Chapter 414 transaction is closed Zhao Hai paid attention, on the ship these thing has thrown into in the sea, immediately has Shrimp Tribe to catch these thing, transported toward that piece of coral reef. Some many Shrimp Tribe look at these thing eyes were red, must know these, but Human Race thing, in the sea cherishes the gadget absolutely. Sea Race is also a level very stern society, their you are Beastman are the same, all spoke by the strength, but Shrimp Race in Sea Race, was almost similar to the Beastman Race nationality, looks like various Fragrant Pig Race Ox Clan is the same, was that lowest level nationality, soon degenerated into Slave Race that group, or will not live in them is leaving Human Race such near place. The race like them, must look like these big Sea Race to enter for the massive commodities every year, otherwise they will be reduced to Slave Race, becomes the grain in these big Sea Race mouths. Must mention comes barbarically, Beastman Race also can't compare with Sea Race person, most minimum Beastman Race not eats human, but Sea Race is different, one, but that race sink into has advocated Slave Race, in their clan no matter the person or Battle Beast, will become the grain, will become the higher Sea Race grain. Such race has a name in Sea Race, they did not call Slave Race, but was the ordering dishes clan, other people were food. although Shrimp Tribe all year round in busy, in although ocean has the innumerable buried treasures, the tax that but they must pay every year are also many, sometimes their simply does not have the tax that the means sufficiently collect must pay, finally nobody means can only come out to take by force Human Race, in the sea and Human Race make the war, sea Zhan Tian are born with hold the superiority. But in Sea Race, the Human Race commodity is very scarce, race like Shrimp Race, so long as turns in few Human Race commodities, can replace they one year of tax, if their year crops were really not much, they will take by force Human Race, handed over some Human Race commodities to come up. However this matter cannot long do, after all Sea Race and Human Race have association intent, if, because took by force Human Race to cause two clans to fight, their this small Shrimp Race, immediately will be turned into the dish clan. Because has a little contact with Human Race, therefore the crag stands this has some finding regarding the Human Race there price, he just gave Zhao Hai that pearl is their in hand mouth best, this does not have the matter of means that in Sea Race, what most is good at to produce the bead is Shell Race, common pearl control in Shell Race in hand, but this pearl crag sets up this young time, obtains. He puts out this pearl to come is to try, having a look at Zhao Hai to do business is honest, if Zhao Hai gives their price to be very reasonable, they will make Zhao Hai their Merchant, if Zhao Hai gives their price unreasonable words, they will attack and sink the Zhao Hai ship, they rather only make this business, does not want to be deceived. Has saying that these different race sometimes are such direct, good and evil in their world probably so simple, the enemy and friend possibly are the matters of a few words.

But the performance of Zhao Hai made the crag stand this feels very satisfied, the crag stands had prepared to cooperate with Zhao Hai for a long time, his immediately/on horseback also told own clansman several, then static floating on water surface. Zhao Hai received that pearl, before long on the ship thing also unloaded, Zhao Hai turned the head the look at crag to set up this said : respect Patriarch, some of some of my here also Human Race grain, asking the situation you to want?” The crag stands this shows a faint smile said : to want, naturally wanted, I will trade with these thing.” Said that waving, his Patriarch immediately has put out big pile of thing. Zhao Hai looked that these thing to have smiled, because these thing are edible Magic Beast that in the sea some long sees, some water plant plants, naturally, some coral. Zhao Hai smiles these in the sea Magic Beast, smiles said : these thing is very good, I can trade, Patriarch, these thing I first received.” The hand moves, these Shrimp Tribe in hand are taking thing had been lifted to enter Zhao Hai on the ship by these water. Then Zhao Hai has wielded, large quantities of grain entered toward arriving at in the sea, these Shrimp Tribe moved away these grain, Zhao Hai then turned the head Duiyan to set up this said : Patriarch, today's transaction arrived at here, when don’t know Patriarch next can time also trade with the person?” The crag stands this smiles said : when mister to come us when to trade with mister, invites mister feel relieved.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, asked to be excused below.” The Zhao Hai Duiyan set up this one to bow, getting the fleet to draw back slowly. At this time the crag returned to arrive at the crag to set up this side, a face excited Duiyan set up this said : Patriarch, today these thing enough paid our today's taxes, it seems like that this Human Race has not deceived us.” The crag sets up this look at crag to return to smile said : Little Hui, more than time, this Human Race Merchant was very thanks to you honest, he can the cooperation with our straight time, now but we must do is the quick point contacts with around us several races, lets them with our together and this Human Race Merchant transaction.” Why does the crag return to puzzled said : Patriarch? Wasn't that too cheap they?”

