Chapter 413 Rock-Shrimp Race Great Clan, his juniors has plenty, some Great Clan direct line juniors also has plenty, these direct line juniors have near, some can become the successors, some cannot become the successors. Juwan is in good graces in Calci Family, he in Clan these old person status at heart, they are higher than Smith , because of this, therefore Juwan said that must cope with Zhao Hai, these old person in Calci Family will agree. Great Clan like Calci Family, regarding worshipped/Foreign Elder, is far generally extremely in the respect, therefore Juwan will want to throw in the sea that several 8th level worshipped/Foreign Elder, so long as were not seen, afterward gives in that several worshipped/Foreign Elder families a money, the matter also extinguished on the draw, nobody will care about that several worshipped/Foreign Elder life. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai has killed that several worshipped/Foreign Elder, to a Calci Family lesson, making them not dare to act unreasonably to him casually, with the Calci Family enmity was not very deep. But if he begins to Juwan, he tied with the Calci Family enmity in a big way, it can be said that undead continuous, not that Clan after oneself will have the clan direct line descendants by attack, but can also dispel the hatred, established Clan that the special their this type attached great importance to face-saving specially. Because of stemming from this consideration, therefore Zhao Hai will let off Juwan, moreover sends for protecting his security, Zhao Hai very clear, his in hand attained Juwan to the video recording of matter these 8th level Expert made, he almost lost to the competition authority of position of Patriarch. That video recording regarding is not anything, gadget that but actually must take regarding Juwan, if Smith had that video recording, he almost may with that thing, have the support of Juwan, he becomes Patriarch opportunity to increase. Juwan is a playboy is not false, but he these old person status at heart in Calci Family actually does not accommodate underestimated, so long as had his support, had one to say the word of praise person on equal to around Calci Family these old person frequently, then regarding the help of Smith was huge. However Zhao Hai actually does not want to say now that he makes these Undead Creature arrive at the open sea these ships that Juwan brings, to a nobody's place, received in Space directly, then makes Haven Ship toward their previous time meet the Shrimp Tribe place to expunge directly. Zhao Hai is not does not want to enter the deep sea in other place, he can find a place casually, enters goes to deep in the sea, but his don’t know Shrimp Tribe domain has the multi- seas, if the Shrimp Tribe domain is very small, he runs up to the open sea to be easy to enter to others' domain, when the time comes troubled. Quick Zhao Hai arrived previous time has met the Shrimp Tribe domain, but he has not stayed, but was direct expunged toward deep in the sea, but he also added carefully, at any time prepared accepted attack of Sea Race person, between offshore and deep sea not extremely in obvious borderline, the people but who often cruised in search of passengers for a hired vehicle know that like an ape island their this row of islands, on was the borderline between offshore and deep sea, so long as this row of islands, that on has been the domain of Sea Race person, the Sea Race person killed you is also Bai Sha, 9th level Expert on Continent. Not for your several people go to make war with Sea Race. Zhao Hai their ships have arrived at deep in the sea slowly, but makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange, they have not received any attack, all appear very ordinary, probably they are the same in the offshore navigation. Zhao Hai look at monitor, the brow is tightly is actually wrinkling, because he has not seen Shrimp Tribe in monitor, even has not seen a Sea Race person, this makes him very puzzled. In this time, suddenly Zhao Hai is noting in the silt in sea water to have thing to move, Zhao Hai carefully looked at one, this present, in that silt unexpectedly the fish, a very strange fish, that fish and in the sea silt is a color, therefore Zhao Hai has not noted most from the beginning.

