Chapter 448 dark soldier fort To the living room, after the people have divided guests and hosts sit down, does Charlie with a smile to Zhao Hai said : this time first run up to my this to come? Right, previous time you in Purcell Duchy there dry was too attractive, HaHaHa, one has made the reputation, now on Continent may nobody dare underestimated your this count, was right, I have thought that I give you Buda Family to make a higher title in Rosen Empire here.” Zhao Hai knows that some Great Noble, have the title in many countries, even has the territory in several countries, this matter is not rare on Continent, Charlie must such do is also understandable, after all Buda Family in Aksu Empire is a title of count, but their Clan fief in Black Wasteland that place, looks like in other people, that has equal to not to have. Zhao Hai smiles said : that on thanks a lot Your Highness, was right, this special Laze makes me bring a gift to you, you may probably accept.” Said that took Pure Armor, set out on the table. Charlie look at Pure Armor nodded, actually he received especially the letter of Laze cloth, knew the Pure Armor matter, therefore he has not been startled. Charlie also knows Dauth Laze Bu Xiang to give Zhao Hai this clothes, Zhao Hai has not actually received, thinks of here, Charlie cannot help but look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, this clothes you accept.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Your Highness, this clothes are really not for me useful, you are remaining, was right, my these time comes also to give a present to you, is some sea product, but is some eats, these marine products are the high-quality goods that I select specially, but we took these that sold to want much better.” Charlie also knows certainly that this matter, he smiles said : well, my impolite, but these sea product may really very popular, these marine products that you send have brought very huge benefit to us, Little Hai, I may probably be thank you good.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Your Highness to be too polite, not only you have made money, I have also gained much, this time I came to see Your Highness to Your Highness to say ahead of time God's Grace Day was joyful, crossed God's Grace Day we to be busy, after a period of time our liquor possibly may appear on the market, simultaneously waited for the day beginning of the spring, I and Beastman Race there business must launch, I hope that Your Highness here must be ready, when the time comes do not make to be thrown into confusion, when the time comes lost, but Your Highness money.” Charlie laughs said : your feel relieved, my here guarantee cannot have problems, how possibly little to result in me like the matter that this makes money, feel relieved.” Zhao Hai nodded, looked at weather said : Your Highness, I must walk Calci Family, after all just came, does not go not well, when I was not busy on that day, dines in your here.” Charlie smiles said : well, I also know that your situation, you are busy, my here welcome you at all times.” Zhao Hai nodded, walks with Megan outward.

Charlie has delivered car(riage) Zhao Hai, makes him send to greet Zhao Hai that team of Knight, has delivered to the Calci Family dark soldier fort Zhao Hai, Calci Family in Rosen Empire is also Great Clan, their mansions actually not in Carson City, but on Carson City hill, that Shan Jiaoan soldier mountain, leaves on has a place castle, known as dark soldier fort. But Calci Family in Carson City, only then not a big palace, there lives is also only some servants and so on person, Carchi Province has the core members of clan to live in the dark soldier fort. Zhao Hai they have to go by car Carson City, arrived at the dark soldier fort, but well in the dark soldier fort to Carson City is not very far, went by car for one hour to arrive. Zhao Hai this also presently, outside Carson City on many mountains had been constructed all the way the castle, lives in this then person naturally is Rosen Empire established Great Noble, otherwise they do not get so far as that mountain, these castles have composed the first defense line of Carson City surrounding, wants to attack Carson City, first breaks through this defense line to be good. Moreover such makes also the point, if in Carson City lived any matter really time, these Noble outside Carson City, can the earliest possible time assemble the army, enters city Emperor Qin, therefore lives in outside the city these Noble, is to Rosen Empire most loyal existence. Dark soldier fort in the summit of dark soldier mountain, from below to summit, be only a Cyan Stone road, the width has about ten meters, on the mountain is planting many trees, these tree some years, long were green and luxuriant in there, on top of the tree faint may see that the fort in dark soldier fort was sharp, appeared such mysterious, that graceful. there in front of the road under mountain corner/horn has blocked running with a cross bar, has a small house in cross bar side, there is the reception desk. Zhao Hai their horse carriage have not arrived at river mouth there, two servants sub- in come out from small room, the cross bar putting aside, respectful standing in there, they also obtained information that Zhao Hai they arrive at today obviously, had already prepared. That team of Cavalry that Charlie sends, have delivered to under Zhao Hai the mountain on leave, after Zhao Hai has also been held responsible Megan, knows that Calci Family has one team of Cavalry in Carson City, specially to protect Calci Family in the city that house, the Calci Family person will go home generally directly to dark soldier fort here, naturally some will also go to Carson City, these Cavalry will escort the house in their returned to Carson City, or will escort the teams to dark soldier fort here. Zhao Hai they under escorting of these Knight to outside of dark soldier fort, arrived at outside of dark soldier fort, Zhao Hai somewhat were shocked, because dark soldier fort here looks like with Iron Mountain Fort there very much, but Iron Mountain Fort constructs under Iron Mountain, but the dark soldier fort actually constructs on the mountain. Outside the fort also has the moat, city wall, all showed that this is one can be used for the fortress of war, for attractive does not construct in here. At this time big gate of castle opened, city in front of the door stood two to ride rewiring Infantry Warrior, was actually standing outside of hanging bridge old person, this old person wore a Butler clothing/taking, although was old, but the physique was straight, temperament was extraordinary.

