Chapter 443 important matter Lando does not want to offend Third Prince not to fear him, but is he does not want to do right with Third Prince, currently Prince of several struggle throne, each has opportunity to mount the imperial throne, they do not want to support that naturally does not want to offend that is the same, therefore this in the sea business Lando did not prepare to meddle. Zhao Hai him had not told beer and white liquor and so on business, now the white liquor and beer have not been able to achieve the mass production, therefore Zhao Hai has not wanted too early takes these thing. The beer and white liquor these thing, are on Continent the industry of unique, Zhao Hai do not prepare to cooperate with a person absolutely, therefore Third Prince and Calci Family will do this business. Zhao Hai turns the head look at Lando said : Grandpa Lando, I help Third Prince, doesn't have what influence regarding you? If I do not help Third Prince now, then offended Third Prince on equal to, that to us is not the good deed.” Lando nodded said : not to have relationship, you with the Third Prince matter regarding our influences are not very big, feel relieved was good, all right, on Continent, struggles the throne like actually the matter, various Great Noble have the participation, but the member participation some intent surrounding, as the matter stands failed, does not have to receive anything to affect, has succeeded, can actually obtain many advantage, you before helping Third Prince, and our Calci Family has a grudge, after you have helped Third Prince, had and Megan engagement, therefore you helped Third Prince they already know, this. The matter will not be influential to Calci Family.” Zhao Hai nodded said : not influential well, no matter what, now I and Megan had the engagement, I and Calci Family were not bystanders, all, when handled the matter, I must consider for Calci Family, reason that this time matter, I must reveal that the Buda Family flag, revealed own card in a hand, must to Megan explain/transfer, I probably on Continent to know, what Megan married was who, what she married the person to have strength, I do not want on the person by Continent to look at the Megan joke.” Megan sat the Lando side at this time, one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but eye socket one red, she has not thought really that Zhao Hai such does also will really have such reason. Lando nodded said : to be very good, Little Hai, you do is very good, Megan has not misread the person, you later were our Calci Family person on one's own side, was good, I was not many said that we ate meal, already prepared things to eat, today gives you reception.” After having eaten meal, Zhao Hai has rested on the maid servant institute of returned to backyard, Megan naturally returned to own courtyard, she to wants to live in the maid servant institute, but the madame actually must speak to her, therefore she is the place that returned to oneself lived. After Zhao Hai to maid servant institute, with Laura their returned to in Space, now their more and more custom stays in Space, before they do not have in any case, that many matters, stayed in Space are better. But Megan madame returned to her room, after they have sat down, does the madame to Megan said : Megan, these time exit with Zhao Hai what kind of? Going to war time met dangerously?” Megan shook the head said : not to have, does mother, I probably encounter the danger? Does not need me to break through enemy lines, we have stayed in Casa City very safe a place, has not encountered any danger, does not have including the battlefield on.” The madame nodded, then said : these does time really have four 9th level Expert to attack Casa City? Two Divergent Warlock ?”

Megan nodded said : naturally, four 9th level Expert, one is Light Element Magician, three are Warrior, two Divergent Warlock , are very probably famous on Continent, I listened to Elder Brother Hai saying that two people resembled the nickname to call the riches and honor two stars, has mother, you heard these two people?” The madame has gawked, then nodded said : to hear, these two people are metallic system Divergent Warlock , level truly are very high, moreover they had several years not to have make a move.” Megan nodded said : „, I also listened to Elder Brother Hai saying that but these two people were turned into Advanced level Undead Creature by Elder Brother Hai now, Elder Brother Hai added that I went to take after a period of time gold coins that these two person these many years obtained, heard that probably was many.” The madame smiles said : Little Hai to know how to make money, will not be truly few, making money that these two person these years have gone all out, moreover they, so long as gold coins, does not want other thing, this Little Hai feared that can obtain many gold coins.” Megan smiles said : not to go to take, these days was the processing post-war matter has only used such long time, was not really easy.” Does the madame look at Megan appearance, smile said : real? Right, are Little Hai these in the sea special products, he fish really? Does he fish in there?” Megan already thinks that with Zhao Hai the excuse, madame asked now, her immediately said : naturally, this had anything to be good to deceive people, he fishes in the nearby of ape island, there almost nobody goes, can therefore fish many good thing, but Zhao Hai is not all person thing has, regarding these Magic Beast, he was also chooses some comparison big beginning, Zhao Hai saying that does not want also to fish there becomes offshore like this, to is not finally good to fish on what.” The madame nodded, then that fired off the weaponry you to go to there to Megan said : these days? Isn't on the sea? Went to Buda Family present Encampment? Their Encampment where?” Megan looked at madame said : is, went to Buda Family present Encampment, but mother, Buda Family Encampment I cannot tell you in there now, Elder Brother Hai was because trusted me to tell me, he said that now Buda Family Encampment has not let the person knew, therefore do not ask.” Looks at the Megan appearance, madame cannot help but sighs, she knows that can be this, the Megan disposition she too has understood, matter that she does not want to say that how you in asked that she will not say. The madame sighed said : well, did not ask that did not ask, that Zhao Hai this several days was what kind to you? Is good? Are they same as Laura?” Megan smiles said : Elder Brother Hai to be good to me, we are same as Laura to me, our normally is very free, no matter has any matter, our together discussed that Elder Brother Hai said, he also wants to walk some sea region, if in the sea thing fishes were many, I also want to cooperate with Clan, moreover there are other thing, can cooperate, was right, mentioned this, I to remembered a matter, I told the grandfather.” Said that stands to walk outward. The madame looks at her appearance, what matter holds on her said : hastily „? Also could say with your grandfather? Didn't tell me good?”

