Chapter 399 waited for Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that has smiled, they also know that Zhao Hai casually said that did not mean what idea had to Ryan, just like before Zhao Hai them, such that said that Ryan could not be joined to Zhao Hai now. However Laura or said : „does Uncle Evan send who to meet her? We want look at she to select, no matter what, she with we come out, is perfect, if returned to time had any matter, is always not good.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this to be also good, a while I send to select with them Blood Hawk and that's the end, if straight has any matter, we can also the immediately/on horseback help.” Laura smiles said : that to arrive does not use, Little Hai, I looked that sent to be OK Swordfish Ship, had Swordfish Ship protect the emperor, they should not have the matter, only then Swordfish Ship in there, we can also at any time sub- solved the there situation, if made Blood Hawk go, must make him take Ghost Staff, such we handle affairs will not be convenient, did you look?” Zhao Hai nodded said : this idea to be good, now our in hand has that many ships, actually a short time cannot use, happen to these time used them to be good.” Laura smiles said : you, if sends our in hand all ships, will frighten by that time possibly the Aksu Empire navy, they think that was the Rosen Empire princess went to Aksu Empire.” Zhao Hai cannot help but laughed, do not blame they like this, currently their in hand has 15 ships, three mast battleship 11, five mast iron armor attack cargo ship four, such quantity truly was very astonishing. although said that three mast battleships, is only one type of of national most common battleship, how however to say that is also a battleship, but the iron armor merchants of five masts may not be that easy everyone to be able to use. The construction cost of iron armor ship is very high, moreover every year needs to service, if lives the fight, after the fight, immediately must service , because of this, therefore the iron armor ship is not the average person can raise, was made because of the iron armor ship, even if you have not used, every year also needs to pay a big not poor maintenance cost. Because of this all sorts of reasons, therefore common five mast iron armor attack cargos ship, control in some Great Clan in hand, even if Zhao Hai Haven Ship, before possibly was also the Ocean Waves Dynasty that Great Clan ship, but by Zhao Hai snatching. If he sends to escort Ryan in hand all ships, that Aksu Empire also really may think that what is the princess in that country, this point does not exaggerate. Speaking of does, Zhao Hai immediately called Blood Hawk, then release Blood Hawk, the ship that went to common Ryan to ride, hawk was quick, did not arrive at the darkness, had found the ship of Ryan meeting. Ryan although has embarked, this ship is actually only very ordinary three mast freighters, does not have any special place, on the ship except for Ryan, some guards and maidservant who Purcell Family sends, Zhao Hai looked, there also had three worshipped/Foreign Elder in Purcell Family, the strength in 8th level , but was Warrior.

Such strength was not normally bad, 8th level Warrior, with one on Continent was also Expert, that had the anomaly like Zhao Hai. Ryan they were presently easy to do, Zhao Hai they have not worried, after he prepares to wait till the darkness, is making Swordfish Ship follow the Ryan ship, as the matter stands not some people present. Watched the weather not early, Zhao Hai they came out from Space, Zhao Hai they came out not long after, Charlie also came out from their in the room, could look, good that also he rested. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback made people move to the deck the chair, several people sat in the deck the look at seascape chat, but also let alone, this also really had turns the flavor. After having had the supper, Charlie returned to own in the room to rest, Zhao Hai returned to own room, now the day soon was also black, they must look for a time to go Swordfish Ship release with Ryan. Weather quickly dark, Zhao Hai has not worried, he is only on the grounded screen the look at Ryan situation, possibly was in recent time has experienced the matter were too many, therefore Ryan now also mature, before has not looked like, has made widely known, this time took her these servants also to feel that change of Ryan, before she compared, is more peaceful, has been with good intention, was also polite to these servants, this to was felt to feel extremely flattered by these servant. However Zhao Hai has not cared about these, he cares, only then Ryan security, so long as Ryan there does not have an accident, that all are easy to do. After weather entire black, Zhao Hai looked for one to Ryan they are not very far place, Swordfish Ship letting out. Then also called Blood Hawk, from new delivered returned to Purcell Duchy there, when there is several days, Laura these under the hand/subordinate must arrive, but must meet him by Ghost Staff. After completing these, Zhao Hai actually don’t know must do, to be honest, the although day was now black, normally was also the time that he has slept, but his sleepiness does not have today, not only he, Laura they were the same, because they know, when dawn, the Detoxification medicinal preparation can process completes, Zhao Hai toxin can solve. Thinks of here, several people did not have the thoughts of sleeping, several people sit in the living room, you have a look at me, I have a look at you, suddenly could not bear smile. Zhao Hai smiles said : to result, we let us not wait in here, goes to the room to rest, sleep wakes up, tomorrow in the morning the Detoxification medicinal preparation became.” Laura nodded, stands got up said : we unable in here to sit one in the evening, rests, right Elder Brother Hai, tomorrow you wanted Detoxification time, must they call Grandpa Green, otherwise they will not let off the person.”

