Chapter 436 in Level Up Little Jin now is more like Knight, but this Knight has not been taking Warrior, however his big length arm, is adding on that overbearing strength, makes that Light Element Magician be tired out by dealing with. That Light Element Magician also felt that very inconceivable, his real don’t know Zhao Hai these Magic Beast that looks for from there, must know Magic Beast 9th level Expert very difficult appears , however in today's actually appears , although, only then, another could not have achieved 9th level, otherwise does not need to ride in another has carried on the back, but that does not arrive at 9th level Magic Beast, that his attack strength and defense strength actually divide, no less than 9th level Expert, this was also felt puzzled very by him. Magic Beast 9th level Expert although stronger compared with Human Race 9th level Expert fighting strength, but 8th level Magic Beast, absolutely impossible compared with on Human Race 9th level Expert, this is the disparity on level, is not the difference on race can make up, this is almost on Continent the mutual recognition of person. However today this mutual recognition no matter actually has used, because did not arrive at 9th level Magic Beast in his front on appears , has the 9th level attack strength, this was really too inconceivable. Origin Sword Saint has drawn back, he has not participated to besiege that Light Element Magician, knows that Light Element Magician cannot be inescapable, simultaneously he also felt that being startled, he has not thought that Zhao Hai in hand unexpectedly so many cards in a hand. In this time, suddenly Little Jin is shouting wildly one, body golden light broad and magnificent, then his personal appearance moves, on leave the back of Zhao Wen, the personal appearance drifted in in midair, direct that Light Element Magician attack, he broke through at this time unexpectedly. These, not only Origin Sword Saint they, Zhao Hai had to be shocked, but why his immediately understand Little Jin will then break through at this time, only arrived in Space to transmit prompt speaking sounds: Presently massive Metal element energy pour into Space, Space in Level Up, Space may produce the metallic ore stone, the output, the everyday 100 tons, because of Metal element energy and Host energy with, the Host Metal element Divergent Technique promotion, presently the Host controllable metal increase 200 jin (0.5 kg), is the same because of the gold thread Violent Ape ability and Metal element energy, strengthens Metal element Violent Ape energy, Space Ranch obtains Level Up, presently Space Ranch is Level 28, Spatial Farm is three ten 5th level, because of Space Level Up, the Space monitor supervisor area increases, Space monitors limits transfer to 15,000 kilometers, fixed Transmission Point increases to 20, because of plants of Spatial Farm union attracted too many Metal element to result, in evolution, Vine plants increases metal attribute, is not fearing metal attack.” Zhao Hai dull is listening to these, he also straight has not thought that has killed that two Metal element Expert, can obtain these many advantage unexpectedly, Spatial Farm one rises 5th level, Ranch rose 8th level , moreover can everyday produce the metallic ore stone, his Metal Manipulation ability also obtained increase, Cai'er and Little Jin strength also obtained outstanding, this was too inconceivable. However Zhao Hai also knows that the Space prompt sound will not deceive his, he said Space Level Up, that Space certainly was Level Up , the in other words Zhao Hai strength in one time obtained enhancement, this absolutely was the good deed. But that Light Element Magician when was made dumbfounded by not the [gold/metal] sudden change, by Zhao Wen capture opportunity, his mouth apparatus one on *** in body of that Light Element Magician, among that Light Element Magician turn around attracted only remaining skins.

Zhao Hai one recovers, he has stopped Zhao Wen hastily, then black gas one volume, Little Jin and Zhao Wen vanished in airborne, stopped, Space has not existed in an enemy, four 9th level Expert, two metal ability, less than a day unexpectedly died cleanly. Origin Sword Saint dull look at all these, he cannot believe that really this meeting real, must know that beforehand 9th level Expert fights, fights the 1 or 2 month is very ordinary matter, many possibly fights the 1 or 2 year to meet the appears result, was now, only uses less than one day, Origin Sword Saint has planned carefully, did not arrive at two hours, the fight already the result, the opposite party entire extinguished, but Zhao Hai they were intact, strength like this was really too astonishing. Zhao Hai does not have the mood to manage Origin Sword Saint to think anything, he turned the head to Origin Sword Saint said : Sir Sword Saint, the here matter to solve, I must go out of town mercenary that coped with these to run away, removed the bottom them expelling Purcell Duchy.” Origin Sword Saint one recovers, he also sees the storm person, immediately has stood firm the mind, deep looked at Zhao Hai said : well, mister invited.” The personal appearance moved vanishes in same place. But at this time Laura their appears in the Zhao Hai side, the Meg bosom also had also been holding Little Jin, but Meg actually face surprised look at Little Jin, she really has not thought now, after Little Jin changes the body, that fierce. Situation of outside fight, they saw clearly in Space, Meg has not thought really that has been hugged by her in the bosom regards Little Jin of pet, will be unexpectedly strong such oddly. Zhao Hai turns the head to Laura said : Laura, did you hear? Just did Sir Sword Saint call me mister?” Laura shows a faint smile said : „, Sir Sword Saint called you mister, he regarded the person who you regarded the equal standing, Elder Brother Hai, Zhao has not thought that Little Jin and Cai'er unexpectedly Level Up.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, really has not thought that Little Jin and Cai'er unexpectedly Level Up, moreover Space also Level Up, this to us, absolutely is the good deed, later in Space will not have Universal Machine to idle, in Space can deliver the metallic ore stone, we can make the weapon with Universal Machine.” In this time, before Xu Wanying actually suddenly knelt Zhao sea surface, deep voice said : Young Master, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow has the words to say.”

