Chapter 437 next plan All big influences on Continent have not thought such rapidness that this war can finish, has stemmed from the anticipation of all people quickly. suddenly that too this war ended, was too quick, moreover a side that wins looks like Purcell Family that is at a disadvantage, on Continent all discerning people looks, the victory of this war, actually complete coming from Zhao Hai. They have not thought that Zhao Hai can be the Buda Family person unexpectedly, has not thought that Zhao Hai this Dark Magician to battlefield in unexpectedly so powerful, his enemy simply is waiting for by the homicide. most important is also Dark Magician most major characteristics, is he can the control army be getting more and more, naturally, regarding general Dark Magician, they could control Undead Creature have certain quantity, but this issue does not exist to be the same on the body of Zhao Hai probably, he can the control Undead Creature quantity people general consider as finished now, has achieved about hundred thousand, this is almost 7th level specializes to summon Magic Dark Magician to be able the control Undead Creature quantity. In Dark Magician although almost everybody can Undead Creature summon, but actually some Dark Magician, they specialize in the Undead Creature summon, these people used on all energy this Undead Creature Summoning Spell, therefore generally to 6th level Peak or 7th level time, can about control hundred thousand Undead Creature carry on to fight. Naturally, their control these Undead Creature are also only some most common Undead Creature, does not have Law Idol to compare with Zhao Hai these. However does not have truly with person of Zhao Hai to, is don’t know his Undead Creature is formidable, therefore these person of although can control hundred thousand Undead Creature feel to be startled regarding Zhao Hai, has not actually paid attention to this matter, what they pay attention is several other matters. First, Zhao Hai status, when Zhao Hai revealed that Wild Dragon War flag, these people knew the Zhao Hai status, Buda Family person Adam, changed name to call Zhao Hai, this made the people on Continent very be startled. Before must say Buda Family, not becoming famous very on Continent, because Buda Family is only Aksu Empire emerging Clan, looks like in these people and no big deal. Since Buda Family was matched Black Wasteland, they had actually become famous, on Continent all people know where the black demon wilderness is, Buda Family was matched there, was sentenced the death penalty on equal to, therefore the people on Continent have remembered Buda Family. Second, the toxin of water of nihility had antidote! This on these Great Clan and Radiant Church regarding Continent, absolutely is a serious attack, before Radiant Church these Great Clan, almost regarded one type of deterrent weapon the water of nihility, specifically was used to deter these Expert, is willing to lose own strength without any Expert, that ratio has killed them uncomfortably. Because of this, therefore beforehand has plenty Expert, has to hire oneself in these Great Clan or Radiant Church, because only then in these Great Clan and Radiant Church will have the water of nihility. However currently the water of nihility had antidote, this regarding many Expert, absolutely is the good deed, because they can not use in fearing the toxin of water of nihility, naturally, this attack regarding Radiant Church is also very enormous. Third was the 9th level Expert matter, this Radiant Church and Boris alliance set out four 9th level Expert, moreover set out two higher Divergent Warlock , but was such lineup, did not arrive at two hours to be extinguished, this let all pay attention to the person of this war to feel the throat to do, jumped at heart crazily, was too scary. Compares this logic of war to come, these matters are, simultaneously on Continent that on that Continent the major influences pay attention these by the Radiant Church control influence, has to face up to Dark Magician to use in doing that in the battlefield plays.

