Chapter 417 Smith worry Before the time draws back returned to several days, Smith dull sitting in own study room, Phill stands in his side grieved look at he, the Phill very clear Smith mood, because in a moment ago, Smith received the letter in Calci Family, they must cope with Zhao Hai, moreover this time they must set out 9th level Expert. Smith understand, normally did not feel that wise supernatural might clansman, in treating the Zhao Hai issue, why so the stupid, stupid letting person thinks that is talking love with a cow. And because of the Smith words, now in Clan was somewhat discontented with him, this lets Smith headache, his present very clear, Zhao Hai is not all alone, his is also standing Charlie Prince, moreover hears Zhao Hai very by attaching great importance to of Charlie, if the person in their Clan these time really Zhao Hai killing, was Charlie ties on the enmity on equal to, if Charlie came to power, that Calci Family not to have eaten on the good fruit. He also knows in the Daoism clan not to care Charlie, Charlie is only Third Prince, is not Crown Prince, although he has the right of inheritance, low-key that very but he has displayed, why this is also in Clan not Charlie the reason that cares. However Smith actually knows that Charlie is not unvalued, conversely, he very well -respected, can give him to handle Jade Water City from Rosen Empire old King to look. Rosen Empire Imperial Family influence although is very big, but can be called the high income truly the city, only then such several, but Jade Water City, Rising Water City, Carson City calculates. Carson City, the Empire imperial capital, the Empire center, Crown Prince has lived in there, helping old King handle some government affairs, it can be said that Crown Prince is biggest in the Carson City influence. However in Carson City Dragon Panhu secludes, the Crown Prince influence also to other Prince, his influence big influence has many in Carson City greatly, even if Calci Family is not smaller than Crown Prince in the Carson City influence, in adding on there under the old King eye hides, Crown Prince wants to do anything is very difficult, therefore Smith is not favoring Crown Prince. Second Prince control Rising Water City, that is a good place, is similar to the Sky Water City geography position crime, but Smith does not favor Second Prince this person, this person extremely in being shortsighted, him has managed Rising Water City to draw cash, wants to enter all means to make money, now had many Merchant not to do business in Rising Water City, if were not because the geographical position was good, Rising Water City there feared that was ruined. Third Prince Charlie is managing Jade Water City, regarding this Third Prince, Rosen Empire major influences probably extremely in paying attention, this itself makes people feel very strange, the third in-line successor in Continent first powerful nation, actually probably does not have too many people to pay attention, this was too strange.

This can only explain his normally working low key, very low key, therefore nobody pays attention to him, but Smith actually knows that is such person is fearful, you do not pay attention to him, your don’t know his in hand has many signs, such person is most fearful. But this Zhao Hai is he personally digs Jade Water City from Rising Water City, for this reason also almost conflicts with Second Prince, a low-key person, rather conflicts with Second Prince for Zhao Hai, this itself explained status of Zhao Hai in his heart, is this also not enough to bring to the attention of Clan? Can these people in Clan regard not to see to these probably, simply has not thought toward that aspect, wholeheartedly is only thinking must tidy up Zhao Hai, not only this offended Third Prince, simultaneously regarding the Calci Family prestige is also the one type of attack. The Zhao Hai status the entire Continent people knew now, he is Dark Magician, why he came Sky Water City, the person on this point Continent also to guess correctly, because he offended Boris and Radiant Church, has to come Sky Water City here to hire oneself Calci Family. Even if Continent existences on other influence don’t know Dark Magician Alliance, they also know that Calci Family is on Continent the brain of Dark Magician has been, but reason that these Dark Magician want join Dark Magician Alliance , because in the alliance can provide the help to them, moreover management wide band loosen. In this case, Calci Family actually uses this approach Zhao Hai, this itself very improper, do you make these Dark Magician what kind of? Can't they in the join alliance? Can also strive for the alliance? Later has Dark Magician to have difficult, feared that was does not dare to seek asylum in Calci Family, because they feared like Zhao Hai, in hand had good thing to settle on by Calci Family, seized. In bystander opinion, was this situation, Zhao Hai in hand has Fire Fish, Calci Family settled on, wanted to seize, Zhao Hai did not give, therefore appears such situation. The bystanders will not manage the Calci Family interior what's the matter, but only knows that Juwan is also the Calci Family person, does not have the support of Calci Family, he impossible to block Zhao Hai to snatch thing. Smith worried is this matter, Calci Family now the impression in Dark Magician heart feared that is already not fantastic, if is so noisy, that Dark Magician Alliance will possibly disintegrate. What Smith not understand is, Peter who Dark Magician Alliance most understands, is his Big Brother, should know that this point is right, but why doesn't he prevent? Not only does not prevent, he sends letter to ask him to help to prevent, he had not agreed that this is the Smith most puzzled place.

