Chapter 401 method Zhao Hai stares, he did not have to think really one have practiced unexpectedly for day a night, one hear of Green such asked that he reveals smiling face said : Grandpa Green, my present Battle Qi arrived at 8th level .” A Zhao Hai such saying, the people in room were shocked, each and every one dull look at Zhao Hai, some little time Green two eyes bright said : Young Master, your Battle Qi really to 8th level ? Operates me to have a look quickly.” Zhao Hai nodded, 8th level Warrior, has been able to achieve Battle Qi manifestation, in the Zhao Hai heart moves, golden Battle Qi spews out from his within the body, the entire living room probably by Zhao Hai mapping a set golden, Zhao Hai sat in there looks like a small Sun, but this Sun will not be hot. Now was not the fight, Zhao Hai takes a long journey to receive Battle Qi, but Green has smiled has grinned with ear to ear, he presently the Zhao Hai present strength really has achieved 8th level , put on Continent is Expert. 8th level Warrior, but can also release 8th level Magic at any time, be the entire department, thinks that here Green feels for Zhao Hai these enemies sorrowful. Zhao Hai received Battle Qi, Green laughs said : „is really 8th level , is really 8th level , fantastic, Young Master, later your everyday extracts two hours to come in the evening, to Space, how I teaches you to use Battle Qi to fight with Kun.” Zhao Hai one hear of Green said that at heart cannot help but complaining of hardship, but he also knows that Green this is good for him, Space can make his Battle Qi grow out of nothing, from zero order until 8th level , but skills of these fights he actually not, if meets Battle Qi, the fight skill, Zhao Hai forever will be impossible becomes Expert, even the light resorts to violence, can defeat Zhao Hai in 5th level Warrior casually. Zhao Hai nodded said : well, Grandpa Green feel relieved, everyday evening's time I will call your, right Laura, Charlie there did you have the explanation?” Sits smiles said : in nearby Laura feel relieved, has solved, but Elder Brother Hai, what do you have presently in this living room to have differently?” Zhao Hai has gawked, looked in the living room, he does not have presently in this living room to have anything to be different, his puzzled look at Laura. Laura shows a faint smile said : you not to have presently, in this living room doesn't thing of metal have?” Zhao Hai careful looks, in the living room Item of metal did not have, why his puzzled look at Laura doesn't said : in the What happened? living room have metal thing? Can affect me to practice?” Laura smiles said : „we are feared that you were given to be battered to death by these metal Item, you are don’t know, you practice Battle Qi in there, all metal thing in living room, fly toward you on, looks like you are the a piece giant magnet is the same, Elder Brother Hai, I thought after you, except for must practice Battle Qi, practices beside Martial Skill, should better also probably practice your this ability, I suspected that you are one type of Divergent Technique, special Metal Manipulation Divergent Technique.” One hear of Laura said that Zhao Hai felt own head bag somewhat cannot make a turn, his present suddenly appears a shamelessness, somewhat gray, is bringing a strange hard helmet, the body puts on likely cloak type thing, this person called the Magneto king. Does not have the means that on Earth, Zhao Hai on very likes the X-Men series movie, but big villain Magneto Wang Geng of there surface has made ten profound impressions to Zhao Hai, now one hear of Laura said that he possibly had one type of Metal Manipulation Divergent Technique, Zhao Hai naturally cannot help but to think of the Magneto king. Ability Zhao Hai of Magneto king very envies, thinks one will possibly have the Magneto Wang Yiyang ability, Zhao Hai appears excited.

