Chapter 441 Swamp starts However Zhao Hai also present, comes out these 9th level Expert that from Carrion Swamp, their characteristics, they must absorb Seven-colored Poisonous Mist to carry on the practice, toxin existence within the body slowly, these toxin can also become their one type of attack method finally. But Space here does not have poisonous, the Cai'er main body actually in here, in adding on Space also has pesticide type compared with Cai'er release Seven-colored Poisonous Mist is poisonous many toxin, they practice to are not a problem. The environment in Space because of turning into Small World, but has worsened, conversely, after turning into Small World, the environment in Space to was instead better. When on Earth, Zhao Hai listened to the person saying that in nature, only then one type of thing was the same with the person, that was the virus, the virus does not have the wheel to arrive at there to destroy there, but the person was also same to Earth, where life no matter the person on Earth, definitely will disrupt the environment of that place, to Earth, the person was more like the virus in geoid. But in Space this Small World, although animal are many, but do not forget, here has not undergone the artificial destruction, can say that here is a completely not opened world, in this world, all according to natural show operation slowly, although said that Space can digitization part, equal to makes the shortcoming, but regarding entire Space, is actually not anything. Until now, Zhao Hai has also subdued 9th level Expert in entire Carrion Swamp, this did not subdue don’t know, subdued Zhao Hai to know, Carrion Swamp inside room however 36 9th level Expert, if in adding on Cai'er, Little Jin and Mu'er, Zhao Hai presently the in hand control 9th level Expert quantity has achieved astonishing 39, can be considered as absolutely on is the Continent first strong presence. However Zhao Hai has not prepared to use these 9th level Expert, after all that was too scary, said it he has not thought the dominate world ambition, he only wants to defend Black Wasteland and Carrion Swamp was good, the actual matter he does not want really multibarreled. Actually Zhao Hai to put it bluntly is an a little selfish Takuda disposition, on Earth, because of the difference of time, others pursues is thing on some materials, you asked that he has any great ideal, that simply is impossible, they possibly did not care regarding national everyone/Great Clan that what they care is only own income, own easy life, Zhao Hai also has certainly the problem of this aspect, he also knows that in addition, on is the responsibility. Understood that own responsibility, understood responsible man, arriving at there can be a person of real man, although Zhao Hai has this and that shortcoming, but has to recognize, he understand that own responsibility, understands responsiblily, this is on him a biggest merit. Zhao Hai does not want to kill people at will, does not want to provoke the war, therefore was he had that strength, he most also can only defend his one mu three points of place, own easy life, has not made others bully, he does not want to go to the dominate world, such will provoke the war, but in the war, painstakingly most on was commoner that ate, dying most was also commoner, Zhao Hai may not want to become a warhawk.

Because increased these many 9th level Expert, now Zhao Hai entire Space level arrived at four ten 5th level, was the same with beforehand Farm level. Has some not to be unsatisfied regarding this point Zhao Hai, but this does not have the matter of means that after all now in Space was Farm and Ranch two-in-one, was adding on level to be high, promoted very difficult. Four ten 5th level although are good, but this does not have what influence regarding Farm here, Zhao Hai are most can only plant four ten 5th level agricultural crops, does not have what big promotion. But regarding the promotion of Ranch there is also limited very much, Zhao Hai was unable to breed these being able to stand in line number now Divine Beast, but he was also content, after all he only misses 5th level to be able now to five Level 10. However Zhao Hai also knows that these five Level 10 are not so is good, more than 30 9th level Expert, let the Space liter to four ten 5th level, altogether could not have promoted Level 10, his don’t know is arriving at there to make more than 30 9th level Expert to go, that 5th level promoting. However Zhao Hai was only worried one has put down the concern, he he prepares Carrion Swamp here processing some well now, then changed Sky Water City. In having less than ten days was God's Grace Day, should return to Sky Water City to have a look, was not only going to Sky Water City to have a look, but must go to Jade Water City to have a look. This Megan came out such long time with them, Calci Family there certainly very worried, moreover this year's God's Grace Day did not do well in Calci Family, no matter how saying that but Megan Calci Family little princess, the little princess who most was favored, Zhao Hai must give a Calci Family face to be good. Carrion Swamp here actually already not too big has troubled, Zhao Hai must solve is the Carrion Swamp here poisonous issue, Magic Beast that these level have not achieved, in the Carrion Swamp here life, once for a while needs expulsion of toxin, therefore before them, will run up to Black Wasteland to come up restless. Before Zhao Hai has also thought solved this problem, the place that therefore Iron Mountain behind and Carrion Swamp were near caused a creek, the water in this creek was the water of tarn, that water underwent the improvement of Spatial Water, has been able to play certain Detoxification to do with, enough used regarding these Magic Beast.

