Chapter 410 devil thought Zhao Hai they , in Space practices martial arts greatly, Haven Ship actually navigation of calm on sea surface, although, only then a ship, so long as does not have a grudge with them, the average person will not come the iron armor battleship, fighting strength of iron armor battleship is very strong. What is different from Zhao Hai this idle life, the head that Smith worries now soon was white, he really does not have the means not to worry that although said that he must cope with the Zhao Hai matter to tell Zhao Hai Clan, what response but his don’t know Zhao Hai will have, can also like before cooperates with their Clan, if Zhao Hai were not cooperating with their Clan, then regarding them, will lose will be very big. However he urges Clan also nobody to listen now, what in his straight suspicion Clan the heads of these old person attire is Stone, why they that tenacious. He knew, Clan this time has sent for coping with Zhao Hai, moreover Expert, entire ten 8th level Expert, Commander 20 armed merchant marines. Such strength was very strong, but Smith knows that such strength in Zhao Hai there feared cannot ask to be good, his very clear, do not look at Zhao Hai normally not showing the mountain and not revealing the water, actually in hand has the goods, his fighting strength does not allow to look down upon absolutely. However now said that these have not used, the person in Clan will not listen his, but what Smith is worried, if Clan these time suffers a loss in the hand of Zhao Hai, can not attend to his dissuading in one time beginning to Zhao Hai. This twice begins to Zhao Hai, he can also , no matter what with the Zhao Hai friendship, making Zhao Hai not be angry, if the person in Clan one will be beginning to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai can start to cope with them fully? More wants more to be the headache, Smith sighs, sits on the sand, two eyes is looking at the roof, is anything cannot say. At this time a gentle sound conveyed said : father, your was What happened? unhappy?” Smith looks up, is Megan, Smith although is annoyed, but most loves facing oneself, is most sensible, when cleverest daughter, has exhibited happy appearance said : Megan, haven't you gone out to play today? All right, you do not need to be worried about me, goes out to play with the friend.” Megan actually shook the head said : I not to want with them to go out to play, did not have the meaning, was Laura they are good, although Laura they have been playing with me, but they have actually taught my many thing, but my these friends, they did not have no target probably, everyday besides making merry, they did not have other matter to do, was too bored.” Smith shocking look at Megan, he how, regardless of not to have thought that Megan actually will say this to come, because Megan is young, is in Clan the sole girl, she has crossed is similar to a princess, all people are favoring her, she by a point setback, all Darkness thing had almost not been left her to be very far, moreover early they were given to keep off by Smith, therefore in the Megan world, almost is sunlight, not silk dark thing. Because of this, therefore previous Megan they, when meets attack, Calci Family will be angry, Megan that helpless.

Moreover Smith already gave Megan to prepare the right of inheritance, like this, was Megan got married, her dowry also very rich, her simply did not need to worry for the matter of money, can say that she besides making merry, nothing must do. Now Megan suddenly tells him, makes merry anything was most bored, this made the head of Smith unable to make a turn at once, his don’t know lived any matter. Smith puzzled look at Megan said : Megan, your why did suddenly have such idea? Is who said what? Do not be worried about the treasure, our family is different from others family, our Clan is Calci Family, by our Clan present strength, has not needed you to worry for these matters.” Megan shook the head said : I not to mean that I want to make how much money, I want to work for the family, does not imagine my these friend such, daily idle, mixes to eat to wait for death, you look at Laura Elder Sister, Sister Meg they, they are widely traveled with Mr. Zhao Hai, is good.” Smith dull look at Megan, he has not thought really Megan actually will say, this is makes him feel accident really, Smith look at Megan, cannot help but sighed at heart, he now present, the daughter who he has loved grew up finally. Smith look at Megan said : Megan, why will you have such idea? You must know, reason that Laura they will do , because they do not do good, but you are simply do not need to do, handles these matters is very tired.” Megan honk mouth said : I am knowing that handles that matter matter to be very tired, but such woman appears specially attractive, otherwise I will think one are very useless.” Smith shook the head, sighs, really does not know that must say what was good, look at slim and graceful Megan, Smith in passing of sigh time, Megan in the blink of an eye arrived at the age of getting married, on this Continent can some people can be joined to Megan? When father always special loves own daughter, Smith had thought own daughter is best, not having the man can be joined to her, therefore Megan was so big, had not actually subscribed any marriage. Great Clan like Calci Family, has not needed to marry, has been adding on their Clan girl few boys to be many, marries, making the boy go, in any case Megan was not good. Because of this, therefore Megan does not have the engagement to marry now, but Smith thinks today has who can be joined to Laura time, at present appears the Zhao Hai appearance, this has made Smith be startled unexpectedly, he hurries to shake the head, got rid of this bored fantasy by oneself. However this thought actually like is a devil, has circled in his head, making him be able hardly be removed, Smith cannot help but sits in there is thinking Zhao Hai all sorts. He has to recognize, Zhao Hai be very outstanding young man, the heavy sentiment, knows the onset and retreat, strength, although he has two fiancees, however on Continent, each Noble does not have several wife, moreover looked that harmonious appearance that Laura and Meg are together, Smith also feels very surprised. Megan stands in there looked that Smith quite a while has not spoken, cannot help but strange said : „is father, the father, what your What happened? thinking?” Smith recovered certainly, looks at Megan one to smile said : „, has not thought anything, you must work also good, tomorrow I made Phill give you to arrange under you, you went to say one with your mother first, not in words your mother will blame my.”

