Chapter 412 records Magic Is the person knows that Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation will not have any good result, finally is Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation is waste, the strength that but Zhao Hai shows now actually does not compare a 6th level Warrior difference, the strength that conversely, he shows now compared with 6th level Warrior much stronger, if before is not him, has used Magic, Juwan possibly thinks that Zhao Hai is pure Warrior. Juwan saw the Zhao Hai age, in looked like, at the Zhao Hai age, can become 6th level Warrior already very great. However he presently own idea has made a mistake quickly, now what Zhao Hai uses is only a in hand sword, his sword maneuver also very ordinary, but his under the hand/subordinate 6th level Warrior, actually by most from the beginning occupied the winning side now falling slowly leeward. although Juwan did not know about Martial Skill very much, but this eyesight he has, reason that his very clear, Zhao Hai most from the beginning is at leeward , because he opposes the enemy is inexperienced, does not mean his level bad. don’t know that Juwan been mad must say that any was good, he is not a fool, looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, he knows, Zhao Hai after taking his under the hand/subordinate practices, but he does not have the slight means that because in his front, look at that undead of troop lives with covetously he. These Undead Creature in hand are taking Warrior, moreover understood at a glance that the level not low appearance, to him very close, at this time he was wanted to put Magic also late. suddenly Zhao Hai they several people of personal appearance draw back, Juwan does not have Expert, instead to is complexion changes, just wants to tie down Zhao Hai by own that several under the hand/subordinate they, actually late, Zhao Hai they withdrew from that several under the hand/subordinate attack range, but his several under the hand/subordinate actually by Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate these Undead Creature sphering. Zhao living expenses in hand is taking a sword, calm look at Juwan, coldly said : Juwan, do not think that I have feared you, your this fears the strength, but also being insufficient makes me also fear that I stop to want because of me to a Smith Big Brother face, I hope your understand, my Zhao Hai is not your Calci Family dog, can, no matter what you shouted to drink, wanted to cooperate with me, shows a sincerity to come, these ships that you brought, I accepted, they later were my ship, I hoped and Calci Family cooperate, but hoped you. Touches model|pattern my bottom line.” Was saying Juwan presently with these 8th level Expert that he came by Zhao Hai taking, but gave that Butler that has sent in his nearby only remaining him and Clan.

Juwan does not certainly dare to move heedlessly, Zhao Hai actually look at he, shows a faint smile said : I not to kill your, your feel relieved, your subordinates these 8th level Expert I will not move, however your ships I actually accepted, you also know that the previous time custom, this time follows time to be the same.” Juwan complexion was uglier, he is very clear, previous attack Zhao Hai, that is in offshore, cooperates with the Rosen Empire navy, to Sky Water City, only then about three days distance traveled by sea, but this time they do not cooperate with the Rosen Empire navy, to a nearest/recent harbor, enough about seven days distance traveled by sea, such distance traveled by sea, if they were lost marine, but bad many crimes. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, he rescued a ship to put under the ship one directly, then they rushed to Juwan the lifeboat, but Juwan actually looked, that ten with 8th level Expert that they came, turned by Zhao Hai spending, what made Juwan not think, Zhao Hai has not killed that several, but threw them to on the ship. Juwan look at Zhao Hai such method, is actually the complexion big change, his very clear, regarding 8th level Expert, was abandoned, not having the means to use own Battle Qi and Magic, that ratio killed them to be uncomfortable, Zhao Hai this move was really enough ruthless. After the look at Zhao Hai ship walked, Juwan gloomy face, look at that several abandoned 8th level Expert, complexion is pale, turns the head to lose them to his Butler said : to in the sea goes, in the person with Clan said that they were killed by Zhao Hai.” His that Butler one hear of Juwan said that cannot help but stares, then complexion changes said : five Young Master, this is not good, regulation in Clan, injury 8th level Expert, must by Clan in providing, Young Master, if such does, that violates Clan regulation.” Juwan coldly snorted said : your few idle talk, killed them to enrage Clan, such brought back to them the family, will make family's these old fogies fear Zhao Hai.” He just said that the Zhao Hai sound conveys said : five to be short of his method unexpectedly in ruthlessly enough, HaHaHa, but you have forgotten, in Magician also has one type of to record to look like Magic, one type of records sound Magic, I have taken these as, these words that you said spoke recorded to seek, HaHaHa, if your motionless these person of good, moved them, do not blame me the people in these thing give you Clan.” Juwan hears Zhao Hai this sound, the complexion big change, his these time felt really very awkward, his very clear, this recording looks like Magic and records sound Magic, is one type of very Magic that is difficult to study, this is one type of mixes Magic, if Magician of wind water and soil three departments, the use mixes Magic to achieve, if Zhao Hai meets this Magic, that is representing his under the hand/subordinate or he can these three Magic, Advanced level Magician of three department, what this means regarding Clan, Juwan very clear.