The crag stands this sighs said : Little Hui, you were too naive, these Human Race commodity although were good, but if only we can obtain, that was too conspicuous, the benefit of here surface was too big, we could not eat up, only then drew in the surrounding several races, we can true alliance get up, will not be given to exterminate the clan, moreover such one came us to be possible thing that was used to exchange more, the cooperation President with that Merchant was long.” The crag returns to nod of appears to understand but not really understand, crag stands this actually does not think that was saying, waved, is leading these Shrimp Tribe returned to in the coral reef. Zhao Hai actually in own Space, these Shrimp Race is giving his these water plants now is not the ordinary water plant, these water plants can eat, Zhao Hai even saw the kelp in inside, these in the sea Magic Beast are in the majority by all kinds of Shrimp Race Magic Beast, it seems like Shrimp Tribe will raise the shrimp. Zhao Hai these thing received in Space, does not have the accident, Space really does not have Level Up, these thing level were too low. However this Zhao Hai gained, he obtained the fist big pearl, was not his several ship thing can trade, now has added on several attractive coral, these thing on Continent also very marketable, this time he greatly gained. although he with the transactions of these Sea Race people is also fair, because now on Continent scarce of Sea Race product, therefore these thing can sell the high price. look at these attractive coral in Space, Laura has the feeling that one type of is unable to put down, these thing were really too attractive. The Zhao Hai look at Laura appearance, showed a faint smile said : to be good, if you liked, that stayed behind, there are other thing, our these time does not calculate that owed.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that first is one happy, then actually shook the head said : to consider as finished, these thing we give Charlie, our present although are not short of money, but actually must knock with Charlie relationship, right Elder Brother Hai, these in the sea Magic Beast, do you prepare to process? Head of these shrimp may not be small, puts on Continent is also rare thing.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : first to raise in Space makes them reproduce in inside, waits must go back, in them from Space takes to freeze, this was OK.” Laura nodded said : we unable to go back now, just came out such several days to go back, Charlie will get suspicious, I thought that we might as well look for small island to mine some Stone, previous time we must such do, just because of the Shrimp Tribe matter, therefore has not made.”

Zhao Hai smiles said : well, looks for small island, making them mine Stone, we have a look at Little Jin, now youngster of this family may really enough comfortable.” Little Jin now also on an ape island, but his present easy life has may be much better compared with before, because he is very good with Cai'er relationship, therefore Cai'er kept Farming Ground in Space specially came a piece, they planted them various fruits that to Little Jin liked eating, Zhao Hai to had not opposed regarding this situation, he also liking Little Jin. Zhao Hai does not want to let Little Jin long time leave his clansman, no matter what his clansman needs this Patriarch, ape island there also to construct Transmission Point in any case now, they can the past at any time. The following several days time, before Zhao Hai presses them, reaches an agreement, looked for uninhabited small island, in that island anything does not have, only then some Stone and some weeds, happen to suit Zhao Hai to mine the request of Stone. Zhao Hai stopped the ship in that small island side, on these Undead Creature the island has mined Stone on release, but he actually they went to an ape island with Laura. Although in saying these gorillas on ape island long is very fearful, does not have Little Jin to look like adorable, but is together with these gorillas grew, Zhao Hai they presently, these gorillas are also the alliances, has almost the intelligence quotient of 5 or 6-year-old child, is also very happy in together with them. Zhao Hai also wants ape island there palace well, there completes a base, these days they good good strolled an ape island. Also let alone, but also made them find a good place, in this island joined that to enter cavern that besides that the water tunnel and Vajra Fruit tree of ship were, cavern, this cavern very covert, Little Jin their don’t know, because this cavern entrance unexpectedly was in Tree Hole on big top of the tree, this Bread Tree also really sufficed in a big way, that Bread Tree was the surrounding of island, Little Jin they are also few there to pick the fruit, the diameter foot of that tree had 50 many meters, middle the diameter also foot of that big Tree Hole. More than 30 meters, get down from Tree Hole are huge cavern, that cavern besides Tree Hole this cave entrance, a cave entrance actually in water, moreover can enter that big cavern of ship to unite with outside, but this cave entrance under water, therefore before Zhao Hai them, goes to time not presently. although has a cave entrance to want in the water, but in that cavern is actually very dry, is adding on area to be very big, inside is occupied by the previous several hundred individuals not to be a problem, is one is used for the storehouse treasure the best place.