Chapter 431 another reason Zhao Hai nodded said : I also to hear that this matter, the Megan family member obtained in the information saying that these people have not tried in attacking a city probably, that meaning was waiting probably, he he, it seems like wants to catch the whole lot in a dragnet that us.” The Evan knitting the brows head, he knows Calci Family, is more formidable than much established Clan Purcell Family, information that like this established Clan obtains, certainly real, it seems like these time aims at him and Zhao Hai. After these many years exercises, Evan already was not martial artist of that intestines, Evan changed mind one to want on understand what's the matter, he knows that this enemy came attack intentionally he, but also made him have time release information, then brought in Zhao Hai, eliminated in together. Thinks that here Evan complexion cannot help but changes, a face owes look at Zhao Hai said : of intent Little Hai, this time is I am inconsiderate, involved you, I look at this, was calling they did not have presently you now, your immediately leave Purcell Duchy, I will select several juniors to go with your together from Clan, no matter what, Purcell Family cannot make them give to extinguish.” Zhao Hai stares, then immediately understand the meaning of Evan, has he shown a faint smile said : to walk? Why I must walk, this time I not only will not walk, but also I have also brought our Buda Family Wild Dragon War flag, this time I must make on Continent all people know that our Buda Family person has not died certainly, our Buda Family appears on Continent.” He just said that hears Bang, Zhao Hai goes along the prestige, in front of the door of living room is standing Ryan, just sound was she in hand may the Asian pot fall the ground to come out. Ryan is heard that Zhao Hai came, at this time, Zhao Hai can appears , that explain that he is the Buda Family genuine friend, before adding in going to Rosen Empire the road, Ryan has not been short of by the attendance of Zhao Hai, therefore she wants to thank Zhao Hai, received in servant in hand has been possible the Asian pot, is preparing to Zhao Hai and Evan to sub, has not thought arrives at in front of the door time, heard the Zhao Hai words just right, she also under one on listening to come out, Zhao Hai unexpectedly is the Buda Family person, that Zhao Hai status on was vivid, before Zhao Hai her fiance, Adam Buda! Evan and Zhao Hai turn the head, happen to saw Ryan, Evan complexion cannot help but sank, deep voice said : „did you come? Comes, has seen Little Hai.” Zhao Hai has also stood, now he has been able very calm facing Ryan, he has bowed said : Miss Ryan to be good to Ryan, Zhao Hai was courteous.” look at Zhao Hai said : that Ryan actually decides „are you surnamed Buda? Are you Adam?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „I am surnamed Buda, Adam is only my beforehand name, I shout Zhao Hai now.” Ryan felt one do not have face to see Zhao Hai, covered the face, turn around ran, simultaneously momentarily her going far away, heard mediated following following the weeping sound.

Looked at this situation, Zhao Hai also don’t know must handle, he has not thought that really can be such result, at this time the Evan sound conveyed said : to consider as finished, leave alone she, Little Hai came, to sit, did you bring Wild Dragon Flag really? Listens to my Little Hai, walks, 9th level Expert is not you can cope.” Does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : 9th level Expert to be great? feel relieved, even if were the opposite party sets out 9th level Expert I also to extinguish him, will not have the matter, today I rest a evening in the palace, tomorrow I go to city wall to have a look with your together, must these to know that Buda Family came back.” Evan looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, sighed, in saying anything, but nodded said : that well, tonight you rest first, on tomorrow on city wall had a look.” Evan wants to make Zhao Hai have a look to city wall on, after seeing opposite party fighting strength, he believes that Zhao Hai is not thinking must spell with the opposite party hardly, when the time comes he was urging Zhao Hai leave, believed Zhao Hai to be able leave. Evan simply has not thought that the Zhao Hai present strength was so strong, he thinks that makes Zhao Hai have a look at the strengths of these people, is not thinking that is wanting attack these people, so long as he were urging, Zhao Hai also walked, his there thinks that Zhao Hai these time came to take these people sets up the prestige, he will retreat how possibly. After Evan to the dwelling that they prepared, Zhao Hai turned the head to Laura and Megan smiles said : tomorrow I to go to city wall to have a look, then dispatched troops to cope with them, when I to have a look at their several 9th level Expert to endure, tomorrow you arrived in Space, from the screen outside look at was good, do not come out.” Laura nodded said : line, our look at you have acted in a play, but Elder Brother Hai, at this time, you should invite Grandpa Green, but this time critical moment of Buda Family wasn't appears on Continent, Grandpa Green appears again good at this time?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : good, walks, our immediately invited Grandpa Green.” Said that their immediately went to Iron Mountain Fort, said to Green this matter. Green immediately agreed that Merine must with, Zhao Hai naturally agree, Green they lived in Space on the same day, Zhao Hai also lives certainly in Space, but Green and Merine that night actually lost sleep, they were waiting for this day too long time, on this day finally must come, they really somewhat excited not being able to fall asleep. Next morning, after Zhao Hai they get up, immediately left Space, Green they, they have not eaten meal in Space, they know that Evan will certainly ask them to eat meal, therefore they have not eaten in Space. Really, they just from Space, before long, Evan sent for asking Zhao Hai to come, Zhao Hai immediately led Green they to exit from courtyard. They just came out, that asked the Zhao Hai servant to stare, because in Zhao Hai their this team of people were also many two, Green and Merine such style, that servant naturally will not remember incorrectly, but that servant also knows that this matter, was not they can manage, the servant respectfully they welcome Zhao Hai to the dining room. Zhao Hai they, as soon as arrives at the dining room, Evan stares, Green and Merine he naturally is the understanding, but he has not thought that today Green and Merine meet appears in here.

