Chapter 434 Origin Sword Saint thoughts But what Zhao Hai don’t know is, they after returned to Casa City, their all motions under mixing the attention of far Sword Saint. 9th level Expert can pay attention to all around situation with Mind Power, but the powerful that today Zhao Hai displays, naturally also made Origin Sword Saint note him. Exactly said that this several days Origin Sword Saint has paid attention to the Casa City here situation, no matter what, he is also Purcell Family one, he does not hope that Purcell Family has an accident. Zhao Hai appears he felt very curious, his Mind Power has been paying attention to Casa City, how does not have presently Zhao Hai they to enter a city, similarly, how he does not have presently Zhao Hai their yesterday in the evening to rest, how Green was appears . This regarding 9th level Expert, was too may not really the meaning, because his reading entered to Zhao Hai that courtyard probably vanished, simply could not feel that they were doing. What most important is, even if the daytime time, he can feel in the city everyone, but cannot feel Zhao Hai, the place that probably Zhao Hai is one group of air, anything does not have, this was too strange. Therefore tonight Origin Sword Saint arrived on courtyard that Zhao Hai they lived, but is such near distance, he still does not have the means to feel that Zhao Hai their existence, Zhao Hai they disappeared probably. This makes Origin Sword Saint feel that very puzzled, finally he looked that the lamp in courtyard extinguished, he fell from Space, examined to courtyard, this look at him presently, in courtyard nobody, a person does not have. Origin Sword Saint sees this situation, cannot help but stares, then complexion changes, his immediately has thought one type of is possible, the opposite party has Space Divergent Warlock , or Space Magician. Mentioned also strangely, on Continent appears Space Magician very few, however in Divergent Warlock , there is a Space Divergent Technique person to be many, this possibly was one type of is also balanced. Has to recognize, in all Magician, Space Magic most make person difficult deal with, but in all Divergent Technique, Space Divergent Technique also most makes head painful, therefore Origin Sword Saint one presently Zhao Hai they in courtyard, immediately have not thought of Space Divergent Technique, because besides Space Divergent Technique, he cannot think that also has any strength to be able in the situation that he cannot feel, lets person silent leave of courtyard. Origin Sword Saint has stood a while in courtyard, then the personal appearance moved, vanishes in courtyard, then his personal appearance on appears in Evan courtyard, to the Evan door outside, Origin Sword Saint deep voice said : Evan, came out.” Evan has not fallen asleep, when by his strength, actually simply presently Origin Sword Saint, now one hear of Origin Sword Saint sound, his immediately knows that is who is calling him, his immediately turning over has jumped down the bed, only wore the night clothes to run. Evan comes out to see that Origin Sword Saint was standing in out of the door, Evan immediately/on horseback walked, bowed to Origin Sword Saint said : „the Old Ancestor sect, your has any instructions? Origin Sword Saint turned the head to look at Evan said : „the Zhao Hai matter I to know, I know before you, had the graciousness with Buda Family, you I too did not approve to the matter that Buda Family handled, but looked like you to does now right, if Zhao Hai were not Space Divergent Warlock , that was his in hand has Space Divergent Warlock , moreover he currently very much may obtain a help of mysterious influence, otherwise the poisonous impossible solution of water of his nihility, in adding on his these fighting strength formidable Undead Creature, if he can also invite some 9th level Expert, His strength was more formidable, what most important is, he now or the Calci Family son-in-law, these status make him not accommodate underestimated, no matter what, you must make him maintain good relationship with Purcell Family, was right, before didn't have the engagement? I looked that the incorrect words have carried out this engagement to well.”