Zhao Hai stares, look at Xu Wanying said : gets up, had any words to stand to say.” Xu Wanying does not have, kowtowed said : to Zhao Hai Young Master, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow was very disappointed to this world, since followed Young Master, Young Master had not regarded the bystander Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow feels thanks Young Master, just Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow saw, after Space has absorbed that two Divergent Warlock , obtained all levels, Young Master, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow asked Young Master to kill Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, making Space attract, lets Space in Level Up!” Zhao Hai and Laura they stare, is complexion changes, they have not thought that really Xu Wanying will propose such request, said : of Zhao Hai motionless sound who told you Space to attract that two Divergent Technique to obtain Level Up?” Xu Wanying deep voice said : is Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow calculates, in Young Master Space Undead Creature of has plenty average person, has plenty Magician, has plenty soldier, but these people do not have the means to let Space Level Up, only then meets these two Divergent Warlock time, Space Level Up, moreover one rose 5th level, Young Master, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow thinks, so long as the Space liter attracted Divergent Warlock , meets Level Up, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow not thinks the report to Young Master, only hopes that reaches great kindness of Young Master to Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow with this remnant life incoming telegram, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow gets angry to be attracted by Space, lets the Space liter, only then can help Young Master like this.” Zhao Hai look at Xu Wanying, a suddenly mouth Xu Wanying knocks down, this palm of the hand Zhao Hai has used fully, the face of Xu Wanying one is swollen, the tooth wiped out two. Zhao Hai look at Xu Wanying said : this palm of the hand I must tell you, your life is my, I want to process process, you cannot talk too much, did you I regard who Young Master? Has regarded Magic Beast really? Young Master I want to let Space Level Up, but has not arrived to with the situation that oneself under the hand/subordinate life fills, you were clear to me, later in dares saying that such words, I drive away you directly, go away, stands behind.” Xu Wanying although was knocked down, but immediately has knelt, one hear of Zhao Hai words, he in making noise, but has knocked three heads to Zhao Hai, this has stood, stood Zhao Hai, but heart of this Xu Wanying actually already true regarded Zhao Hai is Master, Zhao Hai is to let him now commits suicide, he a little resentfully will not read. In this time, one team of sounds of footsteps are transmitting, Evan led several under the hand/subordinate to walk, just that several 9th level Expert appears time, Evan also wants to come out to stand with Zhao Hai in together, but was called behind to arrange the family member to go by Origin Sword Saint, therefore did not have appears , until now fights to finish, he came out. Evan sees Zhao Hai, uses the one type of very complex vision to hold him, suddenly laughs said : well, Little Hai, you are great, compared with your father qiang, I believes that Buda Family to your in hand, will certainly have raised brilliantly, when the time comes do not forget your Uncle Evan.” The Zhao Hai look at Evan appearance, showed a faint smile said : Uncle Evan to be polite, so long as the uncle did not fear that was implicated by me on the line, must know my present personal enemy, but full world was.”

Evan laughs said : not to fear that feared was also useless, the personal enemy does not calculate on me the account now, feared to be useful, HaHaHa, Little Hai, what to do then did you prepare?” Zhao Hai coldly smiles said : they probably also hundreds of thousands army Purcell Duchy, wants such calm and steady withdrawal? Too relaxed?” Can't the Evan look at Zhao Hai appearance, bear said : that you think?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to have anything, I felt that own in hand Undead Creature has been short, wants to increase.” Evan cannot bear shiver, his although don’t know Zhao Hai presently in hand Undead Creature has achieved several hundred thousand, but he actually knows that Zhao Hai in hand Undead Creature currently had more than 60,000, Dark Magician has more than 60,000 Undead Creature, he listened not to hear continually, now Zhao Hai must increase, this too frantic. Zhao Hai probably had not actually seen that his expression is the same, release has Alien, uncle can go with my together to Evan said :? I in the shortest time will certainly expel Purcell Duchy them.” The Evan look at Zhao Hai appearance, shook the head said : „, this their attack is very big regarding the injury of Purcell Duchy, I want to call this opportunity, has handled the matter in duchy, you go, I not with.” Zhao Hai nodded, on Alien, walked toward outside the city.