The method of Chapter 403 promotion strength In the evening after having had the supper, Zhao Hai entered Space, Green and Kun receiving in Space, Green and Kun are instruct Zhao Hai Martial Arts today. However Zhao Hai said to Green and Kun today's matter, two old person to do not have extremely in the worry, Markey Family although powerful, but they after all are Merchant Clan, just like Shelly Family, they want to cope with anyone, must hit to call with the country that person is at first is good, moreover must pay some prices. But this Markey Family has a little pulled rank, they have not completed the detection, actually does not have presently Charlie also in Zhao Hai on the ship. No matter they have a mind or careless, this mistake has violated, is on this Continent Third Prince of first powerful nation, dares to move his person really not to be many easily, do not say Merchant Clan. Merchant Clan, in rich, however in the eye of Rosen Empire this Continent first powerful nation, still anything is not, if Rosen Empire wanted to cope with that Merchant Clan that is really too simple, so long as on all countries with Continent passed a ventilation, everyone/Great Clan alliance got up, that Merchant Clan money dividing, on Continent all national immediately will respond, can alliance direct give to extinguish his Merchant Clan. Big Merchant Clan like Markey Family, reason that was dreaded , because they are rich, but sometimes, was too rich, instead attended the meeting to draw on the disaster. Zhao Hai looked that two Senior both are not serious, he has not cared, starts formally with Green and Kun Martial Arts, first he must study naturally is Sword Technique. Zhao Hai is one is having the people of innumerable money on equal to now, now he must do how is exits the these money flower . Moreover the reason that must spend, must be able to spend. Does not have money Deren regarding one, makes money possibly is very difficult, but regarding a rich man, how spending lets his learn, this relatively wanted to be simpler. Zhao Hai Battle Qi arrived at 8th level , his body passed through the Detoxification medicinal preparation and Vajra Fruit dual baptism, now has achieved one type of very formidable degree, so long as his learn how use sword maneuver, uses Battle Qi, his later fighting strength will become geometrical time of growth. Sword Technique of Zhao Hai practice is also in Sword Technique most strikes this style most from the beginning, the thorn, truncates, the point, wipes, the lock, collapses, sticks, these are in Sword Technique most basic thing, any fierce sword, is displaying through these ordinary style changes. Practiced for two hours, Green has made Zhao Hai rest, Zhao Hai suddenly has actually thought that oneself can through drinking the Detoxification medicinal preparation and strength Vajra Fruit promotes the strength, that Laura were they also? If Laura can also eat the Vajra Fruit promotion strength, regarding them, absolutely is good information.

Thinks of here, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : Cai'er, you came.” Cai'er has complied with one, has flown Zhao Hai, look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai look at her appearance smiles said : Cai'er, you have a look at Laura, can inspect, what Potion must eat to make her promote the strength quickly, Meg they are also, eats Vajra Fruit to be good directly?” Cai'er has complied with one, meets to begin to wield, several groups of white light Green, Kun, Laura, Meg, Ni'er, Junichi, Xu Wanying and Blockhead Stone encircling, but white light vanished quickly. Cai'er turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, Grandpa Green and Grandfather Kun level not under Space, Space does not have the means to give them Level Up, now Space level is insufficient, Miss Laura can take Vajra Fruit, but must divide twice to take, one time takes half, is separated for ten days, after ten days, she will have Young Master your present strength, Miss Meg situation is very good, however her attribute not suitable edible Vajra Fruit, must compound Potion to be good, but Young Master your level is now insufficient, but also cannot buy is used to compound Potion to use medicinal herbs seed, Junichi with the Xu Wanying situation is also same, Blockhead and Stone, Can take Vajra Fruit directly, can promote to Young Master your such level, because their status are not the Space shrinking hosts, therefore after they take Vajra Fruit, can only enhance level, cannot have ability like Young Master.” Zhao Hai stares, then happy said : good, fantastic, immediately/on horseback buys three Vajra Fruit, they have eaten to Laura, Junichi they and Meg situation, after , was saying that was right, Ni'er?” Cai'er said : „the Ni'er situation is most special, in her not suitable present Space all Potion, he needs one type of very special to have the fruit food, enabling her to be able with animal better communicate, this is her special capability.” What fruit food did Zhao Hai actually knit the brows said : that to want? Do you know?” Cai'er shook the head said : don’t know, in Space did not have the material in this aspect, but Space collected Ark Continent here some materials now, after the computation of Space, in Ark Continent here, 90% opportunity, will probably meet the suitable Ni'er fruit food.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, was good, first buys Vajra Fruit.” Cai'er said : Young Master, the suggestion of Cai'er is, buys Vajra Fruit, then plants to arrive, like this waited for him to be mature, we can accept many Vajra Fruit, although must wait for several days, but can actually little spend twenty thousand gold coins.” Zhao Hai has patted head said : also right, good, let's do it according to your advice, in any case now the computing power is very strong, your look at means.” Said that Zhao Hai turned the head look at Laura and Blockhead also has Stone said : looks like you must and other several days.”

