Chapter 405 unexpected benefit Charlie nodded said : line, you prepare first thing that mister wants, the Fire Fish pond can prepare slowly . Moreover, you must make some preparations, this Mr. Zhao Hai will probably bring many in the sea Magic Beast and in the sea special product, these thing you must arrange.” Special Laze cloth one hear of Charlie said that cannot help but stares, look at Zhao Hai that then two eyes shines, he is very clear, the in the sea special product is representing anything, on Continent these in the sea special products are representing money, gold coins. If Zhao Hai straight can make large quantities of in the sea special products, they think that the non- wealth was also difficult, this regarding them absolutely is good information. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „the don’t know result to be what kind, this matter must look at Heaven's Will, if makes me fish good thing, that naturally in good not to have.” Charlie smiles said : mister certainly to succeed, I to mister confident.” Charlie is confident to Zhao Hai, to Zhao Hai in hand is rather confident to these Undead Creature of Charlie, through the fight of this several times, Charlie present Zhao Hai fierce of these Undead Creature, Zhao Hai these Undead Creature is really too strong. Zhao Hai smiles said : Your Highness to overpraise, but I think me to , when Haven is good to fix can leave, was right, that several attack our ships, lose are not very serious, can leave after the simple maintenance, I think that mister they act as advance party, when then Haven Ship cultivated, I am leaving.” Charlie said : mister these can Undead Creature leave you be so far?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : Your Highness to forget, they may be some Advanced level Undead Creature, naturally can leave me to be far, a Your Highness such saying, I also really remembered a matter to come, in the past I sent three mast battleships to escort a friend, has not thought that under nobody's jurisdiction there by attack, on the hull had some damaged, after a period of time can also deliver to Your Highness here to service, Your Highness you look?” Charlie beckoned with the hand said : these is the small matter, you are not important, you make your ship come and that's the end, good mister, you also first rest, I make their as soon as possible fixes your ship, thing prepares to you, you are good.” Zhao Hai nodded, after apologizing Charlie, in house that returned to behind they lived, can say that cooperation with Charlie, is very successful, this makes Zhao Hai feel very happy.

Returns to Purple Bamboo Wan's following small building, Zhao Hai does not have immediately/on horseback to rest, but their several entered in the Purple Bamboo Wan Li bamboo grove with Laura. Zhao Hai they go to the bamboo grove naturally to not to look at the wind shade, they want two bamboo rhizomes in the bamboo grove neighborhood, this bamboo rhizome to be the bamboo roots, must bury underground the bamboo rhizome, he slowly will grow the bamboo . Moreover the bamboo rhizome will be also longer is longer, finally becomes a piece of bamboo sea. Purple Bamboo although regarding the request very strict standard of habitat, but the Space there habitat in did not have, raises Purple Bamboo in there Zhao Hai is definitely confident. Zhao Hai likes giving birth, he is fantasizing, if own around the house, grows the big piece the bamboo grove, how that will turn the beautiful scene. The Chinese one turn to the bamboo like, since time immemorial wrote the poem of bamboo also to have many, but before Zhao Hai, is a writer, why the although network writer has, but Zhao Hai regarding some ancient literature actually preferences, as the matter stands, he naturally also likes writing the poem of bamboo, was always fantasizing around the house of family can have some bamboos, what what a pity is, he is the life in the north, the simply not suitable bamboo grows, finally this bamboo he had not planted becomes. Purple Bamboo likes besides oneself, Zhao Hai also worries for later, first this Purple Bamboo can also let in Space plants Item multi- one type of, somewhat can increase an experience, is the use of bamboo also is very broad in next, but rice bamboo although produces the rice to be very good, but the quality of that bamboo was not quite satisfying, but Purple Bamboo is actually different, purple lives tenacious to be full, if later Zhao Hai founds a nation in Black Wasteland there , the soldier is unavoidable, as the matter stands on needs the massive weapons, but Purple Bamboo makes the good material of weapon. In the bamboo grove after Earth element Magic received two length about three meters bamboo rhizomes, Zhao Hai stopped, has thrown into Space the bamboo rhizome, in Space immediately has transmitted the prompt sound, this Purple Bamboo had been evaluated three ten 5th level by Space, eight season plants, but Space may not have Level Up. This in expected of Zhao Hai, Space cannot Level Up that be normal, after all one type of Purple Bamboo level many levels, how possibly let Space Level Up. Zhao Hai made Cai'er plant behind of villa that two bamboo rhizomes, careful attendance, but they transferred the extension in the bamboo grove, wants to have a look in this bamboo grove to have other any thing. Such bamboo grove only small long time has not felled, that will certainly have good thing, no matter animal or plants, are the Zhao Hai needs, Zhao Hai in Space although has made into several small life form circles now, but these life form circles, almost from in the river but in the sea makes, regarding the change of water is has plenty, but 6 on person thing, in Space have lacked much, what therefore Zhao Hai wants to have a look in this bamboo grove also has good thing.

