Chapter 435 riches and honor two stars That Light Element Magician looks at the Zhao Hai not tense appearance, cannot help but coldly snorted said : young man, should not be too insolent, the insolent person, often lives is not long.” Zhao Hai has not waited to reply, how many does an old sound convey said : to run up to Purcell Family to act unruly? It seems like is also not much? Real don’t know is who gives your courage, young man, should not be too insolent, the insolent person, often lives is not long!” No error, Zhao Hai turned the head to look that behind is standing in him old person, this old person stature is extremely majestic, although white, but stands in there, such as is actually lying in ground ferocious beast, momentarily will stick out suddenly offends somebody. That Light Element Magician sees that old person, cannot help but complexion changed said : originally is Origin Sword Saint arrived, he he, Sword Saint your Senior age was not small, this old arm old leg, but also active?” Origin Sword Saint shows a faint smile said : „, this year the discipline was big, could not live several days, that looked like your young man, daily shouting hit to shout, but must use a charitable pretence, my old, the murder killed people, does not move the pretence.” Zhao Hai one hear of Origin Sword Saint said that cannot help but laughs, this old person was really too interesting, such satire Radiant Church these fellows, but sounded to vent spleen. That Light Element Magician one hear of Origin Sword Saint said that complexion also one becomes pale, look at Origin Sword Saint said : that two eyes cold light sparkles Radiant God is omnipotent, great of Radiant God, is not your worldlings can know that only then letter salary Radiant God, you can enter to the eternal joyful state, otherwise can only enter Hell of eternal misery, you so said Radiant God, Radiant God will certainly punish your.” What qualifications Zhao Hai laughs said : Radiant God to punish me, does he match? Your these are flaunting the fellow of Radiant God banner, if by Radiant God is known your this, I thought first he punishes is you.” That Light Magician in does not want rubbish with Zhao Hai obviously, he looked at Zhao Hai Origin Sword Saint one, coldly snorted said : has depended on you, really wanted to cope with us? You were too naive.” Just said that his suddenly was appears two people, these two people actually did not make the Magician appearance, did not make the Warrior appearance, clothes that their appearance very ordinary, the body wore very magnificent, looked like probably is two violent household Merchant. Zhao Hai puzzled look at these two people, he also started to study Battle Qi now, but he had not felt that from the bodies of these two people point Magic and Battle Qi, this makes him feel very strange.

although said that is Magician or Warrior, so long as 9th level, that is not he can feel easily, but Zhao Hai, because has the help of Space, can general feel opposite party Magic and Battle Qi, but these two people do not have. In this time, Origin Sword Saint said : originally was inviting the riches and honor in a soft voice two stars, good, spent the high price, on most famous two Divergent Warlock Continent inviting, you are not easy.” Zhao Hai gawked, looked at that two person one eyes, graciousness to Origin Sword Saint said : Sir Sword Saint, you were said that they were Divergent Warlock ? What Divergent Warlock .” Origin Sword Saint deep voice said : riches and honor two stars are Continent are most famous two metal Divergent Warlock , they are pair of twin brothers, loves money as much as life his entire life, has taken doing business as to live, once they did business have compensated, was deceived up all money, as soon as they did in haste got sick, has not thought after getting better, had Divergent Technique, two both were Divergent Technique of metal technique, can the optional control below hundred jin (0.5 kg) metals, moreover they were also free Assassin, first time make a move takes hundred jin (0.5 kg) gold, don't, should not be on Continent became famous died to ask for money.” Zhao Hai gawked, turns the head to look at two one eyes, said : hundred jin (0.5 kg) gold, that really were not slightly many, on two jin (0.5 kg) metal, their such Expert can kill people for a twenty thousand metal?” Origin Sword Saint shook the head said : is one person of hundred jin (0.5 kg), in other words , to ask their minimum to want forty thousand gold coins, moreover they have one type of inborn rigid regarding gold coins, can therefore want gold coins, has not thought, they also help Radiant Church today unexpectedly has been busy, I probably let them am for a long time did not have make a move.” Origin Sword Saint just said that hears riches and honor two stars deep voice said : Origin Sword Saint to be really fierce, our two brothers' bottoms had been found out to you, great, our brothers two do not want to kill too many people, but this Radiant Church leaves four hundred thousand gold coins to make us kill you, we agreed certainly.” Origin Sword Saint cannot help but stares, under deep voice said : four hundred thousand gold coins, Radiant Church also really meets the initial capital.” Origin Sword Saint said that did not mean these four hundred thousand gold coins is a how big digit, in fact on any regarding Continent holds the strength, four hundred thousand gold coins are not many, but a person has four hundred thousand gold coins, did not mean that his immediately can take four hundred thousand gold coins, these gold coins will have in Private Bank generally, he attains in hand is just water Crystal Card, nobody will carry out the transaction with four hundred thousand gold coins. But riches and honor two stars these two people have a problem, they receive money can only gold coins, water Crystal Card and so on, they do not receive absolutely , because of this, therefore the average person really please be motionless they, because in any Private Bank, thinks that the type one puts out 200 jin (0.5 kg) gold to come also to suffice to use energy.

