Chapter 426 Hot Spring Next morning, Megan early got up, although said that went to sea for four days, but she has not been familiar in the life that on the ship sleeps, everyday rests is not very steadfast. This is also this several days Megan sad reason, a person rests not well, that temperament will not be good , because of this, therefore this several days Megan also felt that the mood is depressed. Today gets up after washing, Megan came out from the cabin, she thinks that outside blows the sea breeze, this time she comes out from the family, in has not taken family along the servant, own placard body maidservants do not have the belt, but Megan did not regret, since she must marry Zhao Hai, that must be familiar with Zhao Hai their life style, she does not want to let Zhao Hai she is a everything must let thousand jin (0.5 kg) young lady who the person serves certainly. Megan appears in the deck, presently Zhao Hai and Laura they got up, Megan walked hastily, embarrassed said : Elder Brother Hai, Laura Elder Sister, you got up, sorry, I got up late.” Zhao Hai turns the head on the look at eye also to bring a dark circles Megan point, the apology cannot help but , does he smile said : what? not to have a good sleep at heart? Just arrived at the marine person is this, always felt one sat probably in swung is blue, shaking shook, he he.” Megan forced smile said : my also don’t know, in childhood lived to swing the blue matter already to forget, if I also lived in such place in childhood, I believe that I cannot certainly fall asleep.” This saying caused that Zhao Hai and Laura laugh. Megan has also smiled, although endured hardship over the two days . Moreover the mood also came under some influences, but she on them learn in Zhao Hai many thing, has also endured hardship to endure hardship, tenacious, optimistic upward , because of this, therefore she in this case can also crack a joke. Now Megan also knows that Zhao Hai was there attracts her, was this optimistic spirit, no matter experienced any matter, Zhao Hai was very probably optimistic, what most important was, no matter did, Zhao Hai routinely, carefully proceeded, this point attracted her really very much. The look at Megan appearance, Zhao Hai calm slowly, his face stern look at Megan said : Megan, we became engaged, you in the future were my Buda Family person, therefore I must tell you today our Buda Family most important secret, I hope that you can defend this secret, even if do not say to your father that you can achieve?” Former a few words words that Megan one hear of Zhao Hai spoke, she feels her face one red, but hears the Zhao Hai following words, she one was shocked, face stern look at Zhao Hai, but she does not have immediately/on horseback to comply.

Her static is thinking Zhao Hai words, good, she became engaged with Zhao Hai now, although has not married, but this matter has such subscribed, she was the Buda Family person, no matter others were what kind, he was impossible leave Zhao Hai. However must make her hide the truth from the parental anything matter, her also very much hard to deal with said that she sentiment to Smith and wife's was too deep, to make her hide the truth from Smith and wife any matter, she feared that she cannot accomplish. look at Megan does not have immediately/on horseback to reply that Zhao Hai has not been angry, conversely, he feels very happy, Megan does not have immediately/on horseback to reply that is the performance of her heavy friendship, displays her to his sentiment real, otherwise Megan immediately can returned to, be able to achieve, then turned head to sell Zhao Hai is also same. Zhao Hai look at Megan said : Megan, you must know that this secret Laura knows, Meg knows, all our Buda Family people know, you became engaged with me now, I hope that you can obtain with the Laura same status, otherwise is unfair to you, simultaneously I also entirely believe you, if I do not believe you, actually became engaged with you, in the future must marry you, this is unfair regarding you, therefore I hope that you can think me well.” Megan is listening to the Zhao Hai words, her understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai is hopes that she can obtain with the Laura same status, this also indicated that in Zhao Hai, her status was at heart same to Laura, this lets Megan very happy, her look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai feel relieved, you such trust me, I will certainly not disappoint your trust, I conservatively live certainly in Buda Family secret, even if my father mother asked that my I did not say.” The Zhao Hai look at Megan appearance, suddenly laughs said : well, has your words, my feel relieved, have you prepared? Your can immediately know Buda Family biggest secret?” Megan take deep breaths, firm nod said : of I prepared.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the intention moves, Megan felt one at present flash of white light, then her appears before a villa. The Megan look at present all, here obviously is piece of Prairie, above has been covered with the green grass, not far away in front of the villa, is a cultivated land, inside is planting all kinds of plants, but these are unimportant, more importantly, why her don’t know can one arrive at here, they just not in on the ship? This enters Meg to shove open gate walked out of villa, sees Megan, showed a faint smile said : Megan you to come? Comes in quickly, the supper prepared, we continually ate meal said at the same time.” Megan blurry had hauled in the room by Meg, entered the dining room, non- little while Meg carried the breakfast, simultaneously Xu Wanying they also came to sit down.

