Chapter 447 to Carson City At Laze cloth there has had a meal especially, Zhao Hai their leave time, has left behind some marine products to the Laze cloth especially, then went to Mu'en there, has rested in Mu'en there, took a seat to embark to go to sea. Reason that Zhao Hai must travel by boat to go to sea, does not want these to know that his whereabouts, to the feeling that these person of one type of are as deep as a well, only then like this he security. Naturally, now Zhao Hai strength, he in fearing Radiant Church, but if he shines really the complete strength, Zhao Hai believes that he will certainly not have the auspicious day, conversely, on Continent these people, meet alliance to resist him, because his strength was too strong, regarding these rulers, his threat is bigger than Radiant Church, therefore Zhao Hai does not arrive at the final moment, he does not prepare brightly to come out own all strength. Always the people regarding extremely in formidable thing, harbors the one type of contradiction at heart, because in front of these thing, your simply not any rebel ability, therefore regarding some formidable existences, the people will think the means generally the elimination, to guarantee own benefit. Zhao Hai does not want to work as such existence, he rather makes these people unable to find out his strength, like this he can maintain a mysterious feeling, people regarding mysterious thing although very curious, harbors the vigilance, but they first do not want to annihilate mysterious thing. Zhao Hai believe on Continent to dare to move his person not to be many now, his 9th level Expert has tidied up, even to move his person, has thought well, this will be development of strength, he will show his strength, these people do not dare to move him easily. Sits in on the ship, look at sea surface, Zhao Hai let out a long breath, he just drank has selected the Space water, now did not have smell of alcohol. Laura they stand in Zhao Hai side, now Laura they like such accompanying in the Zhao Hai side, is very peaceful, but is very warm. Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Laura their several people of eyes, smiles said : present Space to rise four ten 8th level , has not thought really that this Pure Armor can bring such big advantage to me unexpectedly, although this clothes we cannot obtain, but the advantage has actually resulted in much.” Laura smiles said : Space to be able Level Up to be best, now only misses two-level to five Level 10, I want to know , after Space to five Level 10, what change will live.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : that is so easy, Pure Iron this thing, can be considered as on Continent absolutely on is the Heaven and Earth Treasure rank, may with not be possible to ask, moreover thing that Space needs, even if this, made Space rise 3rd level, to the present at this time, Space each liter 1st level was very difficult, that two-level must rise, I looked difficultly.”

What Laura smiles said : to fear, I thought that our luck are good, you look at nearest/recent, how many levels our did Space rise? I believe that this two-level also it will not take long can rise.” Zhao Hai smiled, without speech, darkness time, they went out of Jade Water City sea region finally, Zhao Hai they looked that all around did not have ship also nobody, Haven Ship took in Space directly, then they also went to Space to rest, because the day was black, at this time they go to the Carson City also not being able to go in city gate, therefore they can only wait. Was saying that Zhao Hai has not gone to Carson City, he can only go to Blood Hawk release now, making Blood Hawk bring Magic Staff to fly toward Carson City, then they are exiting. Megan told the Blood Hawk Carson City direction, then in told Cai'er the special symbol in Carson City, making Cai'er pay attention, they rested. Next morning, after they have had the breakfast, looks to the living room, Blood Hawk in the card Woods City sky, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai feel very happy. Outside Carson City, found a nobody's place, they come out from Space, then Zhao Hai release Giant-horn raging bull car(riage), slowly walks toward Carson City. The meaning of Zhao Hai goes to Charlie there to have a look first, then in Calci Family there, Megan had not opposed that he also knows the Charlie mansion in there, although said her not often come Carson City, but will also live in the 1 or 2 month in Carson City here every year, in the mansion of honored and popular families to Carson City he knows. To Carson City outside, Zhao Hai they know this Carson City grand place, this Carson City city wall may not unexpectedly the meaning has reached a about 60 zhang (3.33 m) altitude, thick has been about hundred meters, no wonder Zhao Hai in reading, in the book introduced Carson City saying that the construction of Carson City this city wall has used five years of time, but also has used the countless labors, constructed with the coordination of Magician. outside the city has the moat to surround, the river bank has the bridge, the bridge width constructs hundred meters, entered the bridge is the Carson City Dongcheng/East City gate, the Carson City Dongcheng/East City gate calls to look at Haimen, city gate has big or medium entry 12, the middle three entries were widest are also highest, the high grade more than 30 meters, the width have been more than 20 meters, according to the introduction of Megan, these three entries was not the average person can walk, only then Noble can walk, the remaining nine entries, left commoner and Merchant walk. Because immediately to God's Grace Day, therefore the city gate there has plenty person is waiting for entering a city, only then among that three entry there the person are quite few, these commoner and Merchant must enter a city to pay taxes, simultaneously accepts brief inspection, but middle that three entries do not need to pay taxes, does not need to accept brief inspection, but must make to register, therefore compares other places to be much quicker. Zhao Hai they walk certainly the middle that three entries, now they are any status, on their vehicle was hanging properly Buda Family clan emblem, although now is only a count, but on Continent dared underestimated this count were really not many.

