Chapter 439 two-in-one But reason that Zhao Wen dares to pass through in this only Platypus domain , because of this only Platypus although very good fight, but he temperament in Carrion Swamp is also good, moreover to their these rookie 9th level Expert also extremely caring, therefore Zhao Wen dares from his domain previous in the past. However wanted from his domain previous in the past, must notify him is good, this was pairs of Expert the respect, was different from Human Race, in Beastman Race very respected regarding Expert itself, so long as did not meet antiwar may not reason, they will not challenge these generally compared with their old people. Zhao Wen flew the Platypus domain surrounding to stop, then passed on speaking sounds with Divine Sense: Blood-Devouring Mosquito pays a visit Sir Platypus.” Before long a temperate sound conveys said : is you, does your this small mosquito run up to my here to do?” Zhao Wen immediately/on horseback said : Sir, I wants from your territory previous in the past, to go to the Skylark there management point, comes you to greet with the Sir specially.” The Zhao Hai voice just fell, her front on appears Platypus, this only Platypus very enormous, the body length of body had about 50 meters, lies in there high also about 20 meters, does not calculate small Zhao Wen to this Platypus front, immediately turned into a tiny tot. This Platypus length the golden wool, that jiao in vibration with the wind gently, is looking like very mild-mannered, a pair of small eye, a greatly big duck mouth, the four limbs are stubby, tail is short, but is very sturdy, although very enormous, but looks like makes a person of point unable to feel fearfully, counter- is the one type of darling appearance. Zhao Wen actually does not dare to neglect, although 9th level Expert can the size of fluctuation body, however general Magic Beast 9th level Expert like maintains the original build, because such they will feel that comfortable, power and prestige, obviously Platypus is such 9th level Expert. Zhao Wen to Platypus said : have seen Sir, I wants to go to the Skylark domain, in must go to him to be good, from your here, especially has seen you.”

Platypus has smiled next step: Your this kid to is interesting, it seems like newly-arrived 9th level is not familiar with, the average person is not optional wandering about aimlessly, do you go to Skylark there to do?” Zhao Wen looked at Platypus one, in the suddenly brain flash of intuition said : Sir, I obtained this only Magic Staff newly, actually presently this only Magic Staff probably is Space Equipment, moreover I made my under the hand/subordinate these fellows enter to inside went, they were actually living, I also had gone afterward, presently this Magic Staff inside Space very big, my half little while did not walk to the end, heard Skylark was quick, wants to make his together to enter in this Space to take risk, where had a look at this is.” Zhao Wen now was getting more and more intelligent, he said actually in tempting Platypus, if can deceive in Space Platypus, they may reach, later in Carrion Swamp, even if positive grasps these 9th level Expert to enter Space, they do not fear. Really, one hear of Zhao Hai said that Platypus face good strange look at Zhao Wen in hand Ghost Staff said : does have that big Space really? Space equipment this thing I have heard, has probably the clan special-purpose, our here also only then Old Mouse will use Space energy, his Space energy also can only opens out-of-the-way small Space, decorates thing, does not have what to use greatly, your this does Magic Staff open the out-of-the-way Space so to be really big?” Zhao Wen looked that he has really moved, quickly said: Naturally real, Space in this Space is very big, I flew for ten days in inside not to the end, therefore I want on approximately Skylark, both of us to divide two directions to fly, must detect this Space in a big way.” The Platypus really intent moved, his look at Zhao Wen can said : open this Space, making me have a look? I have not seen such mysterious Space.” Zhao Wen quickly said: Naturally.” Performance of Zhao Hai look at Zhao Wen in Space, one hear of Zhao Wen was saying that in his immediately/on horseback heart moves, Space rift appears in the Zhao Wen side, Zhao Wen had relaxed, turns the head look at Platypus said : Sir to invite.” Said that he stood Space rift there, did this lets Platypus feel relieved, must know Space energy, can kill 9th level Expert certainly, that Platypus also feared that Zhao Wen was deceiving him, if he arrived at the Space rift middle, that crack suddenly closed, he died. Now looks at the Zhao Wen appearance, Platypus to was real feel relieved, he nodded, a personal appearance pendulum, directly entered in Space from Space rift. Zhao Wen also afterward entered Space, Zhao Wen just entered Space, heard in Space to transmit prompt speaking sounds: Presently variation Platypus, attack strength, very dangerous, starts Space to surrender the function, surrenders Platypus, Platypus was surrendered, depending on grading five Level 10, can in Space raise, eats four grains of feeds each hour, can in Spatial Shop suffice to sell, may produce the son eight times, produces son six each time.”

