Chapter 430 female personal connection The Cai'er movement is quick, before long she told the Zhao Hai rabbit release to go, to wait a while to be able the release hawk, Zhao Hai has not worried, now he just now left Sky Water City, but must find a nobody's place, then passed enters Space. However Sky Water City, Zhao Hai immediately release Alien, has then gotten the people to enter Alien within the body, this Space Level Up, Alien body also become bigger, now turned into about 20 meters high, ten meters high big guy, but Space of his within the body, turned into one high and low two, in addition more than 50 square meters big Space, Zhao Hai and Laura they sit in upper layer now, but Blockhead they sit in the lower level. As soon as they enter to Alien within the body, a Alien body revolution, immediately puts on toward Law River, Alien can swim, but cannot swim too long time, after all he is not Water element Magic Beast Undead Creature. Alien just entered to the water, Cai'er told Zhao Hai, the hawk release went, and other hours, they can arrive at Sky Water City. From Stony Mountain to Sky Water City there, fast horse wants for quite a while, if transports freight actually about two days, but with hawk, only then about two hours almost can arrive. Zhao Hai has not worried, command(er) Alien is swimming away toward in the sea, but Alien sank to the water now, travels in the water. Alien is not Undead Creature that Water element Magic Beast turns into, therefore travels their possibly tour too long time like this, now Zhao Hai to wants lane Water element Undead Creature, Blade-Scales Whale is the one type of good choice. although when is thinking these Zhao Hai also knows now does not think these, they stealth in the water about two hours, that side hawk arrived at Casa City, Zhao Hai their flashes body entered Space. This to is makes Laura they feel somewhat regrettably, they first time like look at ocean in water, although weather already not early, but this in the sea can also see the faint light probably, they may notice that the in the sea all kinds of small fish is swimming, this type that there keeps experiences them is first time. Not only they are first time, Zhao Hai is also first time, he had not arrived at in the sea to play before, do not say that sits in transparent Alien within the body, careful had a look at in the sea.

However was a pity that Alien is not Water element Magic Beast, cannot dive is too deep, they can only play in shallow water here, the too deep place does not dare to go. Zhao Hai they, as soon as enters Space, then immediately/on horseback comes out from Space, place that this time they come out, before is, that courtyard that Green buys, that courtyard they were regarded temporary Transmission Point to use by Zhao Hai, afterward they retreated that courtyard naturally not to use. However that courtyard had been bought by Green, naturally also nobody will go, Zhao Hai their appears in that courtyard. Zhao Hai is not dull in courtyard, appears in courtyard, his immediately release the horse, the riding a horse direct Grand Duke palace, he had not sat Alien, now Casa City here is living the war, if he sits in Alien appears , will not do well will live anything to misunderstand. although Zhao Hai knew Casa City here lived the war, but comes out from that small courtyard, Zhao Hai has gawked, because in Casa City did not have the means to compare with the original appearance. Originally Casa City is the Purcell Duchy national capital is, also has the name of northern pearl, here trade very reaches, normally is crowded, is very lively. However now in Casa City actually cannot see a pedestrian, coldly is clear, probably is a ghost town. In this time, suddenly is coming with a bang sound, Zhao Hai to stare, he presently this sound has conveyed from city wall there, he cannot help but stares, sweeps complexion is changing, he has not thought that the opposite party in the evening actually still in attack, no wonder Evan said that they could not support how long. Zhao Hai complexion changes, has not been saying anything, is hitting the horse, directly soars the Grand Duke palace the direction, their in the city this runs, immediately has alarmed the in the city person and garrison troops, immediately has the garrison troops to catch up toward their here, in the city person also window and gate pass/test stubbornly. Zhao Hai cannot control now that many, directly soars the Grand Duke palace, regarding Grand Duke palace Zhao Hai nature present minute familiar, before long arrived at the Grand Duke palace, but arrives at palace in front of the door Zhao Hai to stare, there most built up 1000 Ben Niuwei Cavalry, look at Zhao Hai that eyed covetously, Knight that leads, has put down the mask, has set level Knight Spear, prepared to charge. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, curbed a horse to stop hastily, then bowed to that Knight in immediately/on horseback said : this Purcell Family rushing cow Knight hello, I called Zhao Hai, was sees Grand Duke, passed troublesome reports one.”

