Chapter 400 is pleasantly surprised Tenth, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and one! The heartbeat of people almost along with that several digital same frequencies, when that figure turns into zero time, the people felt that own heartbeat one stopped probably. Then sees flash of white light in Processing Factory, small jar appears in the Processing Factory ground, this small jar was very small, be only the palm of the hand size, is Bian Bian, transparent, inside thinks of the most bottle blue liquid, at this time among prompt transmitted said : „the water of special-purpose Detoxification medicinal preparation processing nihility to complete, the oral administration, one time took, after taking, may discharge toxin, discharged unnecessary impurity, improved the Host physical quality, annoyed with Vajra Fruit with using, the effect was better.” Zhao Hai stares, but his immediately has taken up that small jar, in look at jar in blue fluid, Green their also look at that vial blue liquid, simultaneously reported that breath, probably feared that breathed in a big way, will blow to fall that small jar to the ground is the same. Zhao Hai looked at several people of one, shows a faint smile said : I to think that Space will not deceive my, I prepare to buy Vajra Fruit, then together takes, does Grandpa Green you look?” Green look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, do you prepare to study Magic to study Battle Qi?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : naturally is studies Battle Qi, now the Space here Magic level has achieved 8th level , I also studied Magic to do, I remember that you have said that our handed down in the family Wild Dragon Battle Qi, can be very famous on Continent, I went to school crazy Battle Qi to be good.” Green two eyes one wet, laughs said : well, Young Master worthily is the Buda Family person, I teach you genuine edition of Wild Dragon Battle Qi now, this is our Buda Family not the secret of passing on.” Zhao Hai stares, look at Green said : „did Grandpa Green, what you say? You meant that our Buda Family Wild Dragon Battle Qi, one isn't the genuine edition?” Green shows a faint smile said : well, our Buda Family Battle Qi, it can be said that on Continent most famous is Battle Qi, not only practice not compared with these odd series Battle Qi difference, attack strength compared with odd series also goes beyond , because of this, therefore these talented people are jealous, but our Clan Wild Dragon Battle Qi is divided into two editions, one is to simplify the version, Wild Dragon Battle Qi of this simplified version, not only practice is slow, the attack strength is also not very strong, has not managed Law Idol with true Wild Dragon Battle Qi compared with.” Zhao Hai smiles said : that sentiment to be good, but after I want to wait till solved poisonously, you are teaching me not to be late.” Said that is taking the small jar, walks toward the Space Villa living room , the people follow in his.

To the living room, Zhao Hai has put on that small jar tea table first, then immediately/on horseback turned on the store page, bought Vajra Fruit from inside. Now this Vajra Fruit by Space digitization, has therefore been able to buy in Spatial Shop, but the price is not cheap, currently speaking, is in seed price highest one type of, single price ten thousand gold coins. However Zhao Hai in the coin, immediately/on horseback flower ten thousand gold coins has not bought one, then has put on Vajra Fruit tea table, this has taken up that small jar, turned on the small wooden cork on jar, looked, raises head, called the mouth the blue liquid in jar. In thing to jar drank up, he then put down the jar, the mouth, really has not actually drunk any flavor, then has taken up that Vajra Fruit, several stuttered. All person anxious look at Zhao Hai in room, have eaten Vajra Fruit to Zhao Hai, the people steadily are staring at him. Zhao Hai has licked the lip, must say that this Vajra Fruit flavor also is really very good, eats coolly, is sour and sweet, but also made Zhao Hai eat really hidden. Appearance that Zhao Hai looks up the people, smiling said : of meaning has not thought that this fruit the flavor also is really good.” Just said heard in the belly cluck inconsiderately shout, Zhao Hai gawked, then complexion changed, covered the belly to run really toward the Space restroom. To the restroom, Zhao Hai immediately has untied the pants, sat on the water closet, then the smelly excrement anxiously spurted a wicked stink the flavor from the restroom, almost fumigating to faint Zhao Hai. Has drawn for more than ten minutes, Zhao Hai felt one have soon collapsed, this did not have then intent, Zhao Hai to put out the toilet tissue in Space, has cleaned, then flushes the restroom, saw thing that water closet then came out, Zhao Hai felt thing that disgusting, he then came out, was the black, like the asphalt, was dispersing the intermittent odor, inside unexpectedly also faint saw several small insect. Zhao Hai quickly covers the cover of water closet, then has pressed down the flushing water button, then immediately turned on platoon wind in restroom, the air in restroom was some little time good, did not have that odor flavor, Zhao Hai then walked out from the restroom. Zhao Hai felt really own present must collapse probably, but actually felt that unprecedented relaxedness, that strange feeling is makes him pain really and happy.

