Chapter 419 Megan thoughts They arrived at their room, after sitting down, immediately had the maidservant to send to sub to them, Smith had waved, drove out these maidservants, in the room has only left behind them. The madame looks at this situation, cannot help but stares, then turns the head puzzled look at Smith said : City Lord, has any matter, but also such mysterious.” The Smith calm face, looked at madame said : this matter to be connected was too big, today I received the Clan letter, Clan have prepared to send out 9th level Expert to cope with Zhao Hai.” The madame stares, then knitting the brows head, she in the matter to Yu Clan clan very much did not care that however the Zhao Hai matter she knows, because she impression to Zhao Hai is very good, in her opinion, Zhao Hai is honest and dependable young man . Moreover the ability is very strong, such young man now is not good to look. Before Clan Zhao Hai regarding the matter that handled, the madame has not cared, in her opinion that was the matter that Juwan made, she believes that Smith can level, but has not actually thought that today Smith actually said Clan must send 9th level Expert to cope with Zhao Hai, this was too scary, set out 9th level Expert, that was arrived at the irreconcilable situation surface, how to get so far as this situation? Smith looked that the madame has not spoken, his then said : my meaning is, must guarantee Zhao Hai, because Zhao Hai, if really by the Clan person killing, that will not be having Dark Magician to trust our Calci Family, this attacked to the Yu Clan clan is too big.” The madame frowns said : „, but Old Master you did not say that Clan can send 9th level Expert? Must send 9th level Expert that is the father and Elder Assembly decision, how can we guarantee Zhao Hai?” Smith Madame look at said : madame, the Megan age is not small, to this engagement time, I have wanted to make you ask that to Zhao Hai how has a look at her the impression.” As soon as the madame listened to Smith saying that complexion one changed, but she immediately like the common woman has not jumped the opposition, but was static sitting is pondering in there. Displays regarding the madame like this, Smith very happy, his Madame look at then said : „what person Zhao Hai is, I think that the madame you knew, Laura and Meg you have also seen, I think Megan, if marries Zhao Hai, what pain later will not receive, as the matter stands Megan was also has a good home to return, Zhao Hai we also to guarantee, naturally, this matter mainly looked at Megan, if she did not agree, that I on try to find don't the solution, I on am want to ask now madame your opinion, did the person agree?” The madame thinks that nodded said : Zhao Hai this young man is good, but my condition, even if were Megan agreed that Zhao Hai must say own family background to come the case, otherwise I will not make Megan marry his.” Smith nodded, the Zhao Hai family background comes the case is a mystery, on Continent nobody has known that this is also the Smith at heart sole scruples. However now madame agreed that he can carry on next, Smith you agreed to madame said : that was easy to do, I want to make you help me ask the meaning of Megan, after all this matter my this father is not inquisitive, directly do not ask that first asks impression of Megan to Zhao Hai, the time that after all they contact is not long, then in inquiring slowly, but has remembered, so long as you several days time, I must give Zhao Hai in the shortest time the letter, by him Sky Water City, after like this, is Megan did not agree, Clan 9th level Expert. We have also been able for his deal with one or two.”