Megan excited complied with one, turn around walked. Sighing that the look at Megan back, Smith not bears, muttered said : perhaps to make her marry Zhao Hai is also the good choice.” Zhao Hai don’t know Smith unexpectedly had certainly must marry his idea Megan, to be honest he and Megan contacted are not many, moreover his simply has not thought and between Megan will live anything, his present very satisfied own life, to be honest, can have like Laura and Meg two fiancees, he has satisfied. Zhao Hai is one the person who is easy to be content, before he on Earth, although was taking few payments for published piece, lived the impoverished life, but he was content very much, he sank full that ate, warm that put on, had the place to live, matter that competent liked, therefore his being content. After Ark Continent here, he is also content, he has Space that can plant, he has two to be possible beautifully the fiancee of person, he has large quantities of loyal under the hand/subordinate, he so many Undead Creature, he is also content regarding his life. But in being content, he also has some not to be content, what he is not content, now he can also do is better, before looking like, on hear of Earth father of Qiu Fazu Professor Chinese well-known China surgical department famous saying: Cultivates the behavior to know that works to know insufficient, makes study literary, or is content. This famous saying is the Zhao Hai motto, he in matter being content of personhood, but he, when handles the matter, perfect that actually wants to make, always wants to discover own deficiency, but is making itself the matter of matter likes handling, he also forever hopes one achieve well. It looks like he is now same, he is very satisfied to his present life, but he knows that he now was not a nerd writer, he is a feudal lord in territory, he was doing business, he must do the business, unfolded the territory, although now good of territory show, but he has thought one can do was better, this was his is not content. For his target, he can overcome any difficulties, therefore he does not fear any challenge, when arrives difficultly, he forever is positive faces. Because he knows that the difficulty looks like an enemy, if you ran away facing time turn around of enemy, your equal to had sold to the enemy own back, your life and death was not receiving your control, conversely, if you face the enemy, you may defeat him, even if you have not grasped, most at least can put together life and death, does not need to hand over others' in hand own order. Therefore he when has chosen facing facing Southern King, therefore he, when facing the refacing church, has chosen facing, although he hid on Prairie finally, but that was because he chasing down of Radiant Church repelling, him has been able calm leave, leave equal to not to escape. Now Zhao Hai is practicing martial arts in Space, he wants to enhance his strength, simultaneously he also likes practicing martial arts, so long as is a Chinese, is bright a knight-errant dream, Zhao Hai this novel confuses is certainly a cinch, currently finally has to be able by oneself to become Expert opportunity, he naturally must grasp. Actually Zhao Hai also, he in waiting for the person arrival of Calci Family, Smith was saying must to a person lesson of Calci Family, Zhao Hai will certainly comply, its this was Smith did not say that he is also same will do such, he believed Smith also understand this point, but reason that Smith delivered that to believe that actually wants to maintain among them relationship, kept an escape route for later. Zhao Hai did not oppose that he to Calci Family dislike, however speaks the truth, he is very good to Smith, he also wants to maintain this relationship with Smith, therefore he also gives Smith to reply in writing, content very ordinary on although letter, but he believed Smith already understand his meaning. Attacks regarding delivering of Calci Family, Zhao Hai does not care, he knows that Calci Family will certainly not send 9th level Expert to come out, otherwise Smith will not say that makes him give these person of lessons in Clan, but made him hurry to run.

Now Zhao Hai consideration what are more is the Sea Race there situation, to be honest, this is first time does business with the Sea Race person, is the Continent first time in history, his don’t know Sea Race person will have anything to respond. He only then some understand, Continent and Sea Race were not lived in peace together these many years, among them really hasn't adopted the business? This looked like in Zhao Hai is really too inconceivable. Zhao Hai there knows, mixes these ships that in distant seas here is almost some Pirate Ship, on these Pirate Ship not too strong Expert, they, if to Sea Race attack, can only be the ship destroys the fate that the person perishes, how possibly to do business with the Sea Race person. If not his strength suffices, was already towed to eat the meat by these Shrimp Tribe to in the sea, that will do business with Shrimp Tribe. Moreover Human Race on Continent, regarding these Sub-Human Race, ordinary has the thoughts that one type of looks down upon, in adding on Sea Race extremely in mysterious, is life in the sea, this makes Human Race not have what contact with their simply, naturally cannot like doing business of Human Race with Beastman Race. Reason that Zhao Hai obtains welcome of Beastman Race, can speak the words to the Sea Race person, the most important reason for is he regards as the person of equality these two races people, but is not different race, looks down upon them. If Human Race Expert, meets situation that Zhao Hai of that day encounters, they will kill these Shrimp Tribe immediately, that will speak with them, but also discussed any business with them. Now Zhao Hai worry how is the Sea Race person to regard this cooperation, regards Merchant that him can cooperate, wants, in deceives in him their domain, then to pay him. although this motion risk, but Zhao Hai has done, because of his very clear, if his really success did the business with the Sea Race person, that later Buda Family thinks that did not reach is difficult. After leave Jade Water City fifth day, Zhao Hai left the extent of protection of Rosen Empire navy now, official entered the international waters, but this also equal to was the troublesome arrival, Zhao Hai knows that Calci Family must cope with him, soon began. Such that just like Zhao Hai thinks, after he enters the second day to international waters, the Calci Family person came, 20 armed merchant marines, 15 three mast timber sailing ships, five five mast iron armor ships, such strength was very strong, only then Great Clan like Calci Family, will have such big writing skill. Zhao Hai calm look at monitor, static is waiting for the arrival of opposite party, he saw a person on monitor, this person is not others Juwan!