Now Zhao Hai wants Level Up quickly to think that the demon sickness, although he poisonously also has solved now, Battle Qi has also practiced, the advantage that but he presently this Level Up brings was really too big, after adding on Level Up, but can also help Meg they promote level, but might also make Green they 9th level Expert, this regarding Zhao Hai, the enticement was really too big. If Green they can become 9th level Expert, then on real fantastic, Buda Family were also many several 9th level Expert to sit, they had revealed when the time comes they were Buda Family token, nobody in dares to make a sound. Also let alone, Zhao Hai they in bamboo grove also really present good thing, is some mushrooms plants, has been unexpectedly similar in also present one type of to thing of bamboo rat. Zhao Hai heard, on Earth, bamboo rat, but one type of delicacy, to Ark Continent here, don’t know this bamboo rat changed the flavor. Zhao Hai received in Space somewhat to be scared many mushrooms, in Space the appraisal to that several mushrooms actually still above Purple Bamboo, said that thing was the kind of grass eight treasures plants, the flavor was beautiful, the nutrition was rich, level in four Level 10 above, this arrived unexpectedly is makes Zhao Hai be surprised. But that bamboo rat, entered Space, was evaluated as five Level 10 directly, is the one type of variation Plant Element mouse plants, is not only delicious, but also after training, but can also help the Master planter land, eliminates the harmful insect in earth, only then in having the plants place, their attack strength are not weak, if grown, its attack strength unexpectedly in 7th level to 8th level about, but Zhao Hai capture, is only a not grown imaginary son. Pleasantly surprised, absolutely is pleasantly surprised, Zhao Hai has not thought that really will come across such matter, casually some Little Thing that comes out in the bamboo grove neighborhood, the appraisal so is unexpectedly high. But Laura compared with Zhao Hai being startled, because has not eaten mushrooms food in Ark Continent here the custom, therefore looks at Zhao Hai to take in Space that many mushrooms, they also very puzzled, is hearing these mushrooms level, they somewhat were scared. Zhao Hai one hear of Laura they said that Ark Continent here has not eaten the custom of mushrooms, cannot help but has tapped the head, before Green went to forest to look for plants the time, possibly has not looked for these mushrooms, no wonder he thought with Space in has been short of anything probably, originally has been short of this. However now is not presently late, later corrects and that's the end, strolling in bamboo grove, in presently any good thing, to has not been present some insect classes thing, Zhao Hai also took in these thing Space.

These insect although are common, but also is in the life form circle the most important constituent, therefore Zhao Hai not polite, received in these insects Space directly, but these insects are only some most common insects, has not made Space level have anything to promote, even Space has not evaluated any level to them, if before, that definitely by Space writing off, but in Space turned into Small World now, therefore these insect was received by Space, put Ranch there to be been long by them. Transferred for quite a while in the bamboo grove, Zhao Hai their returned to in small building, Laura is interested in today's harvest, although is not very big, but has gotten so far as several types thing. Zhao Hai looked at their several to smile, took charge of their flashes body to enter Space, now in Space changed a type, Farming Ground there a vacated ten mu place, has specifically been used to plant Vajra Fruit, now Vajra Fruit already bud long turned to tree, but did not have the result. Ten mu ground on a tree, looks like a little strange, but Laura look at Vajra Fruit tree of their actually one face hope, their very clear, so long as this tree has had the fruit, their level can promote. Rested a small little while they to come out from Space in Space, Zhao Hai has not gone to call Green, the present is in broad daylight, Green there was also very busy, calls to be also useless. Zhao Hai has not practiced martial arts, now some basic sword maneuver he already learn, moreover these days also they fought to train with Blockhead, the experience of fighting was also richer, by his present strength, if to previous 6th level Warrior, can guarantee that was not defeated. Has not done Zhao Hai to Space in other, only then a matter, his in hand takes is holding appreciatively, is feeling the characteristics of metal a small iron ball is keeping. Zhao Hai has affirmed now, oneself had really with the Magneto king similar ability, can Metal Manipulation, but his present ability, has fallen far short compared with Magneto Wang to come, looks at Magneto ten thousand, can control aircraft, be able bridge flying in the sky, but the sea, now are most can only the a piece metal of control in hand this small iron ball size, is not greatly good. However Zhao Hai was very satisfied, such big a piece metal, Zhao Hai can let his optional transformation, moreover in the monitor range, he can let this metal casual attack and defense, crosses the monitor range not to be good.