Chapter 407 gift Next morning, Zhao Hai welcome be dined to the dining room by Charlie, after having eaten meal, Charlie asks Zhao Hai to the living room to drink sub, at this time the Laze cloth walked especially, bows to Charlie said : Your Highness, mister prepares has prepared especially to the shop front and goods that you looked that is the present has a look and so on.” Charlie turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : mister, your meaning?” Zhao Hai smiles said : in any case now also nothing, now goes.” Charlie smiles said : also well, has a look, that several ships that you result in newly, now cultivated was similar, tomorrow can official set sail, Haven Ship troublesome, but must wait for the several days time.” Zhao Hai smiles said : this already my expectation, walks, we first have a look at the shop front.” Was saying several people while went out of the room, outside had already prepared horse carriage, several people sat horse carriage, directly soars the place that the Laze cloth said especially to expunge. Today what they sit is especially Laze cloth horse carriage, his horse carriage is effective in Jade Water City, on the coming out street all people allow to pass through to him, do not have the means that this is City Lord horse carriage. Quick immediately stopped nearby the Jade Water City east gate, but here a little leaning, the person on street in a business area were quite few, but this shop front to was very big, front was a high three layers facade room, interior decoration was very good, behind was very big courtyard, in the courtyard side side door, the gate of this side door was very big, can hold three horse carriage parallel, the gate was Atsugi makes, looked like strong/sturdy. At this time two guards were standing in institute in front of the door, saw especially Laze cloth horse carriage, immediately opened the front gate, the special Laze cloth made horse carriage drive courtyard directly. This courtyard is very big, but in does not have no plants, looked that is Merchant the place that is used to store goods, the ground upper berth the flagstone, the backyard or the draft animal awning and Warehouse, front is being the Master room and servant room, very simple design, looked that specially does business to use. Several people have gotten down horse carriage, Zhao Hai and Charlie carefully looked at this courtyard, after having looked, Zhao Hai nodded said : to be very good, this house although section is ordinary, but is big enough, Warehouse, was very good, thanks Teullet City Lord.” The special Laze cloth smiles said : Mr. Zhao Hai to be too polite, you come with me, we have a look at that Warehouse, there also to have one pleasantly surprised.” Said that leads Zhao Hai they to walk toward backyard Warehouse. Some Warehouse there people are also defending, saw that the Laze cloth came especially, immediately/on horseback to Laze cloth gave a salute, the special Laze cloth beckoned with the hand especially, their immediately opened the Warehouse door. Zhao Hai presently, in Warehouse had then pushed completely thing, is these that he wants, these lonely earthenware, think of the wooden crate, other living materials, what most important is this Warehouse also has the staircase that downward goes. The special Laze cotton tape Zhao Hai to the Warehouse underground room, this underground room has been divided into two, inside also packs thing that Zhao Hai wanted. Staircase very wide of this underground room is big, can let two horse carriage half lines, moreover that staircase is also not the stair one by one, but is the direct incline, can make the car(riage) go, more convenient transports inside thing, moreover gradient also very slow, general horse carriage of this incline can go is coming out.

