Chapter 429 primary interest

Zhao Hai they went to living room with Phill, Smith have been standing in the out of the door of living room, Zhao Hai bow to Smith hastily said : Uncle Smith.” Because they have not married, is adding on such Great Clan custom to be big, therefore Zhao Hai also can only call Uncle Smith now. Smith nodded said : well, enters the room to see Megan her grandfather, Megan, hurry up, your grandfather wait for you good several days.” Megan has complied with one, ran in the room, Zhao Hai has then gotten the person to enter room with Smith, Zhao Hai entered the room to see that Megan was sitting in a old person side acts like a spoiled brat. This old person looked like old, somewhat grayish white, ten points reorganization that however combed, stern-faced, what most important was, on this old person had imposing manner, this imposing manner also wanted the foot compared with Smith, looked year to year was the high-ranking. Smith to Zhao Hai said : non- sea, has seen the Megan grandfather.” Zhao Hai goes forward hastily one step, bows said : Zhao Hai to see Grandpa Patriarch.” Lando nodded, look at Zhao Hai that decides, Zhao Hai has also experienced this scene, therefore very standing of calm in there, static look at Lando. Lando deep voice said : sits.” Zhao Hai complied with one to sit, Lando has not spoken, was only still look at Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai does not have the mood to manage him to think anything now, he turned the head to Smith said : Uncle Smith, I have a matter to ask you today to discuss.” Smith stares, look at Zhao Hai said : what matter?” Zhao Hai said to Smith the Purcell Family matter, said the matter that oneself want to help, Smith and Lando frown to listen to the Zhao Hai words, after waiting for Zhao Hai saying that Smith look at Zhao Hai said : „do you want to help really? Moreover can make the Buda Family flag?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, now I am capable of helping him, moreover Purcell has the graciousness to our Buda Family, is adding on Purcell Family is also Aksu Empire established Noble, has helped him to our advantage has plenty.”

Smith has not waited for the speech, Lando makes noise said : to exit first, should support, your time prepares to attack with Undead Creature right?” Zhao Hai nodded, he somewhat puzzled look at Lando, he enters the room time on present, Lando somewhat dislikes to him probably, was not glad to say with him the words that has not actually thought supported him in this time Lando unexpectedly. Lando has not made Zhao Hai want too long time, on open the mouth and said: These years, because on Continent does not have what war, therefore our Dark Magician has almost not begun in the battlefield, these people have forgotten the Dark Magician undead regiment was fierce, your this time helps Purcell Family, certainly will go to war with Undead Creature, happen to also makes the person on Continent have a look, what doing of Dark Magician in battlefield with is, therefore your time, not only need hit, moreover must win, the attractiveness that must win, must make the Dark Magician power and prestige.” Zhao Hai nodded, but Smith said : this matter I also had actually heard at this time, the two hundred thousand person, is mercenary, that can only deceive people, the discerning person looks on understand what's the matter, but this matter must thinking well to be good, the situation that since I receive gets down, opposite party regarding Casa City carries on is not very fierce is fierce, I thought that they possibly strove for in wait for you, so long as you went, they will certainly cope with you, will not do well will also set out 9th level Expert, did you have confidence really?” Zhao Hai one hear of Smith said that cannot help but stares, does he turn the head look at Smith said : to come to me really?” Smith nodded said : originally not to think, but your such saying, I felt that now very looks like, their don’t know your status, but regarding your Zhao Hai this Dark Magician status is actually knows that moreover you are Zhao Hai this status time, with Purcell Family communication intimate, was adding on the past the Ryan matter, therefore they possibly calculate that you will have rescued Purcell Family, will therefore carry on attack to Purcell Family, as the matter stands, can direct you, was sending out Expert, gave to extinguish you and Purcell Family together, as the matter stands fall your enemies on can the relaxed solution.” Did Zhao Hai knit the brows said : Southern King to be so big in the Aksu Empire influence? This I have not thought really that Aksu Empire other Noble don't manage?” Smith shook the head said : to be very likely Southern King to pay any price, therefore these Great Noble will not manage, but, this Southern King motion time will not be what we definitely know is that long, moreover they certainly destroying control in lowly, similarly, they will not begin to other people, their target only then you and Purcell Family.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : this is also good, one time hits the pain they, making them not dare to act unreasonably and that's the end, feel relieved, 9th level Expert, so long as is about five, they do not want to live going back.” Smith one hear of Zhao Hai said that also knows that previous Zhao Hai is not cracking a joke, Lando one hear of Zhao Hai this saying, the eye cannot help but has narrowed the eyes. Before their some have not believed that really the Zhao Hai words, Zhao Hai said his Buda Family person, they know certainly, reason that Buda Family will fall to today's this situation , because did not have existence of 9th level Expert, now Zhao Hai said that so long as five 9th level Expert, that do not want to live going back, in other words, if four 9th level Expert attack he, he can make the opposite party come but not return. Must cope with four 9th level Expert, that minimum must need seven to eight 9th level Expert make a move to be good, otherwise is impossible to detain the opposite party, that many 9th level Expert that Buda Family there comes.