The madame nodded said : well, this matter gives me, Old Master, do you settle on Zhao Hai really? This uses 9th level Expert, but in Clan most people's decision, if you guaranteed Zhao Hai, that may offend most people in Clan.” Smith sighed said : „unable to control that many, Clan these time previous time to the fainted brains, they such was done successfully, will only make Calci Family beyond redemption.” Then Smith also to the madame said the plan that in Clan he and Phill guessed, madame also knitting the brows head, although her not Steward, but did not represent her not understand here surface curved circled, since childhood was big in everyone/Great Clan Patriarch, regarding the matter of here surface, she was very clear, she to also approved the guess of Smith. When Smith said that the madame also cannot help but sighed said : in Clan possibly by Radiant Church to the suppression was too ruthless, therefore just won, felt that entire world belonged our, oh, Zhao Hai this young man was really good, but he actually stirs with Third Prince now in together, this was very dangerous, has Old Master thought this issue?” How Smith forced smile said : has not thought that but this result is also not the person in Clan compelling, when you Zhao Hai is a fool, he is intelligent, looked that Clan here had the accident, immediately has prepared an escape route to oneself, but this was actually not anything, our these Great Clan although did not participate in the struggles of these Prince, but Zhao Hai after all now is also not our Clan, even if were he agreed Megan wedding, is the person not of the same surname, should not have the matter, said it, if Third Prince struggled a success, that to our Clan advantage. Also has plenty, this danger and benefit, are half and half.” The madame has selected well to said : „, I ask Megan in the two days, you? When gives Zhao Hai to deliver a letter? Gives your Blood Hawk with him, moreover must be as soon as possible good, if other Clan asked 9th level Expert to set out that on the evening.” Smith nodded said : to have a look, nearest/recent I receive information, Zhao Hai not in Jade Water City, but went to sea, as the matter stands we were very difficult to find him, the person in Clan was also very difficult to find him, even if were he came back, will go to Jade Water City directly, in there he should be safe, therefore after I want to wait for Zhao Hai returned to Jade Water City, immediately delivered a letter to him, making him come Sky Water City.” Did the madame knit the brows said : Zhao Hai to come?” Smith deep voice said : he will certainly come, from this twice conduct method, he does not want with Clan noisy is too stiff, but is not a lord of suffering a loss, but he should be good to our impressions, I give him to send the letter, he will certainly come.” The madame nodded said : well, I asked the opinion of Megan as soon as possible.” Smith nodded, sighs, madame look at his appearance, knows that he in awkward, spoke to comfort Old Master that said : was all right, Calci Family repeated difficulties these many years, still stands erect to the present not but actually, will not give way easily.” Smith sighed said : because Calci Family existed these many years, therefore the father they have thought that will not have the matter, previous time Radiant Church soon the tool rest on neck, Clan had feared that is will not have the response, now although we won, however the overall strength too tremendous influence of Radiant Church, this biggest enemy, Clan actually impatiently had not wanted cleaning up, pitiful.” The madame also sighed, she knows that her husband these years gave many strength for Clan, now in Clan has actually made such matter, no wonder Smith will feel sad. When world noon, madame had found in Megan that in study room reads, Megan nearest/recent little went out to play, in her opinion, went out to play really does not have what meaning, before her, can play has played, in the city good things to eat she also to have eaten, really did not have what fresh idea. The madame also knows certainly that the idea of Megan, her static standing in study room in front of the door look at the daughter who reads with single-hearted devotion, cannot help but sighed at heart, the daughter grew up finally, arrived at the age of getting married.

