Chapter 444 running water Megan looked at Lando one, snort|hum said : this matter was very important to our Calci Family, I did not tell you, Grandfather, now the Calci Family factory are also many, but I dare saying that the output of our Clan any factory was inferior the Elder Brother Hai factory, a same factory, Elder Brother Hai they wanted 100 people, our Clan factory had 300 people, the output is also inferior to the Elder Brother Hai factory.” Lando one hear of Megan said that cannot help but stares, then his immediately understand meaning of Megan, his complexion Righteous Path: Megan, you meant that Little Hai does have the method that one type of can raise the output? But this method did you know?” Megan looks at the Lando appearance, this face proud said : „, I knew the method in the Elder Brother Hai factory raising the output, he he, must say that Elder Brother Hai is really intelligent, we have not thought of this method.” Lando look at Megan said : what method? Megan, you said quickly, you think that the anxious grandfather is.” Megan then smiles said : Elder Brother Hai saying that called assembly line production, took our family that system ceramic factory, now a system potter, must make an earthenware, from taking earth to making Tao Pi needed good several days the time, but the grandfather, did you have to think? Taking the earth, with the putty, makes the semifinished product, draws flowered these working procedures to separate to do, the special tube of excavating earth excavates earth, with putty with the putty, makes the semifinished product only control semifinished product, the picture colored draws specially by all means colored, making a producuction process of earthenware look like the water same in in hand flow through of these workers, as the matter stands their will enhance.” Lando and Smith they may be the smart people, one hear of Megan said that immediately understand, although they have not conducted the experiment, but imagines also to think very reasonable. Lando excited has stood got up repeatedly said : well, good, fantastic, this means fantastic, right, right that Megan said that if such does, output big increase of our earthenware, HaHaHa, small Megan, you really will not certainly have lain, this will be relationship to our Calci Family future important matter.” suddenly Lando stopped, he turns the head look at Megan said : Megan, Little Hai agreed that you did tell us this matter? Does not want, because this affects you with the Little Hai sentiment, must know such produce way, Little Hai, if did not say that the average person could not have thought, such produce way, the average person cannot the to divulge to an outsider.” Megan smiles said : feel relieved, Elder Brother Hai agreed that all right.” Does Lando then satisfied nod, smile said : Little Hai there also to have the factory? In his factory has who?”

Megan smiles said : is some slaves, he also bought some slaves to come from Beastman there, now there has more than 1000 slaves to work in the factory.” Lando nodded, he had not asked that Buda Family Encampment in there, wants not possibly to come in any case in Black Wasteland there, there has become Forbidden Land on Continent, Zhao Hai Clan Encampment, in a very confidential place, the specific position, Zhao Hai will not certainly say. Megan looked that Lando had not asked Buda Family Encampment matter, she also relaxed, but she to Lando said : grandfather, Elder Brother Hai said that their Buda Family present Encampment, is secret , said that therefore cannot tell you now, should not be angry.” The Lando look at Megan appearance, smiles said : what? he not to make you tell the grandfather, didn't you tell the grandfather?” Megan sternly say: Grandfather, Elder Brother Hai such trusts me, how I can do to be unfair to his matter, therefore this matter I have not been able to tell you, is unfair to the grandfather.” Lando laughs, feels Megan head said : silly thing, how the grandfather will be angry, right that you make, Little Hai anything has not been unfair to our Calci Family place, you became engaged with Little Hai now, Little Hai such trusts you, this to you are the good fortune, you now are the Buda Family person, naturally must be Buda Family worries, the grandfather is not angry.” Megan gently is holding Lando, the eye socket is red, has not spoken, has not made noise, is only in a soft voice to Lando said : grandfather, Elder Brother Hai he trusts me, handles anything not to carry me, to me with treating Laura and Meg same good, must know that Meg grows up with Elder Brother Hai from small together, Elder Brother Hai is her day, Laura oneself all properties, all family members, have delivered to the Elder Brother Hai domain, Elder Brother Hai to their two trust that our Clan will be Great Clan that on Continent will know how things stand, Elder Brother Hai can also like this to me, I. Really affected, therefore grandfather I cannot tell you too, I want to tell you , the Elder Brother Hai in hand strength, compared with wants formidable many that you imagine, these that you know, is only a Elder Brother Hai in hand strength small part, I hope that later Calci Family do not live the conflict with Buda Family, otherwise suffers a loss certainly is our Calci Family.” Lando stares, then surprised look at Megan said : Megan, what said is real? Is the Little Hai in hand strength so really strong? Must know that our Calci Family can not only 1 or 2 9th level Expert, he have such strength to make our Calci Family really suffer a loss?” Megan smiled bitterly, Lando their there has thought that Zhao Hai in hand will have Space this type of doing shortcoming, about eight hundred thousand 8th level Undead Creature army, do not say Calci Family, even if were Rosen Empire feared that could not block, was adding on that about 40 9th level Expert, let alone made Calci Family suffer a loss, even if extinguished Calci Family to be a cinch. Lando looks at the Megan appearance, what did not need her saying that on understand what's the matter, he nodded said : well, feel relieved, the grandfather knows how should do, right did Megan, tomorrow you return to Carson City to go to Jade Water City with me with Zhao Hai?”

