Fierce of Chapter 433 Undead Creature These time besieged Casa City these people one to fluster, can block Zhao Hai in also nobody their footsteps, but these Magician were high except for some level, can help itself escape with Magic beside, other these and other low level Magician, were killed directly, afterward they were turned into Undead Creature, then started with other Magic attack mercenary. This people have messed up, these years because to the suppression of Dark Magician, in the has plenty national army did not have Dark Magician, Aksu Empire is so, therefore these soldiers have forgotten fearful place of Dark Magician in battlefield. The Dark Magician most fearful place lies, they can cause large quantities of Undead Creature to come at any time, even if these Undead Creature strength can't compare with Zhao Hai in hand these, but they give the pressure that these people result in are actually very big, therefore Dark Magician in the battlefield, has been called Death God. Because these years on Continent basically does not have what big war, in adding on Dark Magician was suppressed, almost vanishes in the army, these ordinary soldiers pass through Battle Formation, has not met Dark Magician, these time meets Zhao Hai, they feared. Outside Evan look at these are chasing down mercenary Undead Creature, already thorough was scared, he had seen Zhao Hai before, has seen Adam, previous time sees Zhao Hai time, Zhao Hai snatches playboys, he felt that Zhao Hai changed, became sensible, became fierce, but these time saw Zhao Hai, saw Zhao Hai sat in there calm drank may the appearance of sub, Evan be afraid. Good, has been afraid, his Warrior, Warrior of murder, Grand Duke of duchy, he has been afraid, he has seen many vicious and merciless people, but like Zhao Hai, the eye did not wink to turn into Undead Creature these people, then killed more people, like the person, he has not seen, has to recognize, when seeing such Zhao Hai, his straight has feared. Murder many people of unemotionally can achieve, but like Zhao Hai, outside is killing people, he is actually drinking sub in the room, in hand is also putting simultaneously Magic, turns into Undead Creature more people, making these Undead Creature in kill people, in this case, he can also drink sub, such person was too scary. Evan felt that this Zhao Hai is not that Adam that know, he became the cold blood, became strange, became he feels absolutely terrified. Zhao Hai noted the Evan expression, he one wants on understand, to put down the in hand Ke sub Cup slightly, Zhao Hai look at Evan said : „was Uncle Evan felt that I was too ruthless? Too cold blood?”

The Evan look at Zhao Hai appearance, sighed said : Little Hai, I know that the Buda Family drastic change was very big to your stimulation, but you must know that these person of has plenty were also innocent, we repelled them consider as finished.” Zhao Hai look at Evan, shook the head, sighed lightly said : Uncle Evan, did you think me to want like this? However I actually have to like this, they now be our enemies, you looked that they are now pitiful, but have you thought? If our strengths are insufficient, they will become our pursuing life ghost, when the time comes no matter I am Purcell Family, will be destroyed completely by them, you think when the time comes they will let off us tenderheartedly?” Evan naturally also understand this truth, if both armies battles, he not a little does not endure, but is actually Undead Creature is killing people now, this makes his some not endure, this possibly is same type being on intimate terms relationship. Actually on Continent has the person of same idea to be many with Evan, otherwise Dark Magician will not become the persona non grata, but they have not actually thought that existence of Dark Magician, can little die by own soldier many, no matter Dark Magician will go to the attack enemy with anything, their attack will be the enemy, you will use the blade murder and with gunning down the person, its result will kill people, has anything not same. The Green person always becomes a ghost , the Evan thoughts, his coldly snorted said : what? does not need these Undead Creature to chase down these people, making your under the hand/subordinate go, will you feel better to select? I thought you also poisoning by Radiant Church these fellows.” Evan one hear of Green said that to is somewhat embarrassed, does not have means Green he very to respect, because of Green in the Buda Family status, Evan has also regarded own elder Green, therefore Green said his anything, he also can only listen. At this time several other city gates people also present change of here, sent reinforcement directly, reinforcement that but their these time sent did not have what means to cope with these Undead Creature, was one puts in an appearance in the same old way washes out. These these besieged the Casa City hundred thousand person removed the bottom have flustered, their immediately set had large quantities of troops their here to encircle toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has probably not actually seen one, still command(er) these Undead Creature rushes in all directions. If downward looks at from sky below, presently, in the present battlefield appears a very strange phenomenon, will have put on the mercenary person encircling middle some Undead Creature in the middle, looked like surrounds them probably, has been preparing to extinguish them,

