Chapter 404 Ryan is attacked Walks sea route, wants about seven days from Rosen Empire to Aksu Empire, but after Aksu Empire within the boundaries, estimates about three days sea route, can arrive to the Purcell Duchy nearest/recent port city pudding city, they must disembark to there Ryan, changes travel on a horse carriage, about seven days 6 groups, can arrive at Casa City. But under nobody's jurisdiction generation that Hart said that when fifth day sea route will meet, altogether two days of distance traveleds by sea, over the two days the distance traveled by sea, was the so-called under nobody's jurisdiction generation. In here, no matter Rosen Empire or the Aksu Empire warship is few, because here equivalent to is Rosen Empire and Aksu Empire cushion generation, no matter the fleet of two countries that side, if entered under nobody's jurisdiction generation, the opposite party will be very tight, feared that is comes attack they, therefore the time grew, there did not have the warship to come, finally has become the pirate most rampant place. The people of almost all on the sea running ships know that to under nobody's jurisdiction, you must prepare momentarily taken by force, the fight momentarily will possibly fire. Entered several days sea route, finally must enter under nobody's jurisdiction generation along the sail number, Hart was also more anxious, because of that ship continuously with them. In order to let the crew can rest well, to help the fight that welcomed draws momentarily possibly can arrive, Hart specially before carrying on under nobody's jurisdiction, stopped the ship has gotten down has rested well for day, simultaneously he also wants to have a look at that ship really with them, was with their same road. Finally Hart knew, the opposite party comes with them, they rest, the opposite party also rests, but is maintaining with them a distance of relative security. Hart after asking Ryan, understand, to Ryan was saying that is also useless, he can only order on the ship to prepare fight at any time. Has rested for day, next day Hart their official entered under nobody's jurisdiction generation, carried on under nobody's jurisdiction generation, all ships aware and was not the ship of fleet maintains a distance of relative security, in order to avoid lived the misunderstanding, because momentarily possibly changed in some here merchants the body becomes the pirate. Hart also specially paid attention continuously with his ship, that ship is maintaining with them a distance of relative security, has not come attack they, this arrived is makes Hart somewhat believe the Ryan words. First day, safe passed, evening's time, Hart they fell the anchor, after release guard posts, has rested, but all people put oneself to be possible weapon conveniently and place. Next day, Hart early they left, the nerves of all people collapse tight, fears to have an accident, perhaps but is the heaven helps, they have not met any attack, this makes Hart also relax, to evening's time, they entered to Aksu Empire sea region, Hart relaxed finally. On however what Hart has not thought that after they enter the second day to Aksu Empire sea region, they have met attack unexpectedly, moreover this attack is not come from has followed behind to come that ship in them, but is the come from Aksu Empire warship. Three Aksu Empire warship on the sea navigate, original Hart they think that the opposite party is only the warship of patrol, has not cared, what makes them not think, as soon as they enter to the firing distance of opposite party, opposite party immediately has launched violent bombing to them, making Hart they one suffer a loss, the on the ship person was killed several, Ballista is also destroyed several.