Phill is Smith Manager, nature understand, but he does not have what good means now, Smith is only the second successor in Clan, above also has Patriarch, Elder Assembly, the side also several successors eye covetously in good, matter that he can handle, is really limited. Phill also thinks most from the beginning Clan will not go too far to Zhao Hai, after all this matter is in itself Calci Family is not right, is equal to steals openly, moreover is one goes to their Magician, but he has not thought that the matter will get so far as today this situation. Zhao Hai currently the battleship that snatched from Calci Family in hand had more than 30, although he has not killed these 8th level Expert, actually gave to abandon these 8th level Expert. To be honest, when hears this information, Phill very angry, he has not thought that Zhao Hai starts so to be unexpectedly ruthless, entire ten 8th level Expert he all gave to spend, but he also knows that Zhao Hai this is to the Calci Family face, otherwise Juwan already died. Those who most make Phill not think, Clan these time must send 9th level Expert to act unexpectedly to cope with Zhao Hai, this to the people of Yu Clan clan, is really not the decision of brilliant. 9th level can Expert move lightly? Moreover because this reason copes with Dark Magician, in Clan must ask that 9th level Expert to begin, feared that will pay the huge price, what most important is, has coped with Zhao Hai, will make Dark Magician in Dark Magician Alliance think? Later can also count on that these Dark Magician do help them? In Phill for also this matter troublesome time, Smith suddenly to Phill said : Uncle Phill, you said that these people in Clan do think? Why do they want to cope with Zhao Hai not to be possible? The matter to present this situation, had feared that was not small five can control to result.” Phill nodded said : „, please move the 9th level Expert such big matter, was not five Young Master can say, it seems like it was the decision of Patriarch or Elder Assembly, but why they such decided that old servant I somewhat did not think understand, they because of the past matter, the self-confidence expansion think that Zhao Hai has swept the Clan face? Doesn't this look like Patriarch conduct several standards?” Smith one hear of Phill said that suddenly two eyes bright said : Uncle Phill, you said can be because these people in Clan have feared Zhao Hai?” Phill stares, puzzled look at Smith did said : fear? What does Zhao Hai have to be good to fear? Even if he in fierce, is impossible to compete with 9th level Expert, the person in Clan feared that he does do?”

Smith let out a long breath said : „the person in Clan did not fear that Zhao Hai strength, they are feared that head of Zhao Hai, in the past that suppressed the Radiant Church method is not Zhao Hai wants to come out? They feared Zhao Hai, if unites the bright understanding to Dark Magician in the depth, will desalinate control of Clan to Dark Magician Alliance slowly, therefore wants taking advantage of this matter except Zhao Hai, except this hidden danger, but Dark Magician is some considers only own person, they will not care about the Zhao Hai life, therefore Clan dares to make such decision, because they do not fear these Dark Magician leave alliances.” Phill stares, then muttered said : „to be this? Even if these Dark Magician not leave alliances, feared that is will not make the alliance know they too many matters, this regarding the alliance is an attack of very enormous.” Smith coldly snorted said : feared , is not only so simple, that advice that Zhao Hai offers, making entire Empire start to be official Dark Magician to come, influence of Clan in Empire was huge, later these want to study the Black Magic person, feared that will become the Clan disciple, now Clan has not needed to be the inheritance of Dark Magician has worried, regarding them, Dark Magician Alliance was unimportant, therefore they will want to cope with Zhao Hai.” Phill dull look at Smith can said : be this? Will the Clan person such do really?” although he in question, but his has approved the Smith words actually at heart, the person in Clan may really for this reason will cope with Zhao Hai. Phill has served for Calci Family for a lifetime, in these people to Yu Clan clan, he understood, although now Calci Family is low-key, but they have not actually changed in the bone that Great Noble problem, greedy, to greedy of wealth, regarding greedy of authority. A few years ago because of the suppression of Radiant Church, the Calci Family potential, they have to establish Dark Magician Alliance, got up all Dark Magician alliance, therefore they to these Dark Magician very good, but before that Calci Family looks down upon these Dark Magician, small Clan that even some also built up by Dark Magician, was not destroyed completely by Radiant Church, but was destroyed completely by Calci Family, for was maintains status of Calci Family in Dark Magician heart.