Chapter 411 faces Zhao Hai has not thought that Juwan also dares appears , but he looks at the content on monitor, why also dared appears on understand Juwan, because of his side with five people, in these five people had two is Magician, two were the Warrior appearance, can look from their imposing manner, they were 8th level Expert, Zhao Hai were looking at other on the ship, really had found two Magician and three Warrior, these people were 8th level Expert. Sees these people, the eye of Zhao Hai cannot help but shrinks, under ten 8th level Expert, Calci Family also really gives up the initial capital, but is this useful to him? Zhao Hai paid attention to these ships, these ships are the good armed merchant marines . Moreover the on the ship person strength is not weak, understood at a glance that was the elite troops capable general, Zhao Hai cannot help but coldly snorted one. Laura their also look at these ships, hear Zhao Hai hum, Laura said : Elder Brother Hai, do we want to do? Killed these people?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : did not hit to love them, they forever not President memory, these person of we only kept that eight Expert and Juwan have his person, but must abandon that eight Expert, their these ships we accepted, transmitted orders, all artilleries can not set the attack appearance, making the ship fall to me the sail, today we must play one in a big way.” Jinan immediately transmitted orders, Laura they had not opposed that now they have a ship, Haven Ship, other although ships think in their Space, but was not took to use at this time obviously. Now the Zhao Hai in hand 20 ships, besides Haven Ship on sea surface, overhaul of Swordfish Ship in Jade Water City, other ships think in Space, before , that five that release goes to the ship that snatches from Markey Family, now also in Space, if he were coming these ship release at this time suddenly, with Calci Family *** fights one, his secret must expose many, he may not want to be lived by this situation, therefore he had been put the ship's sail by Jinan, cannoneer firing off, the opposite party one did not look that as the matter stands they such do, on not. Will have been firing off to them, will only ascend the side war with them, such Zhao Hai did not fear. Zhao Hai does not think that the gun fight also has the reason, because he has regarded as his property this Calci Family these 20 ships, that will destroy him is will be grieved. 20 warships that Laura look at approaches slowly, in the eye actually full is the facial expression of being eager to try, now her the strength in 8th level , has been adding on stably trains since childhood, if the light is resorting to violence, Zhao Hai is not the Laura match. although Laura is Knight, however her step fights the spearplay, the sword technique is very fierce, now with Blockhead and Stone to, will not defeat, begins a new career late in life like Zhao Hai, naturally is not her match.

Now but Laura the confidence increases, light they trains with Kun, felt that any meaning, always has not thought real swords and spears does, Zhao Hai does not have the means that has to take some metals from Warehouse, has made Tang Blade with Wan Gongji to Laura. Must say Ark Continent here weapon show very good of , but Zhao Hai somewhat is actually partial regarding Earth product, is adding on Tang Blade, but the Old Ancestor sect of Japanese Warrior blade, not only shape overwhelming power, Might even bigger that but also uses, therefore Zhao Hai gave Laura to make Tang Blade. Has not thought that this Tang Blade makes, by Kun settling on, Kun must also take one not to be possible, Zhao Hai does not have the means that must give Kun to make, now Laura and Kun are almost the blade do not leave the body, very much not bears with Zhao Hai. But he has not thought that after to Kun he man-made good blade, Blockhead and Stone must want, but Tang Blade is in itself one type of does not calculate that heavy blade, but Blockhead and Stone use both hands heavy sword, such weapon is really not suitable they, Zhao Hai did not have the means to have finally to Blockhead and Stone one man-made thick back big Machete, but also lengthened the hilt, made about them uses, really gave happy to be bad these two fellows. although said that this blade is different from the style of sword, however in Ark Continent here, warrior pays great attention generally rudely, even if with the sword generally is also the heavy sword, only then the woman will use some quite light sword, but in the Chinese martial arts exquisite, the sword walks light and lively, the blade walks fierce, but obviously the heavy sword is impossible to take route easily, therefore in the Ark Continent here sword, Zhao Hai sees what are more is uses some to divide and chop the style that few that uses to puncture, therefore Zhao Hai will change professions to use the blade by them, because obviously the blade suit compared with the sword chops. Chopping. Has resulted in new weapon, after they have been familiar with several days, present this weapon advantage, each and every one is happy, daily trains in Space, now looked that finally must have the weaponry to hit, their naturally happy. Calci Family armed merchant marine slowly encircled Zhao Hai Haven Ship in the middle, the Juwan flagship was depends on by the Zhao Hai ship, but other armed merchant marines left Zhao Hai their ship to have a distance, but also has aimed at Haven Ship the muzzle. The armed merchant marine who Zhao Hai look at these have not depended on, shows a faint smile said : well, studied intelligently, he he, but did not have intelligently to go to that.” Laura smiles said : he is not intelligent, but wants the appearance that comes to see the person to be frightened, this is the Noble juniors problem, in his opinion previous time he lost face in your here, these time must come back sight, looked that you also lose a time face, his will be at heart comfortable.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „the behavior of idiot, if I already early fired off, first tidied up was saying that this toward, later was unable to make such mistake.”

Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that has smiled, at this time the Juwan ship stopped Zhao Hai by their ship, the springboard has put up, a Juwan face rampant walked toward Haven Ship from his on the ship, his side with that several 8th level Warrior, in his Clan to that Manager that he sent. Besides these six people, Juwan also with more than 20 people, these people are six, 7th level levels, each and every one with vision look at Zhao Hai that one type of carefully examines they. Zhao Hai calm look at Juwan they, Juwan actually proud vast look at Zhao Hai, then turn the head, two eyes *** looked at Laura their eyes. Zhao Hai looks at the Juwan appearance, cannot help but wrinkled under the brow, coldly snorted said : Juwan, did you come? Blocks me to have the matter?” Juwan asking stares by Zhao Hai, his dull look at Zhao Hai, why don’t know Zhao Hai will say such words to come, eyeball Zhao Hai has robbed more than ten ships from his in hand, this matter he when hasn't lived? Some little time Juwan recovers, complexion pale look at Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, do you little install silly? Why your real don’t know do I come today?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : why I also is really don’t know you comes, you to told me.” The face of Juwan was black, head blood vessel blew up was high, puffs look at Zhao Hai said : you little to install silly, previous time you snatched my ship, but also threw me to boat on, do you want to work as what matter not to live? I told you, you little had a dream, today we are new account old debts a piece to calculate that today you must snatch my these ships to give back to me you, must raise the Fire Fish place also to compensate in there you to me, was letting these beautiful woman accompanying of your side well I, otherwise, I make you feed the fish to in the sea today.” Zhao Hai is cold the face to look in Juwan said : Juwan, you want to say is this? This is your this Calci Family juniors words that must advocate? You did not fear that loses face to Calci Family?” A Juwan complexion color, then said : you little wasted breath, does according to the words that I spoke quickly, otherwise do not blame my impolite.”

Zhao Hai look at Juwan, suddenly laughs said : good Juwan, good Calci Family, you to think really brought several 8th level Expert to eat to decide me?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Juwan cannot help but complexion changes, his behind that several 8th level Expert are also complexion changes, but Zhao Hai does not have what motion, he is only look at Juwan shows a faint smile said : you are really too naive, thinks that brought several Expert to run up to my on the ship to bluff and bluster, today I must make you know my method.” The hand wields, large quantities of Undead Creature appears on sea surface. But Juwan their here present, on sea surface don’t know has frozen, when their complexion big color, Laura they threw, gave to tie down them. Juwan has not thought of among Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate however to have such Expert, moreover what is most annoying is Zhao Hai is actually taking a sword with the delight that his under the hand/subordinate fights, unexpectedly with comparing Warrior is not bad. although these Undead Creature Zhao Hai these under the hand/subordinate, nobody will begin to Juwan, however the face of Juwan one was white, he knows that Zhao Hai these under the hand/subordinate have not moved him to begin not to fear him, but to a Calci Family face, such as Zhao Hai they must begin, they possibly already died. His idea natural is right, when he thinks, he brought to say these ships, already one after another by Zhao Hai breaking through, in that several Expert that several on the ship assumed, by Zhao Hai grasping, Zhao Hai has not wanted to make into the mortal enemy with Calci Family, must to them a lesson, this, therefore he made under the hand/subordinate these Undead Creature directly grasping Calci Family these people. Looked that several people were grasped, Juwan complexion changes, he knows that the own real day feared did not have the turning over day, one after another is also grasped with that several 8th level Expert that Zhao Hai they fought in this time, that be only fought with Zhao Hai was still supporting, but Juwan could look, Zhao Hai Martial Skill was not very high, most was only one six has the Warrior level. However Juwan actually does not dare underestimated Zhao Hai, because of his very clear, Zhao Hai does not grow perceptibly by Martial Skill, he is Magician. Magician when makes the war with weapon, actually compared Warrior unable to miss many, Juwan suddenly felt this world crazy.