Moreover Zhao Hai present, this underground Warehouse the ground is bigger, feared that was entire courtyard underground has hollowed out. However design of this underground Warehouse very reasonable, inside has the pillar support, moreover entire stone structure, ten points strong/sturdy. Zhao Hai to this house also is really very satisfied, although such big Warehouse he cannot use, but there are always to compare not to have, makes to conceal also good. Looks at the Zhao Hai very satisfactory appearance, the special Laze cloth also on feel relieved, he turned the head to Zhao Hai said : mister, do you also satisfy? Your Highness has told, this courtyard, in thing with courtyard, even if were gives mister, mister should not be polite.” Zhao Hai stares slightly, then nodded, smiles said : that line, my impolite, I today have given Your Highness and a City Lord gift.” The hand turns, two small cloth sack appears in in his hand. These two small cloth sacks are Space Bag, Charlie are very naturally good to him, Zhao Hai is also artificial, he can make Charlie know that some of his matters, Space Bag is one. Charlie and Laze cloth puzzled look at Zhao Hai, don’t know he puts out these two broken cloth sacks to do especially, Zhao Hai two cloth sacks, person has handed over in their hands, this smiles said : these two cloth sacks is Space Bag, inside has ten cubic meters Space, can be used to install some thing, by the Your Highness ability, will certainly not cherish this Little Thing, takes is working as toys.” Charlie was actually especially shocked with the Laze cloth, although of Space equipment on Continent said that is not certainly not public thing, but also is very precious, even if Charlie, is only Space equipment, is naturally impossible to take the casual enjoying person, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai put out two to see somebody off casually, probably was unworthy any money to be the same. Charlie somewhat shocking look at Zhao Hai said : has not thought really that mister in hand really also has this good thing, such one, mister you owed.” Zhao Hai laughed said : Your Highness you to be too polite, calculates that did clearly, our was the ordinary exchange gift, Your Highness does not need to care.” Charlie one hear of Zhao Hai said that was also laughs said : to is makes mister be laughed, good, we accepted, mister was good to here satisfaction, when sent for receiving?” Zhao Hai smiles said : my person to with that protection friend, ship of injury, but was also quick, was the two days.” Charlie nod said : that is good, that two days here my Gentelet helped your look at, the wait for you person come to take over.” Zhao Hai knew smiling, the nod complied. Several people passed in traffic returned to City Lord Mansion, Zhao Hai have rested, today in that Warehouse equipment thing, clear(ly) showed that a ship could not move away, Zhao Hai also thought that tomorrow goes several armed merchant marine release that snatched from Markey Family there, installed these thing, making them go to nearby an ape island first he, when Haven Ship has done well, he in traded with Shrimp Tribe. Moreover happen to can use this several days time, meets Laura these under the hand/subordinate, the arrangement person met saying that this shop front, no matter what, the line opened to say this shop front. Zhao Hai also thought that in this shop front bought some daily groceries, good in thing did not place buys, this was inconspicuous, after waiting for his all matters to stabilize after a period of time, this shop front lane lane well.

Laura these under the hand/subordinate may be the talented people who some can assume sole responsibility for an important task, their arrivals can make Iron Mountain Fort there management staff obtain certain supplement, moreover he wants to open a shop on Continent, has facilitated, therefore this matter must process. Was good also soon arrived because of them, when the time came from Space they met, must deliver Iron Mountain Fort there first delivered to Iron Mountain Fort there, must close Jade Water City here, then put on them Swordfish Ship. Next day, that several five mast iron armor ships that snatched from Markey Family has been able to depart, Zhao Hai also said to Charlie, making them install thing in Warehouse, Charlie also agreed that sent for delivering to that five on the ship these Jiangxi directly, thing in although that Warehouse were many, but could not pack five ships, these five ships were the half-full condition have bled off, Zhao Hai will certainly not tell Charlie this is must be used to make the transaction with the Sea Race person, only said that these thing was does not give the belt, first was given to deliver the past by them thing. Charlie to does not want to be too many, these thing are on Continent some common thing, is not the treasure, therefore he has not cared. Packed off that five ships, Zhao Hai was then waiting for the arrival of Swordfish Ship, in bleeding off the second day after five ship, Laura these under the hand/subordinate has prepared, altogether more than 400 people, Manager had more than 80, what remaining was their family members, these people were absolutely are loyal to Laura, can the use of feel relieved. Zhao Hai and Laura immediately enters Space, has met these people, then has delivered to Iron Mountain Fort there, has only left behind one, this prepares Jade Water City. These Manager see Laura very