Chapter 423 Patriarch arrives

Just as is such that Zhao Hai thinks, Calci Family when receives Zhao Hai and Megan becomes engaged this information, the first response cannot believe that the second response is angry! Calci Family these people have fought for a lifetime the mind person with others, why their naturally very clear Smith must such do, Smith this was also dies to guarantee Zhao Hai. He prepared to kill not recognize this engagement, but finally they presently, if their not recognize, then removes the bottom on equal to with Smith has had a falling out, although Smith is also the Calci Family person, but he has strongly independent, if really Smith compelling, not to have any advantage to the Yu Clan clan anxiously. Moreover Calci Family person also understand, Zhao Hai now one becomes engaged with Megan, he was Carchi Province puts the person on one's own side, in Clan has added this kind of strength, regarding them, absolutely was the good deed. Calci Family although has the ancestor to teach, Clan can not use the woman as the tool of marrying, but regarding like Calci Family Great Clan, no matter what marriage, almost will hang up the check with the politics finally, finally will turn into another one type of marrying form. Megan being in good graces of very in Calci Family, is the little princess in Clan, the person in Clan does not certainly want to marry with her, but similarly, must marry who regarding Megan, Clan has their considerations, minimum has properly matched. Looked from this point that the Zhao Hai status does not match with Megan obviously, but if now in Clan recognize this wedding is not good, that will make Clan break a promise before the person, will become other Great Noble laughingstocks, similarly, the Megan reputation also ended. However made them such recognize, they really could not swallow this tone, finally Calci Family Patriarch, the Smith father, the Lando Carchi Province could not sit still, he decided to go to Sky Water City to see Zhao Hai personally. Lando although is Patriarch, but he is also a person, he ten love Megan, therefore he prepares to see Zhao Hai personally, what person has a look at Zhao Hai is, how then must handle this matter in the decision. Since heard that Zhao Hai this name to the present, he has not seen Zhao Hai, he to Zhao Hai all impressions is the report of come from under the hand/subordinate, according to Bell, Smith, Juwan. However these three people to Zhao Hai depending on commenting is the same, is very simple according to the Bell appraisal, Zhao Hai is strength very good Divergent Warlock , moreover business that his in hand also has plenty can make money. The Smith comment share was very high, after all looks like in Smith, Zhao Hai is a very intelligent person . Moreover the management ability is very strong, in hand also has many good thing, what most important is, the strength is immeasurably deep. But Juwan will not certainly speak any word of praise, Juwan, Zhao Hai is Fei Yang/flying upwards is domineering, villain of being ignorant of the proper action to take.

Synthesized the words of three people, Lando has also regarded an ambitious fierce and ambitious character Zhao Hai, therefore he wholeheartedly wants to kill Zhao Hai. However now Smith comes this, making Lando one feel embarrassed, he has to terminate Clan to send out 9th level Expert to cope with the order of Zhao Hai, the preparation goes to Sky Water City to see Zhao Hai personally. But at this time, Charlie also received this information, he just received this information is one happy, then felt that the matter a little does not suit, his very clear, Zhao Hai also had the conflict with Calci Family Juwan in the past, how to be betrothed with the Calci Family little princess now? Charlie the Calci Family matter very much found that he is one wants to struggle the throne Prince, regarding these established Noble, will naturally understand some. But regarding Megan, he also knows that without means that because Megan now on equal to is the Carl Clan little princess, therefore previous Grand Duke Layen goes to Megan, Charlie knows that he lives certainly does not grow, Calci Family will not let off his. But this Zhao Hai unexpectedly so suddenly became engaged with Megan, this makes Charlie feel that very inconceivable, he wants to know that what's the matter, therefore his immediately sent the letter to the Laze cloth especially, Gentes Laze. The special Laze cloth also confuses now, Zhao Hai on that day hurried hurried walked, he is being any matter, next day on the matter that legend Zhao Hai and Megan become engaged, the special Laze cloth is surprised, because Zhao Hai of that day walks, person who that expression likely do not become engaged. After Zhao Hai they arrived at Sky Water City fifth day, Lando to Sky Water City, this time is not secret comes, but does not have extremely in making widely known. He just disembarked, Phill and Smith were waiting for him in pier there, Lando looked in the crowd, does not have presently the Megan personal appearance, had not seen that any resembles the Zhao Hai object, cannot help but gets angry, gloomy face look at Smith said : Megan?” Smith quickly said: Went to sea, three days ago went to sea, Little Hai must go to sea to handle matters, Megan must with, therefore.” Lando snort|hum, look at him with Phill one, deep voice said : first went to City Lord Mansion to say.” Said that on horse carriage, hurried to toward City Lord Mansion. To City Lord Mansion, entered living room, Smith they asked Lando to sit down, then waved, besides Smith, the people outside Phill has expelled the living room. On the day of Smith and Phill already thought will have, therefore standing of their calm in there, prepares to greet the Lando anger.

