Chapter 440 deceives you not to discuss Waited for Zhao Hai fully to understand Space present situation, this presently Laura they are standing in the villa outside look at Space these Magic Beast, whooped. Do Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile said : look at in the room to do? Goes to have a look, these Magic Beast will not fear your.” This is also a Space function, Space all with the Zhao Hai intimate person, established the Space intimate person, therefore these Magic Beast saw that Zhao Hai and Laura they not only will not hide, conversely, but also to Laura their very intimate. Laura they hear the Zhao Hai sound, turns the head, Zhao Hai presently, the Laura bosom is then holding that Platypus, the Megan bosom is only holding Little Jin, Zhao Wen is falling to the shoulder of Meg on, my goodness, a bosom is holding 9th level Expert, if this makes the bystander know that cannot be insane. Zhao Hai was also every time sees this shrink Platypus of personal appearance, was really darling, flew cute, could not fear that Laura liked. Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, really? As soon as we exit, will not fear that they do give to run away in fear?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not, they to your very intimate, all right, go out to play.” Laura their cheered, ran. Zhao Hai actually shows a faint smile, then turns the head to oppose in nearby Mu'er said : Mu'er, how now Space here does not need you to manage, I thought that you exit with my together, this, my plate on my waist, when first my belt was good.” Mu'er had not opposed that he absolutely is a clever child, must otherwise not receive bullying of Cai'er, the ominous Mu'er personal appearance moves, then slowly turns, the last plate to the waist of Zhao Hai on, has become dark golden belt, no matter, in the low key appears noble, is very attractive. Zhao Hai looks at belt that Mu'er turned into, satisfied nod, this outward walks, one looked to outside that Zhao Hai has cannot help but smiled, Laura they with some small Magic Beast that has not grown up plays, these grown Magic Beast do not have point disaffection, is only in one side leisurely and carefree grazing. The people and natural harmonious pictures, Zhao Hai on the television noticed that before, moreover is showing mostly, but Zhao Hai knows, in here all real, in this world, the person and nature, can the harmonious coexistence. Zhao Hai suddenly thought that he can name to Space, has not thought that he gave Space to assign known as Haven directly, here was extra mundane Haven. Has played in Space well for day, in the evening returned to Space, Zhao Hai Green they welcome to Space, say the change of Space city to them. When invited Green, Zhao Hai also present Space differences, Space after this Level Up, Transmission Point in time increase, this Transmission Point of increase was not one or two, was not ten eight, but present qualitative changed the goods, so long as were he went to the place, Space can suppose these at any time is Transmission Point, in other words, the place that so long as Zhao Hai had been, he can now at will there, no matter there, so long as on the Space map had the place that he on can at any time.

This function was too formidable, has been adding on the robustness of Space map, Zhao Hai felt really that Ark Continent here one turned into the Ark village. Naturally, Zhao Hai went to now the place is also not many, but did not calculate little, so long as were he went to the place, under Space will record, turned into part of Space map, place that therefore Zhao Hai can go to now, were absolutely many. They said after Green change of Space, Green they also appear very happy, this regarding them is the good deed, Space is absolutely more formidable, are more to their advantage. Zhao Hai look at Green their happy appearance, smiles said : actually today Zhao Wen such to achieve has given reminder, we can not need to hit, but deceives in these Magic Beast Space, this can be subdued by Space, now in our Space had Zhao Wen, is adding on Platypus, they act to invite these Magic Beast 9th level Expert, believes that will succeed, does Grandpa Green you look?” Green thinks that nodded said : „to be able to try, now the Space strength was not weak, was only 9th level has five, but can not resort to violence good that do not resort to violence, otherwise had anything to damage accidentally, that is not good.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to think that we first have a look to be able them to deceive in Space, if can deceive, that was convenient, if cannot, that begin.” Green nodded said : also well, actually now the strength was not weak, but the Carrion Swamp here matter must be solved as soon as possible, if otherwise Magic Beast in that day Carrion Swamp ran up to Black Wasteland to come up, was too big to our injuries, if these 9th level Expert acted, that was more troublesome, therefore here matter or earlier solution for good.” Zhao Hai nodded said : feel relieved, these time must the matter complete solution of here, otherwise forever be a hidden danger.” Has rested for day in Space, next morning, Zhao Hai let out Platypus and Zhao Wen, their this time target that only Skylark. Stopped Platypus and Zhao Wen to the Skylark domain outside, their very clear, if they such go into the Skylark domain, that Skylark thinks that they are come attack he, by Skylark that small balls, immediately will run, by his, Zhao Wen and Platypus wants to overtake him, but also is not really easy. However so long as they do not enter the Skylark domain, that Skylark will not run, after they stop, Platypus open the mouth and said: Skylark comes out to see.” The Platypus status is higher than Skylark, therefore he will speak naturally not like politeness of Zhao Wen to him, if will be too polite, instead to will frighten Skylark. Really, before long build petite Skylark drilled from Seven-colored Poisonous Mist, this Skylark is not only small, but compared with Platypus, actually for very petite, even also wants on small some compared with Zhao Wen the build after increasing. However this only Skylark although very petite, but actually gives people one type of skillful feeling, although now the build is very big, but actually appears somewhat adorable.

