Chapter 432 attacks Zhao Hai real don’t know will have such a matter, he looked at Evan said : not to think that Boris really also had the thoughts that this wanted, this was also good, happen to today has tidied up them, I looked that Boris can also go the cow to that.” Said that turn around walks toward city wall, Evan they, Zhao Hai to the city, immediately Alien let out, then have put hastily out Buda Family Wild Dragon War flag, has installed the flagpole to War flag, turned carrying on the back of Alien, then his road Green and Merine entered Alien within the body, Evan looked at this situation, he must with, Zhao Hai not block him, allowing him also to enter Space of Alien within the body. Several people sit in Space Second Layer, there have the tea set of complete set, after Zhao Hai sits down, turns the head to Evan said : Uncle Evan, making them open the city gate, remaining looked our.” Evan looks at Green and a Merine face calm appearance, he does not nip, immediately made the person order, this Evan was not Alien within the body that a person entered, in his side also with two guards, how to say that Evan was also Grand Duke, how possible person not to bring. After the guard hands down made, city gate immediately is opened, Zhao Hai they came out from in the city, outside these enemy immediately present their here sound, all people arranged in order the team, was waiting for them. These besieged the Casa City person and don’t know Zhao Hai came, but they know that the Purcell Family Ben Niuqi fear, Ben Niuqi can existence with Beastman Cavalry resistance, that fighting strength be able to lower? Because of this, therefore they have made several ditches outside the city gate, prevents Ben Niuqi to charge. However their these time actually guessed mistakenly, when they prepared welcomed draws Purcell Family Cavalry, actually suddenly present, from city gate slowly walked huge Undead Creature, this Undead Creature had more than 20 meters fully, more than ten meters high, on the dark green skeleton, has been covered with the sharp thorn, appeared fierce incomparable. But in the head of this Undead Creature, but also is turning a flag, this flag launches against the wind, the blood red flag surface, above is making threatening gestures Giant Dragon, some flag surface damaged, actually increases killing aura, looked that is one experiences for a long time the Battle Formation flag! However lined up these mercenary that to be actually shocked outside, they have not thought this coming out unexpectedly was Undead Creature, in this time, the person who they led one has been thinking their this time another target, wasn't Dark Magician? His immediately called loudly, his behind team immediately stands was more compact, then teams of troops also gathered toward their here in the past, prepared to meet the approaching enemy Zhao Hai.

Simultaneously that Captain also person went to large camp to ask there Magician to send out, they know that Zhao Hai was Dark Magician, coped with the Magician best means with another Magician, this time they to cope with Zhao Hai and Purcell Family, was Magician has only brought more than 50. These 50 Magician, specially cope with Zhao Hai and attack time achievement moves turret to use, therefore normally they will rest in large camp generally, when will be most essential will come out, these soldier normally attack time, use will be Ballista and Magic Cannon. Under the gazes of these garrison troops, that Undead Creature climbs over that several ditches that they have made slowly, that several ditch although wide is not narrow, but regarding big Alien, is really not anything, before long climbed over that several Tugou. That Captain looked that Alien does not know affably, he wants to wait till Magician in camp to come out, in coping with Alien, therefore he will remove his team in the future, kept a point to Alien suddenly. However they wrong on wrong in giving Zhao Hai them left behind these activities Space, Zhao Hai sat in Alien, that several Tugou, did not have immediately/on horseback to carry on attack to these soldiers, but stopped, this made these soldier don’t know Zhao Shenghuo want to do. At this moment, the Zhao Hai intention moves, Battalion Battalion Undead Creature Cavalry appears in the Alien surroundings, these Undead Creature is Beastman, their bodies are big, sit in their Mount soldier, in hand are also taking huge Mace, is only this appearance for a part enough scary. Zhao Hai this time one on release a ten thousand raiders soldier, was correct to have the soldier over one not to have the edge absolutely not, these really has appeared, although besieges the Casa City army to have the hundred thousand person, but this hundred thousand person is impossible to give to sphere Casa City, Casa City is not small town, occupies a land area of area to be very big, therefore they surround key has put in four city gates. The army that as the matter stands each city gate there puts will not be many, on twenty thousand many, is adding on the loss of these days, a city gate can maintain has the twenty thousand army to gather round is good. Now these person silly look at these Undead Creature Beastman Cavalry, how at once don’t know must handle, in this time, suddenly Alien big mouth, a sound is then passing from the mouth of Alien came out said : „the Wild Dragon Flag show, has me to be invincible! Kills!” This sound naturally is Zhao Hai, this is also Zhao Hai nearest/recent a present Alien ability, so long as he stands in Alien body internal space gate there shouted outward that Alien will open the mouth, passes on him, moreover in process that in passing on, but can also increase the volume, looked like a loudspeaker was the same.

