Chapter 415 returned to jade water However that cavern regarding Zhao Hai, the use is not very big, hides thing to have there to be better than Space, but there they actually somewhat uses regarding Little Jin, because that cavern can be used to preserve some Bread Fruit. To be honest, ape island here thing are really not many, besides Little Jin them, only remaining these Bread Tree, said that solid also strange, in this island long separation thing besides Bread Tree, this has not made probably Zhao Hai feel very curious. although is curious, but why Zhao Hai does not have ability research is, the result of finally obtaining is, possibly because of the reason of that Vajra Fruit tree. Zhao Hai although on an ape island, but he is the very concerned about quarrying island there situation, but Zhao Hai presently own worry is quickly unnecessary, making these undead live goes to quarrying especially is really the one type of very good choice, because these Undead Creature they can be turned into a skeleton by themselves, picks Stone time, simply does not use any tool, especially after Zhao Hai stone spirit pair has delivered to the island, quarrying was more relaxed, best Magic that Stone Ling outstandingly uses on summons Stone Giant, they summoned several Stone Man on the island, the directness was picks Stone on equal to. Came out, Zhao Hai also straight has not thought that this can also pick Stone. This Zhao Hai they had in an ape island to stay for one month, naturally, they also not daily staying on an ape island, sometimes also met returned to Iron Mountain Fort there to have a look, then practiced to practice martial arts in Space. Now Zhao Hai majority of time uses, in has practiced martial arts on, after one month of training, the Zhao Hai present strength was very strong, should general 7th level Warrior not be a problem. these days Zhao Hai also had some good trainers, is Little Jin they, these Great Clan strengths are very big, movement also very flexible, Zhao Hai takes them to regard the trainer, the effect is good. Besides practicing martial arts, how Metal Manipulation Zhao Hai still in studying, he has been able a control football that big metal, to let that metal optional transformation now, for by oneself can anywhere carries on communicate with the metal, Zhao Hai has used a day of time, the metal of that football size turned into armor, has put on own body. This in armor is the large rope armor appearance , because of this, therefore he uses is long, he also present, more wants in the control of metal in toward thin, to be strenuous, more wants to use some made of metal complex thing, is the difficulty. However Zhao Hai also present, after this iron armor was made is good, he wants to make a appears iron armor to come not to be difficult, this also makes Zhao Hai relax. One month of fast passed, now Zhao Hai they in these gorillas with ape island have been familiar, Zhao Hai they even gave each gorilla to give the name, these gorilla also liking very with Zhao Hai in together.

One month, their quarrying teams with these Undead Creature efforts, have almost put down to the shovel that small island, that small island had scraped out a hot shape mountain now, in the islands dug out large hole, this large hole penetrated into in the sea went, only then around island these Stone are also retaining, if because also digs all around these Stone light, that this island on must be given to submerge by the sea water. although said that only then month, Stone that but they obtain were many, is used to expand Iron Mountain Fort although to be insufficient, if must 10,000 construct the stone material of house to be almost sufficient personally. Zhao Hai also knows, should the counter- navigation time, received returned to these Undead Creature Space, his immediately travels by boat toward Jade Water City catches up. These days Zhao Hai has not received the Smith letter, what idea to him also don’t know Calci Family snatched their 20 ships to have, wants then to cope with him, wanted with his peace talks? To be honest, Zhao Hai wants to cooperate with Calci Family, no matter what, they had a common enemy, the matter that but Juwan handles is makes Zhao Hai feel really very sad, therefore he meets over and over again begins to Juwan, now he hopes that Calci Family can be placed him in an equal position, well works with him. Matter Zhao Hai also extremely worried, is the Southern King Boris matter, the previous attack Ryan warship is he sends certainly, that explained that he wanted to begin to Purcell Family, although Zhao Hai has written a letter to remind Evan, but he was some worries. No matter what, Grand Duke Evan is helpful to him, moreover has some friendship with their Buda Family, moreover this time matter because he was implicated, therefore Zhao Hai does not hope really Purcell Family has an accident. The ship travel on sea surface, the hand that Zhao Hai in hand is taking two small iron balls keeping manipulates, seems like playing the fitness ball to be the same, this is also the habit that his nearest/recent forms, can be possible like this better exercise his control ability to the metal. The day of Haven Ship on the sea travel calm of next minute, other these ships he received in Space at the appointed time, does not only have release to come, he does not want to make Charlie they know that he has many ships, believes that presently in his hand has many ships, average person don’t know. look at getting closer and closer Jade Water City, Zhao Hai also really somewhat excited, no wonder said that the person lives in groups animal, is many are quite good with the person contact. Ship slowly depended on Charlie special pier, the person on pier has also recognized Haven Ship, naturally also knew the Zhao Hai status, person respectful serious.