However Magic Beast has plenty in Swamp, some simply do not have the time to go to Black Wasteland here expulsion of toxin, therefore they can only expulsion of toxin in other places, entire Carrion Swamp here toxin is getting stronger and stronger, the expulsion of toxin time that these Magic Beast need is also getting more and more short. This matter reaches an agreement the solution to be also good to be solved, cannot reach an agreement the solution not to be good to be solved, if he solved Carrion Swamp here Magic Beast toxin, then regarding these Magic Beast was not the good deed, after all has lacked toxin, these Magic Beast attack strength will be greatly affected. However the puzzled words, the injury to these Magic Beast were quick, listening to Swamp these 9th level Expert saying that nearest/recent besides Zhao Wen, in Swamp without appears 9th level Expert, moreover this had for a long time, was because these Magic Beast in Swamp could not bear Swamp toxicity, after having arranged, will increase Swamp toxicity, finally these toxins met in returned to their bodies, therefore has plenty Magic Beast was because this, therefore died, simply could not achieve too high level, do not say 9th level. These 9th level Expert in Zhao Hai and Swamp discussed that finally decided that is acted by Zhao Hai, several spring in Swamp, becomes with Space transform can Detoxification water source, is being acted by these 9th level Expert, lets these Magic Beast, when needs Detoxification, goes to these water source there to drink water, this can the problem solve. Now Zhao living expenses have almost recorded the entire Carrion Swamp terrain in the Space map, Zhao Hai considers as finished, the light is area that Carrion Swamp and Black Wasteland return, is not unexpectedly smaller than Aksu Empire, even also wants to be bigger than Aksu Empire, this calculates that was reaches. Must know that Buda Family obtains this fief, but permanent fief, obtained other Radiant Church and Empire recognize, even if were when the time comes several big Empire changed from one dynasty to another, Buda Family can also forever retain own fief, therefore Zhao Hai naturally was hopes that this fief the bigger the better. Before Zhao Hai improved him not to dare to say Black Wasteland and Carrion Swamp that he did not have that strength protect these two places. However now is different, presently in his hand had that strength, after he these two places improve, immediately can say that these people are jealous are also useless, has the ability you to snatch, hits undead you. However Zhao Hai has not thought wanted to say now the Black Wasteland here situation, he has not wanted to make others know the Black Wasteland here situation, Black Wasteland here also needs to construct after all now, the construction needed large quantities of commodities, needed the person, if they were known by Radiant Church, will implement on certain degree to Zhao Hai ***, his trouble was not small. The remaining silent big wealth is Zhao Hai wants, therefore received after several levels in Swamp, his immediately improved to be able several spring in Carrion Swamp with these 9th level Expert Detoxification spring, these 9th level Expert also acted, with method that he produced, after letting these Magic Beast, if needed Detoxification time went to spring there to drink water.

So far, matter that entire Black Soil gets completely has been solved, later was not having any extra worries, Zhao Hai can feel relieved to abducting. Only is solves Carrion Swamp here matter Zhao Hai has used almost one month of time, now to the God's Grace Day only remaining five days, Calci Family to the Zhao Hai letter, making Zhao Hai they a bit faster arrive at Sky Water City. Not only Calci Family, Charlie there also receives a letter, making him go to Jade Water City there, naturally, Charlie sometimes did not go to Jade Water City there to see Zhao Hai, but Charlie must ask Zhao Hai to go to Carson City his residence to seat guests. Zhao Hai will not certainly oppose, no matter in any case in his there, he can come with quickest time returned to iron fort here, no matter he in there God's Grace Day, equal to in Iron Mountain Fort here, therefore he to does not have what feeling. After making decision, Zhao Hai immediately prepared Sky Water City, Megan these days also somewhat missed homeland, although she has not said that but Zhao Hai from she somewhat agitated expression can look. They said to Green, Zhao Hai their leave, Green they to had not opposed, they know, since they after one time have made the Buda Family flag, matter that Zhao Hai must handle were more, moreover on Continent the visions of major influences have also been staring at them, at this time, Zhao Hai must maintain good relationship with Calci Family and Charlie Prince. although said that now the Buda Family strength, can say, no matter on this Continent any big influence, even if and entire Human Race starts them not to fear, no matter Zhao Hai or Green have not thought this point, Zhao Hai does not like the war, but Green is because are Human Race.