Zhao Hai nodded with a smile, he knows what Laura said is right, if he did not call Green them, Green they will complain about him for a lifetime. Several people of returned to in the room, Space one peaceful, Zhao Hai static lying down on the bed, is thinking the matter of young man of Ark Continent here, unknowingly has fallen asleep. don’t know how long, Zhao Hai suddenly had waked, he opened the eye to look at out of the window one, Space out of the window so was still bright, anything could not look. Zhao Hai set out in the living room, turned on the screen, presently outside sky has shone, but was just micro bright, obviously now time also early. Zhao Hai immediately walks toward outside, to Processing Field there, actually saw that Junichi is standing in there, the digit of static look at that beat, Potion has not made obviously. Looked at Zhao Hai to come along one by one, immediately/on horseback bowed to Zhao Hai slightly said : Young Master.” Does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : not to rest?” Digit of Zhao look at that beat, there are two hours. Junichi embarrassed smiling said : of could not fall asleep, comes out to have a look, hasn't quarrelled Young Master you?” Zhao Hai shook the head with a smile, at this time a sound of footsteps transmitted, Zhao Hai turned the head to look that Laura they arrived, Zhao Hai looked at their appearances, cannot help but showed a faint smile, Laura they looked that Zhao Hai stood in here unexpectedly, smiled. Zhao Hai smiles said : well, two hours, everyone/Great Clan do not gather in here, we go to Iron Mountain Fort there, awakens Grandpa Green they, then.” Several people complied with one, in the Zhao Hai heart moved, their personal appearance appears in the Iron Mountain Fort living room. One to the Iron Mountain Fort living room, Zhao Hai stares, because Green they in the living room, Karen, looked that Zhao Hai they came out, Karen they stare, then Karen smiles said : how you to come, we waited for an evening in here.” Zhao Hai looked at Green their eyes, smiles said : to be all right, just slept, today has gotten up early specially, Merine Grandma, does the point eats, finished eating the breakfast our together to enter Space.” A Merine face smiling face has complied with one, calls Meg and Laura enters the kitchen, Laura also has been studying to prepare food now, but did not have no innate skill, thing that made was basically unedible, but he studied to was very diligently.

Looked that Merine their several people have prepared food, Zhao Hai turns the head to Green their said : Grandpa Green, the beer to make how?” Green smiles said : time is too short, when this liquor is only the yeast one is, can look when other, this time we have also performed many experiments, useful Bamboo rice, the useful barley, uses Bread Fruit, useful Spatial Water, useful ordinary water, but also after some are uses to be cold, the useful hot water, believes that always has one type of to succeed.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that to be good, so long as can succeed well, was right, thing that the accurate liquor uses did we prepare? Must know thing that Daoist garments beer uses, must seal well to be good, otherwise that beer will change flavor, like Little Jin they make.” This Little Jin has not come with Zhao Hai, because has Transmission Point in ape island there, no matter Little Jin must do, Zhao Hai can know. Green smiles said : feel relieved, will not have the issue, attire that originally we use with wooden barrel, is only some bung there issues, so long as improved to be good, you did not need to be worried.” Zhao Hai then nodded, then sighed said : „, so long as beer thing has completed, later our Buda Family had biggest receiving, this thing future sales volume is not certainly worse than the grain.” Did Karen look at Zhao Hai said : to meet such puzzled really? That thing I have tasted one, the acid, is not tasty.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, so long as beer true ferments, you knew, few individuals can block the enticement of beer.” Several people also chatted a while, Merine their food have completed, Zhao Hai their immediately went to the dining room, after having had the breakfast, people together arrived at Space, gathered Processing Factory there. In that Multipurpose Manufacturing Machine there, digit remaining more than 20 minutes, the people in have not only rested to the living room, stands in Processing Factory static is waiting, they must wait till that moment arrival.