Chapter 427 trades Megan sits in Hot Spring Chi Li, felt that unprecedented comfortable, she had not soaked Hot Spring before, Sky Water City along the Sea City city, there does not have Hot Spring, this is her first bubble Hot Spring. This soaks Hot Spring she to feel that this Hot Spring is really good, soaks in is really comfortable, on taking up Hot Spring is fluttering wooden plate fruits eats one, simply is enjoyment of deity rank. Has taken up the red wine, has drunk one, then sighed, this turned the head nearby look at also to soak in Hot Spring is drinking red wine Laura and Meg, Megan discontented charmingly angry said : you, actually added that was the good sisters, really had such good matter on oneself enjoyment secretly, tells me to today, snort|hum.” Laura and Meg have smiled, after smiles, Laura said : is not we do not want to tell you, but was this Space regarding Buda Family is really too important, this secret one, but made others know, that Buda Family last card in a hand did not have, therefore we do not dare to tell you, this time must tell you, was the Elder Brother Hai proposition.” although Laura also wants to say to Zhao Hai that making Zhao Hai tell Megan the Space matter, however at this time, Laura will not say, no matter what, this matter is also the Zhao Hai proposition, moreover she said that can also make impression of Megan to Zhao Hai better, the heart of Megan will turn toward Zhao Hai. Has to recognize, Laura be considers for Zhao Hai really very much, she considered like this including the small detail, because of Laura understand, oneself must cross with this man for a lifetime, this that must help this man fully, solved all troublesome him, therefore Laura will think of these. Megan one hear of Laura said that this snort|hum, said : has forgiven you, your feel relieved, I will not tell others the here matter, is really comfortable, you really will also enjoy.” Laura smiles said : also becomes, actually some here propositions are the Elder Brother Hai propositions, but he actually little can come here to enjoy, the matter that he handles were too many, was too busy.” Megan also sighed, the matter that Zhao Hai this several days must handle she also looked in the eye, although Zhao Hai like her father, will not sign documents, but Zhao Hai regarding the Buda Family show, if wants the matter that the matter, must handle were also many, looks like such that Laura said that Zhao Hai was very busy. Several people have soaked a while Hot Spring, in the room to building has rested, Space Villa here has room more than 20, therefore the spatial room has, Megan was good several days not to have rest well, in adding on had just soaked Hot Spring, lay down on the bed the non- little while to sleep. This thinks that she rested to afternoon unexpectedly got up, when she got out of bed present, in Space a person did not have, Megan just wore the clothes, presently already appears on Haven Ship.

She stares slightly, but immediately understand, this certainly is the Cai'er lane, yesterday Zhao Hai has looked like her to introduce Cai'er, but Zhao Hai has not told Megan, Cai'er is a 9th level Expert fact. Megan arrived at on the ship, Laura they sees Megan, Laura immediately had moved forward to meet somebody, the look at Megan appearance, smiles said : to awake, looked that you daytime rested these many, in the evening can also fall asleep.” Megan spits tongue said : this several days not to have a good sleep, rests to be good to think with great difficulty that has not thought rested excessively, he he.” Zhao Hai also shows a faint smile, said : that after not caring about „, in the evening goes to Space to rest, in Space peaceful . Moreover the air is good, in the there rest very relax clothing/taking.” Megan nodded, the scenery on look at sea surface, smiles said : look at Prairie in Space, arrives at on the ship also to look at the sea, such life is really good.” This saying also said Zhao Hai they to smile. Some little time does Megan to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, our these time go to sea must do? My look at have we walked toward deep in the sea? Do we want to go to the deep sea?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, we must go to the deep sea, we must go to an ape island, there is also our base.” Before Megan, several days reads, but also sees the matter of cross the border Yu Yuantou island, one hear of Zhao Hai said that she has cannot help but gawked next step: Ape island? Is that in the book writes, outside has reefs, does inside have a Magic Beast ape island?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : right, is that ape island, we now that Magic Beast on island subduing, that Magic Beast called Little Jin, you noticed that certainly will like, moreover in that island is rich in Bread Fruit.” Megan also knows certainly Bread Fruit, she has also eaten several, she has not thought really that this Bread Fruit can be in unexpectedly that ominous ape island outside produces.