Is good they is also has fought many battles because of Hart, immediately responded, why no matter the opposite party wants attack they, their immediately starts to counterattack. However this is only a Military General merchant, but the opposite party is three warships, their firepower are inferior to the opposite party, is inferior to the opposite party spirit law, therefore is at the condition of coming under attack. In this time, had been opening with their ships, has carried on attack to that three armies, that on the ship attack very fierce is also fierce, is not their such boat can compare, what most important is, opposite party attack fierce does not fear, is walloping to that three warships, looks like must hit the opposite party to be the same. At this time Hart believes finally the opposite party was protects their, but Hart felt to feel strange, was who protects them, if the person in Clan, that should contact them, if were not the person in Clan, who that can be? That three warships have not thought that meets the halfway to kill a Cheng Yaojin to come, has been hit to be caught off guard, simultaneously their also present opposite party resembles simply not to care about own life and death, must with the appearance that they perish together. That three warships have feared, immediately/on horseback retreated slowly, but that ship has not pursued, but with being suitable for the sail number is maintaining certain distance, follows behind him. Now the Hart opposite party makes the flag indicator likely, has not been responded, finally Hart must proceed, three days later they arrived in the pudding city, but that followed also silently to vanish in their following ships. That ship is Zhao Hai sends certainly to protect Ryan Swordfish Ship, on Swordfish Ship is some Undead Creature, they do not certainly fear death, if to not protect Ryan, they also really wants that three Aksu Empire warship snatching. Naturally, when Ryan meets attack, Zhao Hai immediately received information, moreover heard that attack Ryan they are the warships, Zhao Hai were not many knows that was who in attack Ryan they. Southern King Borch, certainly is he, will not have others, Borch ate one to owe on Zhao Hai greatly, Purcell Family hating, but when Hart they just entered Aksu Empire sea region, was the Southern King domain, he completely had that ability reassignment warship to come attack Hart they, therefore Zhao Hai almost can affirm that this matter was Borch does certainly. However Zhao Hai does not have the mood to tidy up Borch now, they also arrived at Jade Water City now, the Jade Water City scale looks like with Rising Water City there is similar, the way of management is also similar, here duchy pier was just bigger, was cleaner. Naturally, Zhao Hai is impossible to stop the ship in public pier there, no matter what, Charlie sits in on the ship, moreover Charlie also has special-purpose pier in here. Zhao Hai under the direction of Charlie, has arrived at Charlie special-purpose pier the ship, obviously the there person knew Charlie in on the ship, therefore has not stopped, conversely, the ashore has also stood the crowd of welcome. Haven Ship after on pier stops, immediately puts down the springboard, Charlie has led Zhao Hai to go down the ship, then explain/transfer, yields profit auspicious to arrange, Haven Ship these ships, delivers to the repair shop to go to repair well, after all beforehand fight, makes Haven Ship receive some damages.

Zhao Hai to has not declined the Charlie good intention, explain/transfer a Jinan Voice, sat horse carriage with Charlie, under the accompaniment of Jade Water City City Lord, hurried to toward City Lord Mansion. Jade Water City City Lord called especially the Laze cloth, was Charlie iron rod under the hand/subordinate, helping Charlie manage this purse, special Laze Bu Chang very thin, looked like dry, but Zhao Hai did not have underestimated this person, on although this person did not have a point Battle Qi fluctuation, but Zhao Hai actually felt with being suitable for one by one type temperament from the body of this person. What is Junichi? Can Dead-soldier, what with being suitable for one by one type temperamental person that be? The answer is the affirmation, is Dead-soldier, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai somewhat surprised, he has not thought that Charlie will send Dead-soldier to manage Jade Water City unexpectedly. horse carriage is walking toward City Lord Mansion , the curtain screen on both sides glass opened, Charlie is Zhao Hai is pointing at some famous buildings in Jade Water City. But most makes Zhao Hai feel what is surprised, this jade water in Sky Water City and Rising Water City some different, Jade Water City here sells the same thing person, centralized in in the city each every region, this piece of region sells the grain, that all sells the grain, this piece of region sells the daily necessities, that all sells the daily necessities, making you not find fault the place absolutely. Zhao Hai has not thought that really Charlie will manage Jade Water City like this, but he has to recognize, such method truly be very good, can more convenient management Jade Water City. Looks at Zhao Hai approval such mode of administration, Charlie also appears proud, because this management is he raises. horse carriage arrived at City Lord Mansion quickly, this City Lord Mansion to is also very stylish, but compares to Sky Water City Smith City Lord Mansion, actually must miss on. Entered City Lord Mansion, entered three directly, special Laze cloth Zhao Hai and Charlie arranging in Purple Bamboo Wan in City Lord Mansion, this is in City Lord Mansion is biggest, is most attractive, most refined courtyard, gives courtyard that Charlie keeps specially. Original Zhao Hai does not want to live in here, but does not have the means that Charlie was too warm, must make him live in Purple Bamboo Wan Li, Zhao Hai really does not have the means to decline agrees. To be honest, Zhao Hai likes the Purple Bamboo Wan here environment really very much, the here environment is really very beautiful, moreover Zhao Hai also liking bamboo, in Purple Bamboo Wan Purple Bamboo, very beautiful. Must say that Bamboo rice actually is also one type of of bamboo, but that bamboo too saw long, moreover mainly by grain production give priority to, therefore his ornamental value instead to was neglected. But Purple Bamboo Wan hears these Purple Bamboo actually not only is also used to watch, this Purple Bamboo is on Continent very good one type of weapon uses the material, the thin bamboo may be long spear spear shaft/gun barrel, but can also be used for the system bow, in adding on tenacious of this bamboo is very strong, therefore on Continent this bamboo with some weapon that manufactures is very popular. However this bamboo like Bread Tree, the request to the environment is very high, the temperature, the humidity, the climate, these have very strict request, otherwise could not live, therefore output on Continent not very high.