Words that however you carefully look at presently, these put on the person of mercenary clothing/taking, getting down that but actually kept, but after they get down but actually, immediately was wrapped up by one group of black gas, then turned into Undead Creature to grasp, then put on the person of mercenary clothes to carry on attack to other. The fight has held following morning time, finally these mercenary could not withstand, has drawn back, in does not dare to gather round Zhao Hai they to kill, dying that because of them presently, the person of oneself body kept, the team of hundred thousand person, died the thirty thousand many people to the present, near forty thousand person, such loss was too big. Most makes these people feel what is puzzled, even if these Undead Creature is very fierce, but should not die these many talented people right, some people even received a wound, before long died, afterward they know that on opposite party weapon actually brings poisonously, so long as were hit by these weapon, that feared that only receives a wound, waited a while also to end. However these people in retreating, have not actually been ready, can say that they are retreating, their this draws back, Zhao Hai these Undead Creature naturally must chase down in behind, but these Undead Creature don’t know is tired. What a side is Infantry, a side is Cavalry, the here surface disparity is naturally huge, but that are many in their people, runs conveniently, but is this, person finally also fifty thousand person who they can escape. Has chased down these people one in the afternoon, obtained fifty thousand many Undead Creature, Zhao Hai their then returned to Casa City, simple after having eaten thing, Zhao Hai went back Evan to rest to the place that they arranged. But Evan actually could not fall asleep at this time, today the performance of Zhao Hai made him be startled, not only he manner of heart startled Zhao Hai when facing life and death, in the heart startled Zhao Hai in hand these Undead Creature strengths. Now Evan understand, why most from the beginning, he sends to cope when the don’t know Zhao Hai status Zhao Hai these person of cannot live, by fighting strength that Zhao Hai displays today, if these people can live are being called one strangely. Simultaneously Evan also has to face up to the Dark Magician strength, truly, before he to Dark Magician was not attach great importance to, because on these year of Continent suppressed to Dark Magician was too ruthless, especially Aksu Empire, reason that because Boris and Radiant Church had colluding, therefore they were more ruthless regarding the suppression of Dark Magician, moreover Evan small time started to listen to the person saying that the Dark Magician malicious remarks, this type entered the idea of give priority to first, let him to Black Magic also continuously dislike.

Also because of such reason, therefore he, when Zhao Hai enters to Stony Mountain there, will send for coping with Zhao Hai, in the Purcell Family army does not have existence of Dark Magician. However after watching the performance of today's Zhao Hai, Evan regretted, his very clear, like frontage impact time, the casualties of soldier are biggest, their these years also with surroundings has not the small friction, each metropolis appears many casualties, but if there is existence of Dark Magician, these casualties will reduce. One wants to arrive at here, Evan cannot help but does not have Dark Magician to regret for own army, but regrets now also late, now Dark Magician originally on Continent are not many, moreover did not trust them, they in want to incur to Dark Magician come in their armies to sit, is almost is impossible. But at this time, Zhao Hai actually hid in Space, Green they also sit in Space, but now Green very happy, face some slightly are red, he was really too excited, because they have made Buda Family Wild Dragon Flag today finally, moreover resulted in one to win. The Zhao Hai look at Green appearance, shows a faint smile said :Grandpa Green, I looked that tomorrow you returns to Iron Mountain Fort, the Casa City here matter I thought also to solve over the two days, the opposite party presently their ordinary armies cannot block my Undead Creature, certainly will invite 9th level Expert make a move, not only when the time comes you, I must the bow to Space , the fight of there only be able to give Zhao Wen and Cai'er. Green thinks that nodded said : well, tomorrow I returns to Iron Mountain Fort, my desire also has been in any case realized, but Young Master, you may probably pay attention, if the tomorrow opposite party set out 9th level Expert, you must hide in Space, moreover I feared that Radiant Church there has anything to move, their this time main target are you, you cannot have an accident.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, I will not have the matter, I hide in Space, they can be what kind of me, right that but you said that in recent time Radiant Church was too a little honest, honest is not quite normal, I feared that they after knowing my status, will send for Iron Mountain Fort there examining, therefore you are returned to Iron Mountain Fort assume personal command quite well.” Green nodded, had not opposed.