Chapter 421 does not need the reason

Special Laze cloth puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : mister has the matter to process finally, does not know that what matter mister does have? Needs me to help?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : this matter only to manage to us, I came to say one with City Lord, immediately want.” The special Laze cloth looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, knows that he was not good to say anything, nodded hastily said : well, that mister walked quickly, right mister, if there is any matter, must say, can help, I will help.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, if there is a matter, I will be certainly impolite, City Lord, I first walked.” Special Laze Bu Mang has delivered Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai left City Lord Mansion time, Xu Wanying and Junichi outside he, three people are getting up Laze cloth preparation horse carriage, immediately hurried to toward pier especially. They arrived on pier immediately Haven Ship, this also does to others looked that must these to know, they travel by boat leave Jade Water City. They on just shortly after Haven Ship, Laura they arrived, Zhao Hai knows that Mu'en there has arranged, he resulted in that five five mast iron armor ships that Clan there snatched to remain from Markey, only sits Haven Ship leave Jade Water City. Zhao Hai don’t know, his leave Jade Water City, special Laze cloth immediately makes his management examine that looked Zhao Hai lived any matter, such anxiously leave, simultaneously he is also giving Charlie to write a letter unexpectedly. Attaching great importance to degree of special Laze cloth very clear Charlie to Zhao Hai, looked that now Zhao Hai such anxiously had, knows that Zhao Hai ran certainly into very thorny matter otherwise him such not to worry, therefore especially Laze cloth also very concerned about. Zhao Hai is actually sitting in cabin now, the picture on look at monitor, he now is actually very annoyed, he thinks really did not look for Smith, but well bumped with Calci Family, attacked their imposing manner, but the reason told him, that was incorrect, finally Zhao Hai endured this tone, he to wants to have a look at Smith to have any means. Laura their also calm the design on look at monitor, to be honest, they regarding the attack of Calci Family are not extremely worried, they believe that has Zhao Wen and Cai'er, even if were the opposite party came three even four 9th level Expert, they also had the means to kill the opposite party, but Calci Family feared that cannot lose that many 9th level Expert, naturally, they were impossible to send that many 9th level Expert to cope with Zhao Hai they. But although they are not worried about their security, but the effect on this matter they actually must consider that they do not have what influence on Continent after all now, could not produce anything to threaten regarding Calci Family. Hawk is quick, after several hours, the hawk arrived at the Sky Water City range, Sky Water City there may not have what curfew saying, therefore there in the evening also very lively.

Zhao Hai made the hawk put outside the city Magic Staff, then their immediately from Space to Sky Water City City Lord, but this Zhao Hai in riding his move of human eye ox cart, but release from Space several horse, rushed in the City Lord Mansion direction. Now Zhao Hai has exchanged warrior cloth, Laura they are also same, only then a Meg person also puts on Magic Robe, the person who they dress up like this walks in together, the ordinary person only thinks that they are the Noble juniors who comes out to play, some people will not pay attention to them. Zhao Hai they arrived at Sky Water City City Lord Mansion quickly, City Lord Mansion there is the original appearance, but Zhao Hai just had made the hawk deliver a letter to Smith, he will be waiting for Smith in City Lord Mansion side gate there. Really, Zhao Hai just arrived at the City Lord Mansion side gate, Phill opened the door, Zhao Hai they made City Lord Mansion, Zhao Hai jump down from the hippology, look at Phill said : Uncle Phill, this time matter was very troublesome that how Smith did Big Brother prepare to solve?” Phill strange looked at Zhao Hai said : this to make City Lord tell you, please.” Said that brought in Zhao Hai the City Lord Mansion backyard living room. Smith was waiting for Zhao Hai in there, he has not really thought unexpectedly Zhao Hai can come is so quick, looks at Zhao Hai appears out the living room, he responded that immediately/on horseback Zhao Hai made the living room, Phill send to sub, Smith then said : non- sea, I have not thought, unexpectedly you can come was so quick? How do you achieve?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : first did not say this, first said that how can like this? Calci Family thinks that I do die? Can send 9th level Expert to cope with me unexpectedly?” Smith smiles bitterly next step: I have not thought that in Clan can be such response, was a pity that Clan has informed me, they prepared to begin.” Zhao Hai look at Smith said : „do that you plan to solve this matter? If unsolvable, I to must to solve.” Smith stares, puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : „do you solve? How do you want to solve?” Zhao Hai two eyes flash of cold light said : kills 9th level Expert that they have sent, I to have a look at your Calci Family to have many 9th level Expert to suffice me to kill!” Smith one has stood, look at Zhao Hai that two eyes decides, he listened to the meaning in understand Zhao Hai words, Zhao Hai this was telling him, he had to kill a 9th level Expert strength. This made Smith feel surprisedly, 9th level Expert, was not the average person can please, even if were general small Clan, did not have 9th level Expert to assume personal command.