Has gawked dumbfounded, then madame lightly coughs, Megan one is awakened, she gained ground happen to sees the madame, immediately/on horseback has put down the in hand book to stand got up said : mother, did you come study room? Today hasn't gone to Medicine Garden?” The madame smiles said : „unable to stay in Medicine Garden daily, Megan that these days I thought that you haven't gone out to play? Is What happened? unhappy?” Megan shook the head said : not to have, but did not feel that any meaning, exited is also eats and drinks, was very bored, has me might as well to read the meeting book at that time at home.” The madame arrives at the Megan side, gently feels the head of Megan, smiles said : my small Megan to grow up, was sensible, he he, your father certainly very happy.” Megan honk mouth said : „, I was not telling the father, making him look for a matter to do to me, is until now, his anything matter has not arranged to me, I can only read in study room daily, was bored.” The madame has cannot help but smiled, to Megan said : silly thing, you, when handles these matters is that amusing? That may compared with reading also bored, otherwise you thinks why I hide in courtyard daily herbal medicine, does not think that the matter in Butler, your this silly thing must manage to oneself, is really.” Megan spits the fragrant tongue, hee hee smiles, the madame look at Megan appearance, sighed at heart darkly, but she was said : in a soft voice Megan, did you think Laura they?” Megan one hear of madames said that cannot help but facial expression one gloomy, then nodded said : to think that Laura Elder Sister they are I best friends, but also has rescued my life, but the person in Clan actually must compel them now, Mom, does the father prevent them?” The madame sighed said : silly thing, did you become your father are Patriarch? sometimes your father works also very much not bears, must listen to Clan.” Megan does not make noise, although she in the matter to Clan did not care that however in the child who in this Great Clan grows up, is influenced by what one sees and hears, to these matter also some certain understanding, she also knows that own father sometimes also very much not bears. The madame looks at the Megan appearance, knows that daughter in thinking what, she this time matter to Megan said : is not in a soft voice right, oh, don’t know Zhao Hai that the person in Clan does they, were how right, Megan, you said that Zhao Hai this person is what kind of?” Megan one hear of madames said that cannot help but jumps at heart, to be honest, impression of Megan to Zhao Hai is very good, she that received before is assassinated, afterward he had asked Laura and Meg, they said that at that time was Zhao Hai reminds their, otherwise they impossible to rescue Megan, therefore Megan to Zhao Hai was very grateful. However she is a girl, thin-skinned, therefore she has not looked for Zhao Hai to express gratitude on own initiative, moment that but beforehand Zhao Hai lives in Sky Water City, she and Zhao Hai have some contacts, in her impression, Zhao Hai is one on the face is hanging the temperate smiling face daily, love to Laura and person of Meg, that love lets some of her envy.

But a most important point is, Zhao Hai respects to them, he makes Laura work, trust very Laura and Meg, depending on very heavy, a such man, his body always has one type of very unusual thing to attract her, therefore the madame this asked that Megan thought of Zhao Hai, cannot help but at heart crazily jumped, the face somewhat was slightly red. The wife is a seasoned person, looks at the Megan appearance, almost knew idea of Megan, she sighed darkly, this may really be the female does not remain greatly finally. However on the mouth actually said : Mr. Zhao Hai nearest/recent your Fifth Uncle hitting, your Fifth Uncle has gotten 20 years of ship to snatch Mr. Zhao Hai, instead to by Zhao Hai snatching, heard that he returns on the sea now.” Megan stares, then Madame look at said : mother, Fifth Uncle this? Why he always looks for the trouble of mister.” The madame sighed, then said : „, not only this, your father received the notice of Clan today, Clan prepared to send 9th level Expert to kill Mr. Zhao Hai, this mister feared that was doomed.” A complexion paleness of Megan, Madame look at said : mother, what you said is real? In Clan can send 9th level Expert to kill mister really? Can Clan like this? It is not good, I must look for the father, must rescue mister.” The madame has held on Megan said : hastily Megan, you wait / etc., first do not worry, your father had discussed with me, this Clan sends out 9th level Expert to kill Mr. Zhao Hai, that is not a person can decide that the here surface has *** meaning, there is a meaning of Elder Assembly, thinks that is rescuing Mr. Zhao Hai, is very difficult, most at least as your father is actually insufficient.” A startled color of Megan face, anxious said : mother, what to do should that? In 9th level Expert on such look at Clan killed mister?” The madame look at Megan appearance, knew completely her regard, the madame has patted Megan hand two next step: Must rescue mister, your father to has thought means that are in progress now, Megan, your age is not small, should look for the husband's family's home time, I told your father, prepares nearest/recent to subscribe a wedding to you, did you settle on that young man? The servants said well that mother helps you take responsibility.” One hear of madames said that on the Megan pale face, in flood red, charmingly angry said : mother, we were saying now the Mr. Zhao Hai matter, how pulled my body.” The madame smiles said : your age to be also many, mother looks like you such big time, was betrothed with your father, you said that our mother and child, you have anything to be embarrassed.”