Lando look at them, as soon as pays the dead pig not to fear that the boiling water hot appearance, cannot help but at heart is mad, but he exempts strongly has depressed the anger in heart, look at Smith and Phill said : says, what's the matter? Why makes Megan become engaged with Zhao Hai, why hasn't waited for me to come them to run? Doesn't dare to see me?” Smith calm said : „, because Megan likes Zhao Hai, therefore I let her and Zhao Hai became engaged, why will go to sea as for them, that was because immediately must arrive at God's Grace Day, Zhao Hai before with Charlie Wang Yuehao, God's Grace Day time, must to the Charlie Prince a batch goods, therefore went to sea this matter early booking to get down.” The Lando look at Smith appearance, coldly snorted said : what? you were now old, the wing was hard, can not listen including my words, me has gotten down Kill Order to Zhao Hai, you made Zhao Hai become engaged with Megan at this time unexpectedly, did you actually think? Are you Calci Family person? Why the arm elbow turns outward.” Smith look at Lando, calm said : I naturally am the Calci Family person, I such do for Carchi Province pen, Megan is my daughter, daughter who I most like, you think that my liking lets her like the present, hurried, without any ceremony becomes engaged with Zhao Hai, is not you compels.” Speaking of finally, Smith almost with roar. Lando look at Smith appearance, coldly snorted said : good, dares to roar to me, are you good for Calci Family? Your was there good for Calci Family? Did you say?” Smith look at Lando coldly snorted said : I am certainly good for card happy wonderful Clan, you should not such treat Zhao Hai most from the beginning, your such treatment Zhao Hai, making other people in Dark Magician Alliance what kind of? Do you want to dismiss Dark Magician Alliance really? Make Dark Magician in time turning in a state of disunity, then makes Radiant Church these fellows all defeat?” Lando coldly snorted said : you understand anything, I such do to resist with Radiant Church, so long as turns over to all Dark Magician to the rule of our family, we are capable of resisting with Radiant Church.” No matter Smith actually that many, coldly snorted said : „? Before Radiant Church has not coped with us, I remember our Clan also such does? Finally what kind of? These Dark Magician or Dark Magician, they listen to our Calci Family? Instead to is gives people a hard time Dark Magician this profession, inside person are getting fewer and fewer, are getting fewer and fewer, wants a suppression to Radiant Church finally, almost made Dark Magician this profession break the inheritance, was this unification that you said?” Lando complexion somewhat is also ugly, he knows certainly the beforehand matter, but he thinks that now the situation was different, had that plan of Zhao Hai, that Dark Magician can feel relieved bold unfolding, their Calci Family be able feel relieved governs these Black Magic under the rule, when the time comes Calci Family certainly compared with present scenery, certainly great strength like Radiant Church. However thinks of these, Lando also cannot help but somewhat is at heart embarrassed, that advice that dependence Zhao Hai that because he such makes offers, but person Zhao Hai that now he aims. Smith look at Lando said : you are thinking, using Little Hai to offer that advice that Dark Magician will obtain very big show, in that case, even if were Dark Magician of these zero exhibitions dies, no big deal? But have you thought? Do you want to train these Dark Magician to need how long? 20 years? 30 years? 