Chapter 442 opens the main entrance greatly Zhao Hai and Laura they in time appears in Sky Water City outside, this Zhao Hai in the hidden growth whereabouts, had not found a quite remote place, release their Giant-horn raging bull car(riage), walks toward Sky Water City. The Giant-horn raging bull car(riage), Wild Dragon War flag, is adding on Alien, these three types of thing have almost become the mark of Zhao Hai, no matter that one type of appears , the people know that Zhao Hai came. What because Zhao Hai this sitting is the Giant-horn raging bull car(riage), therefore he just entered Sky Water City, immediately was protected by the Sky Water City garrison troops is walking in the City Lord Mansion direction, these garrison troops dare not to give Zhao sea surface, does not dare not to give the Megan face, Megan in Smith at heart is any status, these garrison troops are very clear. But underwent this nearly one month of dissemination, the Zhao Hai reputation has spread over Continent, the people on Continent, knew Dark Magician that this braved newly, knew Buda Family. On Continent the people of major influences have not thought, Buda Family on Continent vanished less than one year, returned on according to so strong. If, the time of Buda Family return were very long, they were matched shortly after Black Wasteland, Zhao Hai on appears on Continent, on Continent has then moved, has brought to the attention of big influence, but the people have not thought that Zhao Hai is Buda Family Patriarch, playboys who that Aksu Empire became famous. But those who make the person pay attention, Zhao Hai presently in hand unexpectedly in having water of nihility antidote, this makes him the entire Continent Guan Guan focal point. The water of these year of nihilities the pressure like a piece big stone on the bodies of these Expert, they had feared had been planned, in unknowingly drinks Water of Nothingness, such they were cry to look to move. But Zhao Hai powerful appears , actually probably that big stone moving things out of the way, him has been able the water of oneself nihility solving, can certainly the others' hydrolisis of nihility, this regarding these Expert, really be good information. It can be said that now status of Zhao Hai on Continent, has not compared Great Clan Patriarch to miss, because he has that strength. The people know certainly, in Casa City fights, Zhao Hai not only one obtained near hundred thousand Undead Creature, he also has destroyed simultaneously completely opposite party several 9th level Expert.

9th level Expert, is not attack, was destroyed completely, destroys completely 9th level Expert, that is any concept, that represents Zhao Hai in hand also to have 9th level Expert . Moreover the quantity are many. Hears this information, the person on Continent, felt that being startled, they have not thought that Zhao Hai really also has such method, they know that before the Buda Family disaster, was because Buda Family did not have the 9th level Expert reason, now Buda Family had 9th level Expert, some can that also people govern them easily? But is most surprised regarding this information, most rejoices was Calci Family, before Zhao Hai said them, so long as did not send out four 9th level Expert, he can make these 9th level Expert come but not return, no matter Smith was also good, was Lando is also good, was not trust, reason that they will let off Zhao Hai, because has processed Zhao Hai, the matter that involves were too many. Since knew after Casa City extinguished several 9th level Expert, Smith and Lando when being startled, felt that intermittent fear, they knew, Purcell Family although has strength very formidable 9th level Expert, Origin Sword Saint, but fist difficult enemy four, opposite party but four 9th level Expert, two Advanced level Divergent Warlock , this by Zhao Hai and Origin Sword Saint extinguishing, then before representative Zhao Hai has not lain, he really has such strength. In this case, Smith and Lando have to official Zhao Hai, probably know that is their Calci Family, is impossible to destroy completely four 9th level Expert casually, if four 9th level Expert attack they, their Clan won finally, that is also the hard victory. But Zhao Hai had not been lost by anything probably, extinguished four 9th level Expert, this regarding Smith their shocks, but very enormous. Before they always in vision look at Zhao Hai that one type of occupies a commanding position, if were not Megan must marry Zhao Hai, now they noisily become any appearances with Zhao Hai, but also did not say. Even if were Megan said non- Zhao Hai did not marry, Lando has also thought made Megan renounce the engagement, because in his opinion, the Zhao Hai status really did not have compared with the means and Megan, missed far. However now is different, Lando and Smith have put Zhao Hai regarded with their same level status, now they have not thought that Zhao Hai could not be joined to Megan, simultaneously they also want Zhao Hai has located in their heart positions again, with Zhao Hai relationship and manner must from new processing. Zhao Hai has not thought these, reason that but this time will attend the Purcell Duchy war, for sets up the prestige, he must entire Continent to know that the Buda Family strength, making on this Continent dare underestimated Buda Family in also nobody. Zhao Hai they arrived at City Lord Mansion quickly, when Zhao Hai they from vehicle stares, what because this walking is the City Lord Mansion main entrance.

