The fourth hundred 25 chapter of decisions Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : is a little bored, but also has his advantage with Undead Creature, they will not betray, moreover does not use the operation money, insanely, will not disturb us, he he, isn't this good?” Megan honk mouth said : „was there good? I have not looked that does not manage, Elder Brother Hai, talks about your beforehand matters to me, after Buda Family was matched Black Wasteland, what matter lived?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, after Buda Family to Black Wasteland, lived a lot, but these matters are related with Space, if told Megan these matters, that must expose Space secret, Zhao Hai does not want to deceive Megan, how he also real don’t know must reach an agreement. Laura also saw Zhao Hai the place of feeling embarrassed, she said said : „saying that hastily these have any meaning, walks Megan, we prepare food, at noon today lets the feast that Elder Brother Hai tastes us to make, was right, called Meg, otherwise I feared that Elder Brother Hai will be killed by poison by us.” Interest that Megan hear of she said that also followed Laura with a smile, four girls run toward the on the ship kitchen, do the Zhao Hai look at four people of backs, to standing in his nearby Blockhead said : Blockhead, you say me now like this? Or did I tell Megan Space secret?” Blockhead smiles said : that to look at Young Master you, actually now we say Space secret, on Continent several people dare to move us, we have Space, also so many Undead Creature, regarding any influence, we are at the absolute superiority, if really the incorrect words, we run up to Beastman Prairie to come up, these people also can only be the shares of staring on helplessly.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : your youngster ambition to not to be small, but you said to is also right, we truly do not need to fear anybody now, moreover I thought that we now such is hiding the truth from Megan, probably very sorry her, no matter what, if my such does not trust her, initially should not comply to become engaged with her.” Blockhead smiles said : these matters I not to understand, Young Master your look at office.” Zhao Hai looked at Blockhead one, suddenly smiled said : „to say, you with Stone young were also many, the age that should get married, I looked that today I saw Grandpa Green, must say this matter to him, cannot let you always this, must look for woman look at you.” Blockhead one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but face red said : Young Master, you little took me to crack a joke, I can you be very happy with Young Master with Stone.”

Zhao Hai smiles said : with me with the marriage, but two matters, you are married also with me, it seems like that this matter I must tell well Grandpa Green.” Has had the lunch, several people have rested an afternoon nap, afternoon time, Zhao Hai practiced in on the ship has met Battle Qi and Martial Skill, how use Magic Meg instructs Megan to fight. Megan although is 5th level Water element Magician, her Magic practice good of , but he does not have the experience of what actual combat, therefore Meg will instruct her. Doing that actually Zhao Hai understand, this director can play with is limited, now Megan lacks is the actual combat experience in battlefield, in the practice, that atmosphere is completely is really different, many person normally Martial Skill practices is very good, but to the battlefield, has put in an appearance makes the person killing , because they have not adapted to the battlefield a that atmosphere, they were given to frighten by imposing manner of enemy , the ten layers skill are most can use to come out 1 or 2, this regarding them is most awfully. In the evening after Megan goes to sleep, Zhao Hai they arrived at Space, Green and Kun were waiting for them in there, after Zhao Hai practices has met the military, several people enter the living room to sit down, Zhao to Green said : Grandpa Green, I wants to tell Megan the Space matter.” Green stares, then why knit the brows said : suddenly to mention this? Before you, several days is not does not want to tell her Space secret, feared that she told Smith them, that Calci Family knew this secret.” Zhao Hai nodded said : truly, this secret, if told Megan, the Calci Family person knows, but did not tell her, I felt that was unfair to her very much, if I did not have to trust her, my initially should not comply with this to ask the wedding, this is unfair regarding Megan.” Green nodded, what has not said that does Kun actually frown said : like this? If we such do, will not do well on entire Continent to know that this secret, did not say what response first Calci Family will have, on Continent the responses of other influences we have to thinking well, must know that the greedy person were too many.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I also to know, but at the present our Calci Family strength, we do not need to fear their anything, is really not good, we followed them.” Green one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but knit the brows said : such words we possibly becomes the Continent public enemy, did not have the means to base on Continent.”