40 years? In the twenty years, what matter lives, can you know? Yes, had that idea of Little Hai, Dark Magician can obtain the show, but that has a premise, is in Rosen Empire all schools must have Dark Magician this to ask the guest, if you turned over to our Calci Family all Dark Magician, we can affect all Dark Magician, our Calci Family will influence increase, what did we have to distinguish with Radiant Church as the matter stands? Why will Radiant Church be suppressed? Why can't Radiant Church unfold in Rosen Empire? Do you want to make Calci Family turn into second Radiant Church? Radiant Church was suppressed by Rosen Empire, they can also at other national show, because their climate to become, we? If we one day were also suppressed us to go to there by Rosen Empire all Noble alliance? leave Rosen Empire? Do not forget, beside Rosen Empire, is Radiant Church world!” Smith this turned the words to say the Lando perspiration to get down, he produced firmly like Smith said that thinks that was turning into another Radiant Church Calci Family, but he has forgotten, in Rosen Empire here, his Calci Family was only Great Noble, with his Great Noble side by side was several, in their above also Imperial Clan, if they turned into another Radiant Church, that seriously will threaten the rule of Imperial Clan, Imperial Clan will let off them? These will Great Noble let off them? If all person alliance suppress them, what to do they can? Beside Rosen Empire, Radiant Church held the absolute superiority, if they leave Rosen Empire, certainly by Radiant Church running over.

Before he truly these time successfully to the fainted brains, but he after is Great Clan Patriarch, the repeated difficulties that passed through are many went, by a Smith such saying, he one was sobered, has measured the advantages, right that he has to recognize, Smith say. Similarly is superior, Lando very clear, Rosen Empire Imperial Family will not allow under own governing to have the influence that can threaten itself to rule to exist, these Great Noble are also same, if he illuminates the show that he thinks, first time jumps to suppress their, is Rosen Empire Imperial Family and these Great Noble. Smith looked the appearance that father knows he has thought understand joint, he did not have to say anything, static standing in there, he believes that own father will think through, if he cannot think through, does not wear, when Calci Family Patriarch. Some little time Lando let out a long breath said : is right that you said that don't you need to marry Zhao Hai Megan? What good does he have?” One hear of Lando expression softened, Smith let out a long breath, he knows at heart that Lando has thought through, his immediately/on horseback said : father, I such does also for Calci Family, if we sent 9th level Expert to cope with Zhao Hai, that feared that will be only trouble, that 9th level Expert will possibly come but not return.” Lando stares, then complexion changes, look at Smith said : you know that what you were saying? Is that 9th level Expert? You think really the Zhao Hai strength is so strong?” Smith forced smile said : my don’t know he really so is also strong, Zhao Hai truly was me told that he said you, so long as did not send out five 9th level Expert, he can make these 9th level Expert come but not return, even if has sent out five 9th level Expert, he can also the whole body draw back.” Lando coldly snorted said : listens to him to frighten the person, did you who he said believe?” Smith forced smile said : „, I believed , the father, you knows that he has used how long from Jade Water City to Sky Water City? How many hours has only used, seems like so quick, even flies general Wind Falcon that flies is quicker, such, general 9th level can't Expert achieve? Therefore I think that he might achieve him to say.” What Lando face shocking look at Smith said : you said is real? Is he really so only quick?” Smith forced smile said : does not believe you to ask Uncle Phill.” Phill nodded said : is Patriarch, Zhao Hai really quick, we have arranged the person in Jade Water City there, special is staring at Zhao Hai, so long as one presently Zhao Hai appears in Jade Water City, immediately delivers a letter to us, Zhao Hai is six days ago morning arrives at Jade Water City, after he arrived at Jade Water City, we have delivered the letter in Jade Water City there person immediately with Wind Falcon to us, after we receive a letter, immediately/on horseback sends the letter with Blood Hawk to Zhao Hai, making him use the quickest time to rush to Sky Water City, when Blood Hawk flies Sky Water City in the evening time, Zhao Hai also arrived at Sky Water City.”