Zhao Hai don’t know these, does not think these these, he two stars feels to the riches and honor curious, because he is also metal ability, but these two people are also, he wants to have a look whether to learn any thing from the bodies of these two people. However now Zhao Hai does not have the time to think these many, that Light Element Magician deep voice said : little spoke the idle talk, begins.” Said that he threw toward Zhao Hai. Zhao living expenses intention moves, Zhao Wen on appears in his front, then the Zhao Wen personal appearance moved, turned into a great mosquito, outside Light Element Magician toward that throws. That Light Magician stares, but his immediately fights with Zhao Wen in one, but at this time remaining that three Warrior also threw toward Zhao Hai, Origin Sword Saint just about to blocks that three people, actually one by riches and honor two stars blocking. As the matter stands that three Warrior nobody have blocked, throws toward Zhao Hai, in their opinion, Zhao Hai now is the fish on board, no matter what they acted. However they have not approached Zhao Hai time, Zhao Hai back suddenly appears one crowd of vines have curled toward that three people, that three people look at the Zhao Hai appearance, stares slightly, but they have not cared, they think that Zhao Hai is uncommon Plant Element Magician, but Plant Element Magician fighting strength is not very strong, the vine generally is they most commonly used weapon, except for in forest, in general place, Plant Element Magician very dish. Moreover their in hand weapon, can cope with Plant Element Magician, general Metal element thing, is Plant Element Magician nemesis. They wield a sword to strike off toward these vines on, they just chopped on these vines not to feel right, wants to come in them, by their 9th level strength, is adding on in hand double-edged sword, must cut off these vines is very relaxed, they have not actually thought that these vines actually so tenacious. Their sword simply have not cut off vine, but these vines actually took advantage of opportunity entangle directly on their sword, when they gawked, these vines have entangled their bodies, then they felt that own body such as the needle gripped the same pain, in then them presently, a oneself strength unexpectedly could not cause. attack these three people naturally is Cai'er, Cai'er absolutely is existence of 9th level, otherwise in Carrion Swamp these will hate level Expert not to dare to approach Flower City there, now he meets these fellow immediately to give them demonstration of authority.

This demonstration of authority is very serious, because that three 9th level Expert extremely in having a low opinion of the enemy, had been injected in their bodies by Cai'er toxin, Cai'er toxin that is jokes? Before evolution, her toxin can want the 9th level Expert life, now her toxin obtained enhancement of Space, these 9th level Expert there can block. Puts in an appearance three 9th level Expert to be stranded, to was not far, if not their strength, Life Force also suffices, already died. In attack beside these three Warrior, Cai'er had not stopped, rushed to the riches and honor two stars to go directly, strength although of two fellows were not weak, but actually missed to Origin Sword Saint, because they will use metal Divergent Technique, Sword Saint regarding the understanding of Divergent Technique was too few, therefore also really has been given to tie down by them. Now had the help of Cai'er, that matter was easier to do, before long that two also by Cai'er wrapping, it is estimated that them died compared with that three 9th level Warrior must early. But remaining that Light Element Magician ended, this Light Element Magician simply is not the Zhao Wen match, must know Zhao Wen, but Magic Beast 9th level Expert, simply is not general Human Race 9th level Expert can compare, in adding on lived such long time in Space, her level also improves, although not 9th level, but also in Inferior level liter compared with beforehand 9th level Advanced level, in adding on the Magic Beast mister superiority, he to on that Light Element Magician, but does not suffer a loss, conversely, he is also in the winning side. Place that Light Element Magician present has not suited, he just thinks running now, Zhao Hai was looking that his appearance knows he wants to do, he shows a faint smile said : also to run.” The intention moves, Little Jin suddenly appears in carrying on the back of Zhao Wen. Little Jin now changed the body, turned into a Violent Ape appearance, must know that Little Jin innate skill beyond comparison, his although 8th level , but fighting strength comes compared with general 9th level Expert is also slight is not bad, therefore Zhao Hai threw carrying on the back of Zhao Wen him. Little Jin knew the matter in Zhao Hai there what's the matter, therefore came out he changes the body, attacked directly toward that Light Element Magician.