A Evan cannot help but complexion pain, he knows that engagement, if he in power, that engagement will not relieve at that time, what a pity, at that time he said does not calculate, therefore that engagement has relieved finally, side adding on now Zhao Hai with three as pretty as a flower fiancees, in this case, Zhao Hai how possibly in recognize. Evan cannot such comply with Origin Sword Saint, he must say to Origin Sword Saint his difficulties, Origin Sword Saint listened to the Evan words, knit the brows said : looks like this matter is really not easy, but it doesn't matter, marries this matter, does not need Ryan, our didn't Purcell Family have other girl of age? Has changed under the girl not on line.” Evan forced smile said : „the Old Ancestor sect you have not to know, Zhao Hai this person very arrogant, moreover his several fiancees I have also asked that has the sentiment with him, without the sentiment, he will not agree that I have inquired, he probably very opposes to marry, if we told him that he will not agree absolutely.” Origin Sword Saint nodded said : to be good, I do not want to take care these matters, now Purcell Family is calculation that you said that I told you Zhao Hai strength, you must process carefully with his relationship are good, moreover your nearest/recent paid attention to some, if there is any Magic medicine to be best is receives comes back, Clan had a person to break through 9th level, now looked like Buffy died, in Clan I sat not to be good, therefore I want in training 9th level Expert, can like this protect the safety of my Purcell Family.” Evan one hear, often stares, then immediately/on horseback greatly likes said : is, the Old Ancestor ancestor invited feel relieved, had any need, told me that I found certainly the way to make.” In Origin Sword Saint look at Evan, sighed said : this came home to put is most likely to break through 9th level is actually you, but you wanted the matter in Butler, diverted attention, I looked at this, and other years, you looked for one *** the person, gave him the matter in Clan, you broke through 9th level fully.” Evan nodded said : is, invited Old Ancestor sect feel relieved.” Origin Sword Saint nodded said : you to remember, has Clan been able to inherit, 9th level Expert that looks, I think that Zhao Hai also certainly had the support of 9th level Expert, otherwise he so will not be unyielding, 9th level Expert, can guarantee a Clan hundred years of safety fully, this time do not look these people make is so ominous, if not I assumes personal command, they already Purcell Family extinguishing, had me to fear the loss in them, not too certainly, therefore you who the matter will be done must the looking for candidate as soon as possible.” Evan complied with one, the Origin Sword Saint then flashes body vanished, look at Origin Sword Saint vanished, Evan then sighed, he has not thought that Origin Sword Saint to Zhao Hai unexpectedly attaching great importance to such, looked for him unexpectedly specially the Zhao Hai matter. Evan cannot help but sighed, did not need Origin Sword Saint to remind him also to know that present Zhao Hai was extraordinary, he had revealed today Buda Family status, was likely the entire Continent person explained that the toxin of water of his nihility has solved. Must know that the toxin of water of nihility, on this Continent is no one has, uses most is various Radiant Church and Great Clan people, Radiant Church is used to cope with some not to make Dark Magician of too many wicked matter generally, naturally, they have been used to do other, everyone don’t know, but in the minimum surface they were use on Righteous Path. But various Great Clan are different, they use the water of nihility place, but are many, but the water of nihility does not obtain easily, moreover did not have antidote, therefore was dreaded by entire Continent Expert. Now Zhao Hai suddenly appears , moreover before him, has drunk the water of nihility, but he can use Magic now, that represented him to have been able to solve the means of water of nihility, this regarding Radiant Church and these Great Clan was a very serious attack, their equal to lost Ultimate Weapon. Moreover strength that today Zhao Hai shows he also felt that being startled, in adding on the past Zhao Hai and Calci Family matter of Megan engagement to marry, these matters centralized to the body of Zhao Hai, on that Continent did not have any person to dare underestimated Zhao Hai.

