The fourth hundred 28 chapter of Wild Dragon Flag exhibitions, have me to be invincible! Megan when sees Green they are very anxious, she already inquired from Laura there, Green is the Meg grandfather, is Buda Family Manager, Zhao Hai is growing up from underestimated, now with the Zhao Hai sibling's grandfather does not have what difference, although Green to call Young Master Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai to Green is actually the incomparable respect, to obtain Buda Family recognize, Grandpa Green this pass/test has wanted. This made that Megan feels very anxious, when sees Green, how don’t know spoke, to Green and Merine being glad unbearably. Megan naturally also knew Laura is making fun of her, finally has driven off Laura quite a while, but as the matter stands Megan with their sentiments to was better, obtained Green their recognize. However these days Zhao Hai their on the sea has navigated, therefore Zhao Hai has not brought Megan to return to Iron Mountain Fort, preparation and other later had opportunity to say. Now Megan one hear of Laura said that to was curious, she be also well-known to Iron Mountain Fort to for a long time, Laura they did not have little raise Iron Mountain Fort, she also knows that on Milk Wine anything's these Continent in high demand thing, was Iron Mountain Fort there produce, therefore already wants to have a look. However this several days Zhao Hai truly does not have the too much time to return to Iron Mountain Fort, therefore she also can only wait, but they wanted the return trip now, time were many, naturally also had the time to go back to have a look. In Megan is wanting in asking Zhao Hai, when brings she goes to Iron Mountain Fort the time, in suddenly sky heard sound of the Hawk Cry, Zhao Hai has gawked, he listened to this is the Blood Hawk sound, but his don’t know this was that only Blood Hawk, his immediately/on horseback called Blood Hawk, took down the letter to look from the body of Blood Hawk that Zhao Hai complexion sank. Laura looked that Zhao Hai complexion knows certainly was the important matter, his quickly said: How Elder Brother Hai? Had an accident?” Zhao Hai has given Laura the in hand letter, Laura looked to live in a face, the brow also wrinkled, muttered said : unexpectedly is Uncle Evan, two hundred thousand mercenary? Is this possible? When really the world people are fool are inadequate.” Meg puzzled look at Laura said : what matter Laura Elder Sister did What happened? live?” Laura gave Meg said : „this letter is Uncle Evan to our letter, he said that Carson City there suddenly was besieged by mercenary of mass, besides attack Carson City hundred thousand mercenary, really also had hundred thousand mercenary to prevent Purcell Family reinforcement outside, now Carson City soon the support did not live, most five days will be broken through.” Megan although has not seen the information, but listened to Laura saying that she gawked, although she did not understand the military, but heard that had two hundred thousand mercenary, she also felt very absurd, these mercenary crazy? two hundred thousand mercenary does alliance get up a attack duchy? Was this definitely words that the army disguised as, Megan puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, what extraordinary character Purcell Family offended? Otherwise, why will so many armies come attack they? two hundred thousand mercenary, the people who even if not understand the military know that definitely is the army disguises as.” Zhao Hai nodded said : is Southern King Boris, previous our guard Ryan goes home, Southern King must begin to Ryan, but under escorting of Swordfish Ship, Ryan went home finally safely, now looks like, Boris prepared to extinguish Purcell Family.” Laura turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, how do you prepare to do?”