long time does not have the war, making some people forget the Dark Magician fearful place, made them forget the Dark Magician advantage. However this Purcell Duchy fresh war, made all people in one time experience the Dark Magician elegant demeanor, Dark Magician, can change a person of war result absolutely, this is all pays attention to this war the mutual recognition of person. Compares the attention of these people, Zhao Hai has not actually paid attention to these, he after that several 9th level Expert extinguished, starts to also to keep these mercenary in Purcell Duchy to begin. But these mercenary have not thought obviously that Zhao Hai such will quickly solve that several 9th level Expert unexpectedly, they have not even thought Zhao Hai can defeat that several 9th level Expert, these people not only have not run far, conversely, they are preparing, momentarily goes attack to Casa City. Because of this, when Zhao Hai these Undead Creature attack in the past, these mercenary have not thought completely, in adding on the disparity in strength, therefore the immediately hit rout, only escapes from the Purcell Duchy hundred thousand person finally, the remaining hundred thousand people forever become in Zhao Hai Undead Creature army. After completing these, Zhao Hai with Evan greeting, on leave Casa City, he came Purcell Duchy here to break through to go to war in any case, other matters he will not manage. Evan also knows the meaning of Zhao Hai . Moreover the matter that now Purcell Duchy here must handle are too many, he has not kept Zhao Hai, let Zhao Hai leave directly. Zhao Hai also knows that Evan currently has difficulty, big city of Casa City this looks like, his in the city grain production, his all grain will not transport from outside, although Purcell Family has some grain in storage, but must deal with a person in city to eat , some difficulties, in adding on this these person of although cannot capture Casa City, but around some grain habitats to Casa City, has actually caused destruction on certain degree. Therefore now Purcell Duchy here appears the grain question, naturally, their this time will not have lacked the grain, many business grains do not have seize the opportunity to increase the grain price, they also know that is using this move to cope with Purcell Family already, no matter used. Zhao Hai walks, has left behind many grain to Evan, this will enable to let the Purcell Duchy not appears food crisis, said it, will live such matter, how Purcell Family to buy the grain, whose that bought bought, might as well bought his. Processed Purcell Family here matter Zhao Hai not to have immediately/on horseback to return to Sky Water City, but was returned to Iron Mountain Fort there, he prepared to carry on his next step has planned, turned into own under the hand/subordinate 9th level Expert in Carrion Swamp, only by doing so, he had the major influences of energy on with Continent to speak the last words. Now although he did not fear that these big influences, hide toward Space at the worst, but these big influences , to cope with him, he can only hide in Space for a lifetime. He has not thought such life, he must live sight before the person, therefore he wants to be competent, formidable strength. although said that now his status did not lower, however his status, is come from Megan, on Continent few individuals will be serious Buda Family, what they care is Calci Family.

But Zhao Hai is actually very clear, only depends on Calci Family definitely is not good, is not good by Charlie, these are not his strength, he must have his strength, only then own strength, that real, other is fake, Calci Family is Great Clan, they can sacrifice all for the Clan benefit, looks like beforehand is the same, although now was different, he was the Calci Family son-in-law, but likely Calci Family Great Clan, for the Clan benefit, anybody can sacrifice, what the son-in-law on did not calculate. said it, Zhao Hai does not want to carry a Calci Family son-in-law's name to earn a living for a lifetime, he must later to mention him to come, will say that is Buda Family Patriarch, but did not mention him to come, first thinks was the Calci Family son-in-law. This Zhao Hai preparation on Iron Mountain Fort here dull several days, because not only he must in carrying on his plan, what most important is, he must assume personal command in here, having a look on Continent some people to run up to Black Wasteland to investigate. Zhao Hai almost can definitely some people come to see, because he had revealed own status, now the people on entire Continent know that he is the Buda Family person, but Buda Family fief in Black Wasteland, these people certainly will send for coming to see. If the ordinary person, that is very simple, has killed directly and that's the end, if not the ordinary person, but is 9th level Expert, that some troubled. Therefore after Zhao Hai to Black Wasteland, immediately has sent own in hand all Undead Creature, enough about eight hundred thousand Undead Creature, roaming of these Undead Creature