Chapter 422 status

Chapter 422 Status At this time Laura they also drew to speak to the one side Megan, but the madame by Phill welcome to the living room, be also sitting in there look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai forced smile said : actually my status is not secret, but is few people toward that aspect thinks that my name is Buda, after Zhao Hai is me, name that changes.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that he was surnamed Buda, Smith has gawked, then complexion changed, said loudly: „Are you surnamed Buda really? Said that you were matched the Black Wasteland that Buda Family successor by Aksu Empire, Adam Buda?” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, I am Adam Buda, but I have now changed name, called Zhao Hai, beforehand Adam, you when he died.” Smith look at Zhao Hai appearance said : „don't you drink Water of Nothingness? Will you also use Magic? Right, according to Bell said you use is not Magic, but is one type of Divergent Technique, said that you haven't been able to use Magic?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not, I can use Magic, the toxin of water of my nihility has solved, I was Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation, Battle Qi level have achieved 8th level now, Magic level was also 8th level .” Was Smith startled look at Zhao Hai said : that shook „the toxin of water of nihility to solve? Is this possible? Do you deceive me?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not, I have not deceived you, the toxin of water of nihility truly solved, but that antidote only then, moreover I used for a long time to obtain, otherwise you think why to present Laura they is also only my fiancee, but wasn't my wife?” The Zhao Hai understand Smith that shocking reason , because water of type of toxin nihility leaves a legacy of trouble the descendants, if the toxin of water of Zhao Hai nihility has not solved, that Smith possibly in letting Megan will marry Zhao Hai, because in that case, after representing them, had the child, cannot study Magic and Battle Qi. Because has guessed correctly the idea of Smith, therefore Zhao Hai said that he is to tell Smith, his toxin solved. Smith one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but turns the head look at Laura they, Laura shows a faint smile said : well to Smith, Elder Brother Hai toxin truly solved, if you did not say today that two days he must hold the wedding with us.” Smith then relaxed said : well, has solved well, no wonder others cannot look up your origin, originally you are actually the Buda Family person, HaHaHa, on Continent all people have not thought that the water of nihility really had antidote.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this not to have what strange, will have poison certainly to have antidote, matter of engagement but you will say, wasn't considering?”

Does Smith stare said : what? you not to want? Can't our family Megan that be joined to you? If you dare to oppose that I really made Clan 9th level Expert chase down you.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly well, said : that my a while goes to the elders with family to discuss, is deciding information when cloth we become engaged.” Smith coldly snorted said : did not need to think, tomorrow on the cloth, the earlier the better, otherwise waited for in Clan to send out 9th level Expert, that troublesome was big.” Why does Zhao Hai cannot help but frown said : Calci Family to me begin 9th level Expert? Wasn't this too strange? Where did I have offended Calci Family?” Smith shook the head, sighs, said with the guess of Phill to Zhao Hai him, after Zhao Hai has listened, face shocking look at Smith said : because of this? Because of my management ability? Can kill me? If according to unfolds like this, that Dark Magician really ended, emits a strength strong point, intelligent point must kill, finally in that Dark Magician saves isn't one group of fools? How does that also unfold?” Smith has smiled bitterly next step: Who did not say, but can have any means that now in Clan is this style, I want to prevent not to be impossible.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : my initially feels very strange, why other on Continent are Magician, Radiant Church do not dare easily in provoking, only then Dark Magician keeps was suppressed by Radiant Church, originally basic original graciousness on appears in here, Calci Family, this was wants to destroy Dark Magician this profession.” Smith has smiled bitterly, actually real don’t know must say that any was good, sighed said : to consider as finished, you went back to rest, tomorrow I exit the information cloth that you and Megan became engaged, not only need tell the family member, must tell on Continent all people.” Did Zhao Hai wrinkle under brow said : that Charlie Prince there? information that if I become engaged with Megan passes on, what will bring to affect to Calci Family? Have this you thought? Isn't Great Clan on Continent does not participate in this Prince struggle position? Can this outside to misunderstand Calci Family?” Smith forced smile said : „the present could not control that many, but this did not have no relationship, Charlie Prince there met very happy, other people? That is the later matter, later was saying that what now is most important is protect your life.” Nod of Zhao Hai not bears, Smith looked at his said : „the present weather not early, you rest earlier, the tomorrow has plenty matter is busy.” Zhao Hai nodded, is leading Laura their returned to Mei Yuan, after entering the plum institute, his immediately entered Space, returned to Iron Mountain Fort, they called Green, then said to Green this matter. Green one hear of Zhao Hai words, cannot help but laugh said : well, fantastic, HaHaHa, Young Master, this to us, absolutely is good information, had the support of Calci Family, later Buda Family thinks to restore, that is not a problem, has not thought really that Young Master you so are unexpectedly fierce.” Does the Kun look at Zhao Hai appearance, sigh said : your youngster luck so to be good? First was Laura likes you, was Megan, day that the woman of this world was really too frantic, is popular your youngster such appearance now?” Zhao Hai smiles bitterly is listening to their teasing, he has not thought that can be this, but the matter lived, that does not have anything to say.

