Chapter 438 Defense of Black Wasteland After Zhao Hai they arrived at Flower City third day, on Black Wasteland appears some Dead-soldier, these people brought various anti-poison Potion to enter in Black Wasteland, started investigation in all directions. However they quickly presently were really comes mistakenly, they drank have eaten Detoxification Potion, can temporary will not be poisoned, can move on Black Wasteland, but they quickly badly to besieging of large quantities of Undead Creature, but these Undead Creature returned very fierce, because they were Undead Creature, simply did not need the eye to look, therefore the magics of making oneself invisible of these hard work with did not have regarding their point, these hidden weapon anything, used in Undead Creature was one uses not. Can say on Continent most makes these Dead-soldier feel headache was Undead Creature, because they coped with the Undead Creature method not to be really many, hidden weapon was useless, poison was useless, the assassination was useless, this let on Continent all Dead-soldier, had headache extremely regarding Undead Creature. Regarding general Undead Creature, these Dead-soldier already suffices the headache, copes these Undead Creature that Zhao Hai release goes, their results have almost one, the death. Zhao Hai does not make these Undead Creature cope with these Dead-soldier with the instinct, he gives in every about thousand people Undead Creature, matches Advanced level Undead Creature, making them go to the command(er) fight, when these Dead-soldier just entered Black Wasteland, they will not hit these Dead-soldier to be troublesome, when these hard work penetrated into Black Wasteland, they will give to sphere these Dead-soldier, then massacred. Zhao Hai when first Dead-soldier enters Black Wasteland knew this information, he has not cared, he already knows that will have such one day, so long as makes these enter the Black Wasteland people not to have the means to live going back, after that does not dare to enter in some people to Black Wasteland. Presently Stage, the opposite party will not send 9th level Expert to enter Black Wasteland, 9th level Expert is not the cabbage, cannot optional dispatching. General 9th level Expert light late sending out, especially will not look like Black Wasteland here, Black Wasteland here is too near to Carrion Swamp, but almost all 9th level Expert know, 9th level Magic Beast fighting strength in Carrion Swamp is very strong, 9th level Expert on Continent generally is not their matches. What most important is, nearest/recent several months, Carrion Swamp there Seven-colored Poisonous Mist proliferated on Black Wasteland, all the person has almost not been living, even if occasionally several is living, is heavy poisonous is very deep, soon died. This is almost just the same as the Carrion Swamp there situation , because of this, therefore the ordinary person will not enter Black Wasteland.

Naturally, all these are the Zhao Hai arrangements, Zhao Hai must let these person of understand, now Black Wasteland here turned into second Carrion Swamp. Zhao Hai such does is very useful, presently Seven-colored Poisonous Mist spreads except for some to Black Wasteland on most from the beginning, some people examine beside, entered in also nobody to Black Wasteland, in their opinion, Black Wasteland there has become severe floods and savage beasts. Naturally, Black Wasteland here accident, makes Purcell Duchy people feel that very restless, they are neighboring Black Wasteland, if these Seven-colored Poisonous Mist flutter, that first bad luck is they, therefore Purcell Family regarding Black Wasteland there attach great importance to. However these Seven-colored Poisonous Mist do not have what sound, after entire Black Wasteland has filled, these poisonous mist do not have outward to expand, is only Black Wasteland there poisonous mist is getting more and more thick, goes in most from the beginning also has to live can come out, afterward, nobody has been able to live. Since Zhao Hai after Purcell Duchy there has made the Buda Family flag, entered the person in Black Wasteland to be many, they were various countries' Dead-soldier, they have also made the completely safe preparation, all kinds of Detoxification Potion, have planted the protective mask respectively, but was useless, the person who going in cannot live, if were actually only poisonous mist, some people can live, was a pity, Black Wasteland there, not only poisonous mist. After these Dead-soldier enter Black Wasteland, sinks ocean to be ordinary on such as the stone, this also makes various Great Clan people feel that being startled, they have not thought that Black Wasteland there really became that fearful. But those who stem from the Zhao Hai anticipation is, they have not sent out 9th level Expert to investigate, before is Zhao Hai such that thinks, 9th level Expert is not the cabbage, easily will not rush to this dangerous place, if has had an accident, that may be continually cannot look to move. These Great Clan have regarding Buda Family although dreaded, but also feared that will not fear that goes, after all matches Buda Family, this is not person two people can decide that except for like Boris, has the dead enmity with Buda Family, the ordinary person too will not care Buda Family. Your Zhao Hai in hand has good thing not to be false, but you were also possible about to result in the entire Continent price, by many Noble, unceasing their source of income, that all said that if you must break their source of income, they really will go all out with you. It can be said that now Zhao Hai simply has not posed a threat to their interests, therefore their nobody is willing to provoke Zhao Hai, naturally, Radiant Church had Boris not to be different, Radiant Church and Bori were too deep with the hatred of Zhao Hai, is not good to solve. Zhao Hai has not thought these, so long as does not have 9th level Expert to enter Black Wasteland, he can carry on his plan in Carrion Swamp.