Zhao Hai thinks that said : we go to discuss first with Grandpa Green, was discussing with Uncle Smith, they were political old person, should be able to us an opinion, I to watch the matter of fleet, made them go to Jade Water City directly, making Mu'en arrange the there matter and that's the end.” Laura nodded said : to make Mu'en process has been OK, gives especially the Laze cloth thing in any case, after money must wait, can receive, he processes to be light people should not be a problem, the Purcell Duchy matter, we should ask Grandpa Green their opinion, few that but Grandpa Green person of their nearest/recent on with Continent contacts, on the situation regarding Continent, was not quite possibly clear, this we listens to Uncle Smith opinion in the aspect.” Zhao Hai nodded, immediately has given Blood Hawk Ghost Staff, making him fly in the Sky Water City direction, simultaneously the mandibular makes that several five mast iron armor ships that snatches from Markey Family there open in the Jade Water City direction, he has also put on the ship thing that this transaction obtained, but also has put on the ship Undead Creature Water element Magician, making him often add to on the ship these in the sea life form frozen, he and Laura their flashes body entered Space, returned to Iron Mountain Fort. Megan has not thought that really in this case returned to Iron Mountain Fort, arrives at Iron Mountain Fort here, Zhao Hai makes Meg lead her to visit in all directions, he they had actually found in Green the living room, told Green the matter on Evan letter. Green frowns to think that said : rescues must rescue, but we such rescue, can expose our status?” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : exposition exposes, happen to was calling this opportunity, making the people on Continent know, our Buda Family person came back, Grandpa Green, my Buda Family Wild Dragon Flag had does not have appears for a long time on Continent, should take?” Green stares, then one has stood, laughs, body that belonged to killing aura in battlefield one to brave, the person in instantaneous room felt that the temperature in room one reduced several degrees. Green turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, did you decide really?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to decide, Wild Dragon Flag, must from new returned to Continent, I probably to know that Buda Family came back.” Green laughs said : well, Wild Dragon Flag should have to inherit, Young Master, Wild Dragon Flag sooner or later will one day hand over in your hand, now our Buda Family strength rises sharply, should hit our Wild Dragon Flag, Young Master, you wait / etc., my immediately takes.” Before long Green is taking the a piece pack entire simultaneously scarlet cloth walked out, to the hall , his both hands show, a flag has unfolded. This flag has two meters width fully, about four meters, the red, above is embroidering making threatening gestures Wild Dragon all over the body, this Wild Dragon is not Chinese dragon, but is the dragon of Western that winged, but this dragon painting is quite abstract, moreover side dragon painting of dragon, the mouth is also spurting the flame, appears powerful. However makes Laura they be what is surprised, this flag is actually somewhat broken, the middle also broke a hole unexpectedly, but among that dragon, does not have damaged, conversely, to appears golden light sparkles, embroiders unexpectedly with the gold thread line. Zhao Hai somewhat excited look at this flag, he obtained all memories from Adam there, naturally knows that the significance of this flag, this flag is War flag of Buda Family first generation Patriarch use, the flag body itself becomes with most common red fabric, the above dragon also embroiders with the ordinary yellow line, when a war, Patriarch was seriously injured, the flag was also cut down, Buda Family Patriarch, picks up the flag, binds the big body, rush furiously, won a that weaponry finally finally, the blood of Clan also dyed the flag was redder.

Afterward Aksu Empire King, assigned the person has become personally with the hot silkworm silk-weaving this flag, in using Gold Essence to be the line, embroidered this dragon above, then he personally has bestowed Buda Family, afterward Buda Family was lifting this War flag, passed through the big decimal surface war, even if tenacious also had damaged by the hot silk when the war, but Buda Family had not actually changed the flag, finally their leave Aksu Empire imperial capital, Green bought to fall all thing, only has actually left behind this flag, this flag could be said as the symbol of Buda Family. Green look at this War flag, gains ground to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, this War flag is the testimony of our Buda Family honor, today I this flag give you, I hope that you can remember before Buda Family all sorts, moreover must on Continent to know that the Wild Dragon Flag show, has me to be invincible!” Said that has given Zhao Hai War flag, Zhao Hai put out a hand to receive the flag, forcibly nod said : Grandpa Green feel relieved, I will certainly make on Continent all people remember this flag, certain!” Green has laughed, but this simultaneously, his tears