Idea of Chapter 420 Megan The Megan look at mother's appearance, knows that today did not say feared is not good, however her has not settled on that person at heart, in these people on Sky Water City, Megan has not had a liking, this arrives is makes her somewhat awkward. At this time form appears slowly in her mind, moreover was getting more and more clear, a face temperate smiling face, an appropriateness, but has not seen the long gown of style, the relaxed dialog, all these slowly have composed a person, Zhao Hai! Thinks of Zhao Hai, Megan face of cannot help but is one red, in thinks that Zhao Hai present situation, her face was also white, but Megan now actually solid compared with former much better, she one came across the matter before, will feel helpless, however after previous time by attack, she learn has been pondered now. Without doubt, she cares about Zhao Hai, when her mother saying Zhao Hai present situation, she worry such, now her in the head keeps by two matters mixing, one is the Zhao Hai matter, another is her wedding. However when Zhao Hai form appears in her mind, these two matters has become in short time internal change, Megan one straightened out probably, suddenly one gave the union the two matters in head in together. The madame looked that Megan actually quite a while has not spoken, then complexion again and again fluctuates also feels very strange, puzzled look at Megan said : Megan, what your is What happened? thinking?” Megan turned the head to look at madame one eyes, then said : mother, how rescuing Mr. Zhao Hai can the father? Can you tell me?” The madame looked at Megan said : Megan, this matter do not manage, that is not you can worry, you said your matter.” Megan Madame look at said : mother, if I marry Mr. Zhao Hai, the father can rescue Mr. Zhao Hai?” Ten points suddenly that Megan this saying asked that the madame to Megan said most from the beginning Zhao Hai situation, actually to have a look at the response of Megan, having a look at her to have the sentiment to Zhao Hai, if she had the sentiment, this several days slowly her told Zhao Hai situation, slowly urged Megan to marry Zhao Hai, so long as a Megan agreement, that is easier to do. The madame has not thought Megan will say, thing that because the here surface involves are too many, the madame does not think that Megan will think of these. Now Megan one said that madame stayed, then immediately understand, own daughter, not only has the favorable impression to be so simple to Zhao Hai, feared that was she fell.

Megan looked that the madame has not spoken, thinks that this is not good, her quickly said: Mom, if I have married Mr. Zhao Hai, that Mr. Zhao Hai was our family's people, won't the person in Clan be sending for killing him?” The madame recovered, looked at Megan one, sighed said : Megan, did you think? If you such have done, you must marry Zhao Hai with Laura and Meg together.” Megan face one red, but strengthened nodded said : was mother, I thought that I want to marry Mr. Zhao Hai, because not only I had the favorable impression to Mr. Zhao Hai, but also because of Calci Family.” The madame stares, then face shocking look at Megan said : Megan, why did you say?” Megan said : mother, although my not Butler clan, but in Clan the nearest/recent situation I also know that Mr. Zhao Hai is able, is competent, if he really became our Clan person, then to the help of Yu Clan clan is very big, I know that our Clan has the ancestor to teach, will not make the girl marry, but mother, I have the favorable impression to Mr. Zhao Hai, moreover now Clan unexpectedly must use 9th level Expert, feared that is the father wants to save him not to be easy, but if I have married Mr. Zhao Hai, Mr. Zhao Hai was our people on one's own side, the father also had the reason to ask Mr. Zhao Hai, right?” Madame's dull look at Megan, she has not thought really Megan will say such words to come, the madame grasps Megan, said : my woman has grown up in a soft voice, Megan, what you said is real? Do you have to be good to feel to Zhao Hai really? If, I with your father will not agree that makes the person marry Zhao Hai.” Megan said : mother, I have decided in a soft voice.” Madame present could not say at heart is any taste, her understand, Megan had the sentiment to Zhao Hai, but feared that has not been in the situation that Non- did not marry, Megan decides to marry Zhao Hai, was Clan considered that also part of very big reasons, this let the madame was uncomfortable at heart. However what is encouraging, Megan has the sentiment to Zhao Hai, this is stronger than anything, madame in a soft voice said : painstakingly you, Megan your feel relieved, later Zhao Hai, if dares not to be good to you, I make your father tidy up her, now had your words, your father had the means to rescue Zhao Hai, my this went to say with your father that can earlier deliver a letter well to Zhao Hai, he safety.” Megan nodded, the madame then stands, leave study room, Megan dull sitting in study room, has actually been thinking just words, remember just words now, Megan also felt on face an intermittent fever, how just her also don’t know was, unconscious said these words, now has remembered, she also at blushing heartbeat. However no matter what, the matter has decided now, wants to change is impossible, Megan has not thought the change, she is only suddenly feels very strange, oneself such must become engaged unexpectedly. But madame's present mood actually very complex, her returned to own courtyard, had found Smith, told Smith the Megan situation.

