Chapter 418 devil awoke Now they because of that plan of Zhao Hai, have not used in fearing the suppression of Radiant Church, therefore they the vision image rotation Dark Magician, they have thought that is eliminating to the person who their Clan status poses the threat, but Zhao Hai without doubt is a such person. Yes, looks like in Calci Family, Zhao Hai strength seven, 8th level , to them cannot to become Taida the threat, but before Zhao Hai, gives that advice that they offer is really too wonderful, because that idea was too wonderful, therefore they fear Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai can offer a such advice to them, explained Zhao Hai alliance, if has given him opportunity, perhaps he can establish Great Clan to come, when the time comes Calci Family was not in the Dark Magician heart Dark Magician Clan of most success. Moreover in their opinion, the body of Zhao Hai had to establish a Clan condition, he is young, his strength is not bad, he has one type of to buy a lot of money the commodities, he is intelligent, all these gather, enough Calci Family coped with him. To Yu Clan clan such procedure, Phill too did not agree that before because of Clan such procedure, making Dark Magician lose seriously, cannot form any influence, only then Carl Qi Yi is alone, to a Radiant Church suppression, entire Dark Magician this profession is facing the danger finally, now the situation was just good a point, Clan has done, this is really one type of superficiality behavior. Smith has not replied the Phill words, but deep voice said : Clan starts brains fainted, do they want to help the matter that Radiant Church is being them not to make? It is not good, Zhao Hai wants protect.” Phill also sobered at this time, his look at Smith appearance, sighed said : Young Master, this feared that was not easy, can Zhao Hai guarantee? Clan must use 9th level Expert, do not say Zhao Hai, even if Third Prince Your Highness his in hand does not have 9th level Expert?” The Smith calm face, in the head fast is actually rotating, he is trying to find the solution, he wants protect Zhao Hai, because in his opinion, Zhao Hai is a talented person, a big talented person, has a such talented person, has inestimable doing to use regarding the entire Dark Magician exhibition . Moreover the Dark Magician Alliance essence is immutable, must maintain the present appearance, serves for Dark Magician, but does not manage Dark Magician, in that case, will only make Dark Magician in a state of disunity. Before because Clan , was extremely strict regarding the management of Dark Magician, probably is these Dark Magician does not listen their is the criminal, must massacre, therefore Dark Magician although respects regarding Calci Family very much, but more is actually dreads and loathes, when Dark Magician Alliance establishes most from the beginning, Calci Family is only the help, has not stood up our Calci Family to establish Dark Magician Alliance directly, because they know that such feared is few Dark Magician can participate. Now Clan the procedure is really improper, if as centralized manages as Clan in Dark Magician of these zero exhibitions, regarding Dark Magician show not any advantage, only cheap Radiant Church, so long as when the time comes Radiant Church coped with Calci Family to be good, simply did not use in the full world looked for Dark Magician. That advice that although Zhao Hai offers, letting Dark Magician can unfold in Rosen Empire, but that requires the time, a child becomes starts to study, to can become a talented person of assuming sole responsibility for an important task, minimum needs nearly 20 years of time, 20 years of that who knew 20 years later what situation can be? If Rosen Empire feared that Dark Magician show the rapidness of too, starts to suppress Dark Magician, is adding on Radiant Church, the trouble of that Calci Family was big.

Therefore Dark Magician Alliance cannot vanish, is certainly strong, Zhao Hai cannot die, he must live, otherwise Dark Magician will of the people powder, that Dark Magician Alliance also survived in name only. However wants protect Zhao Hai not to be easy, Clan this time was determined must cope with Zhao Hai, but the Zhao Hai disposition, feared that will be will not make any compromise, the trouble of this matter also really many. But at this time, devil suddenly in Smith head woke, starts to occupy in the head of Smith, moreover domain getting bigger and bigger that occupies. This devil is not others, before is , an idea of several days Smith, marries the idea of Zhao Hai Megan, this idea has existed in the head of Smith, but at this time, this idea in one time has braved. Wants protect Zhao Hai not to be easy, but if marries Zhao Hai Megan, that Zhao Hai on equal to was the Calci Family person, as the matter stands these people in Clan in want to move Zhao Hai, feared that was must consider, moreover he also had the reason is Zhao Hai acts. This thought is getting more and more intense, Smith not being able to bear has stood, Phill in one side look at Smith complexion, presently he has probably thought of the means that but some scruples, said : „did City Lord, think of the means?” Smith turns the head look at Phill, nodded said : means to have one, but actually needs to win an agreement of person to be good, if she did not agree, that this means radically useless.” Phill puzzled look at Smith said : who? Is big Young Master? However big did Young Master approve the Clan plan probably?” Smith shook the head said : is not Big Brother, is Megan.” One hear of Smith said that Phill immediately understand the idea of Smith, his cannot help but complexion big change, he with Smith some years, is look at Megan grows up, regarding this chaste the Clan little princess like Plum Blossom, Phill has regarded own granddaughter same love of her, now one hear of Smith said that the Phill first idea did not agree.

