Chapter 446 Pure Armor Mu'en quickly said: Prepared, your feel relieved, Young lady, today you in there grudge?” Laura smiled said : to prepare good good, this year's God's Grace Day, we accompany Megan to go to Calci Family, naturally, mainly in Divine Grace fort there.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to be good, did not say these, met me to leave behind sea product that in a world produced to you, these thing do not sell, these were celebrate the new year to you, if made me know that you gave to sell, my impolite.” The meaning of Mu'en understand Zhao Hai, he shows a faint smile said : Young Master feel relieved, I ensure does not sell and that's the end, your feel relieved.” Zhao Hai nodded, looked at Laura one, turns the head we to go to Laze cloth there to Mu'en said : to have a look especially, then went to Carson City, when year later can returned to Jade Water City here come, if there is any matter, making the Blood Hawk signalling give me.” Mu'en nodded said : well, Young Master feel relieved, if there is any matter, I in the shortest time will certainly tell you.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to these Undead Creature that you keep, does not arrive at absolutely can not, do not move, making the person know, your trouble will not be small.” Mu'en nodded, Zhao Hai explain/transfer a few words, this has led Laura they to rush toward City Lord Mansion, to City Lord Mansion outside, Zhao Hai the here person are also presently many, many people catch up with horse carriage to come, on the vehicle then many good thing, to look that is gives a present, moreover this caravan also arranges is always long. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but shows a faint smile, he feels really very interesting, on Earth, if such flagrantly gives a present to the person, that cannot be scolded, next day the immediately quilt the officer, however in Ark Continent here, will give a present puts on outwardly, how wants to deliver how to deliver. People of many giving a present also saw Zhao Hai they, some people know Zhao Hai they, immediately/on horseback runs over greets with Zhao Hai with a smile, Zhao Hai also with a smile treats with exceptional civility, chatted a few words with these people, this rushed to City Lord Mansion there. Zhao Hai just one in the past, that near the man radical that ran Zhao Hai to greet, came a person, to that person of said : Old Friend, who just that person was? I thought how you also do want to respect to City Lord to his ratio?” Around them also gathers round many people, some do not know the Zhao Hai person, as soon as listened to that person saying that has laughed, but knew that the Zhao Hai person, has not actually made noise. That person stared with person one eyes that he spoke, smiling said : that disdained you did not certainly know that you do not have that qualifications to know, told you, to just that you also really the ratio must respect to City Lord, because of his nature Buda, he called Zhao Hai, he was Buda Family Patriarch, he was the person who Charlie Prince settled on, he extinguished the opposite party two hundred thousand army person with Undead Creature, he extinguished the opposite party six 9th level Expert people, does such person you dare not to respect one to give me to have a look?”

As soon as that person listened saying that has gawked, then face shocking said : just that was Zhao Hai? Day that he is called on Continent, most invincible Dark Magician in the battlefield, has not thought that he such young, that follows in that several women of his side, one was Megan?” All around did not know that the Zhao Hai people is a shock of face, their very clear, Zhao Hai now on Continent is any status, they the status in Noble are not very high, but information actually also same very quick, information that naturally, they inquired , some exaggeration, were Zhao Hai only have killed likely the opposite party hundred thousand person obviously, they said that all extinguished the two hundred thousand person, Zhao Hai has killed obviously only four 9th level Expert, had two early Divergent Warlock , information that but they obtained was Zhao Hai has actually killed six 9th level Expert. although is this, but they actually have to recognize, status of Zhao Hai on Continent be much higher than him, therefore they, as soon as listened is Zhao Hai, felt being startled. Zhao Hai may don’t know these, they just arrive at City Lord Mansion in front of the door, the special Laze cloth on walked out, he has not managed the person who these run up to nearby him to do everything to please, has arrived around Zhao Hai without consulting anybody, smiles said : to Zhao Hai Little Hai, you may be came back, I also think that you did not come my this.” Zhao Hai looked that the manner of Laze cloth stares especially, special Laze cloth name does not look like anything, but this is especially the Laze