Megan smiles said : to tell that you are not good, but this matter told you also useless, you cannot control, I must tell the grandfather that walks mother, our together goes.” Said that Megan pulls up the madame to walk outward. Lando and Smith in study room, they have not rested now, today they saw Zhao Hai, to be honest, their very happy, because not only Zhao Hai has not changed to their manner, because of Zhao Hai regarding the Megan manner. Manner of Zhao Hai to Megan is very good, considers for Megan very much, this is they most desired, Zhao Hai is good with the Megan sentiment, that Megan had a good home to return, they have also satisfied, because of adding on their relationship is good, Zhao Hai will be intimate with Calci Family, handles any matter to think Calci Family, this regarding Calci Family absolutely is the good matter. Now on Zhao Hai strength Continent all big influences knew, his strength does not compare an established Great Clan difference, even also wants on strong some compared with Purcell Family such established Noble, Buda Family sole weak possibly was personal connection. However now the Zhao Hai personal connection said that also not weak many, he with Purcell Family that relationship definitely varying stock, Purcell Family in established Noble, although is not topest existence, but these many years, they the personal connection on Continent have not accommodated underestimated, Zhao Hai these time helped them be busy, later Zhao Hai had the matter, they also will definitely help, this made Zhao Hai have not the small personal connection. In adding on Zhao Hai is also their Calci Family son-in-law, Zhao Hai has the matter, they cannot look at, this be a personal connection, in adding on the Third Prince personal connection, the Shelly Family personal connection, the Zhao Hai personal connection puts on Continent now any country, existence that does not allow to look down upon. Facing such Zhao Hai, Calci Family was unable to pick up any problem to come, passes through Lando they now already completely regarded the person on one's own side Zhao Hai, this was also the Great Clan conduct method, if has regarded the person on one's own side a person, that must include him fully, supported him, only then you can obtain the corresponding repayment like this. Lando and Smith discussed a while, Lando then sighed said : waiter, these years painstakingly you, my present old, daily staying in Clan, on the situation regarding Continent, the judgment somewhat was inferior to you, your Big Brother, the Fourth Brother was also good, but they actually lacked into a big Patriarch vision to compel the strength, Little San wholeheartedly was thinking the practice, he could not count on, but hopes that he one day can break through 9th level, then was also a little supplies to offer to Clan, small five, oh!” Lando sighed, he was not a fool, is Great Noble Patriarch that on Continent knew how things stand, how Lando possibly was a fool, he liked Juwan before, this also made her judgment have some faults, but actually cannot now. To be honest, Lando is very disappointed to Juwan, Juwan is eye Expert is absolutely low, the generation of being shortsighted, if hands over in Calci Family his hand, suffering a defeat and fleeing of that Calci Family works as is not far, how Lando possibly handles such matter. Smith looks at the Lando appearance, don’t know must say any good, he is Calci Family considers wholeheartedly, but must say that his position ambition to a Patriarch does not have, that is also impossible, conversely, he has very big ambition to that position, he believes that so long as he sits in that position, Calci Family will be certainly better than the present. Simultaneously Smith is also first time sees Lando now such manner, Lando this was first time has made a mistake in his front recognize, this regarding Smith, was really a little inconceivable, his suddenly present, originally father was really old, he also had the weak time. Smith also lightly sighed, comforted Lando said : father, all right, did not have to be so serious, small five worked although that you said not to be good, but you have to recognize, some of some of his also uses, said it, our Calci Family not be calculation that he said that he will not turn any storm to come.”

Lando smiled, sighs said : my vision might as well Megan this girl, he he, ok, did not say these, Little Hai truly was good, at this time his suddenly revealed that the Buda Family status, making these people on Continent not dare to move him, has shaken the Buda Family power and prestige again, handled the matter to be systematic, not anxiously not slow, this supple time he not just, this just time he can also under result in the cruel methods, was a character, to Megan in the manner can look from him comes out, he also very much liked Megan, this I also on feel relieved, must him. Regards the person on one's own side, fully supports him, I presently he is a heavy friendship person, supports him, our Calci Family will obtain the advantage.” Smith smiles said : father your feel relieved, I already saw clearly Little Hai this point, otherwise I will not certainly facilitate their wedding.” Lando nodded, smiles said : to have the support of Little Hai, Third Prince has mounted the imperial throne opportunity to increase, this regarding our Clan is attractive, I look at this, if later if necessary, we must fully support Third Prince, no matter what, Little Hai now was our Calci Family person, if he were defeated, did not have what advantage regarding us.” Smith nodded, in this time, outside has been transmitting Phill sound speaking sounds: Young lady, Madame, did you come? Old Master Young Master is discussing the matter in room.” Lando one hear was Megan and wife came, quickly said: Is Megan and Ma? Comes in Ma madame's boudoir name, but few people such said. Megan may not have tube that many, pushed the door to walk, saw that Lando immediately ran up to Lando said : grandfather, I just remembered a matter to come, therefore looked for you.” Lando favors look at Megan said : that drowns your young insane girl, person who become engaged, later the infant should not be so dry.” Megan one hear of Lando said that cannot help but honk mouth said : grandfather, you must listen, but this matter relationship to our Calci Family show, you , if not listen, I do not say.” Her such saying, Lando they have smiled, before Megan , the Steward sentiment, suddenly did not say that relationship to the Calci Family future now, they felt certainly funnily. Lando smiles said : well, good, you said that I am listening, I to listen, what words my small Megan can say to come, will meet unexpectedly also relationship to our Calci Family future, HaHaHa, this became engaged is different, the words that will say will come in a big way such.”