At this time Green actually said : Young Master, I thought that you should better or arrive at outside Space to have a look, yesterday Laura they said that the person has not exited in the practice, if you, Charlie will possibly get suspicious today.” Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback looked at screen one, outside weather has shone, has the breakfast time, Zhao Hai nodded said : well, I in evening's returned to Space is practicing Martial Skill and Metal Manipulation ability.” Green smiles said : not to worry, you currently had the 8th level strength, like the quantity is a strongman, how so long as your learn used your strength to be good, this did not worry, to was that Metal Manipulation ability, I to was hope that Young Master you must practice well, moreover do not use before the person, was good into your card in a hand.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I available method to be now many, keeps a subsequent party to be also good, Grandpa Green, you also goes back, Iron Mountain Fort there cannot leave the person.” Green nodded, Zhao Hai delivered returned to Iron Mountain Fort them, then he was leading Laura their appears in in the room, then they from in the room to living room. At this time Charlie arrived in the living room, saw Zhao Hai, Charlie quickly said: mister practices, do some people promote?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : slightly to have harvest, yesterday neglects Your Highness, asking Your Highness to excuse me.” Charlie smiles said : this to be very normal, Magician closes up the 1 or 2 day practice normally, mister has not needed to apologize, we must arrive at Jade Water City in several days, mister can such quickly go out, I already very happy.” Zhao Hai smiles said : occasionally to have a feeling, closed up for day, Your Highness also knows that here was marine, cannot long time close up, he he, Your Highness, we dined, after having dined, did we go to the sea to fish what kind of?” Charlie laughs said : well, must say now offshore here besides these sea fish, but also did not have what special product, I for sometime did not have the sea to fish, don’t know mister fishing level how?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I not to fish, fishing to hit the time, he he, Your Highness invites.” Said that walks toward the living room in Charlie. After having had the breakfast, Zhao Hai and Charlie sit in the stern place sea fish, Laura they chatted in the one side, only advantageous auspicious and Junichi served in the one side. Now the ship is walking, they fished in this time sea, simply was impossible to fish any thing, but hits the time. The look at blue sky, Zhao Hai cannot bear let out a long breath, by said : sometimes on the chair feels really somewhat tired, daily, for this and that matter rushes about, when also don’t know is a head, Your Highness, you said that the person is living for these matters?” Charlie look at Zhao Hai, shows a faint smile said : that you to have any means that you are living, wants in live is better than others, must struggle, this is the fact.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, in saying anything, on sea surface of suddenly Zhao Hai present distant place resembled several ships to come at this time, original Zhao Hai has not cared, here is offshore, the ship comes the ship toward is very normal, but these ship some are not quite normal, straight they came to Zhao Hai, and has not reduced.

Zhao Hai look at that several ships, he always had felt that several ships a little do not suit probably, at this time on the ship also resounded respected the report sound, warning target that several ships. Zhao Hai helpless turning the head look at Charlie said : Your Highness, our traveling schedule is really it seems like lively enough, walks, we go to living room there, I to have a look am who that these time comes.” Charlie to has not said anything, but shows a faint smile, walks toward the cabin in Zhao Hai, before long outside broadcasts the sound that Magic Cannon has shot, the bed crossbow shot sound, good Zhao Hai their this ships are an iron armor ship, anti- attack ability very strong, a short time will not have the matter. However before long Jinan walked from outside, to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, that several ships must hit us probably, do you look?” Zhao Hai this arrives stares, then does complexion sink said : „to hit us? It seems like must with our undead, Your Highness, you sit continuous first, I have a look am who.” Charlie smiles said : together to have a look, here soon arrived at the Jade Water City domain, I also want to take a look am who, unexpectedly so rampant.” Zhao Hai does not have to urge, with Charlie together to outside deck, suddenly, the appearance of that several ship, simply came to Zhao Hai, five mast iron armor ships straight hits toward Zhao Hai their sterns, possibly to deal with this hit, on their bows also thinks of a big sharp cone-shape the point to puncture, that punctures sharp is dodging cold light, understood at a glance that is made of metal. That on the ship possibly has Wind element Magician, is giving ship in addition with Wind element Magic, therefore that several ships such quick. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, in hand Magic Staff wields, immediately on the ship is also the strong winds greatly does, the ship one enhanced much, this arrives is makes Charlie stare, he has not thought that really Zhao Hai also meets Wind element Magic unexpectedly, moreover level probably not low appearance. This has not ended, after having used up Wind element Magic, Zhao Hai immediately has used Water element Magic, sea surface after his ship freezing a big piece, this can reduce spending of that several ship. That several ships were not far from Zhao Hai their ships now, now they want to transfer not to be impossible, what Zhao Hai this Water element method uses is very prompt. In this time, by the ship of opposite party prominent however was leaving two water dragon, hits toward sea surface that on was frozen, listens to with a bang sound, sea surface that was frozen one was hit, ice sludge run all over the place. The brow of Zhao Hai cannot help but wrinkled, it seems like that the opposite party comes prepared, really also has Water element Magician besides Wind element Magician. At this time the opposite party possibly also saw Zhao Hai they, at once Magic Cannon and Ballista direct Zhao Hai they shot, Zhao Hai to not hurried, the hand wielded one water blue protective shield to give to protect inside them, opposite party Ballista and Magician does not have anything to do to use to this water blue protective shield. Magic strength equivalent to 8th level Magician that now Space release comes, 8th level Magician Magic protective shield is not that easily can be broken through. After release this Magic protective shield, Zhao Hai immediately release mixed Magic, mixes Magic is two is Magic comes in handy, for example the cooperation of Wind element and Water element, can join Ice Blade in the tornado, as the matter stands lethality big increase.