These person on pier knows, Zhao Hai went to sea before, Charlie delivers personally, the ginseng makes Prince deliver personally, obviously Zhao Hai status how is not ordinary, their dares not the careful reception. said it, where this pier is, Charlie special-purpose pier, can use this pier person, that is Charlie trusted aide, their there can offend. Zhao Hai they get down from on the ship, sits horse carriage to go to them directly in the Jade Water City here shop front, that shop front to this pier is not very far, therefore Zhao Hai must arrive at there first. It is far from the heavy shop front, Zhao Hai presently Haven shop there heavy traffic very lively, looks at this scene, Zhao Hai to stares, he has not thought really that here can be a such scene. To come according to him, the here shop is a contact point, the business quality does not matter, now looks like, the here business is very probably good. Zhao Hai transferred a circle, quick arrived at behind a shop door, there has given one of us to walk specially, the average person will not arrive at there to come, therefore did not have who. Several people got out less advanced the yard, in the yard is very presently busy, can see that many heads are leading the person of slave mark, is moving thing in courtyard, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai feel somewhat accidentally. However Zhao Hai immediately understand, these slaves are Mu'en buy certainly, here also really really needs the person, it seems like that this Mu'en works is very good. At this time these slaves also noted Zhao Hai, but they were startled, these slaves know that this courtyard, only then three gates, a gate ran to the front shop front, another was the side gate, there specially walks the car(riage) loading to unload cargo, the last gate was the back door, there has Undead Creature look at, besides Mu'en their Clan, the ordinary person did not permit the turnover, these people did not have the side gate to walk to come from Qianmen obviously, that they certain were come from the back door, looked that their appearances were not stir up trouble likely, was with. Manager familiar person? At this time Junichi has led Mu'en to arrive at the backyard, just entered courtyard, Junichi looks for Mu'en, Mu'en saw Zhao Hai and Laura, on immediately/on horseback moving forward ritual said : young lady, Young Master, you came back.” Zhao Hai nodded said : Mu'en, you arrange, on Haven Ship to have many marine products, sends for meeting him, has remembered, in these marine products has much is freezing in the big ice piece, moves careful, do not injure the person.” Mu'en has complied with one, then said : Young Master, Charlie Prince nearest/recent in Jade Water City, probably was not returns to Carson City, do you also want to go to City Lord Mansion?”

Zhao Hai thinks that said : goes to go, these marine products that these time brings, must give Charlie Prince processing, was good, you tidy up several rooms to us here, we come back to rest in the evening, always lives in City Lord Mansion is not a matter.” Mu'en has complied with one, Zhao Hai explain/transfer a few words, this goes by car in the City Lord Mansion direction walks. Just arrived at half foot, has run into one team of City Lord Mansion guards of coming, that team of guards saw Zhao Hai that special Giant-horn raging bull car(riage), immediately stopped, lead jumped down from the horseback, was hiding to the Zhao Hai car(riage) said : „, but Mr. Zhao Hai car(riage)?” Zhao Hai opens front car door walked out, look at that person said : I am Zhao Hai, are you?” That person of quickly said: mister, I am City Lord Mansion guard Commander, today has presented the command of City Lord, meets mister, City Lord has prepared the reception feast to welcome mister at home.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, front guides.” That person has complied with one, the jumping up horse, protects Zhao Hai horse carriage to expunge in the City Lord Mansion direction. At this time on road person also noted Zhao Hai, the people in including many Jade Water City know what on the vehicle sat was who, because only Zhao Hai this car(riage) was too good to recognize, they know, lord who this could not offend, Prince to this polite, their dares to offend, distant avoid. Quick arrived at City Lord Mansion, Zhao Hai noted, the special Laze cloth stood in City Lord Mansion in front of the door unexpectedly greets him, the car(riage) just stopped, the special Laze cloth on walked out, is laughing said : „the Mr. Zhao Hai movement to be quick to Zhao Hai that walked from horse carriage enough, how not to have informed one ahead of time, I quite shifted to an earlier time to send for pier meeting you.” Zhao Hai from the vehicle, smiles said : that to dare exhausted City Lord hastily, City Lord was also too polite, how can the work you come out to greet personally, this is really I don't deserve it.” The special Laze cloth laughs said : mister to be polite, this is any exhausted, mister invites quickly, I have prepared the food and wine, and other mister came back.” Said that pulling Zhao Hai walks toward the palace.