However Juwan also very clear, and records to look like Magic although sound Magic is not attack Magic, but this Magic was actually called honest Magic, because this Magic cannot do false, generally is used as best Magic of evidence, if Zhao Hai has used this Magic, his today's movement and actions, can Zhao Hai record, he is bad luck. Did not want underestimated these this 8th level Expert, although these 8th level Expert dead, regarding Calci Family was not anything, but if Zhao Hai made these people in his Clan know really he has done anything, then regarding him, absolutely was an extraordinary important matter. 8th level Expert has to be the character of worshipped/Foreign Elder level in Clan generally, but the character of this worshipped/Foreign Elder level, the common features, their appears duty regarding Clan, is very important, it can be said that a narrow escape, very danger entire duty. Therefore all 8th level worshipped/Foreign Elder characteristics, they, when carries out duty unavoidably to have some casualties, these 8th level Expert have the family member, if they died have injured, their family members what to do? Without the source of income, how can they? These 8th level Expert naturally also know this point, therefore they afterward had an association intent with all Noble, this association intent is, no matter 8th level Expert is dies in the fight dies, their family members, must obtain the best attendance, if they died said fortunately, if they have injured, Clan that they were at must raise them for a lifetime, moreover must look after well. If cannot the attendance they, that other 8th level Expert bring in well opposed that this Clan, this regarding Clan, is the one type of very fatal injury. If made the Calci Family person know Juwan these behaviors, these worshipped/Foreign Elder in their Clan, certainly will not let off Juwan, if these worshipped/Foreign Elder in their Clan knew really Juwan today's behavior, that Juwan that Patriarch position, wants do not think. although normally these worshipped/Foreign Elder look like probably not Steward, but one but their alliance gets up, their strengths do not accommodate underestimated. These worshipped/Foreign Elder is a Clan strength is, if makes these worshipped/Foreign Elder know that he so treats worshipped/Foreign Elder, these worshipped/Foreign Elder will certainly not be supporting him, he ended.

They want to fight over that imperial throne, most important has the support of these strengths, if makes these people know that these strengths were not supporting him, he also had anything to hope. Lost 20 ships, Juwan is not grieved, to Calci Family such Great Clan, 20 ships, is not the matter at the worst, then lets these words that Zhao Hai obtained him just to speak, that was matter at the worst, later he in does not want to be unreasonable to Zhao Hai, so long as he had anything to be illegal to Zhao Hai, one of the thing that so long as Zhao Hai in that Magic recorded in toward their Clan handed over, that he on. Calci Family to that tube love that Juwan sends, looked that the Juwan appearance knows, Juwan ended, although he is in Clan sends to monitor Juwan, however his destiny also gathered the Juwan tight relation in together, matter that therefore beforehand Juwan handled, he not too many reported toward Clan that was hopes Juwan can also struggle that imperial throne, like this he can also fly to ascend brightly, but now looks like, was impossible. Zhao Hai is certainly impossible to lose Juwan to the sea, no matter, his immediately has delivered the position to Smith, but Smith has already thought this result, these days he ship under handle has sent various marine places to go on patrol, so long as receives the Zhao Hai letter, their immediately/on horseback will rescue Juwan. although said that Juwan does not make every effort to succeed, but no matter what, that is also his Younger Brother, therefore Smith meets protect Juwan, simultaneously he also knows that Zhao Hai will not want the Juwan life. When Smith receives the Zhao Hai letter, these ships of immediately to Clan sent the letter, lets them, when is shortest in meets Juwan, because Smith knows, previous Juwan motion time, their securities in the patrol range of Rosen Empire navy can be guaranteed, but these time feared that will be Juwan will not begin in the patrolling range of navy, if Zhao Hai will be throwing them to marine, that person they on danger. Actually Smith somewhat has considered thoroughly, although Zhao Hai cannot have a liking for Juwan, Juwan also repeatedly aims at him, but looks in the Smith face, Zhao Hai will not fear that Juwan is what kind , will protect the Juwan security, otherwise he was ties with Carl Clan enmity in a big way.