Mixes the Magic attack strength very formidable, if two simultaneously Magic mix use of 4th level, its attack strength not compared with odd series 6th level Magic difference, but mixes Magic is not that easy-to-use, he requests on user minimum to have two Magic attribute, moreover very studies these two Magic to be good systematically. Naturally, this situation did not have what difficulty regarding Zhao Hai, Space can use is Magic, moreover can let the Zhao Hai optional combination. Must know that Zhao Hai got down in Magic turned painstakingly skill, naturally, under this skill is understood that these Magic named, used is any effect, in these Space had the file, Zhao Hai like reading writing down was OK. Zhao Hai knows that now Magic is his fight method, therefore he to this Magic very meticulously, has taken down these Magic names and use effects very much attentively, has found then out the method of many mix use. This Zhao Hai release is a geomancy attribute mix Magic, the tornado soars to the heavens, in the wind is clamping Ice Blade, directly toward that several ship assaults. Zhao Hai uses these Magic to not to kill the on the ship person, but to cope with ship's sail, so long as their ship's sails breaking, their naturally fell, is impossible to overtake them, do not say that hit them. Obviously what the opposite party has not noted the Zhao Hai use is Magic of pair of department, thinks that is only simple tornado Magic, to prevent their advancing, however worked as that Magic really happy to their on the ship, place that they presently do not suit, this Magic was too strong. on the ship these boatmen promote in against situation, one by that Ice Blade killing, but most makes these people feel what is annoying, Ice Blade of their ship's sail by wind paddling scattered about, this ship one fell. Charlie continuously in the fight of look at Zhao Hai, now he present, Zhao Hai does not use Undead Creature, his fighting strength very formidable, this time he has not used these Undead Creature, result that several ships has not produced anything to threaten for them. However Zhao Hai has not thought must let off that several on the ship fellow, he also wants to know that the opposite party is who, why attack they, making his Haven Ship be damaged, but must spend the money to repair. That several ships after falls, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback is Water element Magic, lives in sea surface frozen, when Charlie understand Zhao Hai don't do, the hand of Zhao Hai wields, large quantities of Undead Creature appears on the ice surface, overran toward that several on the ship. Zhao Hai such does intentionally, actually by him now with that several ships has been apart from, he can put that several on the ship to go Undead Creature directly, for does not expose own ability, therefore he has used this method. Saw here, the Charlie cold sweat has gotten down, Zhao Hai the successive fled the attack method, was makes his very heart startled, if on the sea with Zhao Hai to war, Zhao Hai such attack method, but also was effective really very much. Charlie also has thought simultaneously, this is on the sea, if on land, the Zhao Hai attack method are certainly more, with like this artificial enemy, that is really was too scary, he very admires his foreknowledge now, early has done well relationship with Zhao Hai, has a such person to assist, to his help was really too big.