However that fish is not Sea Race, Zhao Hai is being the Sea Race matter worries now, does not have the mood to catch him, although that fish is in Space does not have. However what makes Zhao Hai unable to think, before long one team of Shrimp Tribe suddenly appears in monitor, these Shrimp Tribe threatening appearances, must Haven Ship attacking and sinking probably. Zhao Hai sees this situation, immediately/on horseback Ice Element Magic, freezing has encircled the sea water of his ship surrounding, this arrives is makes these Shrimp Tribe stare, they have not thought, Zhao Hai unexpectedly present they. These Shrimp Tribe very clear, if were not Zhao Hai present they, that Zhao Hai will not use Ice Element Magic, their immediately stopped, then puzzled look at that ice wall. Zhao Hai presently their mouths move, has not actually heard any sound, this makes Zhao Hai very puzzled, but his immediately/on horseback deep voice said : „the Sea Race friend, hello, I receive the invitation that the Shrimp Race friend crag returns, comes to do business with you, please come out to meet.” Was saying Zhao Hai while look at that several Shrimp Tribe, that several Shrimp Tribe heard the Zhao Hai words obviously, they stare, then a face likes drilled from the sea water, For does Shrimp Tribe reveal sea surface, look at Zhao Hai said : „you do business with us really?” Zhao Hai smiles said : „the Shrimp Race friend hello, I reported with the crag, must do business with you, the words that did not believe you can ask that the crag returned.” said : of that Shrimp Tribe face happy expression you in here wait a minute, this matter my although hear of crags have reported that but is don’t know you, my immediately/on horseback goes to call him.” Said that sinks disappears to in the sea. Appearances of Zhao Hai look at these Sea Race people, cannot help but smiling, he presently these Human Race calls the different race person also is really very adorable, these people do not have Human Race that many flowers generally the thoughts, in their opinion, the friend is the friend, the enemy is the enemy, simply does not have what at sixes and sevens, to be honest, is together with such person, the feeling of Zhao Hai is very good. Quick, another team of Shrimp Tribe appears in the Zhao Hai front, possibly has that crag to return, why did Zhao Hai say the possibility? Is because in the Zhao Hai eye, these Shrimp Tribe long similar, looks like in the eyes of Chinese, foreigner long similar, in the eyes of outside person, Chinese long similar is also same. And Shrimp Race appears on sea surface, look at Zhao Hai, laughs said : my Human Race friend, your finally appears , HaHaHa, these days I have almost become the joke in clan, they said that I am lying, the friend of mine, goes in the clan to see my Patriarch with me quickly.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, the friend of mine, you must guide to me, moreover must on sea surface, otherwise I be possible unable to find the place that your clansman is.” That Shrimp Tribe was crag returned obviously, the crag returned to one hear of Zhao Hai saying that smiles said : this not to have the issue, the friend of mine, you came with my Mount most.” Said that he sank in the sea, then on sea surface appears a prawn, this prawn and Zhao Hai received these prawn same big in Space.

After this prawn braves the appear out of the water(water outlet) surface, then sank in the water, then must sub- appears on sea surface, Zhao Hai often smile, he now present, these Sea Race people were really more intelligent than the Beast Race person. He with that prawn must sub- proceed, although the present has been able to see the in the sea situation, but he does not want these Sea Race to know. Zhao Hai has not thought that that place that the crag reported that left them to be so far unexpectedly, his ship had started for three days, that prawn stopped, but bask in the sun Zhao Hai in the deck has not been looking at monitor now, looked at the ship to stop, his immediately has arrived at the ship. Really, the crag returned to appears , he smiles said : friend of mine, our Patriarch a while saw you, please wait a bit.” Zhao Hai returns a courtesy hastily, in the sea he does not dare to be impolite to the Sea Race person. Simultaneously Zhao Hai walked toward the ship in two steps, opened monitor, this opened monitor, Zhao Hai was shocked, but followed to be also shocked in their behind Laura, they have not thought really that they will see this kind of scene. Presently in the sea is a big piece of coral reef, this piece of coral reef very enormous, he is urban same standing in the sea, Shrimp Tribe in inside swimming all around, they can also see other ocean business, all kinds of fish, this lets Zhao Hai being startled. Before long Zhao Hai presently, a bow the shrimp person of body was leaving in monitor, this shrimp person was not because he was Shrimp Tribe is therefore shooting the