When he comes out from the restroom, actually presently Green they stand in the facade of restroom, looked at Zhao Hai to come out, Green immediately/on horseback said : Young Master, what do you feel? All right?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : to be all right, feeling is good, but somewhat feels weak.” Meg immediately/on horseback went forward to support Zhao Hai, held in the living room to sit down Zhao Hai, then arrived at one water to him. After Zhao Hai has drunk one water, felt that a point, no, cannot reach an agreement a point, should say that was good, he felt own present to be full of the strength, this feeling was he has never had. Green their look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai puts down the cup, smiles said : I to be much better, all right, possibly drinks that Potion side effect, I felt now own whole body has been full of the strength.” In the Green heart moves, immediately/on horseback to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, I thinks these thing that in Space produces, not simple, my present immediately passes to you Wild Dragon Battle Qi Mental Technique, your immediately/on horseback practice, has a look to practice any result to come.” Zhao Hai nodded, Green immediately told Zhao Hai Wild Dragon Battle Qi Mental Technique, Green this saying Wild Dragon Battle Qi Mental Technique Zhao Hai has gawked, because of this Wild Dragon Battle Qi Mental Technique, unexpectedly on Earth like Internal Strength Technique that in the chivalric fiction novel wrote, practiced in the body, moreover each one acupuncture points in human body walked. In Ark Continent here, Battle Qi must walk the acupuncture point, just general Battle Qi, must practice the body first, when the intensity of body has sufficed, can practice Battle Qi, so long as has established the minor cycle in within the body Battle Qi, on equal to was Battle Qi Minor Mastery, at this time you had almost the 5th level Expert strength. But Wild Dragon Battle Qi is actually not, Wild Dragon Battle Qi does not need to exercise first, anybody is brings can practice, naturally, innate skill good person progress quick one step, innate skill not good person progress slowly. Zhao Hai also read many Battle Qi initiation class book these days, regarding Battle Qi or have some understanding, simultaneously his also mechanical memorizing wrote down the acupuncture point on person body, because he knows that very heavy of these thing regarding him want. Therefore now Green this saying, his immediately understand, has remembered the Wild Dragon Battle Qi operational route, his immediately starts to try the feeling to be eternally grateful. Practices Battle Qi, most difficult one step not to pass/test, but is the feeling is eternally grateful, is eternally grateful this thing to be illusory, can only depend on your feeling, on Continent after many years of experiment, presently only then the strong person, is easier to feel to be eternally grateful, why this also practices the first reason that Battle Qi must practice the body.

The Zhao Hai book thinks that this felt is eternally grateful is a very difficult matter, but he has not thought that he defers to an operational route feeling of Wild Dragon Battle Qi, felt that little mouse same thing, in running that in own meridians kept, Wild Dragon Battle Qi one layer operational route immediately operates unexpectedly. Then Second Layer, quick operated, then Third Layer, Fourth Layer, Fifth Layer, Sixth Layer, to Sixth Layer time, Zhao Hai felt that the very wasteful air/Qi, his immediately stopped, kept in proceeding to clash, before having been operating, six layers Mental Technique. Every time operates, he felt that Battle Qi of own within the body increased a point, he slowly felt that his within the body resembled the rivers, in galloping that in own meridians kept, this rivers majority was the golden color, few part the black, the blue color, cyan, the red comprised. The mobility of this rivers is getting quicker and quicker, is getting quicker and quicker, quick Zhao Hai felt that this rivers must leave receive to spend most greatly, his immediately/on horseback that probably his meridians can withstand transported Wild Dragon Battle Qi Seventh Layer Mental Technique, that rivers one found the exit / to speak to be the same probably, directly soared the Seventh Layer route to flush away, the quick Seventh Layer route was rushed to fighting by this rivers, this rivers also calm, but Zhao Hai actually felt that also had the ample force from the bosom probably, but he has not acted unreasonably, immediately/on horseback took a long journey in the Seventh Layer route by the rivers, is saving the Battle Qi quantity. The feeling that don’t know how long, that meridians have not been able to withstand in one time transmits, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback according to the route long journey of Eighth Layer. very smooth, the Eighth Layer full line quick is completed on the operation, the rivers start gently, Zhao Hai feels own veins strong/sturdy, oneself skeleton close, own muscle powerful, own skin tenacious, but this time, no matter he takes a long journey how long, the feeling that meridians cannot withstand is not having appears . Zhao Hai very puzzled, why don’t know this is, suddenly he has thought Space Magic, Space Magic has achieved 8th level now, but his Battle Qi also arrived at 8th level , it seems like all these because of Space. Zhao Hai thinks of here, immediately/on horseback stop the cultivation, slowly has opened the eye. Opens the eye presently Green they to sit in the living room anxious look at he, Zhao Hai cannot help but shows a faint smile said : What happened? to be all right, I just ran Battle Qi, everyone/Great Clan should not be anxious.” Green forced smile said : Young Master, you just did not run Battle Qi, you were already luck Battle Qi one day one night, has Young Master, your present Battle Qi reached several levels?”