Chapter 409 level promotion Zhao Hai regarding are not many, he who the Calci Family fresh matter knows thinks that now Smith has soon handled the Calci Family matter, has not actually thought that Smith had not had his several brothers' support now, when by his strength, missed are too many. However he knew quickly, the second day after Zhao Hai leave Jade Water City, Zhao Hai received Smith through the hawk to the letter that he delivered, in the letter the situation in nearest/recent Calci Family told Zhao Hai, Smith did not certainly urge Zhao Hai to endure patiently, conversely, he wants to make Zhao Hai give a Calci Family lesson. This to did not mean that Smith wants the back to sentence Calci Family, but wants through Zhao Hai, teaches these old stubborn in Clan, lets their understand, in this world has some people not to fear the advertisement that established expensive puts, must in Clan to know the Zhao Hai strength. Zhao Hai has not thought that really Smith will say, he has given Laura the letter, smiles said : to have a look, has not thought that Smith Big Brother is a very radical person.” Laura received the letter, looked, coldly snorted said : no big deal, I looked right that Smith Big Brother makes, if Markey Family has several Smith Big Brother such people, will not make to today's this situation, Elder Brother Hai your meaning?” Why Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to comply, what relationship do we have with Calci Family? We are only good with Smith Big Brother relationship, might as well on a lesson Calci Family person, lets their understand now, is right, said it that Smith Big Brother said that you can take Vajra Fruit over the two days, when the time comes your strengths will be promoted, we happen to were also calling this opportunity tries own skill.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has gawked, then liking of immediately/on horseback face, truly is such that such as Zhao Hai said that now Vajra Fruit was actually mature, but also misses the season not to receive last, so long as receives Vajra Fruit of this season, Zhao Hai can obtain 80 Vajra Fruit. Vajra Fruit is six Level 10 crops, eight seasons, only bear fruit each season ten, obviously his precious degree, Zhao Hai, although Vajra Fruit this several days received for safety's sake, but he has not made Laura they take, but daily makes Laura they drink the Space fluid of life, then steps up to practice, making them carry on final consolidated, is taking Vajra Fruit. Therefore Zhao Hai also especially definitely has spent many gold coins, some Inferior level medicinal liquid they took to Laura from the Multipurpose Manufacturing Machine neighborhood, although these thing do not give to enhance Laura their strength, can actually increase their body intensities, but tomorrow Vajra Fruit last season must receive, Zhao Hai also prepares tomorrow to make Laura they eat up Vajra Fruit. Zhao Hai turns the head look at Laura said : Laura, you think that what Mount good to use? Now Grandfather Kun also teaches me riding skill, in the future our does make good point Mount to be what kind of?”

Laura shook the head said : I not to want such quickly to make Mount, I saw in Spatial Shop, Space consequence has plenty very unusual Magic Beast, when the time comes we can raise is taking, when Mount was good, now.” Zhao Hai to had not opposed, Divine Beast that behind Space appears some ancient China has recorded, these Divine Beast have dragon give birth to dragon sub- several, each one strength, 9th level Expert of their fighting strength in compared with this world strive to excel on many, is the God Rank character, if uses them, when Mount, is eye-catching is also truly safe. Now Zhao Hai riding skill just started to study, casual riding a horse, if fights, he has fallen far short, his Martial Skill progresses to is quick, now has basically been able to defeat 6th level Expert. one day quickly on the past, next day Zhao Hai their early entered Space, waits for Vajra Fruit of season to call last. Quick Cai'er received last Vajra Fruit of season, then planted other thing, Zhao Hai has actually put out three Vajra Fruit, these three Vajra Fruit took to Laura, another two took to Blockhead and Stone. Must say that now Blockhead and Stone strength is not bad, but is slowly cannot Level Up, this makes them very worried, now finally found one type of to help their Level Up thing, they naturally are happy. Laura that Vajra Fruit in secure said that now can only eat half, Blockhead and Stone to can all eat, Zhao Hai has given Blockhead and Stone two Vajra Fruit, remaining that Vajra Fruit he has cut half, has given Laura, the remaining half have put in Warehouse. Three people of somewhat excited look at in hand Vajra Fruit, Meg they actually somewhat envy, but they also know that their not suitable eats Vajra Fruit, felt that somewhat was a pity. The Zhao Hai look at three people of appearances, showed a faint smile said : to be about to eat, after having eaten, familiar one own situation, do not forget, our several days also will possibly have the fight.” Three people have complied with one, depresses excitement at heart, ate Vajra Fruit, Blockhead and Stone ate up Vajra Fruit, immediately had the response, they felt that Battle Qi of own within the body started the quick growth, this although lets the person happy matter, but if immediately/on horseback processing, possibly possessed by the Devil, they will not have the time to say anything, horse Kai sat cross-legged to sit down to start to run Battle Qi to break through level.