But Jade Water City here, is the Purple Bamboo biggest habitat, has been covered with Purple Bamboo on the here mountain, Purple Bamboo also has become here main exits product. To Purple Bamboo Wan here, the special Laze cloth has asked to be excused, he must prepare the banquet to welcome Charlie, he has not arranged too many people to serve in courtyard, because he knows that Charlie most does not like this, before Charlie comes, he made people clean courtyard well, then has left behind four maidservants, in has not kept other people, this arrived to be just right for the Charlie appetite, has been just right for the Zhao Hai regard. Because here all thing prepare was very complete, Zhao Hai their simply does not need to prepare any thing, therefore quick tidied up. This Purple Bamboo Wan Li altogether has the room 27 chapters, Charlie lives certainly in the main room, but after Zhao Hai lives, arrives at a following relative independence small building. After Zhao Hai they tidy up, the special Laze cloth also appears , this time he is asks Charlie they to dine, special Laze cloth leave these days, makes him look up the Zhao Hai material well, before although his here, had the material about Zhao Hai, but at that time he to Zhao Hai was not attach great importance to, but looks at Charlie attaching great importance to Zhao Hai such now, actually invited Zhao Hai to Purple Bamboo Wan Lizhu, the Laze cloth on understand, Zhao Hai had feared especially was becomes the Charlie person, as Charlie trusted aide, the nature must share sorrow for Charlie, must look up Zhao Hai well Details. After several people arrives at the dining room to sit down, maidservant immediately has provided the meal, is very good, special Laze cloth preparation thing, not specially luxurious, these thing that but he prepares, actually some characteristics, are thing of season, is freshest. Charlie to especially Laze cloth such arrangement also very satisfied, in eating meal, specially has presented to especially the Laze cloth and Zhao Hai. After having eaten meal, after several people arrives at the living room to sit down, Charlie has drunk a sub, turns the head to especially Laze cloth said :Teullet, your tomorrow to Mr. Zhao Hai with my badge, later he all tax revenues in Jade Water City all exempts, after his ship, can use my special-purpose pier, was right, in giving Mr. Zhao Hai looks for a good point shop front, after tidying up, sends to Mr. Zhao Hai, even if I gives the Mr. Zhao Hai gift. The special Laze cloth has complied with one, Zhao Hai not politely, smiles said : that I to thank Your Highness to Charlie, after Your Highness , etc. my to settle down gets down, sends thing that you want, was right, I must receive the a batch daily necessities and iron hardware, this must ask Your Highness to help.” Charlie said : iron hardware? Does mister want the iron hardware to do? Weapon? That thing is not very fond of playing jokes, even if I thinks the mass the product weapon, must report at home, moreover you also know that my status Fan Gan, sometimes handles these matters, might as well others are convenient.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this I to know that Your Highness does not need to be worried, the iron hardware I can should not be too many, but in the daily necessities, I need many thing, most can also probably have the massive earthenware, Your Highness has a look to help? I must be too many, a ship was enough.” Charlie one hear of Zhao Hai said that nodded said : if so, that is not certainly a problem, mister feel relieved was good, Teullet, you must give mister to prepare in the shortest time, simultaneously prepares to raise fifty thousand tail Fire Fish pool and transport means that do you require the several days time?” The special Laze cloth thinks that said : Your Highness, mister thing tomorrow can prepare, but the Fire Fish pond and transport means that minimum requires ten days.”