Now Black Wasteland there, in the ground has Undead Creature, in sky has Blood Hawk, already entire Black Wasteland encircles solid, even if 9th level Expert must enter Black Wasteland, certainly presently, therefore Zhao Hai is not worried about anything. Played in Flower City there well for three days, Zhao Hai they must carry on own plan, before carrying on plan, Zhao Hai has actually handled another matter, introduced in Carrion Swamp here thing Space, no matter the soil or plants in Swamp. Zhao Hai has chosen in Swamp the a piece place, then gave people a hard time to receive in Space that place, some small insects, plants, the soil, have then hit a small island same place, in the there thing income to Swamp. This twice income, making Zhao Hai Spatial Farm achieve four ten 5th level, he can plant majority of plants, what was a pity, this Ranch there did not have Level Up, therefore Zhao Hai also don’t know Ranch achieved three Level 10, after Farm achieved four Level 10, can be any situation. After having completed these, Zhao Hai started to get ready to cope with these 9th level Expert, Carrion Swamp here possibly compared hard to deal with regarding others, after all they were not ripe to Carrion Swamp here, but regarding Zhao Hai, was not difficult, had Zhao Wen and Cai'er , after Carrion Swamp here without doubt was Zhao Hai one, wreath. Zhao Hai after asking the Cai'er these 9th level Expert positions, starts to designate that the person of first beginning, must know 9th level Expert is not good to cope, if they made that 9th level Expert run, that will bring to the attention of entire Carrion Swamp here 9th level Expert, perhaps they will begin to protect the Flower Alliance strength to cope with itself, by that time the plan of Zhao Hai also went bankrupt, therefore Zhao Hai such careful. He when the first motion, is choosing a person localization attention, must choose one not to contact with the person . Moreover the strength is not the too strong person begins, this can guarantee the success of motion. After Cai'er and Zhao Wen discussed for a long time, they finally had designated 9th level Expert, this 9th level Expert is flight class Magic Beast Level Up, but his main body is Swamp Skylark, flight is quick, the toxin will be Magic, the courage of Skylark this life form will be very small, therefore he often with other 9th level Expert contacts, his strength in Swamp only cannot be quite common, with Zhao Wen also not how many, therefore Zhao Hai has chosen him finally. Because of this Skylark the characteristics, therefore he divides the guarding position that arrives, also ten remote, can explain that simply will not meet the attack place, this all sorts of reasons add, therefore Zhao Hai has chosen him. However Zhao Hai or very careful, no matter what, any 9th level Expert is not good to cope, otherwise 9th level Expert cannot equivalent to nucleus weapon like existence. Flower City here does not have what change, Zhao Hai they from Space directly to Flower City here, therefore these defend in Flower City surrounding 9th level Expert have not noted Flower City here.

Cai'er enters Space also several months of time, Zhao Wen is also so, is adding on Flower City here not to have what change, these 9th level Expert should not fluctuate their positions to be right. The time regarding 9th level Expert, did not have too many significances, the matter that they must handle was, sensed Heavenly Dao, to help achieving that supreme existence. General 9th level Expert, closes up takes several years of time, therefore beforehand Carrion Swamp here, because Zhao Hai they enter that a little bit mighty waves that causes, simply is not anything. Designated the person, Zhao Hai they must begin, Zhao Hai let out from Space the article, then departed from the Flower City northwest side, Zhao Wen in hand was also taking Ghost Staff. This direction enters that only Skylark defense region, before entering Skylark defensive region, they must pass through 9th level Expert defensive region, Platypus defensive region. Platypus also has distributed in Continent other places, moreover in the impression of people, Platypus generally is one type of temperament very docile Magic Beast, you do not go to attack he, he cannot generally attack you. However Platypus in Carrion Swamp has some not to be different, because Platypus defends with poisonous, in adding on life in Carrion Swamp such place, therefore Platypus in Carrion Swamp compared with Platypus of other places combative, level is higher, fighting strength also formidable. But knows on Zhao Wen, this only 9th level Platypus, is Expert that in Swamp knows how things stand, super strong, defense strength is astonishing, what most important is, he almost can be considered as on is in Swamp strongest uses poisonous Expert, is in Swamp one of the most formidable existences.