The car(riage) that the Zhao Hai team produces stops there, has brought in the attention of countless person, does not have the means that the Giant-horn raging bull car(riage) on Continent may such, now because of the Zhao Hai reason, on the people of all a little status by Continent remembering, them stops here now, thinks that did not pay attention also difficultly. caravan the line, quick arrived at city gate there slowly, that city there has a person of special record, under he must record passes and out the vehicles belongs to that Clan, coming Carson City to do, like like his here sets up a file. Zhao Hai they just arrived at city here, the person of that record has recorded the Buda Family name, asked simply driving a cart Junichi and Xu Wanying a few words allowed to pass. Zhao Hai they enter across not short city gateway to the in the city avenue on, arrives on the avenue, Zhao Hai knows that here lively, the person comes the troops, heavy traffic, street arranged in two rows everywhere have shops, other place don’t know has lived it up many compared with Zhao Hai went to, even if Sky Water City there, can't compare with Carson City, worthily is the Continent first powerful nation, is really uncommon. Zhao Hai they are walking, front sees to walk one team of Cavalry, on this team of Cavalry puts on puts on Heavy Armor, can look from their badges, they are the Calci Family people, wants to come is meets Zhao Hai they. Really, these people have arrived by Zhao Hai horse carriage, bows said : „to ask that to horse carriage, but the car(riage) is Mr. Zhao Hai one line of sitting.” Zhao Hai opens the vehicle door, is showing a faint smile said : well to that person, is we, several are meets our?” That Knight immediately/on horseback bows said : to see mister, Patriarch transmitted orders, making me and others meet mister, did mister invite?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to be anxious, my these time received the friend to hold, must go to catch up with Charlie Prince residence first, your front guided.” That Knight does not dare to neglect, has complied with one, guides in front toward Charlie residence walks. In this time, in front of their teams appears one team of Knight, on this team of Knight have been putting on Heavy Armor, but that full body armor is actually golden, these people are bringing the badge is the Rosen Empire Imperial Family badge. That team of people have arrived at Zhao Hai in front of their team of people, stopped, then „, but bows to Zhao Hai horse carriage Mr. Zhao Hai that said : on vehicle sits, Your Highness makes me and others ask Mister Hou, and delivers a mister regulation.”

Zhao Hai comes out from the car(riage), look at that Knight said : several are the people in three Your Highness government offices?” That Knight bows to Zhao Hai said : „, but mister Mr. Zhao Hai face to face?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, I am just about three Your Highness residence visiting, you and other front guided.” That team of Knight gawked, immediately/on horseback has complied with one, has arrived in front of the team, but Calci Family these Knight, have actually fallen back on behind of ox cart. The group incur remote city, walks toward Charlie City Lord, in Rosen Empire here, Prince has grown up, must construct the palace outside the imperial palace, naturally, their mansions left the imperial palace not to be far. Zhao Hai they arrived at outside the Charlie palace quickly, outside Charlie this Prince palace looks from the semblance, to is very stylish, comes silk not to be bad compared with the general Grand Duke palace, but Charlie in the title, is actually Grand Duke. All King on Continent are such custom, only then the title to Grand Duke Prince, had opportunity to compete for King that position, otherwise you were opportunity do not have. The Zhao Hai car(riage) just stopped to the Charlie palace out, Charlie walked out of stride from the palace, Zhao Hai just one from the vehicle, Charlie immediately had moved forward to meet somebody, laughs said : well Little Hai, you arrived at Carson City not to go to Calci Family unexpectedly, but ran up to my here to come, you did not fear that Miss Megan was angry?” Megan from the vehicle, one hear of Charlie said at this time that she cannot help but smiles said : Your Highness, if said that I meet Zhao's vitality, Elder Brother Hai come to see you, I can be angry.” Now outside the Charlie palace also many people must call on him, now looks at Charlie to Zhao Hai such enthusiasm, comes out to greet unexpectedly personally, understand status of Zhao Hai in Charlie heart, these people cannot help but did not envy by, but does not have the means that they also know that this matter cannot envy, must speak by the strength. Charlie one hear of Megan said that smiles said : Miss Megan not to be angry hastily, I also crack a joke, quick, in room invited.” Said rashly, pulling Zhao Hai walks toward the palace.