excited, they have received Laura great kindness generally, is loyal and devoted to Laura, definitely will not have any issue, can absolutely the trust they. Zhao Hai believes certainly them, after these people were brought to Iron Mountain Fort, has given Kun, making Kun arrange their, making them be familiar with the environment. These *** most before had the contact with Kun, were the Kun direct management, now saw that made Kun arrange them, very happy, after all was an acquaintance. But was selected to arrive at the words that Jade Water City comes to have, is actually Laura most efficient under the hand/subordinate, his named Mu'en, this year over 40 years old, before Laura has not been small Merchant, but afterward sat the business to give to compensate clear family to produce, almost sold into servitude for the slave, finally Laura gave to save him, he has become Laura under the hand/subordinate Manager, the family felt grateful to treat the graciousness to Laura, before , because, have done business, had the opinion very much, is Manager that Laura regarded as important very much. This Mu'en although over 40 years old, however long very lordly, appears very energetic, his wife is also an astuteness of face, besides them, their two children, these two children today also over 20 years old, has also been learning to do business from them. Had such astute whole family to sit in Jade Water City there, Zhao Hai can also feel relieved, he chose in the eyes of person to trust to Laura. This home first to settle down on Swordfish Ship, Zhao Hai their returned to City Lord Mansion, Swordfish Ship in having two days also arrived, almost can cultivate completely become to that time Haven Ship, Zhao Hai they can go to trade with Shrimp Tribe. After returned to City Lord Mansion, Zhao Hai to was nothing, simply everyday in going out, has practiced to practice martial arts in Space, how Metal Manipulation practices, more many that he presently practices, can Metal Manipulation be more, now he already with control two iron balls of fist sizes, attack strength compared with former much better. Zhao Hai not many meddles the Charlie matter, he is to help Charlie, that also Charlie initiative raises, he is not after all long with the time that Charlie contacts, if were understanding anxiously the Charlie matter, will possibly be misunderstood by Charlie, therefore Zhao Hai has not inquired about, everyday is crossing own easy life, leisurely, good.

Charlie regarding Zhao Hai such doing faction, not only does not have point dislike, instead to was appreciation, although says him to Zhao Hai settling on, but Zhao Hai that mysterious family background, made him feel some not too feel relieved, if Zhao Hai immediately must meddle his matter, he instead to must think well. Two days of quick on past, Swordfish Ship also arrived at Jade Water City, Zhao Hai had already greeted with Charlie, therefore Swordfish Ship arrived at time, Zhao Hai greeted to pier with Laura. Charlie naturally not with, even if his settling on Zhao Hai, he is impossible such to do, how to say that he was Prince, Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate arrived, he must go to pier to greet personally, that also went too far. Received City Lord Mansion Mu'en one, Swordfish Ship advanced in the Charlie ship repair yard to service directly, simultaneously Zhao Hai also Mu'en introduced that knew to the Laze cloth especially, after all after Zhao Hai, was impossible often to stay in Jade Water City, must give Mu'en the matter that the Laze cloth dealt with especially, happen to was calling this opportunity, making him hit relationship with the Laze cloth especially. Must say that Mu'en also straight having real skill, he is belongs to that inborn Merchant, the speech works very smoothly, although said that uncertain immediately becomes a friend with you, but most at least you will not dislike him. The manner very enthusiastic of special Laze cloth to Mu'en, he is also very clear, Charlie settling on Zhao Hai, but Mu'en can be sent here to come by Zhao Hai, that is absolute trust Mu'en, he naturally must do well relationship with Mu'en. In the evening eats meal, Charlie also specially saw Mu'en, this arrives is makes Mu'en somewhat be favored to annoy startled, before he do not say that sees Rosen Empire Prince, even if Purcell Duchy Prince he has not seen, can look from this point, Zhao Hai receives attaching great importance to of Charlie really. Mu'en is not a fool, looked that Zhao Hai with the appearance that Charlie is merry, knows that status of Zhao Hai in Charlie heart is not low, he to this situation naturally is very happy, because this has not been electing the wrong person on behalf of Laura. Next morning, Zhao Hai is bringing Mu'en that shop front that went to Charlie to give him to arrange, after this shop front, gave Mu'en to handle, Zhao Hai to gave a name to this shop, extended with the beforehand that name, Haven. Besides this shop, Zhao Hai has given back to Mu'en Space Bag and hundred thousand gold coins, simultaneously to he has left behind in Space the grain and vegetables, rations and so on thing, after these, was the main management project in their shop. Zhao Hai with Mu'en explain/transfer, this shop had not counted on that can make how much money, is keep here to conveniently to relate with the Laze cloth especially, therefore makes him not use that anxiously, naturally, if can do the shop, that was best.