But reason that Southern King Boris dares planning Zhao Hai like this, one to be because they are Aksu Empire, does not turn over to the Rosen Empire tube, two are because they are Radiant Church, with Calci Family is in itself the personal enemy, therefore they such does not have scruples. They do not have scruples, equal to did not leave did not have scruples, on this Continent feared that the Calci Family person may be many, the Zhao Hai present status, was not worse than him many. In this case, his also don’t know must process with Zhao Hai relationship well, he really in vain worked as this Patriarch, but Evan also knows that this relationship was not good to process. Before the Ryan matter, at the matter that adding on Caesar handled at that time, these like are punctured horizontally between Purcell Family and Zhao Hai, if did not have this matter, now Zhao Hai will not be such manner, he can regard his sub- nephew Zhao Hai, but not like the present, how to process and relationship between Zhao Hai, had idea like this, in fact among them relationship on deteriorated. Also sighed, Evan turn around returned to the room, although clearly know could not fall asleep, but he lay on the bed on idle the eye, he needs to rest, because tomorrow also had too many matters to do. Not only Zhao Hai, even if were Evan has also thought that the opposite party looked that the ordinary army did not have to do to use to them, that will certainly use their Ultimate Weapon, that several 9th level Expert. Only then has processed that several 9th level Expert, they can actually obtain the victory of this war, but now Evan worry was Zhao Hai really can process that several 9th level Expert. If Zhao Hai has processed, that said fortunately, if Zhao Hai cannot process, their troubles were big, each and every one thought fast is rotating in Evan mind. Next morning, Zhao Hai they appears in that courtyard, Cai'er, when the morning gets up, told Zhao Hai yesterday Origin Sword Saint the matter that comes in courtyard to examine, told Zhao Hai with the dialog of Evan Origin Sword Saint. Zhao Hai has not thought really that this Origin Sword Saint is 9th level Expert, actually so will take seriously him, but he has not thought must marry with Purcell Family, looked like Evan yesterday said in the evening, Ryan could not be joined to Zhao Hai now. Zhao Hai arrives to these has not cared, reason that he helps Purcell Family \; first, because before Purcell Family, has the graciousness to them, two are because he in borrowing this situation makes the Buda Family flag, the third point is because Purcell Family and Black Wasteland are near, Purcell Family in here, regarding them is the good deed, your side has a friend, the total ratio has enemy. When Zhao Hai they go to the dining room time, Evan in there , etc. they, Evan side nobody sat accompanies, only then he is accompanying Zhao Hai they. Saw that Zhao Hai they came, has not actually seen Green and Merine, Evan stares, hastily to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, Uncle Green and Aunt Merine?” Zhao Hai smiles said : their two to have matter leave, today's matter also had no need for them helping in any case, I think that today these 9th level Expert feared was this make a move.”

Evan nodded said : to be similar, a yesterday day had been killed one-fourth armies by you, they that many armies have not been gathering round us now, they cannot block these reinforcement, at this time these 9th level Expert should make a move, they in not make a move on the evening.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to wait for them, hopes that their strengths should not be too weak, otherwise that may be disappoints me very.” Was saying, a sound conveys said : youngster to be extremely arrogant, comes out to suffer to death!” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, personal appearance flashes appears in courtyard, looked toward sky, day Space is stopping four person's shadows, in these four people have three is warrior cloth, has one is Magic Robe, but that Magician Magic Robe is actually the white. Zhao Hai looked at several people of one, shows a faint smile said : well, three Warrior, 9th level Light Element Magician, um, is very good, it seems like my in hand Undead Creature wanted many several.” The Zhao Hai voice just fell, that Light Element Magician drinks said : to stop talking, the rebirth in the world devil, your end arrived, accepts the bright baptism Zhao Hai laughed said : you to give a name to me, what? have I now become the devil in world Incarnation? You also really dare saying that can brightly really baptism Darkness? Will that have why also existence of dark sky/Hei Tian? Was short has deceived oneself and others in there, people these think that just person, the dry matter was not necessarily better than me, today you want my life, that must put out a real skill to come.” Zhao Hai also looked, that three Warrior 9th level Expert, gazed by that Magician horse, these four 9th level Expert that also in other words, these time came, were very likely Radiant Church to send. This to was made Zhao Hai had not had scruples, he was impossible to solve with the Radiant Church enmity opened, happen to was calling this opportunity, except these 9th level Expert, weakened the Radiant Church strength. Radiant Church these people, possibly to present also don’t know, they send that 9th level Expert on Prairie are Zhao Hai, except that otherwise they may not suppose such plan to cope with Zhao Hai.