Chapter 424 sea Lando one hear of Phill said that also cannot help but frowned, Sky Water City to Jade Water City, no matter near, even if Wind Falcon with flying, several hours, but Zhao Hai after receiving letter, can also arrive with Blood Hawk unexpectedly, this is really makes him be surprised. Zhao Hai gives Smith Blood Hawk him has seen, the god is handsome, no matter fighting strength, be much quicker than ordinary Wind Falcon. But Zhao Hai can simultaneously arrive at Sky Water City with Blood Hawk from Jade Water City unexpectedly, his may really be very extraordinary. The Smith look at Lando appearance, said : father, I heard information from Shelly Family there in a soft voice, they said that Zhao Hai is Space Magician, don’t know is true or false.” Lando could not be sitting still, did one stand got up said : Space Magician? Did you say really?” Smith nodded said : „, Shelly Family there has gotten down gag order, the rumor is very strict, I also passed through inquiry in every way to inquire, but this information was indefinite.” Lando transferred two said : on the ground „, if he is really Space Magician, that arrives can also be joined to small Megan, your status? My status we could not look up, how you can feel relieved gives such person Megan?” Smith forced smile said : father, his status I knew, although stems from my meaning, but I think that should not be wrong.” Lando said : found out? Is this possible? On Continent almost all Great Clan, but obtains to the present nobody, did you actually look up?” Smith forced smile said : is not looks up, is Zhao Hai tells us, I in letting Megan became engaged before him have asked his status, he initiative told us.” Does the Lando look at Smith appearance, frown said : what? his status to be very special? Really is that hidden world Clan or that big influence?” Smith shook the head said : is not, we most from the beginning on Zha Cuo the direction, he were not hidden world Clan or the big influence, he was surnamed Buda, before called Adam Buda, now changed name to call Zhao Hai Buda.” Lando stares, then stares said : Buda? You say that Black Wasteland feudal lord? Buda Family?”

Smith nodded said : right, is that Black Wasteland feudal lord, Buda Family, therefore his most from the beginning appears place is Black Soil fortress, therefore he most from the beginning in the surface of Purcell Duchy dew.” Lando nodded, but then his complexion changes said : bastard, if he is really the Buda Family person, he doesn't drink Water of Nothingness? How that can Megan marry him, your crazy?” Smith look at Lando, sighed at heart darkly, saw the Lando appearance, looked like saw initially he was the same, at that time he knew the Zhao Hai status, with the response of Lando should almost. However the Lando words he must reply that he smiles bitterly said : „, if on Zhao Hai has the water of nihility, how I possibly make the Megan frame give him, the toxin of water of his nihility has solved.” Lando did said : solve? Solved really?” Smith nodded said : to solve, I made him demonstrate Magic also to have Battle Qi, now his Magic has met the standard of 8th level , Battle Qi has also achieved 8th level , but before , he did not have Martial Arts well, therefore if now light fights with Battle Qi, he most on equivalent to 7th level Warrior, but he was actually Magician of entire department, was skilled in all Magic, with mixing Magic, according to my estimate, he with Magic the words of fight, feared that now was Inferior level other 9th level Expert is not his match.” Lando looked that pass/test Smith said : you to say really? Is he really Magician of entire department? Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation? What fortuitous encounter does he have?” Smith forced smile said : I want also to be, but his agree did not say, perhaps after him, will tell Megan, but can look, he not easily in the person who telling him will not trust.” Lando knit the brows said : vigilance to not to be small, but this should also be, good, right that this time you make, has not thought really that this youngster strength so is unexpectedly strong, if with him to, we also really will suffer a loss, but this youngster was turning to run my granddaughter person unexpectedly, I will not forgive his.” Smith has smiled bitterly, then said : father, you also knows that because of the beforehand matter, Zhao Hai stirred with Charlie Prince now in together, what can this have to affect to our Clan?” Lando thinks that shook the head said : not, Zhao Hai was betrothed with Megan, has not married, even if were the solution marriage, he was also the Buda Family person, was not our Calci Family person, will not have anything to affect to us, so long as later we paid attention, with too nearly on the line that Charlie Prince walked.” Smith nodded, looked at weather said : father, the weather not early, we eat to select thing, was right, Zhao Hai said that he will come back after a period of time, I thought you to might as well in Sky Water City dull previous some time, when the time comes be able to see Zhao Hai.” Lando thinks that nodded said : well, these time comes me not to see Megan, that will walk, I in here dull previous some time.”