Evan moved forward to meet somebody hastily, respectful to their gave a salute said : Uncle Green, Aunt Merine, when you are? I also just want to ask Little Hai, how your two have not come, but feared that your matter is busy, has not thought that today sees you, fantastic.” Green shows a faint smile, bows to Evan said : Evan Young Master, the old man I must the grandfather you, if not you helps, our Buda Family possibly already made the person extinguishing, my old man thanked you.” Evan quickly said: Does not dare, Uncle Green, you said that this isn't is folding my longevity? Quick do not say that asked in the room to sit quickly, the meal I prepared, moreover I was having the matter to your two say.” Said that let in several people the room. …… Evan this saying said is very solid, Green and Merine understand meaning of Evan, to be honest, office that if their in hand that strong strength, they certainly will not have said according to Evan, but this Evan has not said to the place, their in hand strength, must deal with outside these people too relaxed. Therefore Green look at Evan, shows a faint smile said : Evan Young Master, your feel relieved, this time I come with Merine, is not urges Young Master leave, but is the preparation witnesses, our Buda Family Wild Dragon Flag again flutters on Continent, Evan is short of his your feel relieved, four 9th level Expert, are not a problem, outside two hundred thousand army is not a problem, this time we must make on Continent all people know that our Buda Family came back, was offended our people by these, one thinks that Buda Family on feeling to shake!” Evan dull look at Green, he has not thought that Green will say such words to come, his quickly said: Uncle Green, that is 9th level Expert, 9th level!” Green shows a faint smile said : is, I know am 9th level, your feel relieved, if is really only four 9th level Expert, feared that does not use Origin Sword Saint his Senior make a move, we can solve them, these 8th level Expert that you said are not a problem, was good, now said that these are useless, this, we ate meal first, finished eating the food to have a look to say to city wall.” Evan looks at the Green Merine calm appearance, he was also calm, he knows that Green and Merine were not the impulsive person, initially their deal with, protect the Zhao Hai poor life, protect Buda Family , because of this, they their lives that Zhao Hai looked are more important , did they possibly make Zhao Hai take risk? However now they actually agreed that Zhao Hai helps him break through, that in other words did they have grasp fully? Thinks of a here Evan cannot help but at heart loosen, but also felt that very puzzled, his very clear, before Buda Family, strongest Expert was Green and Merine, their although was fierce, but was actually not 9th level Expert, but opposite party actually four 9th level Expert, can they have such performance? Did they have the support of that 9th level Expert? That, 9th level Expert isn't simply possibly four 9th level Expert matches? What card in a hand in this Buda Family has? Evan asks Zhao Hai they to come today, in the person by own family had not been participated, he knows his family's these people with Zhao Hai they are not completely right, before Buda Family has defeated time, their family's these people have not given Buda Family good complexion, now meets awkwardly only. After having eaten meal, Evan leads several people to walk toward city wall on, looks, now Casa City has declared martial law, in the city simply cannot see commoner, on the road can only see soldier who teams of were transferred.

However the Casa City garrison troops are not many, coexists also the twenty thousand person, these must protect palace Warrior to calculate City Lord Mansion these, their majority of armies in Iron Wall Fortress there against Beastman, are protecting the Purcell Family native place in Ben Niubao there, therefore the Casa City garrison troops are not many, if not the Casa City city tall wall is thick, they feared that already could not defend. After Zhao Hai they got up city wall, this present, on city wall the has plenty place damaged, from these damaged traces, some is by Magic attack, some actually likely are Magic Cannon and Ballista attack. The city wall last present has stood the garrison troops, these garrison troops are Purcell Family Elite Ben Niuwei, if not Elite Ben Niuwei, Casa City is impossible to insist today. Zhao Hai they looked at one outward, presently the outside the city surface had been encircled, probably is Earth element Magician does, they outside the Casa City city gate, caused several gulleys with Earth element Magic, this protects the Cavalry charge for Ben Ox who to prevent Purcell puts, it seems like they decided to want in dire straits Evan they. Zhao Hai looked at a outside the city situation, turns the head to Evan said : Uncle Evan, the opposite party to send these people to besiege a city, don't you really have reinforcement?” Evan has smiled bitterly next step: How possibly to have reinforcement? However has reinforcement to be also useless, they send the hundred thousand person to besiege a city in here now, the remaining hundred thousand people ambushed these reinforcement to go, moreover this time they make fully the preparation, besides our relative with same surname's reinforcement, other with Noble that we were on good terms, was found the way constraining by Empire, simply did not have the time to save us, therefore we now really to the situation of end of hills and rivers.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this Boris preparation very sufficient that previous time he begins to Ryan, I should some vigilances, but has not thought that he dares to begin to Purcell Family unexpectedly, in the final analysis, Purcell Family with he not too big enmity, moreover Purcell Family is established Noble, we do not dare to begin to you for him, has not actually thought that they began unexpectedly, moreover such ruthless, must extinguish you unexpectedly.” Evan shook the head forced smile said : „the here surface matter not all because of you, most important our Purcell Family does not buy the Boris account, I look at Boris nearest/recent activity frequency of , had the non- feudal official's heart, they have also tested me, had gone against by me, therefore he will begin to me.”