look at Zhao Hai said : that Smith decides „did you say really? That is 9th level Expert, is not 8th level .” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : I spoke truth, if your Carl Clan only sent 9th level Expert to cope with me, he must die without doubt, if sent them, they also died, said that they, so long as did not send out five 9th level Expert, assigned cannot preserve, sends out over five, I can guarantee that I will be perfect, but the later Calci Family security, I cannot guarantee.” Smith stares, then complexion ugly said : what? are you threatening me?” said : that Zhao Hai two eyes cold light sparkles you wanted my assigning, did I threaten a few words not to be good? Did what? fear?” Smith look at Zhao Hai, suddenly laughs said : good youngster, your line, HaHaHa, good, is very good, I said my means to you.” Looked look at that Zhao Hai Ding decides he, Smith complexion cannot help but calm has gotten down said : to look at your appearance, feared that does not want a falling out with our Calci Family, I said right?” Zhao Hai nodded said : not to think, to be honest, I did not fear that these family hands of your Calci Family, I do not even fear your Calci Family, but I do not want to make too stiffly with Rosen Empire, I in hand thing are presently many, but these thing need to change into money, needs to change into thing that I use, now on Continent besides Rosen Empire, in other Empire, the Radiant Church influence was too big, but I with the Radiant Church person am a mortal enemy, to other country, my in hand thing make a move was more difficult, therefore I do not want to lose in the Rosen Empire energy, if I really with. The words that your Calci Family battles against, I do not have not to have the means to turn into money in hand thing, this regarding me, the influence is very big.” Smith nodded said : looks like with is the same, I who I guess said that my means that my this means not only make our Calci Family not cope with you, will also let my Clan attach great importance to you, trains you , helping you.” Zhao Hai stares, puzzled look at Smith said : what means?” Smith shows a faint smile said : to become engaged with Megan!” Zhao Hai stares, then face shocking look at Smith, said : „are you cracking a joke? With Megan? Your crazy?” Smith shook the head said : not, I not insane, you only then married Megan, has become our Calci Family person on one's own side, Calci Family fully will support you, what kind of?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : this not to be good, Megan simply will not like me, we do not have what emotional basis, this was unfair to Megan, you cannot such do.”

In this time, the Megan sound is conveying said : Zhao Hai Big Brother, this matter I knew, is I complies, I like the person, I do not want to see you to have an accident, does not want to see that you live the conflict with Calci Family.” Zhao Hai they go along the prestige, is Megan, she animated standing in in front of the door of living room, face calm look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai look at Megan, forced smile said : Megan, why bother you are, we did not have what sentiment now, you were too few to my understanding, this is unfair to you.” Megan shook the head said : to like a person having no reason, does not have anything to be fair, I like you, when my also don’t know from starts, we are together is not long, moreover I also know that you have not regarded the woman who me you like, but I was on unconscious liking you.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, his really don’t know must say that any was good, just as was Megan said that among them was together was not long, even if in together, Zhao Hai not with Megan proper has chatted how long, his real don’t know long was so ordinary, a such stuffy person, had anything to attract Megan. At this time Laura had actually smiled, half step ran up to the Megan side, smiles said : Megan, fantastic, later we can forever be the sisters, was Meg?” Meg also smiles said : „, later we were the sisters.” Zhao Hai look at these two insane women, are actually speechless, their don’t know, comes a woman to with them divide the husband? Also happy such. The Smith look at Zhao Hai appearance, coldly snorted said : youngster, cannot help but cheap you, what don’t know your youngster walked is what transported, the daughter of my most treasure turning, but your should youngster say your status now? What origin your is youngster?” The Zhao Hai look at Smith appearance, is hearing his name, he has cannot help but smiled bitterly, it seems like oneself this status must expose.