Enjoying of Chapter 406 Charlie Through this matter Zhao Hai was also understand, originally Host also had such advantage, currently the Space supervisor area fully has 10,000 meters, 10,000 meters, this iron ball although was not big, if made into a light small sword, that lethality was not small, didn't that he have flying sword on equal to? Thought of here Zhao Hai cannot help but excited, but this iron ball general time also manipulated in Space, has not been manipulating to Space outside. May not have China the fitness ball of that metal in Ark Continent here, if you take two iron balls to manipulate in that must be regarded Lunatic not to be possible. In the afternoon waits for Zhao Hai comes out from Space, has not seen Charlie, Zhao Hai knows that this Jade Water City is the Charlie domain, he just arrived at here, matter has plenty that must process, he has not worried, has not exited to stroll randomly, but keeps Purple Bamboo Wan Li, they drinks with Laura may chat. Evening's time, Charlie also asked Zhao Hai to dine, but also to the less than repetitive apology, said one were too busy, has neglected Zhao Hai. Regarding Prince, can achieve this degree, has shown due respect for the feelings very much, Zhao Hai will certainly not be angry, does not dare to continue talking, has drunk several cups with Charlie well, this was the past. But Charlie these turn the achievement, is Gentes Laze cloth feels the heart startled, must know that Charlie although has the ability in several Prince, but also because of this, therefore he is very arrogant, normally although looks like, is very good with relationship of all people, has to anyone politely, but is Charlie trusted aide, the special Laze cloth very understands Charlie. This Prince actually at heart arrogant very much, ordinary person simply does not pay attention, he is polite to the person, that is since childhood reason that because he receives the education, is not because he thinks highly of you. However the Laze cloth could feel especially that Charlie stems from regarding the politeness of Zhao Hai the sincerity, he is very high, this that Zhao Hai looks arrives is Gentes Laze cloth felt that was somewhat accidental. Must say that the Zhao Hai business can make money, that is also only the business, compared with the Jade Water City here tax revenue, missed far, Charlie not because this will look at Zhao Hai one high. Must say that because of the Zhao Hai strength, he is 8th level Expert, but has not arrived at 9th level, being insufficient makes Charlie to him so polite, but now Charlie to Zhao Hai is really very polite, this Gentes Laze cloth some do not understand.

After having had the supper, Zhao Hai in Space has rested on returned to, but at this time, the special Laze cloth actually stood with Charlie in the living room. Afternoon time, they too much time have not spoken any idle talk, are processing some official business, the special Laze cloth mainly looks like Charlie to make to report the matter that the in recent time Jade Water City here income and some must handle, now was also finishes. After the special Laze cloth Charlie delivers has been possible sub, this puzzled to Charlie said : Your Highness, why you such regards as important that Zhao Hai? Is his strength very strong?” Charlie looked at especially Laze cloth one, shows a faint smile said : what? not to be convinced?” The special Laze cloth shook the head said : that to arrive is not, I with Your Highness many years, how because this matter is not convinced, I am puzzled, don’t know this Mr. Zhao Hai has any ability, can let Your Highness such settling on.” Charlie smiles said : his business, his personal connection, his strength, these are I settle on, you told well Teullet.” Benefitted the auspicious omen, Zhao Hai matter original originally this told Laze especially. The special Laze cloth has not thought that really can be this, Zhao Hai and Shelly Family and Calci Family have relationship this him are know that he also knows between nearest/recent Zhao Hai and Calci Family are somewhat contradictory, he is only has not thought that Grand Duke Layen unexpectedly by Zhao Hai tidying up, has not thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly is Advanced level Magician of more than department. Magician of multi- department is very difficult the too high achievement, because Magic each so is easy to be skilled, but Zhao Hai unexpectedly is Advanced level Magician of more than department, this itself was very astonishing, same, a such status, is in itself worth Charlie such doing. 9th level Expert few make a move on Continent, in the battle, play truly makes to order to use certainly, generally 8th level Expert , because of this, therefore many of high level are Magician, appeared very heavy wants. Many of Advanced level are Magician can cause and mixes Magic, but the mix Magic attack strength is very strong, chemical reaction that two overlay of Magic, plays, is makes this Magic attack strength become geometrical time of growth.