No matter Merine actually that many, she heard that Zhao Hai were also many a fiancee, cannot help but happy said : good, fantastic, Young Master, I thought us to find a time your wedding managing, earlier was Buda Family blooms a loose leaf is most important.” Before Green also nodded said : „, not they arranges the wedding to you and Laura , because the toxin in Young Master your body, now your toxin has solved, should arrange your weddings time.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : I also think that I had also said to Laura today this matter, I want to look for a time, arranged the wedding with Laura and Meg, but I had thought somewhat was unfair to them, now our Buda Family did not have officially praised on Continent, like this arranged the wedding, was too suffering from injustice they, but has not thought that then had Megan such matter, what status was Megan? She is the Calci Family little princess, even if she became engaged, impossible immediately marriage, if I now arrange the wedding with Laura and Meg, Calci Family will certainly not agree that it seems like that this matter must drag to be good in the future.” Green sighed said : looks like also can only like this, top Great Noble that but Calci Family on Continent knew how things stand, moreover I also heard in their Clan to have some very special customs, heard that they liked also specially taking seriously the girl, it seems like that this wedding truly was needs some time.” Kun nodded said : actually late not to have anything, Little Hai toxin has solved in any case now, his body was much better compared with before, will not look like the beforehand good type, only then that short life, late some time did not have anything, now the key do not have a falling out with Calci Family, otherwise troubled will be more.” Green nodded right that said : you said that that such, your does tomorrow want information of cloth engagement? Can that say your status? Do I want to act to moment?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : I to think now has not disclosed my identity time, had a look and so on, the present was only Smith they simultaneously I and Megan wedding, Calci Family is any manner has not said that I want to look and so on.” Green nodded said : that to be also good, it seems like Smith they want this engagement simplifying, had finished directly up on a cloth announcement, this is also good, the present is very special period, with the unusual method, decides the first wedding, by one, when held the wedding ripe noisy.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, my engagement with the Laura on very simple, I do not want to be too special in Megan, such was unfair to Laura, I will say this matter with Smith.” Green nodded, then said : right Little Hai, yesterday beer official came out, you also really let alone, are really good thing, that flavor is really good.” Zhao Hai two eyes bright did said : come out? That fantastic, what kind of? Came out several types?” Green smiles said : to have several types, one type is golden, one type is grey, one type is black, moreover you make us use the grain to try the liquor of fermenting, was good, the flavor of that liquor is really good, is very good.” Zhao Hai the grain liquor, is not that type of miscellaneous grains liquor, but is the one type of rice wine, the method on the other hand fermenting is simpler, but the rice wine a little advantage, the number of degree is not high, the flavor is mellow . Moreover the rice wine also raising person, everybody can drink, is the one type of rare drinks. Merine immediately went to give Zhao Hai to carry several types of liquor, Zhao Hai tasted, several types of beer are also better compared with the beer flavor that his previous generation drank, the flavor of that rice liquor was also very good, after all that rice was in Space, this liquor also was very naturally good. Zhao Hai puts down wine glass, nodded said : well, is very good, Grandpa Green, I thought us to be able the wine-making of large-scale, these types fermented, did you look?”

Green nodded said : „should, I looked that Young Master you should leave behind some Undead Creature, comes Stone also release that you mine, I in command(er) these Undead Creature construction liquor fields, must know now the castle here place, but some are insufficient, if constructing a wine-making field, that did not have the place.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, I leave behind ten thousand Undead Creature, is keeping these Stone, remaining looked your, was right, I also will leave behind stone spirit pair, they were Earth element Magician, but can also summon Stone Giant, the friendly house was not a problem.” Green nodded said : that to be good, good Young Master, you also go back to rest, yesterday came Undead Creature and Stone release on the line.” Zhao Hai nodded, returned to in Space has rested. Next morning, Zhao Hai they were called the front courtyard to have the breakfast by Smith, after having had the breakfast, Green made Phill pass on the returned to family to go information that Zhao Hai and Megan became engaged, looked like on Continent all people to announce that Smith such did, must in these people to Clan bring the pressure, letting them to destroy this wedding, naturally cannot kill Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai also said to Smith, this engagement did not hold any ceremony, Smith to has not said anything, the present is very special period, these thing exempted. However after saying these, Smith makes Zhao Hai lead Megan they to go out to play, increases a sentiment, Megan to is somewhat embarrassed, a face blushes they left City Lord Mansion with Zhao Hai. But at this time, information of Megan engagement has also spread over entire Sky Water City, this has thrown down a bomb in calm Sky Water City without doubt. Must know in Sky Water City, wants to marry the person who goes home to be many Megan, but they have not thought that booking of Megan among such suddenly marriage, moreover this engagement did not have anything's ceremony, does not have the banquet, is quietly, Megan was not being them. The people in Sky Water City soon crazy, Zhao Hai they come out to play, has bumped into more than 20 Noble young man to look like Megan to rescue card matter, one hear of Megan said that this matter real, turn around of their one face dying embers walked. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, has cannot help but smiled bitterly, must say that Meyne in this Sky Water City also is really very popular, it seems like that this is also a troublesome matter. More troublesome also in behind, Zhao Hai real don’t know Calci Family what dislike, in knowing him becomes engaged after Megan will have, Smith made Megan become engaged with him at this time, clarified must guarantee him, but before Calci Family, has issued to him has executed the command, Smith such does clarifies has hit the face of Clan, now Calci Family these old person are complexion certainly unattractive? Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but turned the head to look at one, in one side with Megan that Laura chatted, the look at Megan smiling face such as the colored appearance, Zhao Hai cannot help but darkly decided: No matter your Calci Family is anything responded, Megan, I married.” Megan also felt that Zhao Hai vision, she looked up Zhao Hai one, lowering the head of then a face blushed, was not having yesterday that brave appearance, but Zhao Hai has to recognize, such Megan, attractive.