The Laura situation is also similar, her situation on the other hand is much more temperate, because she has only eaten up half Vajra Fruit, but her also immediately started use the cultivation. Zhao Hai they somewhat anxious look at Laura they, they know that at this time them very heavy to Laura wanted, although Space said Vajra Fruit that Laura they took is they can withstand at present, but Zhao Haishi extremely worried, anxious look at several people. However Laura their this use the cultivation does not have immediately/on horseback to wake up, but continuously use the cultivation eight hours waking of one after another, at this time Kun and Green they also arrived in Space, anxious look at several people. First what wakes is Laura, Laura looked at surrounding person one eyes, showed a faint smile said : everyone/Great Clan to come, making you be worried.” Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : first let alone these, said that what you currently do have to feel? What kind of? Did level promote?” look at face anxious Zhao Hai, Laura cannot help but at heart one warm, smiles said : to be all right, the feeling is good, now my strength has reached the 6th level peak, believes that tomorrow ate that half Vajra Fruit certainly to achieve 8th level .” Zhao Hai they relaxed, then a happy expression of face, Kun is laughs said : fantastic, Young lady, your level promoted finally.” All everybody on this Continent diligently practice, not only for own security, is for own life, an ordinary person life is only about 100 years old, but 8th level Expert can actually live over 200 years old, for can live several people, all everybody in practice diligently, especially these Noble, They do not need to worry for their livelihood, therefore everyday has the massive time to use in the practice. At this time Blockhead and Stone also woke, liking of their one face, because did not have a point accident, their level have achieved 8th level . One were many two 8th level Expert, this regarding them is the good deed, Green pulls out two people on certainly, said how must have a look at their strengths.

Possibly did not have complete adaptation own strength, therefore Blockhead and Stone they, when with Green to the war, somewhat is most from the beginning timid to act, however two slowly started to adapt, started to block the attack of Green, must know that Green was 8th level Peak big Expert, even if were general 8th level Expert possibly is also given the second by him, now Blockhead and Stone can block unexpectedly, although was only the practice, but can also look from this point comes out Blockhead and Stone strength. Some little time Green laughs received the spirit wind sword, look at their gratified said : good, your youngster was great, your collaborated attack to have the 8th level Peak strength, general 8th level Expert ran into you, only then the bad luck share, HaHaHa, I finally have then been able feel relieved, your youngster to listen to me, from now on, must protect Young Master well, if Young Master has been short of a fine hair, looked how I tidied up you.” Blockhead and Stone were the orphan, although said since childhood was Buda Family raises them, but took care of the big person them truly is actually Green, therefore they regarding the Green sentiment very complex, had one type of like respect of son to father, therefore the Green words they will listen absolutely. Zhao Hai actually forced smile said : Grandpa Green, ok, making them help you, I that have a need for them protecting now, does not use.” Green laughs said : also right, but makes these two youngster go to Iron Mountain Fort there also nothing, there school teacher has worked as by Undead Creature, they went unable to help, let them with Young Master your experience one.” Zhao Hai look at Blockhead and Stone appearance, nodded with a smile said : well, made them with me good, these two fellow this experience well one, in the future they must also assume sole responsibility for an important task.” Green several people laugh, at this time Zhao Hai had remembered, he a day had not left Space, immediately to Haven Ship on, was good on Haven Ship has not lived any matter, Zhao Hai also feel relieved. When Zhao Hai returned to Space time, presently Laura now started to contest with Kun, it seems like Kun also wants to try the Laura strength to any degree. Zhao Hai to has not said anything, but also immediately/on horseback started own practice, he had not practiced martial arts before, now although Battle Qi is very strong, however also has plenty unreasonable the place in the style utilization, they since childhood underwent the training to miss much compared with Laura, therefore Zhao Hai practiced him not to fear that they were fallen diligently by Laura too.