If Charlie in hand had Zhao Hai such more than one is really high level Magician, his strength became increases several times to continue, let alone this Magician was one delivers the wealth young lad, in hand has greatly the business that can make money. By the Zhao Hai present status, can handle Charlie so to respect fully, the special Laze stationing nod said : Your Highness has done is very right, like the person, truly is honourable, but why does the Calci Family person want a falling out with a such person especially? Their is crazy inadequate?” Charlie shows a faint smile said : Teullet, you have forgotten, old person that in Clan now Calci Family is in power, but now in their Clan most is in good graces is actually that anything is not business that many that fifth child Juwan, Zhao Hai in hand makes money, that Juwan , if not jealous is strange, moreover before Zhao Hai was also because in Aksu Empire offended south five, therefore ran up to our Rosen Empire to come, moreover offended Radiant Church, therefore went to Sky Water City directly, as the matter stands, that Juwan nature was thinks ate to decide Zhao Hai, therefore I want these matter certainly to be that Juwan make to come out.” Right that the special Laze stationing nod said : Your Highness said that by Smith their several brothers, may not be competent such matter to come, only then that Juwan has the possibility, has not thought really that Carchi Province Patriarch astute for a lifetime, to the father actually likes such anything is not the playboy, if because of this matter, Zhao Hai compelling with them for the words of enemy, that he can regret.” Charlie shows a faint smile said : not to be easy, Zhao Hai is a smart person, is a person of keeping old friendships in mind, he does not want such quickly to have the conflict with Calci Family, is adding on the Calci Family true power to grasp although old clansman now, but Smith their brothers several also grew, can assume sole responsibility for an important task, their present abilities are not small, but this brothers several understand person, they will not give up Zhao Hai, if I have not guessed that wrong, Zhao Hai certain obtained some guarantee of Smith, therefore he such will give the Calci Family face.” The special Laze stationing nod said : had the possibility very much, it seems like that this Mr. Zhao Hai also is really not simple, does Your Highness have confidence?” Special Laze cloth has confidence, asked naturally was Charlie has confidence to be able control Zhao Hai, this was also they most commonly used method. Charlie shook the head to smile said : to treat Zhao Hai such person, do not think goes to control he, maintained our present relationship was good, when the time comes we had the matter, his look at will certainly not manage, you still remember that he said today that the ship exited to protect a friend, had the damaged matter by attack?” The special Laze stationing nod said : naturally has remembered that he must cultivate in our here, how Your Highness? What issue has?” Does Charlie smile said : you not to note an issue? Is Zhao Hai and Purcell Family relationship, Purcell Grand Duke is to some Zhao Hai small graciousness, therefore Zhao Hai this has been protecting Evan that daughter all the way, probably calls Ryan? I heard that this Ryan has also looked for the trouble of Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai is not what kind of him, heard that nearest/recent Ryan returned to homeland, walks is also sea route, that must pass through under nobody's jurisdiction, if I have not guessed that wrong, Zhao Hai sends certainly is Ryan that the ship protects, treats one to offend own person, Zhao Hai has been able to achieve this point, what person obviously he is, therefore to person like this, you certain cannot want control, will otherwise only offend him, understand?”

The special Laze cloth has complied with said : Your Highness feel relieved, how my understand has done, the shop front that now Mr. Zhao Hai needs I have prepared to him, to the Dongcheng/East City gate is not very far, a very big shop front, the although position a little leaning, but has some big Warehouse, underground also two Warehouse, were a good shop front, thing that he wanted, I have made the person transport in Warehouse, he needed to take.” Charlie applause looked at especially Laze cloth said : well done, Teullet, these years have you to sit in Jade Water City here, my really very feel relieved, if are not in Clan have regulation, this Jade Water City cannot to others, when fief, I want really here give you, but your feel relieved, if I sat that position, I will surely give you a piece good fief.” Special Laze cloth quickly said: Does not dare, Your Highness, my Laze cloth with you, this is serving for Your Highness especially since childhood for a lifetime, Your Highness you do not give to me fief, I with you for a lifetime.” Charlie smiles said : this I naturally to know, but you have done these many for me, I may have no alternative but to enjoy you, otherwise was really unfair to you, will make other think that with my person my reward or punish wrongly, I gave you, you were taking, you're welcome, other gave your fief me to prepare, Grand Duke Layen, his fief turned into ownerless but actually, that was a duchy, the father emperor was impossible to make there a duchy, therefore has enfeoffed these fief, I must a piece, on be give you to prepare.” A special Laze cloth excitement, he is very at heart clear, Grand Duke Layen fief well, many people are greedy, now Charlie kept a piece to him, this for him, was good to reward. The appearance of Charlie look at Laze cloth, smiles said : especially that place is only I prepares to come out now, if, I mount the imperial throne, kindly gives you to be also good the entire Grand Duke Layen territory, when the time comes you can become new Grand Duke.”