also class comes out, more than one year, since their Buda Family was matched already for more than one year, Green, is constantly not thinking in more than one year must let this flag appears again on Continent, now this opportunity came finally, on Continent all people, your look at, my Buda Family came back! Meg and Merine also in one side shedding tears silently, after undergoing the Buda Family tribulation, in this moment, this flag appears that heavy, but he appears that noble! Zhao Hai turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, I walked, this time is our Buda Family in one time makes an appearance on Continent, what you have to want explain/transfer?” Green look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, I have a few words, must make our Buda Family power and prestige, cannot discredit to this flag.” Zhao Hai nodded, folds the flag, handed over to put in Space, but he just War flag put in Space, immediately heard in Space to come prompt speaking sounds specially: Presently inheritance class special Item, therefore Item is several generations of person according to legend, the spirit the department, takes into special Item, this Item can in the war use, by with Host binding, cannot damage, cannot fall, may promote the soldier, may stir up the Host under the hand/subordinate crowd-attack ability, may increase the Host prestige, may increase the Host power, is increasing Host under the hand/subordinate to the Host loyalty, may increase the Space attack strength.” Zhao Hai one has tarried, he has not thought that this flag unexpectedly such useful, he told Green the fresh matter hastily. After Green hear, laughs said : well, should Young Master fresh Space, actually know that worthily that is the Clan treasure, good, has the help to be good to Young Master, Young Master, leaves, if there is any need our place, looks for us directly.” Zhao Hai nodded, is leading Laura they returned to in Space, looked at screen one, presently that hawk quickly in flying Sky Water City, Zhao Hai immediately looked at marine Haven Ship, Haven Ship is still navigating, the surroundings did not have the ship, Zhao Hai immediately to receive in Space Haven Ship. Then sits in the living room static the look at screen, Laura sitting gently in Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, our these time makes Buda Family War flag, can these people know us on Black Wasteland? What to do if they do send for Black Wasteland inquiring?” The Zhao Hai look at screen, coldly snorted said : comes but not return, this time I only prepare to let send out 10,000 Undead Creature to attack, too many were not good, remaining Undead Creature, I put hundred thousand to arrive at Black Wasteland, is adding on Cai'er, even if the opposite party sends 9th level Expert, must keep Black Wasteland them.” Laura to had not opposed that he was only look at Zhao Hai said : 10,000 can be short of?”

Zhao Hai shook the head said : 10,000 to be many, now on Continent has several Dark Magician command(er) ten thousand Undead Creature to make the war, I revealed that this ten thousand Undead Creature, have been able to shake some people.” Laura nodded said : also well, 10,000 were many, attack, we can also turns into Undead Creature these people, this people will not suspect.” Zhao Hai nodded, at this time Blood Hawk also arrived at Sky Water City outside, Zhao Hai their flashes body comes out from Space, then riding a horse direct City Lord Mansion. Zhao Hai presses down a chapter of repertoire, made the hawk inform Smith they to come back directly. Now is afternoon, Smith and Lando are chatting the Zhao Hai matter in living room, Meg are exiting already for more than ten days, they somewhat were worried. Has been hearing the sound of Hawk Cry outside this time, Smith one hear of this sounds know that was Blood Hawk has transmitted, his immediately/on horseback walked, took the letter from the body of Blood Hawk, after having read the letter, his immediately/on horseback made Phill go to side gate there to meet Zhao Hai they, simultaneously his also returned to in the room, to Lando said : father, Little Hai and Megan they came back, but had any important matter probably, probably caught up was very anxious.” What matter did Lando knit the brows said : they to have? Ok, we in here , etc. they, looked that they come back to be so anxious, certainly has the matter to with you discuss.” Smith nodded, but at this time Zhao Hai they arrived at the City Lord Mansion side gate, Phill opened the door, how many people to bows said : uncle, Young lady, did you come back? Comes in quickly, Patriarch came.” Zhao Hai was called by this to heavy of thunder, but no matter what, he now also was really the Calci Family uncle, what therefore has not said that to was Megan complexion changes said : grandfather comes? Is the grandfather opposes me with the Elder Brother Hai wedding? Did Grandpa Phill, how the grandfather say?” Phill smiles said : young lady not to need to be worried that Patriarch agreed your wedding, now just and City Lord is waiting for you in the living room, comes in quickly.” Megan then relaxed, but is not a face uneasy expression, looks like she was worried really very much Lando will oppose Zhao Hai and her wedding.