It is not the average person can walk like the City Lord Mansion main entrance, if your status has not achieved, you are impossible to walk the main entrance, therefore before Zhao Hai, comes time walks is the side gates, that is because he and Smith relationship is very good, afterward was betrothed with Megan, is the reason of person on one's own side, otherwise the qualifications of his walking without rest side gate not. However this Zhao Hai they come back, obtained Smith to open the main entrance to greet their allowance greatly, what most important was, Smith was standing in in front of the door. Zhao Hai stares from the vehicle, then immediately/on horseback half step has arrived around Smith, bowed said : Uncle Smith you personally to come out to Smith? Right, this time walked the main entrance? I have not been familiar with.” Smith looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, presently he has not changed because of this time matter, this lets his very happy, his immediately/on horseback smiles said : this is my father's meaning, my father's meaning in other words, you currently had the qualifications to walk the main entrance, our Calci Family must rectify names for you on Continent.” Zhao Hai nodded, walks toward the palace in Smith together with a smile, Zhao Hai very clear Smith this saying is any meaning. Whether Clan becomes Great Clan, this also needs to obtain some established Noble recognize, Calci Family opens the main entrance to greet Zhao Hai, this expressed that their recognize has recognized the Buda Family status, this regarding Buda Family is very important. Influence of Calci Family on Continent is very big, before although, they were suppressed by Radiant Church, but established Noble, is not like this good to suppress, these suppress although to have some influences to Calci Family, but generally speaking, affects is not very big. Calci Family so high-sounding talk the status of recognize Buda Family, regarding status influence of Buda Family on Continent is very big. Smith is impolite with Zhao Hai, directly after Zhao Hai welcome to the dwelling, is waiting for Zhao Hai in there Lando, after this , the dwelling is not the average person can come, because Zhao Hai was betrothed with Megan, was the person on one's own side, therefore after welcome , the dwelling. Lando these time does not have to keep up appearances, stands is waiting for Zhao Hai in living room in front of the door they, looked at Zhao Hai to arrive, on the Lando face also showed the smiling face, Zhao Hai has gone forward to pay a visit, Lando although cannot say that warm, actually compared with previous time saw the Zhao Hai time manner to be much better. After several people enters the living room to sit down, Lando look at Zhao Hai, smiles said : well, Little Hai, your this doing was really good, has made the Dark Magician power and prestige, good, I looked that on Continent these fellows also did dare underestimated Dark Magician.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „to make them know that these years did not have what war, they have forgotten fierce location of Dark Magician, suppression that Radiant Church goes all out, reason that they can succeed, is not because the normally Dark Magician attack strength seems like not very high, in adding on them can bring not the small benefit to these Great Noble, this time I hit is so ruthless, must these to know that Dark Magician to the battlefield, there on is our world, Radiant Church is can give them the benefit, but they raise the army are also ask for money, benefit that they gain. Also insufficiently they raise the army, this time I make these people know that the Dark Magician fierce place, believes the has plenty person will change to the view of Dark Magician.” Lando nodded said : right, these years our Dark Magician make a move opportunity were getting fewer and fewer, some Noble thought that raises Dark Magician not to be cost-effective, this time you let their understand, Dark Magician was not affable.” Zhao Hai smiled said : in several days has been God's Grace Day, today we feared that was must in here grudge, but tomorrow I must go to Jade Water City, the grandfather you looked that your some did tell?” Lando shook the head said : not to have what instruction, tomorrow I to prepare to start on a journey Carson City, the tight point words that catches up with, can arrive at Carson City before God's Grace Day, Smith they must go, Little Hai, you, if goes to Jade Water City, that also does have the time to go to Carson City?” Zhao Hai nodded said : Third Prince also to make me go to Carson City, I also prepare his residence to visit, tomorrow I go to Jade Water City, as soon as possible handles the there matter, then immediately rushes to Carson City to go.” Lando nodded, then turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, nearest/recent Third Prince Your Highness in hand were many many in the sea special products, these do thing have relationship with me?” Zhao Hai has not hidden the truth from him, smiles said : „, I couple of days ago went to sea the later in the sea lane, you also know that my under the hand/subordinate that many Undead Creature, did not need to be a pity, happen to made them go to in the sea to touch a special product to come up.” Lando nodded, he knows that in the sea special product thing he cannot meddle, because this life form is Third Prince, if he must meddle, offended Third Prince, that was too for them disadvantageous.