on Black Wasteland, so long as there are to dare the interloper, they will be impolite. Similarly, this several days Zhao Hai also made Megan look at Black Wasteland well, now entire Black Wasteland here, had been covered by Cai'er poisonous mist, but Zhao Hai has almost also improved here all lands, so long as turned these lands, sowing seeds can turn into the fertile farmland from now on. For may be made these fertile farmlands maintain, Zhao Hai has started to prepare the water conservation to be systematic, so long as the water conservation system is completed, in making some afforested systems, that Black Wasteland here is the best fertile farmland, in the future will certainly turn into on Continent the biggest granary. Megan these days had been shocked, she has not thought, Black Wasteland in legend unexpectedly is this appearance, now or in the winter, outside earth clads in silvery white, Megan grows up in seaside, there has seen this situation, serious of her everyday excited. With Megan same excited Little Jin, this fellow has not seen the snow, therefore after here, from most from the beginning a little feared the appearance that to fully adapted finally, with the Megan two people daily the delight in the snowy area playing. Naturally, simultaneously the Iron Mountain Fort here workshop also has made Megan open mind, especially Zhao Hai caused assembly line production in here, is makes Megan broaden the outlook. No matter Megan although Calci Family matter, but she learn many thing, naturally also looked that these days understand doing of this assembly line production has used, that is can the big enhancement working efficiency. Naturally, some have produced mouth unable to use assembly line production, for example looks like the Beastman Race wool blanket and carpet, these thing can also use assembly line production actually, but Zhao Hai has not let, the wool blanket and carpet that because comes out with assembly line production changed the flavor, with using Universal Machine produce did not have any them.

A person when attentive makes thing, a sentiment of that thing load bearing person, but this sentiment meets this thing to take to buy his person, this is the machine and handwork maximum difference. thing that has to recognize, the sometimes machine make, outstanding, even can say that will not have any shortcoming, but this perfect sometimes, is he biggest shortcoming. The people with thing that processes manually, is impossible not to have any shortcoming, but these shortcomings, this thing sentiment is often . The people do not have the complete human, thing also want, not having thing of shortcoming not to exist. Wool blanket anything's Zhao Hai does not permit them to use assembly line production, that other thing were different, Zhao Hai here product are also many, has plenty thing can use assembly line production. Zhao Hai may not have Meg not to permit assembly line production this thing to tell Calci Family, in fact Zhao Hai does not want to make Megan tell the Iron Mountain Fort here situation to Calci Family, its Megan can say. Zhao Hai knows that Megan likes him, because of this, therefore Zhao Hai does not want to make Megan awkward, making Megan live in Iron Mountain Fort here secret conservatively, but you cannot make Megan keep secret, in that Megan returned to Clan did not have the person of means in Clan to speak, Zhao Hai does not want like this. When Iron Mountain Fort here stayed several days, Zhao Hai started to get ready to cope with these Magic Beast in Carrion Swamp, in fact now Zhao Hai has been able to regard own latter garden Carrion Swamp there, but after now that animal that in garden raised has not been obedient very much, he must do was makes these animal be obedient. Zhao Hai after Green they have greeted, leads Laura they to arrive at Flower City there, initially to Flower City here, Megan has been shocked, although said that Iron Mountain Fort there now is also another Flower City , but there too small, but Flower City here is one can live in big city about five hundred thousand people, such big Flower City , Megan or the first time see. What most most important is, here all is almost comprised of Cai'er, in that looks at the non- mark in Flower Garden, Megan almost lost itself, here was really too attractive. Do not say Megan, looks like before Laura them has seen the Flower City person, every time comes time also will feel to shock, because here was really too beautiful, was too magnificent. In order to let Megan is happy, Zhao Hai they have played for three days in Flower City here, in the meantime, these three days of Zhao Hai also let out Zhao Wen, looks to look that Carrion Swamp these 9th level Expert are doing, then seeks for target. Now their strength is also not very strong, they must find a machine to start to the weak person, wait to take in the world this person, then can cope with another, this their strengths slowly are getting stronger and stronger, but opposite party become weaker and weaker, they can slowly subdued Carrion Swamp here all 9th level Expert.