Chapter 402 Markey Family Opposite party on the ship person obviously also present motion of Zhao Hai, they have not thought that among really Zhao Hai attack methods however such, in the situation that they obtained before showed that Zhao Hai is only Dark Magician, today begin the exchange knows that Zhao Hai unexpectedly is more than one is Magician. However the opposite party is also some experiences for a long time the Battle Formation fellow obviously, one presently Zhao Hai the motion of their here, their immediately has made the response, formerly was used to cope with the ice surface that two water dragon to clash, directly soars the ice surface to flush away. However they have not thought that Undead Creature level that Zhao Hai these time sends is very high, general attack may not have what effect to them. A these Undead Creature present opposite party must come attack with Magic they, in which two Undead Creature, body cyan light flashes, in hand weapon wields, two Sword Qi direct that two water dragon fly, water dragon meets Sword Qi, is similar to by the blade is chopped the snake to be the same, one scattered in the sea. Charlie stands on Haven Ship, dull look at all these, his real don’t know must say that any was good, meets Battle Qi Undead Creature, he first time saw that today was enlarged ones vision. The opposite party on the ship person has not thought obviously this result, has forgotten make a move at once unexpectedly, these Undead Creature use this opportunity, crawling fast to their on the ship. When these Undead Creature embarked, the person of opposite party wants they not to be impossible in attack, because of them presently, these Undead Creature attack strength was really too strong, point also no less than 8th level Warrior. 8th level Warrior, that is any concept, puts in general small Clan, can become the ancestor same was supplying, almost can haunch Clan, but Zhao Hai was unexpectedly casual on release these many, this has made people feel that was startled. This has not ended, Zhao Hai here still in continuous release Undead Creature, finally he unexpectedly let out Jackal Race Cavalry. These Jackal Race Cavalry, the personal appearance is very small, but incredibly fast, when on the ship these people also with having to respond, they rushed to opposite party on the ship. Zhao Hai considered as finished, the opposite party altogether has sent out six iron armor battleships of five masts, but he also release almost 12,000 Undead Creature, a ship 2000, should be able to cope with the opposite party now. Zhao Hai also stopped, static look at that several ships, these on the ship although have rebel, but these rebel were very weak, simply cannot have anything to do to use. Sees here, Zhao Hai then relaxed, turns the head to smile said : to Charlie Your Highness, it seems like my fleet quantity must increase, what kind of? Does Your Highness take two ships to play? Also changes my such ship, how is all right fishes to marine?”

Charlie recovers, facial expression complex look at that several come attack their ship, shook the head said : to consider as finished, I may not have that many time to go to sea, these ship mister remain is using, but this thinks that these time comes attack our people, the status feared that is not simple, six five mast iron armor ships, such quantity, is not general Clan can raise.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, I think that this these people do not come to Your Highness, comes to me, Your Highness these time feared that received my implication.” Charlie smiles said : „saying that anything does implicate, now mister helps me, your enemy naturally was also my enemy, they came the attack mister nature are come attack on equal to I, so-called has not implicated a saying.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not been saying anything, he knows that Charlie this is winning over him, however such winning over also is really makes him enjoy very much. In this time, opposite on the ship almost calm, Zhao Hai was turning the head to Charlie said : Your Highness, has gone well, a while we know that who came attack we.” Said that his hand wields, six groups of black gas flew, encircles that six ships, that six on the ship person has been before long busy, Charlie presently is some Undead Creature is changing the ship's sail. On general huge ship will have the spare ship's sail, their year to year on the sea run, you know when suddenly with arrived at the storm, if the storm blew the ship's sail badly, or blew to fly directly, they what to do? Cannot wait for death in on the ship, therefore huge ship in going to sea, will have the spare ship's sail generally. At this time before these Zhao Hai, Undead Creature that sent also from the ice surface, Zhao Hai took in them Space, has only left behind three Magician. Charlie looked that these three Magician know, these three Magician feared was just attack their several on the ship Magician, moreover looked at their appearances, was turned into Undead Creature by Zhao Hai. Charlie now was somewhat numb, his although is not Dark Magician, but he actually knows, if Dark Magician wants to turn into Advanced level Undead Creature a deceased person is not that easy, but this law uses on the body of Zhao Hai is not quite probably appropriate, so long as Zhao Hai probably waves, can turn into Undead Creature the person, is Advanced level Undead Creature. Zhao Hai look at these Undead Creature, they are Magician, one is Wind element, one is Water element, one unexpectedly is Light Magician. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, it seems like that this time copes is very thoughtful, with Wind element Magician that his person thinks to ship in addition, Water element Magician on the sea attack strength, but the Light Element Magician to subdue|grams this Dark Magician, the opposite party clear came to meeting specially his. However makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, the bodies of these people have not been bringing the badge, they do not want to know their status very much obviously.

