Chapter 416 strength Several people entered in City Lord Mansion, special Laze cloth immediately to his Butler said : mister saluted to deliver to Purple Bamboo Wan to go.” Zhao Hai one hear of he said that quickly said: City Lord does not need to be polite, my present in the city also has the industry, how good also to live in Purple Bamboo Wan, that was the Your Highness residence, I made a long stay in inside am not after all good.” The special Laze cloth laughs said : mister not to need to be worried that actually Your Highness one year cannot live in how long in there, moreover Your Highness ordered, later you lived in Purple Bamboo Wan Li, feel relieved was good.” Zhao Hai one hear of he said that does not have the means that must make Junichi they go to Purple Bamboo Wan there to settle down to be good first, sends for telling Mu'en, they looked like are impossible to return to the shop to go. To dining room Zhao Hai present, in dining room only then two positions of people, Zhao Hai cannot help but stares, the puzzled look at Laze cloth, the special Laze cloth smiles said : to make my wife they accompany Laura especially they, today here we come, happen to we can discuss a matter.” Zhao Hai nodded, has not said anything, after they sit down, that Butler immediately walked, gave them to get up the liquor but actually, at this time the dish had also set out on the table. After they sit down, the special Laze cloth carries wine glass said : to come, this glass of liquor I respect mister, mister this was all the way laborious, the on the sea windblown and sunburnt, I really am worried about that for mister.” Zhao Hai also carried wine glass to smile said : City Lord to be polite, actually haven't I done, but was command(er), did not have what to be laborious.” Said that they have bumped the cup, did liquor one in cup. After having drunk one glass of liquor, special Laze cloth look at Zhao Hai said : looks at the mister appearance, should this harvest not be small? What good thing has?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : most Noble thing is this.” Said that waves, in dining room appears several giant coral, on table also appears a shell. Zhao Hai opened that shell gently, has revealed in that gigantic pearl, special Laze cloth dull look at that pearl, although has also seen many good thing in him, but such big pearl he actually has not seen likely. Reason that must know in the Ark Continent here pearls and coral these thing is precious, is not because they are only attractive, because also these thing can regard the Magic material, is very precious Magic material. Naturally, these pearls and so on thing, is the woman most loves, but these coral, few people bring now, when the Magic material, was collected by some Great Noble generally, put suspends to the family is playing. The special Laze cloth has also seen the person of magnificent scene, his take deep breaths, calm one own mood, turned the head not to think that to Zhao Hai said : the line will live will have such big harvest unexpectedly, really has not thought.” Zhao Hai smiles said : these is most valuable, some in the sea Magic Beast, many are some shrimp, had been frozen by me, now should move to Warehouse in my shop to go, remaining is some edible seaweeds and so on thing, has been unworthy any money.”

The special Laze stationing nod said :that was also good, now on Continent in the sea thing was fewer and fewer, before these Water element Magician hit was too ruthless, almost hitting to have been without heirs offshore this piece of sea region, even if were our these lives in the seaside person, wanted to eat some seafood is not that easy, your thing certainly very popular. Zhao Hai smiles said : that to be good, so long as can sell well these thing, I feared that cannot sell, was right, you passed for two days to be able these thing to carry off, in any case I already with Your Highness reached an agreement, I fished thing by all means that after fishing, how must process, that was the Your Highness matter.” The special Laze cloth laughs said : feel relieved, Your Highness there already prepared, was waiting for you, was right, Fire Fish what, did you when send? That is good thing, moreover my here has prepared to receive.” Zhao Hai smiles said : feel relieved, had arrived in two days, you waited for the receive to be good, was right, is Your Highness now good? How such sharply to be returning to Carson City? Had an accident?” Special Laze cloth forced smile said : has not had an accident, Your Highness cannot leave too long time, Carson City that be the Rosen Empire center, almost all big influences centralized in there, Your Highness, if leave too long time, some people then short ropes used to bind animals.” Zhao Hai also nodded, sighs said : Your Highness really to be laborious enough, was right, what duty does Your Highness have to you arranges?” The special Laze cloth smiles said : feel relieved, in the ordinary circumstances we are nothing, so long as completed own matter to be OK.” Zhao Hai nodded said : two days my these thing to transport, you found the person to receive to be OK, I think that now Your Highness certainly needing money, we can do made a money to Your Highness.” The special