However he has also seen the person of magnificent scene, immediately calmly, static ponder Smith words, Smith look at Phill, his very clear Phill regarding the Megan sentiment, therefore before his then said : Megan, several days told me that he does not want in this making merry, to mix the day that ate to wait for death, she wants to be in Clan handles something, moreover she did not marry these only to know Noble juniors who absolutely made merry, if made him marry these Great Clan legitimate successors, I feared after her, will be bullied, these years we fantastic that she protected, her simply will not play with the person. Mind, but Zhao Hai Uncle Phill you have also seen, this young man is very good, although he has two to show the marriage wife, but the disposition of his two fiancee is very good, with is also very good, most important that Megan is together what is, now the Zhao Hai strength is very strong, even if were his later strength, we, we can suppress him, was Megan supports, did you look?” Phill static is listening to the Smith words, Phill from the Smith words can hear, Smith had such thought is not a day or two, his considered was very complete. Phill regarding the impression of Zhao Hai also is really very good, manner low key, but is very steadfast, moreover is person who does the proper business, although don’t know his family background, but is undeniable, his future is limitless, if Megan can marry Zhao Hai, to is also a good choice. However Phill or said : how we think is unimportant, more importantly opinion of Megan, if Megan did not agree that I will not comply to marry Zhao Hai Megan.” One hear of Phill said that Smith knows, his emperor agreed that but just as was Phill said that what was most important was the opinion of Megan, so long as Megan agreed that all were easy to do, if Megan did not agree that he will not compel Megan, regarding this daughter, Smith very loved. Smith nodded said : Uncle Phill feel relieved, if Megan did not agree that we are trying to find other solution, but this matter we must think that other means asked that if we directly asked that Megan at heart agreed that she will not agree, the facial skin of that girl was very thin.” Phill shows a faint smile said : „, oh, the time passes real quick, the age that in the blink of an eye, Megan can get married, he he, City Lord, I thought that this matter should act to ask by the madame, such effect will be better.” Smith nodded said : well, my this goes to madame there, must talk clearly with the madame this matter first, otherwise the madame feared that will be will not agree.” Said that in the future the dwelling will walk, Phill shaking the head of gently, followed. The Smith wife is everyone/Great Clan is also demure, because Calci Family has the family rule, does not permit to marry with the girl, that can only use the boy, therefore the Calci Family man finding a wife common status will not be low. However Smith wife although is gentle, since marries Smith, is the helping the husband godchild, in the matter regarding double Fang Clan clan did not inquire about, normally at home, grows flowers, all sorts of grass, in adding on her is a Potion master, majority of time in research Potion, therefore in matter her very seldom manage to Yu Clan clan.

But because of this, therefore Smith to own wife is actually affection, their dozens years the sentiment still had not changed, but Smith did not have the sweetheart, good of their sentiment, are really Envy other people. Transferred Smith to courtyard that oneself lived, had not found the madame, immediately goes to madame's Medicine Garden, there had medicinal herbs that the madame planted, madame's medicine uneven Laboratory, normally was few people came, even if the servant will not enter Medicine Garden generally, because of Madame there regulation. One to Medicine Garden, Smith saw in Medicine Garden to the wives of these medicinal herbs watering, the madame now has been wearing a cotton garment, in hand is taking a canteen, careful waters to these medicinal herbs, its earnest appearance very charming, Smith suddenly stayed in there. Some little time the form of self-reference used by young wife to her husband talented person has put the canteen, gains ground is looking to arrive in institute in front of the door Smith, she cannot help but stares, then shows a faint smile said : Old Master, did you come? Is asks me to have the matter?” Smith one recovers, nodded hastily said : is, the important matters must discuss with you that returns to courtyard with me.” The madame looked his appearance knows Daozhen has the matter, therefore nod of gently, puts down the canteen, walks toward courtyard that they live in Smith.