body, he was only because old, on his face the wrinkle, a pair must sub- also weak hanging in the two sides of head, in his hand also take one steadily likely is being made of wood Staff, this had impulsive that one type of wants to smile by Zhao Hai. The sea water has the buoyancy, but this Shrimp Tribe is taking Staff, this was really surprises him too, in the sea this can Staff be useful? However he arrived at the sea boat, is waiting for the arrival of Shrimp Tribe, before long the crag returned with that old Shrimp Tribe appears on sea surface, that old Shrimp Tribe look at Zhao Hai, coughed lightly two said : hello, my young Human Race friend, I was the Rock-Shrimp Race Patriarch crag set up the book.” Zhao Hai bows hastily said : respect Patriarch hello, I am Human Race Merchant Zhao Hai, sees Patriarch my very happy.” The crag stands this obviously manner very satisfied to Zhao Hai, his look at Zhao Hai, smiles was nodding said : young man, you make me be startled very much, in I have seen in Human Race, you are first time with such manner to the person who I spoke.” Zhao Hai said : „has Patriarch also seen other Human Race? Has not thought really that I also think I am first with Human Race that Shrimp Tribe contacts.” The crag stands this smiles said : I to try to contact with other Human Race, but failed finally, they saw that we shouted loudly, this made me feel that being sick , the young Human Race friend, heard you must trade with us, what did you want?” Zhao Hai one hear of crags stood this said that immediately/on horseback said : respect Patriarch, I was Merchant, naturally was carries out the transaction, I wanted some in the sea special products, for example in the sea Magic Beast, in the sea plants, the pearl, coral kind, the in the sea unique ore I also wanted, the in the sea special product I wanted, I to the you and I Human Race special product, the Human Race grain will produce, the earthenware, the iron hardware, the life used, these.”

The crag sets up this look at Zhao Hai said : my young Human Race friend, you have a look at my some thing value how much money.” The crag stood this puts out a not too big shell to lose to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai received the shell, opened gently, in this shell naturally does not have Bei Rou, but is similar to Human Race pocket same thing. thing that however in the shell installs is makes Zhao Hai be startled, because he presently in this shell installs unexpectedly is a gigantic pearl. This pearl has the fist of Zhao Hai to be so big fully, a big pearl, Zhao Hai has not seen, moreover this pearl, the varnish, becomes pale yellow, very beautiful. Stood has called out in alarm one in Zhao Hai behind Laura, received the Zhao Hai in hand pearl, face delighted said : Elder Brother Hai, we attained the treasure, this pearl can be as good as Charlie fully to our these thing.” Zhao Hai nodded, then Duiyan sets up this said : respect Patriarch, your pearl very precious, can be as good as the commodities of four ships, don’t know you whether agrees to exchange?” The crag sets up this look at Zhao Hai, suddenly laughs said : honest young man, I agree to exchange, you are interesting young man, reason that your possibly don’t know, I can become Rock-Shrimp Race Patriarch, because of me may in general understanding thoughts of person, but I just presently, you had not lain, was good, young man, takes my thing.” Zhao Hai one hear of crags stood this said that was actually startled, he has not thought really that the crag stands this will really have such ability, he cannot help but wiped away sweat, because of his really not Shrimp Tribe, that pearl although very precious, but he also can only trade thing of four ships, was the discontented four ships, was not good thing. Zhao Hai wants with the Shrimp Tribe long-term cooperation, therefore he has not thought must deceive Shrimp Tribe, if because of his very clear, after such as looked up, makes Shrimp Tribe know these thing values, that Shrimp Tribe will not be working with him, gain does not equal the loss matter Zhao Hai will not do. Zhao Hai waved, four ship five mast freighter suddenly appears on sea surface, this arrived at had a scare these Shrimp Tribe, they have not thought really that Zhao Hai can release these many on the ship, probably know unexpectedly the Sea Race person does not have Space Magician, they naturally will not have Space equipment, therefore sees the Zhao Hai movement, these Shrimp Tribe anxious. However the crag stands this does not have what tight appearance, he looked at clansman one, coldly snorted said : has flustered anything, this was Human Race Magic, very mysterious, was good, the young Human Race friend, lost your thing to in the sea comes, my clansman will move away him.” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, respect Patriarch.” Said to wave, that several on the ship Undead Creature, immediately lost in the sea on the ship thing.