Laze cloth also sighed, deep voice said : now we also can only such do, after all the health of old King was good, Your Highness cannot extremely in winning over these people, therefore we can do now, can only be strengthens own strength.” Zhao Hai nodded said : you to tell Your Highness, has words that any matter needs me to make, should not be polite with me, I am directly good, make money, I presently in hand also on these thing, in have wanted to gain do not have what means that other matters, if can have a need for me, should not be polite with me.” The special Laze cloth shows a faint smile said : feel relieved mister , if there is matter, Your Highness will be impolite, was right, mister these time comes back, can live some time? This soon God's Grace Day, entire Continent will have celebrated.” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, entire Continent must celebrate, but these days is not just a best opportunity? I prepare for two days in going to sea, in making a marine product comes back, I believe that at this time the marine product sold certainly on Continent.” The special Laze cloth smiled bitterly, said : you is really Merchant, that was God's Grace Day, you actually also thought of the business, he he, your such people, the non- wealth blamed.” Zhao Hai smiles bitterly next step: Does not have the means that a everyone/Great Clan sub- person must support, not many wants to select the means to make money, did not have the means of livelihood.” Special Laze cloth two eyes one bright, looked at Zhao Hai one, did not have to say anything, but smiles said : „, who did not have everyone/Great Clan clansman to raise.”

Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, has not been saying anything, but has drunk liquor, the special Laze cloth looked that Zhao Hai does not want to say that he does not have to ask, urging to drink that but keeps urged the dish, gave Zhao Hai to say Charlie under the hand/subordinate these influences. Zhao Hai careful is listening to especially the Laze cloth words, he now is Charlie one group of people, naturally wants many attention regarding Charlie under the hand/subordinate these influences. This meal they pass through in such optional chatting, after having eaten thing, Zhao Hai on returned to Purple Bamboo Wan, Laura they came back, looked at Zhao Hai to come back, Laura their immediately/on horseback welcomed, Laura quickly said: „ Elder Brother Hai, what special Laze Bu did Gen you say? Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to say anything, but chatted a while, Laura, nearest/recent arrived at God's Grace Day, this God's Grace Day we feared cannot calm and steady has resulted, I prepared for two days to go to sea.” Laura said : now to God's Grace Day also has less than one month of time, we should walk, when the time comes we can returned to Iron Mountain Fort go, why these does time go to sea is?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : naturally to go with Shrimp Tribe to trade, God's Grace Day, the people on Continent in grudge, everyone/Great Clan want to eat good things to eat, we went to trade with Shrimp Tribe, can trade many sea, these thing on Continent were very popular.” Laura thinks that said : this arrives is good means that if can trade thing, that arrives is the good deed, but Gentes Laze Bu Duo prepare some thing to be good to us.” Zhao Hai nodded, then said : just right, trades some thing, attains Iron Mountain Fort to go, is sending Blood Hawk they to send to Wales Big Brother.” Laura smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, you have forgotten, Wales Big Brother their God's Grace Day, what they cross is ten thousand beast festivals, he he.” Zhao Hai gawked, has patted head said : right, I to this matter forgetting, Wales Big Brother they were Beastman Race, what was ten thousand beasts cuts, we crossed God's Grace Day, he he, wants to come to be also interesting, this God's Grace Day crossed, we knew quickly to one year.” The present is in the winter, Zhao Hai just woke, is the early spring, has wanted God's Grace Day, this immediately must to the spring, think this day passes also is really very quick. Laura look at Zhao Hai, shows a faint smile said : „, the time passes real quick, we knew nearly for one year.” She and Zhao Hai most from the beginning understanding time is also spring, now is the winter, really soon one year of time. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : after a period of time, if were not so busy, we said one to Grandpa Green, our matters managing, you watched?” The face of Laura and Meg is one red, they know certainly the matter that Zhao Hai must handle is anything, naturally is their weddings, they will certainly not have any opinion. Looks at their appearances, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to be shy, reason that I wanted to hold the wedding at this time \; first, because I had the toxin of water of nihility before, two are I do not want to make you such silent marries me, I must on Continent to know that you have married anyone, I must make on Continent all people know, our Buda Family again stood, but you on were Buda Family Lady, I must on all people by Continent not be dared underestimated you.”