That Knight has gawked, look at Zhao Hai that then decides, deep voice said : you said that you did call Zhao Hai? You have helped our Buda Family Mr. Zhao Hai?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to dare, is Zhao Hai, these time received the Grand Duke letter to catch up, notified one troublesome.” That Knight very excited, immediately/on horseback has raised up Knight Spear obviously, to Zhao Hai good a Knight ritual, then said loudly: mister please wait a bit, I urge to go faster come, Grand Duke is on city wall now resist the enemy.” Said turned the horse around, runs toward city wall on. Zhao Hai has not cared, the present is very special period, he should be careful, Zhao Hai their static sitting in immediately/on horseback, these Ben Niuwei of look at to, they are Purcell Family Elite, an individual strong body is strong, worst has the fourth level warrior strength, strongest has been able to achieve 6th level Warrior, such strength did not lower, Purcell Family worthily is Great Clan, really the foundation is solid. Zhao Hai in look at these Knight, these Knight in look at Zhao Hai, regarding Zhao Hai, these Knight has also heard, the Zhao Hai given name in Purcell Duchy that is uninhabited does not know that uninhabited does not understand, no matter what, Zhao Hai helps Purcell Duchy be busy. What most important is, Zhao Hai with the Laura legendary love story, was people spare time the topic of discussion, although Zhao Hai already leave several months, but mentioned Zhao Hai, entire Casa City did not have don’t know, but saw Zhao Hai this person truly actually few. Now looks at Zhao Hai, cannot help but feels somewhat disappointedly, long was too ordinary, an ordinary long gown, in hand takes one is looking like very attractive Magic Staff, long very ordinary, sits in immediately/on horseback is not conspicuous, afterward they saw followed in Zhao Hai behind Laura and Megan they, Laura was very famous in Casa City, many people have seen her, naturally some people recognized her, then these people to have affirmed the Zhao Hai status. Before long a hoofbeat transmits, two person's shadows rushed from Cavalry, Zhao Hai Ding eyeball looked that Evan and that look for Evan Knight. Evan as left as Zhao Hai , the pull horse reins, jumped down from the horseback, laugh said : well, Little Hai, you may be came, but gave me anxious, if you came several days at the evening, could not visit me.” Zhao Hai also jumped down from the horseback, bows said : little nephew to see Uncle Evan to Evan, Uncle Evan the luck has had good luck ever after greatly, that will care about such several Little Wool thieves.” Evan laughs said : to say on your youngster that this is not the Little Wool thief, his Grandma, certainly is Boris that bastard, waiting, this time him, if makes undead I, I have not played with him.”

Evan originally is martial artist, before outside had the wanderer to cross, for these years although in wholly-absorbed regarded this Grand Duke, but in the bone that belonged to the martial artist heroic spirit actually not to lose, now war together, he must go forth to battle to kill the enemy, this was one side the straightforwardness of martial artist, naturally revealed. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : little nephew also to hear that this matter, must say, these matter little nephews cause, naturally wants the little nephew to solve, therefore after receiving information, little nephew immediately caught up, the little nephew presented to the uncle, Laura and Meg, Ni'er you had seen, these two were Stone and Blockhead, before wants to come you, has seen, this was Xu Wanying, this was Junichi, this was my fiancee, Calci Family the princess, Megan, Megan, this was not Uncle Evan, Purcell Duchy Grand Duke.” Megan blushes to Evan bows said : Uncle Evan to be good.” Evan laughs said : well, good, your this youngster to has the female personal connection, exits such long time, many a fiancee, was good, in this speech, we do not enter the palace.” Zhao Hai quickly said: Uncle Evan, I looked that just probably some people were attacking a city? Does your this come back not to have matter?” Evan shook the head said : to be all right, the present was the evening, these fellows cannot toss about anything to spend, all right, waited daytime to say.” Said that pulling Zhao Hai entered the Grand Duke palace, to making to be shocked these Knight, they know that Zhao Hai is good with Purcell Family relationship, but has not actually thought that good to this degree, Evan this not to have worked as bystander that with Zhao Hai obviously. The person who this lets these don’t know Zhao Hai status feels very strange, what status don’t know Zhao Hai is, before although heard that Zhao Hai is good with Purcell Family relationship, but Zhao Hai contacts with Evan probably are not many, now looks like they resembles the very familiar with appearance? Several people entered City Lord Mansion, in Zhao Hai also present palace was different, now in the palace may not have that many servants, can see some Warrior everywhere, some people of Magician appearance, these people are Purcell Family worshipped/Foreign Elder, now the Purcell Family disaster, they naturally must strive. Evan walks toward the room, while notified these people, before long arrived at the living room, after sitting down, immediately had a warrior cloth person to send to sub to several people, Evan not politely, carried one to drink, this to Zhao Hai said : „you were the rapidness that came, if you came several days at the evening, I feared that could not endure, these fellows also really very fierce, 8th level Expert were many, 9th level Expert, Old Ancestor is not good to act, Old Ancestor couple of days ago conveyed a message, said that the opposite party has several 9th level Expert to assume personal command probably., He, if make a move, feared that cannot obtain good.”