The Zhao Hai sound just passed on, these Beastman Race Undead Creature Cavalry immediately have held up in hand weapon, started to charge toward these mercenary. In Ark Continent here, almost does not have that race to block the charge of Beastman Race directly, their charges were too sharp, common army simply is not a match. But these to cope with Purcell Family, they are disguise as support the soldier to come, but will support the soldier almost not to ride, for will not make Purcell Family get suspicious, they will not have Cavalry, moreover what will put on will be only mercenary full body armor, then on equal to will be Infantry with light packs, lets Beastman Cavalry that Infantry will line up to block to charge with light packs, that almost will court death not to have what difference with them. Ten thousand Beastman Undead Creature Cavalry is starting to charge to these mercenary appearance person, in these mercenary appearance the formations of person immediately is a tumult, they were also the veterans, naturally knows fierce of this Beastman Cavalry, making them such positive with Undead Cavalry hard fierce, they did not certainly want. However that Senior Captain very much has the prestige, he has not made noise to let draw back, these people do not dare to draw back, actually that Captain is also the report has a hope, because of his very clear, Undead Creature level of general Magician use will not be high, fighting strength will not be strong, therefore the although semblance looks like very scary, but hits you really presently is not very fearful, in he wants to come Zhao Hai under release these many Undead Creature, that certain will be these fighting strength not too strong, therefore he will keep off in front of these Undead Creature Cavalry. However is very obvious, his these time has actually thought mistakenly, Zhao Hai these Undead Creature fighting strength are greatly strengthened, simply is not they can block, even if specifically aims at Beastman Cavalry Heavy Armor Infantry, can not be able to block these Undead Creature attack, do not say their these with light packs Infantry. When these Undead Creature Cavalry with formation contacts of these mercenary, that Captain knew the misdemeanor, these Beastman Cavalry fighting strength were too strong, even was stronger than true Beastman, their soldier simply could not block the impact of opposite party, put in an appearance, other people's formation washed out. Zhao Hai had not been idling at this time, he sits in Alien, with the Battalion together charge, but he sits in there look at, all dares to approach Alien mercenary, by Alien eliminating. Evan sits in Alien within the body, all that outside dull look at looks unfamiliar, he has not thought that Zhao Hai these Undead Creature fighting strength unexpectedly such, when facing these Infantry, simply is easily accomplished, these person of simply link one to put in an appearance cannot block. After Zhao Hai has washed out these mercenary Battle Formation, has not stopped, flushes away toward opposite party large camp directly, moreover Zhao Hai had not been idling at this time, release Black Magic, these just by mercenary that Undead Creature killed, immediately/on horseback are crawled, started to chase down to mercenary that these four exhibitions fled.

Then these people have flustered, sees the own beforehand ally, was turning into Undead Creature instantaneously, then takes weapon to chase down itself, that taste really could not say. Person who as these Beastman Cavalry kill are getting more and more, Undead Creature are also getting more and more, slowly, except for Beastman Undead Creature that Zhao Hai release comes most from the beginning, Zhao Hai were also many more than 2000 Undead Creature, these Undead Creature are these mercenary corpses turns. At this time these Magician in opposite party large camp also responded, rows of Magic toward these Undead Creature attack, some Magic directly soared Alien to come. Zhao Hai simply has not actually been deciding these, he sits in Alien within the body, leisurely and carefree is drinking sub, these Magic attack to the body of Alien, with giving Alien scratched itchy also similar, simply cannot have anything to do to use. Then these Magician have flustered, not only they presently Undead Creature of that huge Magic Beast shape they do not have the means to cope, Beastman Race Cavalry Undead Creature that even if these charged they do not have the means to cope. These are looking at this situation in 8th level Expert that in camp rested, immediately make a move, in their opinion, Undead Creature, can have five 6th level to be good, their make a move, that cannot Large expanse of dropping down. However this begin the exchange they presently have made a mistake, these Undead Creature are very strong, the strong oddness, takes to be able with them to fight to a draw individually, if two besiege, they must defeat without doubt, if were besieged by several, they died. This presently makes these 8th level Expert also hoodwink, they have not thought that will live such matter, what Undead Creature this is, why will have such strength? They cannot block the charge of Undead Creature, these Undead Creature immediately have crashed in large camp, then starts in all directions chases down these mercenary to kill to play the role of the person, key attendance is the people of these Magician appearance.