouble.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to cultivate the behavior is this, you became a friend with some people people, naturally will become the enemy with another people, the slick matter, will only exist in the legend.” Charlie one hear of Zhao Hai said that on understand, Zhao Hai this is showing loyally like him, Charlie was looks, Zhao Hai although complied to help him, but not your his other under the hand/subordinate, complete gazed by his horse, he wanted had certain right to independence, wanted certain right to speak, he wanted certain equal footing in talks. Charlie understand, Zhao Hai such person has the skill, person who arrogance has the skill, they will not become the slaves who these let the person to shout out, will be because of this, therefore Zhao Hai will say these with him. Charlie nodded said : mister feel relieved, I will guarantee that the mister security, my Second Brother too underestimated my strength, mister did not need to be worried.” Zhao Hai smiles said : I not to be worried, to be honest, the Second Prince strength I have not cared, by his present strength, simply impossible to be what kind of me, Your Highness does not need to make anything for me.” Charlie one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but knit the brows said : mister, was careful that a point for good, did not want underestimated my Second Brother, his in hand strength was not weak, feared that was not weaker than Grand Duke Layen.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to have relationship, so long as he does not set out 9th level Expert to cope with me, I will not have the matter, Your Highness your feel relieved.” Charlie one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but nodded, to be honest, 9th level Expert is not that easily please, Grand Duke Layen was extinguished, Calci Family and Shelly Family altogether set out four 9th level Expert, this two 9th level Expert of Grand Duke Layen to exterminate, naturally, they also has paid very big price. Now Zhao Hai such has confidence, he in saying anything, can look at the Zhao Hai strength from this point. Actually from on the ship these Undead Creature, Charlie also looked at some Zhao Hai strengths, but these Undead Creature did not have make a move, therefore Charlie was unable to know these Undead Creature true strengths, but looked at these Undead Creature appearances, Charlie has not dared underestimated Zhao Hai. Watched the weather, arrived at the lunch time, Zhao Hai asked Charlie to go to the dining room to have lunch, naturally, their things to eat was very not bad, the beef, the mutton, Fire Fish, various types of vegetables, had everything expected to find. Charlie look at this table thing, some he has not eaten, this is makes him feel very curious, Rosen Empire is the Continent first powerful nation, various countries' thing he has eaten, now thing on table he has among several types however not to eat, this stemmed from his anticipation. Naturally, liquor or Milk Wine, but the staple food has exchanged Bread Fruit, before Zhao Hai wants to let Charlie tastes some him, not to taste thing. Charlie also very curious look at that Bread Fruit, waits to open truly eats, he also feels being startled, these thing unexpectedly ten delicious.

Especially Bread Fruit, Charlie saw that this is the fruit food that on the one type of tree ties, this makes him feel very strange, he had not seen this Bread Fruit before. Ate Bread Fruit, Charlie has put the fruit, transferred to look at Zhao Hai said : mister, this what fruit food? Why will have such change?” Zhao Hai smiles said :this thing to call Bread Fruit, name that I give, he he, at present on Continent, only then my here has, but the output cannot come up now, cannot large-scale sells outward, what most important is, this Bread Fruit, is ferments the beer the main material, therefore I have not prepared to push to Continent him. Charlie one hear of Zhao Hai said that this Bread Fruit is ferments the beer unexpectedly the main material, cannot help but stares, then nodded: „ That is truly unsellable, makes the beer to compare. „ Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Your Highness to taste, actually this thing output is very high, comes silk not to be bad compared with Bamboo rice, what however is main, this tree is very high regarding the request of environment, therefore the general place could not plant, as the matter stands the output naturally could not come up.” Charlie nodded, then frowns said : mister, won't that this affect the beer the output?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : „should not, I now in research whether to use other thing to replace Bread Fruit to ferment the beer, must know Bread Fruit or one type of strange thing, even if not make the beer, with sells is also very good.” Charlie nodded said : truly to be a pity, if this thing can regard army provisions to use, that is really fantastic, not only big increases marches, can army to eat good things to eat, is really good thing.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not met this saying , a person stands highly different, thing that thinks is different, Zhao Hai has not thought makes army provisions with Bread Fruit, will bring many advantage to the army, but Charlie one thought. After having had the lunch, Zhao Hai on returned to own room, he also has certainly given Charlie them to arrange the good room, is the on the ship best room. A returned to own room, Zhao Hai immediately entered Space, went to Processing Factory there to look at one, was very good, in having several hours, the Detoxification medicinal preparation may draw a charge. Zhao Hai sits in the Space living room, Laura they sat in Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai take one cup to be possible sub to drink one, Laura actually look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, we have hired oneself now Charlie, can you to his manner, he be angry today?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I therefore such to do, wants to have a look at him to be angry, if he were angry, that represents this, the heart is not that broad, I will help him be also limited, but if he has not been angry, I fully will help him, helping him be in that position.” Zhao Hai puts down Ke the sub Cup, sighed said : superior, did not have the broad mind is incorrect, control wanted not to be good, therefore I must such do.”