Zhao Hai sighed said : I also to know, calculation that but on this Continent the strength said after all, we are currently competent, but others actually don’t know, therefore some small troublesome will always look for us, if we had revealed made them feel strength of fear, these slightly did trouble should not to dare to look for us?” Green knitting the brows head, is very obvious, he to the proposition of Zhao Hai is not approval, but he thought Zhao Hai said is very right, if their initially makes Calci Family know that their in hand has 9th level Expert, possibly Calci Family will not treat them with such manner. However Green thinks that is not quite safe, now their in hand 9th level Expert were too few, if straight spells with these people hardly, finally they can only withdraw in Black Wasteland there do not dare to come out. At this time Kun said : Little Hai, did you have to think, in has subdued these 9th level Expert Magic Beast in Carrion Swamp, for us used, to have Zhao Wen and Cai'er, I want to subdue these 9th level Expert people should not be difficult, subdue one, we were many one point of strength, in Swamp protect the Flower Alliance person on few one point of strength, finally they definitely completely will be subdued by us, they were Magic Beast, with the person, these Magic Beast did not want Space, Space automatic subdued them, did not need to be worried that can betray us, if our in hand had. These 9th level Expert words, we almost can with Human Race, Beastman Race, Sea Race, Elf, Dwarf be the same, become on Continent a formidable influence.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought of this, initially they have only thought protects the great strength of Flower Alliance, has not actually thought that these 9th level Expert have the respective domain, normally their contacts are also quite few, if he can subdue these 9th level Expert, his strength can arrange to the Continent front row absolutely. Green is also two eyes bright said : this foot intent to is good, if I look feasible, but does not have now at that time, after this must wait, was saying that was right, Young Master, I thought that you can tell Megan Space secret, but must make her keep secret for us, having a look at her to achieve any degree.” Zhao Hai nodded, then look at Green said : Grandpa Green, a matter, about Blockhead and Stone, now their age is not small, you looked that should also make them get married? Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, I looked that should also look to accompany to him, they cannot because of me, not marry for a lifetime, wasn't that unfair to them?” Green has not waited for the speech, nearby Merine smiles said : well, Young Master this idea is good, Blockhead and Stone these two youngster, should get married, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow is, age Eldest Child not small, should already get married.” Blockhead and Stone turned have boiled the shrimp, was red including neck, but Xu Wanying to is very calm, he turns the head to Zhao Hai and Merine bows said : to feel thanks Young Master and Merine Manager good intention, my this whole life did not plan to marry.” Zhao Hai stares, look at Xu Wanying appearance, nod of gently, did not have to say anything, he knows that Xu Wanying had own reason, he feared that he asked will bring back the Xu Wanying painful event.

Merine had not asked that but looked at Xu Wanying one, sighed said : that well, all along with reason, but Young Master, I thought that your tomorrow the matter in Space to Megan said that like you said that you, since became engaged with Megan, that should trust her, otherwise is unfair to her.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head look at Laura and Meg said : Laura, Meg, won't you be angry? I felt, if did not tell Megan the Space matter, probably was deceiving her.” Laura smiles said : not, our that will be angry, Elder Brother Hai your don’t know, we already want to say this matter to you actually, if discussed the sentiment, we with Megan relationship may compared with you fortunately.” Zhao Hai cannot help but laughed said : you saying that my feel relieved, actually I really felt very lucky, can obtain looking upon with favor of your good girls unexpectedly, what on was naive was too takes care of me, therefore you were the same in my status, I do not hope you, because I acted difficult, such words not only my day did not feel better, our Buda Family day did not feel better.” Laura smiles said : feel relieved, we, you will not have anything to be good to struggle, if you dare to be partial to anyone, we will not comply, we now are one group.” Zhao Hai cannot help but smiled the even bigger sound, Green they have also smiled, truly speaking, Zhao Hai complied with the Megan marriage, Green also really to fear that Laura will have any idea at heart, if the Zhao Hai real backyard were on fire, then to their Buda Family, was not the good deed. Kun sighed at heart, she knows that Laura loves miserably Zhao Hai, what otherwise not such was Zhao Hai considers, but Kun also recognize, Zhao Hai really very much settled on Laura, had any matter to discuss with Laura that could look, Zhao Hai liked Laura not liking him being less than Laura.