Skylark saw that Platypus and Zhao Wen stare, then calm said : what matter two do come my here to have?” Her sound is gently clear, but can actually hear, is the female voice, very fragile, is bringing a song of the birds that residual sound. Platypus look at Skylark smiles said : „the Skylark younger sister, this time looks for you, the matters must tell you that in the past Little Wen, was this, he obtained Magic Staff, this Magic Staff unexpectedly was a Space gate, that Space ten big, both of us have gone to search checked, but can actually finally presently that Space edge in there, therefore we are think today the important contract your together had a look, to find out this Space edge to be , is the don’t know Skylark younger sister willing to help?” Skylark stares, she has not thought really that Platypus looks for among him however because of this matter, what she looked at their said : you to say was real? However found this Space edge to be able to be what kind of? Is useful?” Platypus showed a faint smile said : to tell that you sentence truth, in good Space Magic to have the quantity very sufficiently, but was too big, we feared that will have other Expert to exist, if we offended many Expert, they were calling we practiced, gave us, we have troubled, therefore I think that was searching found out that Space, so long as that did not have no Expert, we can feel relieved has practiced in inside, I believe that sooner or later some day we became Grand Dao.” Skylark stares, really somewhat has actually moved, all 9th level Expert, for must become Grand Dao, becomes his supreme existence, if in that Space has such ability, that arrives is worth look at. I who why however Skylark some feel relieved said : you do not come? Doesn't look for others?” Platypus smiles said : naturally is looks for you, you to our nearest/recent, Little Wen also just obtained this Magic Staff, then he wants to look for you, but he must from my there, invite my together to look at Space, both of us had not found this Space edge, therefore thinks pull few more people to go, what matter this is inside has, we can also deal with, you to my domain nearest/recent, therefore we looked for you, what kind of? Don't you agree? If you agreed that first arrived in Space to have a look, having a look at me to say was right, right that if I said that we looked for others, if you did not agree that our also turn around walked, looked for others.” Skylark look at them probably not in the appearance of lying, cannot help but somewhat could not make up mind, her courage is small, therefore handles affairs very carefully, but she recognize, Platypus is also fiercer than her, but Zhao Wen is not slower than her on many, if they must cope with her, feared that does not need such to take time, is looking at their appearances, she to has believed somewhat them. Skylark thinks said : „, if real, I agreed certainly, but I must go to Space to have a look first, was right, you must accompany me to go.” Platypus smiles said : line, all right, Little Wen, opens Space.” Zhao Wen has complied with one, held up Magic Staff, Space rift immediately/on horseback opened, this was they make beforehand with Zhao Hai, so long as they had Magic Staff at one fell swoop, Zhao Hai immediately opened Space rift. Space rift opens, Zhao Wen has not gone, opposite Platypus looked at Skylark said : „the Skylark younger sister, I was advanced.” Said that his flashes body entered Space, Zhao Wen stayed outside, looked at Skylark said : Skylark Elder Sister, I sewed here wait for you in the crack, if I have also gone, this crack vanished.” Said that stood has sewn there in the crack. Skylark looks at their appearances, not in hesitant, the flashes body entered Space, she just entered Space, Space prompt sound immediately/on horseback resounds. Finally Skylark was commented four ten 5th level, can raise in Space, naturally, Space has also given to surrender her. However must say that Platypus and Zhao Wen deceive her, is not right, because the Magic element in Space truly very thick, moreover in Space, because is planting these plants reasons, probably is the Magic element is getting more and more thick.

plants this thing, absorbs nutrition growth in earth, after dying they will corrupt, again becomes the nutrition in earth, but their fruits, can actually become grain that supports animal and person, can be most selfless life form. But in Space this is also because of this person of principle, they provided the nutrition to make these plants grow, these plants in process of growth, some release energy gave Space, Space Level Up, plants in Space were also momentarily getting more and more, now turned into Small World, energy that these plants release came was more formidable, but these animal can also release part of energy, therefore now the Magic element in Space to was more and more intense. Zhao Hai their daily in Space, will certainly not feel anything, but Skylark and Platypus just entered Space, naturally can feel, why this is also not [gold/metal] likes staying in Space, does not want to return to one on own ape island reasons. Has subdued Skylark, Zhao Hai they naturally on rushing next, had Skylark join, their deceiving people teams increased one, similarly, was more credible, this regarding Zhao Hai their plans is actually very advantageous. If the plan of Zhao Hai is to the 9th level Expert execution of Human Race, he may not succeed, because of Human Race 9th level Expert, they went through all sorts of stormy times, various plots and schemes arrive at today's status, they guard to the person, not trust person easily, therefore they are impossible to be deceived Space easily. However these Magic Beast 9th level Expert in Swamp are not quite same, in the world that they live does not have that many plots and schemes, the matter that they must handle protects Flower City , practice well, therefore is very discrete like Skylark, is inferior to Human Race slyly that deceitful, therefore by deceiving easily to Space. As more and more 9th level Expert were deceived Space, the Space strength is also getting stronger and stronger, similarly, the confidence level is also getting higher and higher, these 9th level Expert do not believe that these many 9th level Expert will have such method to plan them, because simply does not need, if these 9th level Expert want alliance to cope with him, is good his simply to have no way to run. Stemming from such psychology, therefore these Magic Beast 9th level Expert actually have not lived any war, was deceived in Space, became Space defense force part, became Zhao Hai in hand strength part. However Zhao Hai does not have excessively limit their freedom, they can practice in Space, can practice in the Carrion Swamp original domain, the request that Zhao Hai will not force they make anything. However many Magic Beast in Swamp are not the fools, they know certainly anything to themselves advantageously, therefore they do not have in returned to Swamp to practice, but kept in Space to practice, in any case Space place big very much, they can the optional electing place.