Laura nodded, was not saying anything, Zhao Hai said was reasonable, was superior, if Charlie continually this mind if no, his may be second Second Prince, helped him is also very dangerous matter. At this time Meg actually looked at Processing Factory there, then sighed is so slow, but must more than ten hours that said : how time crossed, really be, I now each one minute like on ten years.” Zhao Hai look at her appearance, showed a faint smile said : to be good, that had exaggeration that all right, one in the afternoon, has had the dinner, slept, after waking, antidote processes.” Meg honk mouth said : that is so easy, Young Master, having a look at Third Prince to do, how having a look at him to say your.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, turns on the screen, on the screen quick on appears the Third Prince room, Charlie was sitting in the room to drink may come, Station in his side. Charlie really somewhat was thirsty, simultaneously he also in relaxing oneself, he does not have to think one these time to Rising Water City unexpectedly by Second Prince present, this regarding him, is not good information. look at Charlie appearance, knows that he is thinking anything, cannot help but whispered: Your Highness, this Second Prince presently can we, presently Aonas, if Aonas, he is presently dangerous, we do want to inform Aonas?” Charlie has put down the cup, shook the head said : not to use, this time we come out, ten secret that makes, Second Child he should not look up the head of Aonas.” Nodded, then to Charlie said : Your Highness, today Mr. Zhao Hai was too unreasonable? He clarifies now wanted to hire oneself you, but spoke to you, actually seemed like negotiating, has not put itself the your subordinates position completely, instead to likely was your partner.” Does Charlie show a faint smile said : this not to be good? You has remembered, some person who arrogance has the skill, Mr. Zhao Hai has the arrogance, said it, what he has not needed me to make, do not look that now Calci Family made some not to be happy with him, I want Calci Family certainly not to be finally what kind of Zhao Hai, because Zhao Hai can bring the huge benefit to them, for the benefit, they will not have a falling out with Zhao Hai, had Calci Family to be the backing, was maintaining with Shelly Family good relationship, you think that Zhao Hai on did care about my this Prince status really?” Thinks, right that actually has to recognize Charlie say, Shelly Family is one stretches across entire Continent Great Clan, their Clan strength very formidable, Zhao Hai is maintaining with Shelly Family good relationship, when the time comes was he did not mix in Rosen Empire, went to other countries, so long as there is a help of Shelly Family, will not have any matter. Radiant Church in how fierce, impossible to give to kill all Dark Magician, they had the nature regarding these famously, knowing the whole story Dark Magician was good, must cope with mysterious Zhao Hai they also to miss. Charlie long vented anger, the body by the chair, long said : can make Zhao Hai help me, possibly was the most correct decision that I made, the Second Child appearance you also saw, he so will not be rampant before, it seems like he also obtained the help of who, he he, my pitiful Second Brother, your understand, the father emperor now is not living how, you formed cliques like this, will only make the father emperor feel that you were his threat, you will only leave a that position to be getting more and more far.” Said that slowly has closed eye, before long has resounded luxurious sound gently, has fallen asleep unexpectedly, immediately put out a on the ship blanket to cover to Charlie gently. Zhao Hai saw that here has also turned off the screen, let out a long breath, turns the head not to think to Laura said : really that Charlie so is unexpectedly high to my appraisal, but Laura, you said Second Prince, if meets the gang to tie the logical expression of faction, Rosen Empire old King will feel really he can be the one type of threat? But they one's own fathers and sons.”

Laura forced smile said : one's own fathers and sons are also what kind, in the family of Empire, the father kills the child, are the matter that sub- kills the father many? Do not say the family of Empire, even if general Noble Clan, such matter are also many, for that position, will let many person frantic, Rosen Empire King, he first is King, is a father, all can his throne to the person who poses the threat, is his enemy, no matter that person is his brothers is his son, any status is the same.” Zhao Hai sighed, nodded said : to have unbearabl chill in a high position that King so was really good to work as? I believe that has plenty King, he has not left the royal palace for a lifetime, all matters that he knows, is in the book saw that under the hand/subordinate told them, the real situation, they can know many, wanted me saying that a country most pitiful person was King.” Laura smiles said : „, if makes others hear your this saying to smile to refuse stubbornly to be possible, King cannot often leave the royal palace, but do not forget, this entire King is his, he makes the life live, making the person die dies, that unsurpassed authority, can let any being infatuated with, otherwise you said that is the who people likes, when King?” Zhao Hai he he chuckle said : who knew, I do not want to work as in any case, is good like the present, we can on, does not want to walk, can drink two cups of small liquor at home, sits chats in here, Isn't this better? Laura smiles said : also only then you have thought such life, on Continent has not thought the person of such life are many are, but this is also good, before I was busy for the matter of business daily, the present to did not need to worry about that many matters.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : that may not necessarily, added others, our immediately must have a kingdom, when the time comes had us to be busy, day that thinks that such life my headache, right Laura, when your under the hand/subordinate can gather to finish.” Laura thinks said : I have given them ten days of times, these time almost called my these under the hand/subordinate, far that some of them left, time that near that some left, therefore required many, was right, what hasn't Uncle Evan said?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to say anything, he told me, he does not want to put these person of leave, but did not have the means that he now is Purcell Duchy Grand Duke, was Purcell Family Patriarch, he must consider for Purcell Family, therefore he can only convene Elder Assembly, put Elder Assembly to discuss this matter, finally these elders unanimously passed to put your under the hand/subordinate to walk, therefore they can leave, I feel Uncle Evan now probably was not quite happy.” Laura smiles said : he not to be certainly unhappy, Uncle Evan temperament or the martial artist temperament, the loyalty works as first, but this righteousness character, actually greatly is locked by Clan benefit this now has locked in firmly, this equal to firmly has locked in Uncle Evan instinct, he can happy that called strangely, was right, when did he pick Ryan?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : present Ryan feared that was already in on the ship, I presently I also really support Ryan to be ruthless, I called Adam time, she went all out wants to break an engagement, I called Zhao Hai time, she went all out hid me, he he, interesting.”