Megan smiles said : I to go to Jade Water City there to have a look, Elder Brother Hai has a shop in Jade Water City there, he wants to go to there to have a look, Manager of that shop is Laura under the hand/subordinate, because the previous time has the urgent matter, therefore Elder Brother Hai gave him to process something, this time he wants to have a look at that matter processing how.” Lando nodded said : you to be also good with Little Hai, in directly family that like this he can go to Carson City, oh, is really one step goes astray, must otherwise this in the sea business be our, this must bring the big benefit, was a pity.” Megan smiles said : grandfather not to worry, after this in the sea business, will have our shares, but now the output is somewhat low, therefore does not have the means to apportion us.” Lando smiled said : Little Hai this fellow to have doing business innate skill, is adding on his side also with Laura, it seems like later Buda Family thinks that did not reach was difficult, no wonder Megan your this girl also wants to study to do business, HaHaHa.” Megan by the embarrassment that Lando said that face one red, white Lando said : grandfather, your few talk nonsense, now Buda Family there situation, but also was really very good, you were don’t know their initially are any appearance, one compared with former much better, these is being Elder Brother Hai fights, he was very fierce.” Lando smiled said : to result, toward your Elder Brother Hai face previous post [gold/metal], these days you should not be laborious, goes back to rest, Little Hai did not say that tomorrow can go to Jade Water City? You feared that also had must catch up.” Megan nodded, smiles said : well, Grandfather, I went back to rest.” Said that stood up back and forth own courtyard. Megan walks, Lando turns the head to Smith said : waiter, you said what Megan this girl said is really or fake?” Smith forced smile said : this fears real, girl now a although heart all on Zhao Hai, but to the matter of Yu Clan clan, she will not crack a joke, it seems like Little Hai in hand also has our don’t know strength to exist, this youngster not simple that.” Lando nodded, what forced smile said : is then most fearful is this youngster intelligent vigor, he possibly already thinks that some people will look for their Encampment, therefore he did not say that making these people sneak in Black Wasteland, I already listened to the person saying that the person who Black Wasteland there appears with Carrion Swamp there same Seven-colored Poisonous Mist, going in cannot live, heard that beforehand Purcell Family Wind Saint Buffy was not convinced, has gone, this did not have month not to come out, evidently was more unfortunate than fortunate, these Great Clan to look for Little Hai Encampment, sent to Black Wasteland there many people, now is not. Hasn't come out? This fellow was also cloudy these person.”

Not only also the idea of Lando, on Continent these send for the Black Wasteland big influence are almost such idea, they think that Zhao Hai den impossible in Black Wasteland there, this is only Zhao Hai is used for the method of cloudy person. They have such idea not to be strange, after all Carrion Swamp there poisonous mist, already existed, but Black Wasteland there is neighboring with Carrion Swamp there, Carrion Swamp there poisonous mist expands to Black Wasteland on does not have quite strangely what, but is the person knows that Black Wasteland there poisonous mist is the toxin of non-solution on Continent recognizes, Zhao Hai, if can call located in there Encampment strangely. However they have forgotten on Zhao Hai obviously the fresh another matter, that was he recognizes the non-solution the toxin of water of nihility also to give to solve Continent on, he can solve the Seven-colored Poisonous Mist toxin, there is anything to be quite strange. Now the people on Continent not the matter this matter and Seven-colored Poisonous Mist relate together, because the water of nihility is the people are bright, but Seven-colored Poisonous Mist is actually the comfortable production, therefore the people on Continent will not relate together these two matters generally. Lando also thinks that, Zhao Hai was already present Carrion Swamp there poisonous mist must in his opinion arrive at Black Wasteland to come up, therefore he leave Black Wasteland, then had already found very confidential was, has settled the camp in there, he was also very likely to have the support of some hidden great Great Clan, otherwise he will not have the present scale. However for he does not let the person presently his Encampment, therefore he actually walks most from the beginning from Black Soil fortress there, this gives people the one type of misconception, probably is his Encampment also on Black Wasteland, this is the place of his fierce.