Laura and Meg one face gentle look at Zhao Hai, Laura said : Elder Brother Hai, we do not care in a soft voice, so long as our Buda Family were formidable, even if not make them know the wedding when we hold can be what kind, we do not have relationship.” Zhao Hai look at their said : cannot say that the marriage is big matter for a lifetime, cannot be careless, ok, this matter must wait they to discuss that with Grandpa Green from now on can decide, now our Buda Family should find a time, making on Continent all people know our status.” Laura knit the brows said : Young Master, isn't this good? If made them know our status, that Iron Mountain Fort there can have the matter? If made them present Iron Mountain Fort there secret, then to us was very disadvantageous.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : knew is also what kind, now Iron Mountain Fort there Seven-colored Poisonous Mist already not compared with missing of Carrion Swamp there, now is 9th level Expert enters Black Wasteland , the unconscious heavy toxin, will be adding on now these poisonous mist, underwent the strengthening of Space, 8th level Expert has gone in does not have the means of livelihood, 9th level Expert to go , the strength will pelt, goes in only will also deliver the dish to us, when the time comes I was going to Undead Creature release, was adding on the hawk, Cai'er and Zhao Wen, I to was want to take a look, had who to dare easily to enter our Black Wasteland territory.” Laura thinks, is this truth, since they somewhat had underestimated own strength, now their strength is not weak, now Black Wasteland there became was similar to Carrion Swamp, if some people dare to go in, they are capable of that these to come but not return. Meg actually chuckle said : Elder Brother Hai, you forgot to say same, was these Blood-Devouring Mosquito, do not forget, in our Space had large quantities of Blood-Devouring Mosquito, you want to put many to put many, had any Expert to put up that many Blood-Devouring Mosquito attack, if they dare to make war with us, Elder Brother Hai you can also like coping with Purcell Family, put the insect toward their territories, what to do when the time comes I thought them to be able.” Zhao Hai one hear of Meg said that cannot help but laughed said : I to say Meg, when you studied was so bad, HaHaHa, your full meaning was really good, before my was not healthy, cannot act unreasonably, now my body, but was good, happen to I also want to ask Aksu Empire these fellows to revenge, hopes that they do not annoy me.” Laura has also smiled, by a Meg saying, Laura they also was really thought so own strength is very strong, can deal with any enemy fully. Actually Zhao Hai they have had the consciousness slightly these Undead Creature fighting strength, must know that now Zhao Hai in hand is only Undead Creature has about seven hundred thousand, seven hundred thousand that moreover these Undead Creature had the 8th level strength, seven hundred thousand 8th level Undead Creature, now Zhao Hai, if went to these Undead Creature release, feared that was Aksu Empire must change the world. although Zhao Hai also knows this point, but he had neglect of consciousness, because he does not want to use too many Undead Creature to make the war with Human Race, such words will not do well become the entire Continent public enemy, Zhao Hai does not want like this, he not to be Lunatic, wholeheartedly wants to control the world, he was only an average person, he counter- humanity, naturally will not like the war. However the heaven actually does not think that you more want the low key, actually more must let your high-sounding talk, in Zhao Hai and Laura they chatted, in sky Hawk Cry transmits, then Blood Hawk fell Purple Bamboo Wan.