After several days, Zhao Hai they arrived in an ape island finally, arrived in an ape island, Little Jin they meet Zhao Hai they, but Zhao Hai these time does not want in constant, stayed for two days on the island on a leave ape island, but this Little Jin actually must with him, Zhao Hai to did not oppose that ape island here had Transmission Point in any case, Little Jin can come back at any time, was good. Megan also very likes Little Jin, although Zhao Hai they tells her, Little Jin is very fearful, but the look at Little Jin appearance, has not seen Little Jin changes Megan of body, but also does not believe really Little Jin will go to that fearfully. After leave ape island, Zhao Hai they naturally must go to trade with Shrimp Tribe, Zhao Hai also told Megan this time point, this Megan to was alarmed, she has not thought really that Zhao Hai can trade with the Sea Race person unexpectedly. Zhao Hai also makes want keep secret this matter, naturally, he also said to Megan, later this Sea Race here business will cooperate with Calci Family, but with the matter of Shrimp Tribe transaction, cannot tell Calci Family. Megan to had not opposed, since Zhao Hai told Megan the Space matter, Megan has regarded itself Buda Family, the matter that she must handle now was full help Buda Family, said it, matter that now Zhao Hai handles, has not infringed the Calci Family benefit, conversely , he if cooperated with Calci Family, Calci Family will obtain many advantage. Megan this ideological transformation, all because of Zhao Hai, the Space also part of merit, although Space regarding the influence of person such wisdom life form is not very big, but does not have, in adding on Megan daily in the evening rests in Space now, therefore Megan thought slowly also in transformation bit by bit. Naturally, this regarding the influence of person is also very limited, therefore Zhao Hai their also not present this point. Quick they arrived at Shrimp Tribe control sea region, these Shrimp Tribe immediately greet them, received in them that piece of coral reef of Shrimp Tribe housing. However Zhao Hai these time comes time was actually shocked, because he presently these time trades with him not only unexpectedly Shrimp Race, crab clan, Shell Race, these two race transactions to Zhao Hai thing also very had the characteristics, Shell Race is needless saying that many were some pearls, but the crab clan traded most to Zhao Hai they were some crab shape Magic Beast, these crab shape Magic Beast were very really big, each lay on the ground, outstretched the claw has about ten meters, suffices really very much. This Zhao Hai altogether obtains the all kinds of pearl 100 jin (0.5 kg), coral 100, gigantic shape crab 200, shrimp shape Magic Beast 100, plant in the color sea in Magic Beast and sea plants, can say Zhao Hai this harvest, but very enormous. Moreover the crag stands this also tells Zhao Hai, he is contacting with other Sea Race people, hopes that can have many Sea Race with Zhao Hai to trade, Zhao Hai naturally happy, has given Shrimp Tribe many Bread Fruit, but also gives their many Milk Wine, how they must drink these liquor, that is not Zhao Hai can manage.

Zhao Hai leave Shrimp Race territory, returned to inland sea time, Megan cannot help but let out a long breath, the look at Shrimp Race territory, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you noticed that these long bizarre Shrimp Tribe and crab clansman you don't fear?” Before Shrimp Tribe Zhao Hai, has seen, crab clansman Zhao Hai to is first time saw that these fellow most upper part somewhat resemble with Shrimp Tribe, but he does not have long Shrimp Tribe that many feet, the looks like person of their head length looks like very much, is only the eye not like, their eyes like the antenna, extend in the top of the head, possibly can 360 degrees turn the head, can see all around situation, a pair of arm to is very likely the person arm, but in the hand is actually one to the giant chela, but the lower part is actually the crab same foot, has the hard shell, can say that before this touches the clan looks like looks like a crab , the face length. Half individual body is the same. But Shell Race to looks like with the person really very much, but carries on the back steadily a pair of wing same hard shell, this to hard shell very enormous, so long as the Shell Race person shrinks the body, the hard shell closes, can wrap in inside them completely, Zhao Hai looks at the appearance of Shell Race person, cannot help but has remembered the shell miss, but Shell Race person long is not attractive. Because sees the Sea Race people of these long odd-shape strange attires, therefore Megan will ask Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai smiles said : to occupy fears anything, they are also some have no less than our wisdom race, but is long somewhat strange, like various our Human Race person appearances, in their eyes, we are long strange, Megan, you must remember, has regarded Human Race to be good them, after our Buda Family, must contact with all different race, there are some different race people, most repugnant on is Human Race looks down upon their appearances, therefore you one, but reveals any. The fear or the loathing expression, will enrage them, they will possibly go all out with you.” Megan stares, then turns the head look at Laura, Laura smiles said : „, crosses several days to lead you to return to Iron Mountain Fort, in Iron Mountain there Giant-horn Ox Clan, they are growing huge Ox-head now, we see their times most from the beginning, feels is not familiar with, but the time grew was good, you presently, will deal with them, dealt with Human Race is more relaxed.” although told Megan Space secret, said the Transmission Point function to Megan, but Zhao Hai has not led Megan to return to Iron Mountain Fort to look now, but they welcome to see Megan Green to Space.