Smith nodded, they directs Lando to walk toward the dining room with Phill. But they were actually going to the Shrimp Tribe road in this time Zhao Hai. Passed through being together of this several days, between Zhao Hai and Megan already very comfortable, although also with having to achieve Laura and Meg degree, but was also very good. However Zhao Hai had not decided that told Megan now Space secret, the Megan situation and Laura were different from Meg, Laura with her Clan removed the bottom has had a falling out, in impossible returned to Markey Family to go, but Meg was never with him, loyal will definitely not have the issue, therefore Zhao Hai can feel relieved shared with them Space secret. However Megan is different, Megan is standing huge Clan, strong everyone/Great Clan that on this Great Clan or Continent know how things stand puts, but person of Megan in their Clan, relationship very good, he can be favored in Clan, this also lets sentimental very deep of Megan to Calci Family, if Zhao Hai tells Megan Space secret now, so long as Smith asked that feared will be she will say, that Zhao Hai biggest secret on must expose, this may not be Zhao Hai wants to see. Megan to has not felt anything, now they sit in the ship are Haven Ship, but snatches that several ships that to follow from Markey Family there in their side. From small long is so big, Megan first going to sea, before Megan returned to Clan time, walks Law River at most, will not go to sea, in adding on their Clan does not need her to act to do business, therefore she also at most travels by boat to play in the offshore, carries on the experience of long-distance navigation like with the ship, this is the first time. Couple of days ago of just coming out, Megan also felt very excited, but third day is not good, the navigation was a very arid matter, in here except for the sea water and on the ship that several people, you almost could not see any person. Zhao Hai they to have been used to it, because there is Megan in on the ship, therefore they not convenient entered Space in the daytime, can only be when evening's time went, daytime they also can only look for a pleasure in on the ship. Actually this ship altogether so is big, can have any pleasure to be good to look, but is because Zhao Hai their people have been used to peacefully, several people chatted in together, drank sub, made the point to eat, unknowingly one day on the past. This is they come out after Sky Water City the third day, Megan actually felt that was somewhat bored, she stands in the deck, the look at sea water, frowns does not make noise. At this time Laura presently Megan is unhappy, her did immediately walk to smile said : Megan? How to be unhappy? Missed homeland?” Megan turns the head look at Laura said : to not to miss homeland, is only the feeling is very bored, on the sea, we can only be stranded in this on the ship, was bored.”

Laura smiles said : not to have the means that the on the sea navigation is this appearance, this several days, we must walk about seven days to be able.” Megan flipped supercilious look said : day that my don’t know can I fall really insanely, this also was too scary, really thanks to you can bear.” Laura smiles said : this to have anything to endure unable to bear, you look for a pleasure to yourself and that's the end, on the ship has the book, all right we can also chat, or how study study to prepare food, really the incorrect words, we can fish, if you are only thinking bored, that has been bored.” Megan smiles said : well, you taught me to be good, I also want to study to prepare food.” Laura smiles said : „the present has not arrived at eating meal the time, and so on, you have not needed to feel that actually such bored, because of sometimes, our on the sea will run into the pirate, or meets attack, at that time was most exciting, crossbow arrow run all over the place, Magic Cannon also rumbling doing sound.” Megan forced smile said : I had not really looked you said where these was interesting, I to am rather bored, does not want to meet attack.” Laura smiles said : feel relieved, I said that may not meet, especially now, we have six five mast iron armor ships, the common pirate does not dare to annoy our, the ship of pirate generally is three masts, few of five masts, even if they have five mast iron armor ships, generally will not come us.” At this time Zhao Hai also walked, he looked at their one eyes, smiles said : what What happened? to say?” Zhao Hai also saw Megan probably is unhappy, actually his these time went to sea has not prepared to bring Megan, but did not have the means that Megan must with, could not prevent Smith, he also can only take Megan, going to sea time he has thought that Megan is not possibly able to adapt to the marine life, three days displayed. Megan look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, aren't you bored? This sea air-to-air, what does not have, can only occasionally see several sea-birds, or sees several ships, moreover you have also used Undead Creature on the ship, isn't that more bored?”