Zhao Hai and Megan they just from vehicle, Megan ran up to that old person side said : Grandpa Gan, did you personally come out? Does this matter that have a need for you doing personally?” On old person this somewhat serious face actually hung all over the smiling face, look at Megan has smiled said : your this girl to come back, I naturally must come out to greet, otherwise your this girl should say that I did not love you.” old person although is a Manager clothing/taking, but he with the Megan speech is actually optional, does not have the status of following person to pose as, conversely, he probably is a Megan elder. Megan has also been used to the old person type speech, a point also thinks little, instead to is the arm of pulling old person acts like a spoiled brat said : I to have is so innocent? If Grandpa Gan were saying me, I told Grandma.” Gansu smiled, did not have to say anything, instead to was turns the head look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looked at this old person appearance, knows that he was very certainly good with Megan relationship, naturally does not dare to neglect, immediately/on horseback went forward to bow said : to see Grandpa Gan to Gansu, I was Zhao Hai.” Gansu has sized up Zhao Hai, nodded said : well, young man is very good, the matter that you handle I heard, well done, the dry attractiveness, Juwan that youngster I already looked that he is not pleasing to the eyes, right that you make, Radiant Church these grandsons, but also thinks really one were a god, good that minding others'business in all directions, hit, satisfying, HaHaHa.” old person such spoke is makes Zhao Hai don’t know say that any was good, Manager, can scold Juwan directly, this let status and status of Zhao Hai to this old person had a definition, it seems like that this old person may, not only Manager was so simple. Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step to old person: That was also compelled, who puts the peaceful life not to think, but they do not want to let satisfaction that we cross, I also can only get up rebel.” old person laughs said : good youngster, the speech is solid, walks, the family members are waiting for you.” Said that takes the lead to walk toward the castle. This castle is also is divided into three to enter, enters is some protects the place that fort Warrior lives , the binary is a dwelling of servant, three enter is the main forts is. After Zhao Hai they enter entered courtyard, the immediately person is rushing for the car(riage), asking Zhao Hai they to board, this car(riage) was in courtyard special-purpose horse carriage, anybody arrived at dark soldier fort here, must keep outside the fort own transportation vehicle, gave Calci Family processing, they entered courtyard, sits these that Calci Family provided, was giving you binary courtyard or three enters courtyard, this was the custom of Calci Family ancient people, has extended with today.

The car(riage) that Calci Family provides is very big, inside interior decoration also very luxurious, not compared with the Zhao Hai car(riage) difference, moreover on the vehicle sat that many people, actually does not appear pushes. Gansu look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you must have a preparation, now big Human Race in Clan is waiting for you in the living room, has Juwan, because that fellow lost power, summed up your body all reasons, may be when the time comes ugly to you, you must have the mental preparation to be good.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved Grandpa Gan, I will not have the matter, after all he now is the Megan Fifth Uncle, is my elder, regarding the elder, I will not go too far, you do not need to be worried.” Gansu look at Zhao Hai, nodded, he is very satisfied regarding Zhao Hai, this young man looks like not tender is not dry, is also very polite to the person, this is very good. Actually Gansu don’t know, in the bone of Zhao Hai is a very traditional Chinese, but the Chinese very respects regarding the elders, the respect for elders care for the young, is the traditional virtue of Chinese, Zhao Hai has such education to grow up since childhood, very much respects regarding old person, naturally, if to never revere, goes too far, he will not exercise forbearance. The Chinese, without the arrogance, have the lofty character, Zhao Hai is this, he will not look down upon anybody, but if who looks down upon him, he will be impolite, the smiling face will not treat these fellows. horse carriage the line, in the car(riage) actually cannot feel a point vibration slowly, but Zhao Hai actually some anxious, no matter what, what this time he must face is Great Clan, this scene Zhao Hai has not experienced.