cloth brilliant place, as the matter stands can pull closer their relationship, in the meantime, this was also probing, having a look at Zhao Hai to change to his manner. Zhao Hai smiles said : that to be able not to come, didn't this want grudge? Today grudge prepares in the Megan family, has a look at Your Highness while convenient.” Special Laze cloth one hear of Zhao Hai said that in eye happy intent flashes, immediately/on horseback said : good, entered the room to say quickly.” After Zhao Hai let the room, the special Laze cloth puts out how many water Crystal Card to give Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, these were previous time sell the marine product to come, your lamination in here? What kind of? With doesn't need a look at the account book?” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to use, reads any account book, you can also deceive my several money to be inadequate, later my possibly not often come, therefore after this money, gave Mu'en to be good, do not give me.” The special Laze cloth smiles said : well, that later this money I gave Mu'en, you can make him come to see the account.” Zhao Hai nodded with a smile, then said : wants grudge, I come to see you, a while I keep a marine product to you, these thing were my nearest/recent just got so far as, most high grade marine product, to Your Highness, oneself do not keep grudge, Your Highness there I have prepared.” The special Laze cloth smiles said : line, I accepted, was right, you wait / etc., I have type of thing to give you.” Said that changed to the back house, before long, has put out clothes. This clothes look like probably very ordinary, a very ordinary Noble clothing/taking, is not that type of traditional Noble clothing/taking, is more like a very optional Noble clothing/taking, the modification of above has plenty, making the person put on with ease and at will.

The special Laze cloth gives good thing that the clothes Zhao Hai said : this clothes are I obtain, heard that is the Dwarf Race person does, do not think that Dwarf Race will only make a mistake, the clothes that they make are also very good, this clothes are Dwarf with one type of do not know probably bright made of metal, is extremely light, but defense strength is very good, Anti-Magic Ability is also very good, on Continent altogether also few, this is I obtains, is to give Your Highness, now you, that on giving to you were good.” Zhao Hai stares, Laura is actually one calls out in alarm said : „the Pure Iron robe, this unexpectedly is a Pure Iron robe.” Does Zhao Hai stare, turns the head look at Laura said : „the Pure Iron robe? What Pure Iron robe?” Laura look at that clothes said : this clothes given name is to call the Pure Iron robe, Dwarf Race initially altogether made five to come out, these five clothes, save the world now three, two had been destroyed, but ruined that two clothes, was two 9th level Expert, this Pure Iron robe was the Dwarf Race most important treasure, heard that now Dwarf Race there has been handed down for generations, must go by Radiant Church Pontiff probably, has not thought that last actually arrived at here.” The special Laze cloth apparently does not have many that Laura knows, he also puzzled look at Laura said : asked Miss Laura to speak to consider, I have not known that really this clothes had anything to be different.” Laura nodded said : „the Pure Iron robe, is Dwarf Race with present one type of made of metal, this clothes not only can the tenacity like metal, defense strength level, what most important is, this clothes can the clean body, absorb the dunghill that on the person body deducts a percentage, can not make dirty thing moisten the human, but also warm in winter and cool in summer, is the rare treasure, but what is most precious, the material that this clothes use called Pure Iron, this Pure Iron could be said as the iron mother's heart.” Zhao Hai they puzzled look at Laura, Laura looks at several people of appearances, must then explain that said : iron mother becomes a Dwarf Race present one type of metal, this metal can surrounding ordinary Stone, turn into the metal, the time of this need also was very at that time long, Dwarf Race is also the process often research of time the present iron mother, they obtained iron poisonous time most from the beginning, and don’t know these, have made the weapon the iron mother, but this iron poisonous among has the a piece metal, they were the fee very big strength have not actually been able to melt, that metal. Very light, afterward secret of Dwarf Race non- iron mother, in did not use iron Mu Zhi thing, these weapon that uses the iron mother to make, had been preserved by Dwarf Race, but the metal that in that pig iron mother comes out, they do not dare to move.” Speaking of here Laura to stop, Zhao Hai they puzzled look at should Laura, according to the Laura present view, that this clothes appears not be right? Laura