This is also a Zhao Hai custom, when does not have any special matter, Xu Wanying they will dine with his together, chatted several on the dinner table, increased the sentiment. although has Blood Oath, Xu Wanying they will not betray Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai does not hope only then restrains Xu Wanying with Blood Oath they, he hopes Xu Wanying their sincerity works for him. Megan blurry sitting down, actually puzzled look at here all, this villa regarding seeing Megan of big house, no matter anything, however in environment makes Megan feel very puzzled. In this time, Zhao Hai was also sitting, smiles said : to Megan here is actually our Buda Family biggest secret, um, Laura, was told Megan by you.” Laura has not opposed, shows a faint smile, talked about matter in the Space to Megan, spoke Space all sorts of magical things. Megan already forgot to eat meal, dull listened to Laura saying that Space all sorts of magical things were really too many, Laura was also only simply said that has used for one hour, at this time Zhao Hai they finished eating the breakfast, only then Laura Megan has not eaten. Waited for Laura saying that Megan cannot believe looked out of the window looked at one you to say to Laura said :, here only did belong to subspace of Elder Brother Hai person? In here Elder Brother Hai is the god?” Laura smiles said : you also such to understand that here realizes firmly only belongs to subspace of Elder Brother Hai person, Elder Brother Hai is the here god, but this god was miserable, why must also probably to the Space payment, but must Level Up, otherwise anything unable to do.” Megan has not actually managed that many, but muttered said : here unexpectedly is Elder Brother Hai, here unexpectedly was Elder Brother Hai, this was also too mysterious, was too mysterious.” Laura look at his appearance, shows a faint smile, has not said anything, but went into the kitchen to go to the hot dish, she must their meals in hot, no matter what, they have no alternative but to eat meal. Some little time time that waits for Megan to sober, this present, in the dining room only remaining she, Laura is unexpectedly busy in the kitchen, but Zhao Hai their returned to in living room.

Megan has not gone to the living room, but entered the kitchen, looked like Laura to ask situation in the Space, Laura also one by one said that the meal hotly was before long good, their returned to the dining room, has had a food after simply, returned to in the living room, Zhao Hai they were staring at the screen, the marine situation on the screen demonstrating. Various images on Megan look at screen, felt that this Space is really mysterious incomparable, did Zhao Hai look at her appearance, show a faint smile said : Megan, Laura tells you situation in Space? here is our Buda Family secret, you also now should also know, why my in hand so many good thing? These are outputs of Space, he he, can say that without this Space, your simply cannot see me.” Megan Zheng Zheng nod said : Elder Brother Hai feel relieved, I will certainly not mention the situation in Space with anybody, your feel relieved.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, I believe you, Megan, this several days you do not have rest well, a while you to rest in Space, I let Laura and Meg am accompanying you, we went to outside, outside long time nobody although can go normally, but my not too feel relieved.” Laura said : „, this several days we do not have rest well, happen to sleeping well in Space, walks Megan, we sleep.” Said that pulls up Megan to walk. Zhao Hai was also leading Blockhead their leave Space, left several girls entire Space, Laura did not have immediately/on horseback to sleep, but then Megan went to taking a bath of well, in Space had the Hot Spring pond, can let their Bubble Hot Spring well, relaxed. Space underground room of the Hot Spring pond in villa, there originally is Karen Laboratory, afterward Karen had moved to Iron Mountain Fort own Laboratory, this underground room emptied, at the suggestion of Laura, here had been made into a Hot Spring pond by Cai'er, but this Hot Spring pond the running water, has small Hot Spring spring in the below of underground room, similarly, in the underground room side also has small water outlet, this enters one, was just right difficult to hold balanced of underground room water surface. In the underground room not only had is put several stone tables and so on, but also Cai'er can also at any time delivered to the underground room fruits and liquor, let Laura their enjoyments well. After this underground room fixes, received the welcome of all people, afterward under the proposition of Zhao Hai, the underground room was divided into two rooms, one woman room that is Laura they use, one gentleman room that is Zhao Hai they use.