However now Zhao Hai said that they actually have to believe that now is not boasting, Zhao Hai immediately must support Purcell Family, they probably will meet when the time comes 9th level Expert, if Zhao Hai is not real having confidence, will not say this. The Smith look at Zhao Hai appearance, knows that he must go, did he nod said : when that you to leave?” Zhao Hai said : immediately walks, this Megan with, should not be too dangerous, our leaves, Purcell Family there could not support how long.” Smith nodded, look at Zhao Hai doesn't said : with need our Clan to send for supporting your? No matter what, you became engaged with Megan now, was our Calci Family person.” Lando also nodded said : „, you became engaged with Megan, I do not hope that what danger you have, youngster, do you want to go really?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : we to be enough, Uncle Smith, Grandpa Patriarch, I walked first.” Said that must walk outward. At this time Megan actually suddenly said : wait / etc. I, Elder Brother Hai, I must go with you.” Zhao Hai stares, actually frowns said : Megan, ok, this time we are go to war, although said that will not have any danger, but you should not like that scene.” Smith and Lando also frowned, Smith was said : good Megan, you remained at home, you went unable to add on help, does.” Megan actually shook the head said : I not, I must go, Elder Brother Hai, you make me go.” The Zhao Hai look at Megan appearance, don’t know does not know what to do, Laura deep voice said : Elder Brother Hai, making Megan go, will not have any danger in any case.” Zhao Hai look at Megan, presently a firmness of Megan face, in the eye is also bringing the tears, his cannot help but at heart soft said : good, you also go.”

Smith is actually complexion changes said : Little Hai, do you have confidence? If Megan injured, I will not let off you.” Smith also knows that the Megan disposition, although normally Megan does not have what temperament, but came up really that stubbornness, was actually uses a pretext does not listen. Lando also knows the Megan disposition, therefore is also to frown look at Zhao Hai now, Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, will not have the matter, when we come back, if Megan has been short of a head, you asked me to do accounts.” Smith turns the head look at Megan said : Megan, did you think? Do you want to go really?” Nod said : that Megan makes an effort is, I thought.” Smith cannot help but at heart darkly sighed, this may really be the female does not remain greatly, he also had said : that well, you must go to go, but must reach an agreement, you did not permit on the battlefield.” Megan nodded. Zhao Hai looked at time said : „the present time not early, we must grasp the time, I feared that Purcell Family could not support how long.” Said that looks like Smith and Lando says goodbye, this turn around walks toward the City Lord Mansion side gate. Phill to them arranged Mount, Zhao Hai they to arrive at the City Lord Mansion side gate to start hastily, directly on leave Sky Water City, just City Lord Mansion, Zhao Hai to Cai'er said : Cai'er, having a look at Stony Mountain there to have who, hit a nobody's place, we exited.” Cai'er complied with one to manage. They have Transmission Point in Stony Mountain there, before they can only be centered on that Transmission Point, the diameter optional position appears within two kilometers, that is also the monitor range. However now Space rose, they can the Transmission distance one be many five times, therefore Zhao Hai makes Cai'er find the place. He knows that Southern King they were started certainly to suspect him, suspected that he possibly obtained one to be able the Transmission Magic apparatus, therefore they will certainly send for monitoring in Stony Mountain there, if they from there appears , that certainly will make these people confirm now their suspicion, such will bring not the small trouble to them, therefore Zhao Hai does not want to let them presently. Cai'er has complied with one, before long found the place, Zhao Hai had not exited, but was direct release Blue Eye Rabbit, making these Blue Eye Rabbit bring Ghost Staff to exit, goes out of the supervisor areas of these people, then he was sending Blood Hawk to exit, bringing Ghost Staff to enter Casa City. Zhao Hai they originally in Warehouse that Casa City there also nobody knows, there was Green bought at that time, now happen to serves a need, they came out from that Warehouse, was contacting with Evan, together broken enemy.