looked at several people of one, then said : „, but afterward Dwarf Race talented person present, so long as the iron mother processing, that iron mother lost her some abilities, she in cannot turn into the iron Stone, but this iron mother's heart, has not used, but this looks like the Stone same metal, was called Pure Iron by Dwarf, the meaning is the purest iron, Dwarf Race has a problem, is the good metal, they more are want to return to the labor him become useful thing, these iron mother was turned into the weapon, that Pure Iron they. Also can certainly process, underwent a Dwarf Race many years of experiment, they had finally found the one type of method, eats Pure Iron with [gold/metal] Can, then with the silk that he swallows, makes the clothes, finally turned into this Pure Armor.” [Gold/Metal] silkworm Zhao Hai they know that this thing is not specially famous Magic Beast, but also is one type of lets the person very headache Magic Beast, their temperament is temperate, never meets the attack person, does not have any attack method, but they actually use the metal as the food, no matter any metal, they can eat up the belly , because of this, therefore their defense capability very strong, is general 9th level Expert takes them not to have the means that but after they eat up the metal, will produce the one type of tinsel, the metal that this tinsel and they eat up is almost same, you were eaten up the a piece gold by him., He can deliver pile of gold threads, moreover eats compared with him also wants on many some. Has not thought that this clothes manufacture unexpectedly like this, is not really simple, the special Laze cloth to somewhat regretted, he has not thought, this clothes unexpectedly such precious, if he already knows that this clothes are so precious, he does not give Zhao Hai, was remaining to Charlie. Zhao Hai also saw especially the Laze cloth expression, he shows a faint smile, then Pure Armor, has handed over, has put especially Laze cloth in hand said : Pure Armor Teullet, this clothes I cannot want, you give Your Highness, this clothes were too precious, if Your Highness knows that you have not given him such good thing, will be angry, ok, I want this thing not to have.”

Special Laze cloth grateful look at Zhao Hai said : is unfair to Little Hai, my real don’t know this clothes are so precious, you should also understand my difficulty.” Zhao Hai smiles said : my naturally understand, you receive, was right, receives, if makes others know, does not do well to snatch.” Special Laze cloth one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but complexion changes, thinks that finally clenches teeth, has handed over in Pure Armor the hand of Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, this clothes or give you, your this time must go to Carson City, gives Your Highness the clothes, was I asks you.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to do with me politely, feel relieved, I will give Your Highness, will not covet your merit.” The special Laze cloth laughs said : your mocking me, has resulted, this ritual has not given, but the food you must eat in my here, walks, we drink, today our drinking well, your tomorrow must leave Carson City, should you be able to rush?” Zhao Hai laughs said : energy, naturally the energy, walks, drinks.” Zhao Hai now naturally happy, because just he received Space Pure Armor time, Space has transmitted prompt speaking sounds: Presently the unusual radioactive metal, may affect the environment, the surrounding thing metallization, is Metal element origin energy, Space increases the metallic ore stone output, increases the metallic ore stone type, Space Level Up to four ten 8th level .” This prompt sound is the Zhao Hai happy reason, he has not thought really that this Pure Armor, really also has the iron mother same function, but before being possible, was destroyed, therefore this ability was reduced, the people detect did not come out, but Space is actually digitization thing, so long as you have this ability on, the it doesn't matter of strong and weak regarding Space, he can absorb this ability, strengthens itself. Now Space one obtained this ability, Zhao Hai naturally was happy, he believes that Pure Iron and iron in mother Space will be certainly getting more and more, so long as in the future he obtained [gold/metal] Can, he can manufacture Pure Armor, therefore this clothes he has not paid attention to. Laura their also don’t know these, but they have not thought greed, regarding them, Space is most important, clothes can have anything to be great. But special Laze cloth actually very admires Zhao Hai this not corrupt disposition, is not his thing, even if before is gold mountain puts Zhao sea surface, he does not move, such person most makes the person admire, similarly, such person also does the person of important matter, can become the friend of such person, that is being honored of person.