Smith has not thought that Megan such will quickly make the decision, he while of relaxing, some angry Zhao Hai, when he also real don’t know Zhao Hai unexpectedly has captured oneself precious daughter favor at heart. although Smith favoring Zhao Hai, but regarding any father, turned to run oneself daughter heart fellow regarding these, will not have any favorable impression. After the madame said that look at Smith said : Old Master, do you give Zhao Hai to write a letter now?” Smith thinks that shook the head said : „the present not to be good, when Zhao Hai returned to Jade Water City was saying that our in hand has Blood Hawk that he keeps in any case, he certainly can when the time comes receive information most quickly.” The madame nodded, then sighed said : to hope that this matter do not leave any mistake, otherwise Zhao Hai was dangerous, I thought the person in Clan, in the shortest time will certainly send for coping with Zhao Hai.” Smith has selected to said : „, now we also can only look Zhao Hai there moved the good speed.” Zhao Hai saw that this only Blood Hawk knows, this is he leaves Smith that only Blood Hawk, his immediately from in the room walked out, married Smith from the body of Blood Hawk to his letter. Waits for Zhao Hai to see contents of the letter, he is actually complexion changes, Smith mainly will certainly not marry Zhao Hai the daughter in the letter, he said that in Clan had not agreed his conciliatory plan, prepares to send 9th level Expert to cope with him, but he currently had the means of manipulation, invited Zhao Hai as soon as possible discussed with him to Sky Water City. Zhao Hai has not thought really that Calci Family must send 9th level Expert to cope with him unexpectedly, although he does not fear opposite party 9th level Expert, but similarly, he does not want to make with Calci Family too stiffly, if tied the enmity of not being able to untie with Calci Family, such to his plan very disadvantageous, Calci Family will possibly look like Charlie to bring the pressure, but Charlie will not offend Calci Family for him, by that time he feared did not have the means to base in Rosen Empire. Zhao Hai returned to in the room, has given Laura them the letter, Laura looked that Zhao Hai complexion knows certainly was the important matter, her also immediately/on horseback received to believe that carefully looked that her complexion also changed, then she has given Meg the letter, then turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, how did you see?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : „the present cannot look like Sky Water City is not good, we can only have a look at Smith to have any means that must otherwise, we also only be able Calci Family 9th level Expert extinguishing, has hoped when the time comes Calci Family can not cope with us.” Laura thought that this is unlikely, if they extinguished Calci Family 9th level Expert, Calci Family will not let off their, 9th level Expert was too important regarding Clan.

After Meg their several people read the Zhao Hai letter, complexion changes, their very clear, sending 9th level Expert to cope with their is any concept, that represented Calci Family under to decide must eliminate their determinations. Laura said : when do that we walk?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : my this goes to say good-bye before leaving with Laze especially, our immediately leaves, making Haven Ship open toward ape island there first, leaves behind the remaining several ships, making Mu'en pack the ship, we make Blood Hawk take Ghost Staff to walk first, after Sky Water City there, we from Space in the past, now regarding us, on sea surface were directly unsafe.” Meaning of Laura understand Zhao Hai, if Calci Family must send 9th level Expert to cope with Zhao Hai, on that sea surface was really unsafe, 9th level Expert goes to sea simply not to use the ship, with flying was OK. Laura nodded said : well, our immediately informs Mu'en they, you look for especially the Laze cloth.” Zhao Hai nodded, immediately/on horseback went out of door, then gave Blood Hawk to make Blood Hawk carry off Ghost Staff directly, he from looked for the Laze cloth, Laura their actually immediately/on horseback hurries to toward Mu'en there especially. although he uses this method to catch up toward Sky Water City, may expose some secret, but Zhao Hai cannot attend to now that many, if cannot handle the Calci Family matter, they and many a powerful enemy, this is not he wants to see. The special Laze cloth the in the room rest, today he also has drunk many liquor now, the suddenly servant incoming telegram Zhao Hai interview, he stares, but immediately invited Zhao Hai. However Zhao Hai comes in the Laze cloth to stare especially, because he presently Zhao Hai complexion very difficult looks, his quickly said: Mr. Zhao Hai? What happened to you?” Zhao Hai to Laze cloth said : City Lord, currently has the matter to want immediately/on horseback leave Jade Water City to process especially, results in several days, when I handled matters will come back as soon as possible.”