Zhao Hai look at that Light Element Magician said : „are you Radiant Church person?” That Light Element Magician bows said : is Young Master, I am the Radiant Church person, presently the assignment is Priest.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : this time is Radiant Church sends you to cope my?” Priest Zhao Hai knows that is lower than other 1st level Radiant Church duty White-clothes Bishop. That Priest shook the head said : is not, this time I received the invitation of Markey Family, comes to cope with Young Master you, is not the order in Radiant Church.” Zhao Hai stares, then knit the brows said : unexpectedly is Markey Family, has not thought, you also?” The two nodded said : are Young Master, we are Markey Family worshipped/Foreign Elder, received the order of Clan to cope your.” Zhao Hai nodded said : except for coping with me, does Markey Family have other order?” That two Magician shook the head said : this our don’t know, in Clan only told us, must make anything, other matters have not told us.” Zhao Hai look at that two person said : except for you, calculation that on the ship also who said?” That two Magician immediately/on horseback said : „have Captain Gauter, he is trusted aide in Clan, the on the ship matter is under the charge to him, we must listen his.” Zhao Hai nodded, the intention moves, before long a person from must hit their on the ship to run, this person of skill very good, the ice on sea surface soon melted, but he in that slippery ice moving, how to be the same in the ground, several jumped to arrive at the Zhao Hai front, bowed said : Gauter to see Young Master to Zhao Hai, Young Master has any instructions? Zhao Hai look at this person, this person looks like about 40 years old, long very ordinary, the rough and work-soiled skin, looks is the running ship all the year round, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : Markey Family after sending you copes with me, hadn't had other motion?” Gauter shook the head said : not to have, Young Master, this time to cope with Young Master, Clan has gotten down the initial capital, not only has sent out six five mast iron armor ships, but also has sent out two 8th level Magician, invited Priest, but also has sent out five 8th level Warrior, but also gives our order is, even if pays the prices of six ships, must kill Young Master, was not having other to move.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : to be good, you go back, ship's sail fixing as soon as possible, then follows us.” Gauter has complied with one, turn around returned to on the ship. Zhao Hai waved, took in that three Magician Space. Charlie static standing in the one side, a few words had not said from beginning to end that now he knows in this world the best interrogation way was anything, turned into Advanced level Undead Creature a person, as the matter stands, you asked when the opposite party he wets the bed he to tell you. Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Charlie said : Your Highness we to go back, did not need to manage them, a while they will run.” Charlie nodded, with Zhao Hai their several people of returned to the on the ship living room, in the living room has sat down, Zhao Zhuantou right Laura said : Laura, it seems like Markey Family must start restless, you think how we should do?” Laura shows a faint smile said : first not to worry, their this time one has sent out six ships, but also so many Expert, wants to eliminate us at one fell swoop, now their ship and person turned over to us, believes that this attack regarding Markey Family was also very enormous, they should in honest some time, if they also dare to cope with us, we did not use politely, has tidied up them directly and that's the end, I thought some of their also many thing, many people can deliver.” Zhao Hai and Charlie laugh, Charlie knows that Laura status, he is only has not thought that Laura in treating the Markey Family issue, impolite such, this really will stem unexpectedly from his unexpected. Zhao Hai does not have the accident, manner of his very clear Laura to Markey Family, Laura can have such performance to be normal, even if Zhao Hai asks Karen with this issue, possibly Karen like this will also reply that this to the father and daughter, almost does not have a point sentiment to Markey Family. At this time Jinan walked, bowed to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, on the ship examined check properly, lost 5th level Magician, 20 Ballista, the on the ship iron armor had slight damaged, did not affect to navigate, can immediately/on horseback leave.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, when the Gauter there ship's sail traded, immediately left.” Jinan complied with one, turn around walked.