Ranch Level Up to three ten 1st level, meets into the world requirements, Ranch and Farm will combine, becomes the world, Host has the name power to world, has absolutely the control power, the world may achieve the perfect life form circle, from now on Host will not use in feeding all life form in Space, must manage besides 1000 mu Farming Ground specially, other places, Host may use the world rule, may let its nature growth.” The prompt sound just fell, in Space flash of white light, Ranch and Farm have combined, Zhao Hai can clear seeing these Magic Beast that in Ranch there raises start happy is moving around Farm, besides Farming Ground, the villa, Processing Factory there, these Magic Beast almost can go to any place, moreover Zhao Hai can also stand in the villa sees ocean, were also many in side of villa a river, the fish in river keeps is hovering, once for a while also will leap appear out of the water(water outlet), the person the gate of villa exits, treats with leniency this Farming Ground, in stepping onto one runs to leave, on can arrive at seaside, that seaside Is the white fine sand, very beautiful. However Zhao Hai may not have the mood to appreciate that beautiful scene now, his point fast on the screen a appears document, broke the writing to enter in his mind, lets his understand in present Space any situation. Space now was Level Up, Farm combined with Ranch, he can random breeding in any Magic Beast that own level can buy, can plant any in thing that in this level can plant, but besides Farming Ground there, other places, will not speed up the growth of plants, plants met secure normal time grew, but Magic Beast in Space was also same, besides 10,000 him can the digitization growth, other Magic Beast be the nature growth, naturally, Zhao Hai is can carry on capturing and killing to these Magic Beast, because he has the unsurpassed authority to Space, In this Space, why he wants to do, even if 9th level Expert enters Space, so long as Zhao Hai a few words, energy of that 9th level Expert in this Space could not use, Zhao Hai was this Space creation world god, each few words that he spoke were the god aim. He can in these animal to Space carry on optional control, for example he makes 10,000 Argali turn into digitization to grow today, when Argali to the Space regulation vegetal period, must put in order only gathers, he can these Argali turn into ordinary Argali in Space, making them grow normally, he is making other a batch Argali turn into the data magnificent growth, in any case along with his control. Moreover Space also had change now, in dividing Ranch and Farm, has now calculated that level only calculates Space level, now Space level is Level 38, good is Farm and Ranch level returns in together after the data that dividing two obtains. If he wants to make Space in having the big change, must wait till five Level 10 to be good. However now he can buy four ten 5th level seed , can only buy three ten 1st level animal imaginary sons, although he can raise with digitization that only 9th level Platypus, imaginary son but who he can receive only then 6th level strength, just like ordinary Platypus, not like the Zhao Hai imagination the son, 9th level Platypus, he produces is also 9th level, is not good to calculate. Because of the union of Farm Ranch, therefore Cai'er also came supplementary with the Mu'er ability, now Cai'er can also manage these Magic Beast, Ranch also had the 9th level strength, but can also be attained outside Space to fight by Zhao Hai, similarly, can look after plants in Farm.

But these Bread Tree that the beforehand color and plants, if later grow out, Zhao Hai can let their natural life, can let Cai'er control they, making them not receive the attacks of these Magic Beast. However Zhao Hai does not want to do, Magic Beast has plenty that now in Space raises is some herbivorous Magic Beast, they will graze, will certainly eat the tree, some will also use Bread Fruit as the food, but Zhao Hai does not plan to manage them, a world natural show is good, he has Farming Ground in any case, has sufficed him to use, said it, these Magic Beast are impossible to eat to eat all one's food these trees, he can call to many thing, the light was many thing that received on is enough he to use, but now Space a world, in area is not smaller than Ark Continent. Space are many after Level Up the attack function, Zhao Hai has been able to use Cai'er attack, can use Blood-Devouring Mosquito attack, can use Mu'er attack, can use Space Magic Beast attack, can use Undead Creature attack, can use Profound Ice Liquid attack, he can also use Fly-Swatter attack in herd surface, although now Farm and Ranch has combined, but these basic function Zhao Hai in Farm and Ranch can use. These changes regarding Zhao Hai absolutely are the good deeds, he will make the Zhao Hai attack strength increase, although he cannot reach the 9th level level now, then what can affirm, even if he does not put Zhao Wen and Platypus, even does not use Cai'er, can fight with 9th level Expert. Laura their look at outside change, surprised could not speak, they have not thought, in Space will actually live such change, this was really too mysterious. However before having, experience of several times, when Zhao Hai understands Space, they have not gone to disturb Zhao Hai.