Chapter 445 hands over give you Zhao Hai and don’t know these, he in monitoring Lando they, that has not will, after Megan returned to own room, Zhao Hai received in Megan Space. Megan very much likes staying in Space now, because in Space the air is good, many animal are accompanying her, her really very happy. Moreover in several people, Megan level is lowest, Zhao Hai also wants to make Megan many practices in Space, Megan is Water element Magician, she can eat Vajra Fruit, but now her level is too low, therefore Zhao Hai makes her many practices in Space, is eating up Vajra Fruit, no matter what, must promote to say to 8th level level. Megan entered Space to say to Zhao Hai today's matter, look at Megan a little feared the appearance that Zhao Hai smiles said : to be all right, said said that you can only say that these I already very happy, after all were they you most own person, tomorrow you must go Jade Water City with me really?” Megan nodded said : I naturally to with you, now does not rest in Space, I could not sleep, is really, this blames you.” Zhao Hai and Laura they have cannot help but smiled, the environment in Space truly is fantastic, long in the person who in Space rests, will arrive at outside Space some not to be familiar with. Has smiled later Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, I estimated that Jade Water City there will not have an accident, later we went to Carson City, after Carson City, you planned when saw Charlie Your Highness?” Zhao Hai thinks after said : to Carson City, immediately sees Charlie Your Highness, is returning to Calci Family, Clan is a person on one's own side, we do not use politely, but Charlie Your Highness there we must pay attention to a point, moreover I go to Your Highness there to go home first, others do not think that Calci Family also participated in the Your Highness matter.” Megan look at Zhao Hai has not spoken, now her the experience is too few, handles such matter to come has plenty, therefore at this time, she also can only listen. Zhao Hai transfers to Cai'er said : Cai'er, only that in the sea thing can also receive a batch, now immediately to God's Grace Day, this thing, if attains Carson City to go, that is in high demand thing, oneself family keeps a point to suffice to eat, other receives a batch, sold to Charlie.” Cai'er nodded said : „, in the sea, in the river, in Hot Spring, has the harvest, this time we can bring to go to Carson City.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Laura said : Laura, this time gives Mu'en them to keep good thing, they are unfamiliar with the people and place in Jade Water City there, can achieve this to be very great today.”

Laura smiles said : to be all right, had not seen, their nearest/recent easy life has also good, Jade Water City there although can't compare with Sky Water City, but there was saying that is the Rosen Empire important port city, you also left enough money to them, is adding on their present business to be also good, this aspect could not owe they.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, Mu'en they are also very laborious, now has become we have extended arrives at outside sole antenna, but I noticed that now can open a shop in Sky Water City there, do you think?” Laura nodded, turns the head to look at Megan said : this matter I to think that Megan most has the word power, Megan, these days you light listens not to speak, this is not good, come, said.” Megan suddenly was selected to stares, but her immediately/on horseback said : is not good, I cannot have to these matters, how can speak irresponsibly, I do not say.” Zhao Hai look at her appearance, cannot help but shows a faint smile said : to be all right, said that if opens a shop to be good in Sky Water City?” Megan one hear of Zhao Hai said that without the means that lowers the head, thinks that said : line, now you became engaged with me, in adding on the father also very much likes you, moreover I also said these to the grandfather, I think, Calci Family will not be feeling embarrassed you, but if we want our information, only depends on Calci Family is not good, therefore should construct a shop.” Laura nod of Zhao Hai and slowly, Megan said that already complete regarded itself the Buda Family person, has not thought one were the Calci Family little princess, this for them absolutely was the good deed. Zhao Hai smiles said : that well, we in Sky Water City in opening a shop, but this matter must the waiting till year later is in progress, when the time comes must look at Megan.” A Megan point, then shook the head said : I not to be good, although I grow up in Sky Water City, but in the situation regarding Sky Water City, I knows are not many, if opens a shop, I could not have helped.” Zhao Hai smiled said : to give a try, in us, like is in any case most familiar with Sky Water City, said it, you are the Calci Family little princess, in this Sky Water City, that some people does not dare to you face.” Megan looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, knows that Zhao Hai wants to make him try, she did not have to say anything, but nodded said : that well, I tried.” Zhao Hai nodded said : not early, our rest is also tight, tomorrow must go to Jade Water City there, although Jade Water City there will not have any matter, but Laze cloth there has a look especially.”