Laura shows a faint smile said : we not to worry, waited for such long time in any case, feared anything and other several days, but Elder Brother Hai, I thought that we must make Space Level Up good as soon as possible, like this not only we can Level Up, but can also let Meg they also Level Up as soon as possible, perhaps when the time comes also will have to help Grandpa Green their Level Up method.” Zhao living expenses nodded, then sighed said : that to have that spatially easy, now Space has achieved three Level 10, wanted in rising 1st level is on difficult difficult, it seems like we can only take your time, Meg, should not be discouraged, must try hard to practice, when the time comes perhaps you can rise 8th level .” Meg look at Zhao Hai sweet smiles said : to be all right, Young Master, I do not worry, first makes Laura Elder Sister Level Up good, her present level was too low.” Laura does not do, ridicules said : well the small girl, you dare to ridicule me.” Said that runs to drive off Meg, Meg escaped with a smile, they are boisterous and frivolous in the one side. Green looked at their one eyes, shows a faint smile, has not said anything, but turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, gets up to practice a while, then in rests.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, has stood, started the arid practice. But what Zhao Hai don’t know is, this time Ryan actually anxious must die, because Ryan they have ship three mast battleships always with them, at a moderate pace, is not near to them, does not come attack they, does not contact with them, don’t know is the enemy is a friend. These time was responsible for the command(er) freighter meeting Ryan Purcell Family somewhat to be intense along sail number captain Hart, his don’t know that ship was any meaning, why with them, must say that ship was Pirate Ship, really did not look like, because the experienced pirates will not come their this ships, not because of other, because this ship experienced person understood at a glance that has not installed any precious thing. Year to year the person of on the sea running ship, looks at the draft of this ship, can know that in this ship has installed many thing, is worth beginning. Because their this ships are meet Ryan, therefore has not installed too many goods, therefore the drinking water of entire ship is very shallow, experienced person eyes can look, this on the ship does not have good thing, will not come him. Is adding on to assure the Ryan security, Hart they walk has the route in offshore, rather pays a tax, must guarantee that own security, the common pirate will not move offshore on the ship, such words will receive encircling of various countries' navy. However opposite party such at a moderate pace with them, makes their very difficult receive, finally did not have the means that Hart to this situation tell Ryan. Ryan frowns to listen to Hart words said : „you are said that three mast battleships, follow in our not far away, does not come attack we, hasn't expressed the good intentions? I said right?”

Hart said : is the young lady, opposite party don’t know is anything comes severely, that at a moderate pace with us, I somewhat was really worried, because has piece of sea region in Rosen Empire with our Aksu Empire, there is one under nobody's jurisdiction generations, is the pirate has run amuck, I feared that they begin to us in there.” Ryan nodded said : to walk, has a look to outside with me, I must have a look at that ship with own eyes.” Said, when went out of cabin first. Carefully after looked at a that ship, Ryan showing a faint smile suddenly, turned the head well to Hart said : Hart, you did not need to be worried that walked by all means walked, that ship did not have evil intention to us, if I have not guessed that wrong, the opposite party possibly was protects our.” Said that turn around entered the cabin, has left behind being confused Hart. Hart really understand, why Ryan such did not affirm that the opposite party is protects their, but Ryan said that he was not good to say anything, must order to let the person alert of on the ship. Ryan can relax , he he only cannot let the person alert of on the ship, no matter what, he cannot make Ryan have an accident. Ryan returned to your room, on Gillma said : Your Highness, why have you made Hart not need to be worried? Do you recognize that ship?” Ryan shook the head said : that ship I to not to know, but the style of that ship I to am the understanding, you looked that ship doesn't look like like the Rosen Empire standardized battleship? The appearance a little changes, you in thinking us at the matter that on Law River comes across.” Kyrgyzstan yesterday one hear of Ryan said that stares slightly, then two eyes bright said : Your Highness you said that ship is Mr. Zhao Hai sends to protect our?” Ryan shows a faint smile said : to have this possibility, ok, no matter how in any case I said that Hart will alert, if the friend is best, if the enemy, we do not need to fear.”