Laura they also nodded, several people set out to rest, the Space here situation, regarding them was really very good, Zhao Hai they do not worry. Next morning, after Lando their together has had the breakfast, Zhao Hai their leave, these time from sea surface leave, Zhao Hai yesterday in the evening Haven Ship had let out, therefore Haven Ship was waiting for Zhao Hai in pier there now. However Lando they know that Zhao Hai puts on an act ship release, although their don’t know Zhao Hai rushes to their here with any method, but what we definitely know is that they not with ship. After Zhao Hai they embarked, ship immediately leave the harbor, Zhao Hai they did not have immediately to go to Jade Water City from Space, if makes the person know, him just embarked, that side arrived at Jade Water City, that certainly will think of him to be able Space ability, because on this different realm besides Space Teleportation , does not have any ability to have that quickly. Zhao Hai they have not entered to Space, but sits in on the ship look at sea surface, for sometime they have not arrived in the sea, now sits in on the ship, was hearing ocean flavor, that feeling also is really good. Sat in on the ship, the ship that on look at sea surface came and went, Zhao Hai sighs said : returned to the sea, in the past few days on the sea, but also has not felt really that knows to Continent on, on Continent so was unexpectedly cold.” Laura also sighed said : „, on Continent felt that was very cold, was good has Cai'er because of Iron Mountain Fort there, could not feel is so cold, was really good, I liked Iron Mountain Fort there actually.” Does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : Megan to like here? You grow up in here since childhood, here cold season wet cold Shileng, I do not like.” Megan smiles said : actually to adapt in Iron Mountain Fort there, I like Iron Mountain Fort there, there is really very good, must say words that likes, Sky Water City here I truly am the comparison custom, however the here winter is really very repugnant.” Zhao Hai smiled, looked at time said : „and other time, we go to Jade Water City, to there, as soon as possible handles the there matter, we go to Carson City, no matter what, unnecessary time prepares grudge is not.” Megan they smiled, several people chatted a while in on the ship, two hours unknowingly on the past, Zhao Hai they looked to leave Sky Water City sea region, Zhao Hai their immediately entered in Space, from Space to Jade Water City. Place that this time they choose, is outside Jade Water City, to Jade Water City outside, they had not ridden the Giant Ox raging bull car(riage), but rides a horse to enter a city.

They went to the Mu'en shop first, in the Mu'en shop the present is very busy, immediately to God's Grace Day, at this time, is on Continent various commodity most best-selling times, but in the Mu'en shop, is the commodity in Space, although Haven product in the Rosen Empire here not too big fame, but now Haven this brand, actually relying on perfect quality, already slowly by the Rosen Empire here person accepting. Because of this, therefore to God's Grace Day time, the people want to eat good thing, but the Haven product not only quality is good, is inexpensive, when regarding these poor people, is grudge best thing that eats. Zhao Hai looked that in the shop is so busy, he cannot help but smiled, turns the head to smile said : to Laura looks like Mu'en work pretty good, later our just by these expensive, the income does not lower.” Laura smiles said : I to look is not Mu'en well done, is thing that in Space produces is good, is adding on you but now the Charlie favorite, these people does not dare not to give you face, therefore now the business so will be good.” Zhao Hai smiles said : leave alone because of anything, if the Mu'en ability incorrect words, here cannot arrive at this degree, walks, to Mu'en said that several words, we must go to City Lord Mansion there, sees the Laze cloth our immediately to go to Carson City especially.” Several people of chatting to backyard, the Mu'en family member look at them to come, immediately called Mu'en, now except for some important characters, Mu'en has not needed to receive personally. After Mu'en several people welcomed in room, Zhao Hai look at Mu'en smiles said : well, Mu'en, you did was very good, is very good, was right, previous did that batch of marine products of sending did, process?” Mu'en nodded said : to process, has given especially the Laze cloth, the account has recorded, I give Young Master you to bring.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to look, after in the sea business, has been under the charge to you, later once for a while rendered an account to Laura was good, I may not have the mood to look at these thing.” Laura smiled, turns the head to Mu'en said : immediately to God's Grace Day, what kind of? Did thing that in family cutting prepare?” Mu'en has gawked, favored Laura and Zhao Hai, his understand, this saying although is Laura asks, but certainly is the meaning of Zhao Hai.